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30 January 2007

Berch G

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: G

Gadd, Joseph. Whereas William Lowrie, apprentice to Joseph Gadd, of Dean's-court, St. Martin le Grand, printer, did last Wednesday se'ennight [24 Jan] elope from his said master's service ... (Daily Advertiser 5 Feb 1781)

Galabin, Charles Philip. Son of John William and Elizabeth Galabin, born 1 Aug 1774, christened 8 Nov 1774, St. Dionis Backchurch, London. Married Lucy Henington 16 Jun 1803. Died 16 Apr 1812

Galabin, Henry Louis. Son of John William and Elizabeth Galabin, born 24 Jun 1768, christened 25 Jul 1768, St. Dionis Backchurch, London. Married Jan. 2, 1797 at Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, Mr. Henry Lewis Galabin, of Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, to Miss Jane Crump, eldest daughter of Mr. Crump, surgeon at Albrighton (Gent. Mag. Jan 1797, 79). Born on July 17, 1800, to the wife of Mr. H. L. Galabin, printer, of Ingram-court, a third son (Gent. Mag. Jul 1800, 690)

Galabin, John William. Son of John and Marie Ann (Bacot) Galabin, born 10 Mar 1738. Married Elizabeth Marchant 17 May 1767 at St. Anne's Soho. Died Thursday, at Marylebone, in the 87th year of her age, Mrs Galabin, widow of the late Mr. John Galabin, of Greenwich [mother of John William Galabin] (Times 8 Jul 1790). John William Galabin, of Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street, printer, to surrender Oct 25, 26 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 8 Oct 1791). Died July 28, 1824, the wife of John William Galabin (Gent. Mag. Sept 1824, 283).

Galabin, Septimus Barry. Son of John William and Elizabeth Galabin, born 6 Nov 1781, christened 6 Dec 1781, St. Dionis Backchurch, London. Some refer to Septimus Barry Galabin as the youngest son of John William Galabin. At some point in time he was the youngest son and perhaps at another he was the youngest living son of John William Galabin, who had eight sons, Septimus Barry being the seventh and Edward Octavius (born 17 Dec 1785, died 29 Mar 1799) the eighth.

Galabin, William John. Son of John William and Elizabeth Galabin, born 6 May 1779, christened 2 Jun 1779, St. Dionis Backchurch, London. Married Francis Ann Webb Marchant 4 Feb 1804, St. Dionis Backchurch. Born on Nov. 3, 1804, to the wife of Mr. William John Galabin, printer, of Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, a son (Gent. Mag. Dec 1804, 1167). Died Saturday Jan. 7, 1809, at Barnstaple, Devonshire, where he went for the recovery of his health, Mr William John Galabin, printer, of Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, aged 30 years (Times 10 Jan 1809).

Gally, D. Dividend declared for Jan. 25, 1806, D.Gally, High Holborn, printseller (London Gazette 4 Jan 1806)

Gamidge, William. William Gamidge, Newgate-street, stationer, to surrender Nov. 21, Dec. 5, 29 at one at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Nov 1795)

Gardiner, Thomas. Partnership between Esther Smith (widow and administratrix of the late William Smith) and Thomas Gardiner, No. 40, Oxford-street, printsellers, stationers and bookbinders was dissloved Nov. 16, 1790. Esther Smith to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 30 Nov 1790)

Gardner, Charles. On Wednesday [29 Dec] died at his house in Wine-office court, Fleet-street, Mr. Charles Gardner, engraver, professor of musick in Gresham College and one of the Common Council for the ward of Farringdon without (Daily Advertiser 31 Dec 1762)

Gardner, E. This day is publish'd. A catalogue of a choice valuable collection of books, antient and modern, from several libraries and parcels; being the stock in trade of E.Gardner, deceas'd, at his late shop within two doors of the Cross Keys Inn, Gracechurch Street, which will be sold exceedingly cheap this day, and continue on sale for three months by S.Gardner, widow of the deceas'd ... (Daily Advertiser 4 Mar 1760)

Gardner, Frederick. Saturday [17 Nov] was married at St. Gregory's, Sudbury, Mr. Frederick Gardner, stationer, of Birchin-lane, to Miss Hurrell, daughter of Charles Hurrell, Esq., of Brunden-Hall, Essex (Daily Advertiser 19 Nov 1787)

Gardner, HenryLast Thursday [15 Feb] was married Mr. Henry Gardner, bookseller, in the Strand, to Miss Muckoow of Islington (Daily Advertiser 21 Feb 1776)

Gardner, S. See E.Gardner.

Garrett, John. I do hereby give notice that I intend to compel John Garrett, late of St. James, Westminster, bookseller, who is now a prisoner in the Fleet prison, and chargd in execution of my suit, to subscribe and deliver in upon oath a schedule of all his estates and effects, for the benefit of his creditors, at the next General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace, or any adjournment thereof, to be held at Guildhall in and for the City of London, pursuant to the late act of Parliament made for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. Dated the 1st day of June 1761. Henry Blyth. (London Gazette 2 Jun 1761)

Garton, Jane. Jane Garton, Thames St., stationer, to surrender May 5 at ten, 12 at five and June 2 at ten, at Guildhall (London Gazette 21 Apr 1792)

Geary, Charles. Last Sunday [12 Jan] was married at St. Martin's Church, Mr. Geary, an eminent engraver, of Tottenham Court, to Miss Hankes,of St. Martin's Lane, an agreeable young lady with a genteel fortunme (Daily Advertiser 14 Jan 1783)

Gegg, Richard. Whereas Elizabeth, the wife of Richard Gegg, of the Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the county of Middlesex, bookbinder, eloped from her said husband on Tuesday the 26th of December last ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1750). Whereas John Kelly, apprentice to Richard Gegg, bookbinder, in Butcher Lane, Newgate Street, eloped from his said master on Monday the 11th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Jan 1762)

Geohegan, Thomas. Whereas Nathaniel Collett did elope from his master, Thomas Geohegan, printer, in Kent-street, Southwark, early on Tuesday morning the 20th instant [20 Sep] ... (Daily Advertiser 27 Sep 1774)

German Circulating Library. German Circulating Library, No. 63, Charing Cross. The subscribers to the German Circulating Library are respectfully informed, that in future, the library will be opened every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 12 to 3 o'clock ... (Times 8 Apr 1796). Deutsche Lese-Bibliothek, Charing Cross, London. Neues Bücher Verzeichnis der deutschen Lese-Bibliothek, no. 63, Charing Cross, London, 1796 (British Library Press no. S.C.730(2)). Wants a situation, a young man who has had a liberal education ... Address to G.D. at the German Circulating Library, No. 444 Strand (Times 3 Jul 1798)

Gibbons, Samuel. Samuel Gibbons, Fleet-street, stationer, to surrender July 10, 21 and Aug. 15 at Guildhall (London Gazette 4 Jul 1747) Bankruptcy enlarged to Oct 3, 1747 (London Gazette 18 Aug 1747). Certificate of bankruptcy granted Aug. 20, 1748 to Samuel Gibbons, late of Fleet street, stationer (London Gazette 30 Jul 1748). To be sold to the best bidder, together or in Parcels, before the major part of the Commissioners in a commission of bankruptcy awarded against Samuel Gibbons, late of Fleet-street, London, stationer, on Saturday the 19th of January next, between the hours of four and six at Guildhall, London, the equity of redemption of a messuage, farm and lands, situated in the Parish Chit St. Osyth, in the County of Essex, in the occupation of William Moss ... (Daily Advertiser 17 Dec 1750). Dividend declared for Feb. 6, 1751, Samuel Gibbons, Fleet-street, stationer (London Gazette 1 Jan 1751). Dividend advanced to March 20 (London Gazette 5 Feb 1751)

Gibbs, Thomas. Whereas Thomas Gibbs, apprentice to Mr. Farrell, of Paternoster-row, copper-plate-printer, absconded from his said master's house on Saturday the 10th instant about seven o'clock in the morning ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Nov 1781)

Gibson, John. John Gibson, formerly of Clerkenwell Green, late of George's Court, Clerkenwell copper-plate-engraver listed as insolvent debtor and to take benefit of act for relief of insolvent debtors, being a prisoner in the King's Bench prison, Surrey (London Gazette 1 Jun 1765)

Gibson, Nicholas. Nicholas Gibson, New Bond street, bookseller & stationer, to surrender Apr. 7, 27, May 16, 1767 at Guildhall (London Gazette 4 Apr 1767)

Gilberd, Edward. Died on Wednesday last [4 Feb] Edward Gilberd, Esq., formerly wholesale stationer, of Watling-street (Times 7 Feb 1807)

Gilbert, Mr. Married Sunday [24 Oct] Lunday Foote, Esq., of Frederick-street, to Miss Gilbert, daughter of Mr. Gilbert, bookseller, of Great George's-street (Times 30 Oct 1790)

Gilbert, Robert. Died Jan 10, 1815, after a long and painful illness, aged 51, Mr. Robert Gilbert, a partner in the respectable firm of Law and Gilbert (formerly Bye and Law), St. John's-square (Gent. Mag. Mar 1815, 278|)

Giles, Edward. To compel Edward Giles, late of Russel-court, Parish of St. Martin in the Fields, engraver, now a prisoner in the Poultry Compter, to make a schedule of estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand 17th day of Aug. 1761. Abel Bingham (London Gazette 22 Aug 1761)

Gill, William. Mr. Gill, of Abchurch Lane, stationer, one of the assignees under the commission of bankruptcy of Thomas Hookham, late of Hanover-street, in the parish of St. George, Hanover-square Middlesex, bookseller (Daily Advertiser 26 Jun 1781). Died Nov. 18, 1799, at St. Alban's, aged about 42, Mrs. Deschamps, wife of Mr. Deschamps, merchant in Bucklersbury, and one of the daughters of the late Mr. Alderman Gill (Gent. Mag. Nov 1799, 1005). Died in Gower-street, 88, Mrs. Gill, widow of Mr. Aldermen Gill, late Mayor of London, and an eminent stationer, of the firm of Wright and Gill, formerly of London Bridge and latterly of Abchurch-lane (Monthly Mag. 20 Apr [18]20(?), 277)

Gill, William. On Thursday [28 Nov] died Miss Gill, daughter of Mr. Gill in partnership with Mr. Wright, wholesale stationers in Abchurch-lane (Daily Advertiser 30 Nov 1776)

Gilliver, Lawton. Dividend declared for Nov. 16, 1749, Lawton Gilliver, Fleet Street, London, bookseller (London Gazette 21 Oct 1749)

Ginger, John. Married Mr. Ginger, bookseller , of Old Bond-street, to Miss Stanley, daughter of John Stanley, Esq., of Glendon Lodge, Northamptonshire (Monthly Mag. Jun 1799, 413). Married Apr 30 1799 (Gent. Mag. Jun 1799, 525)

Glass, P. This day is published, price 6d. A large humourous royal print, copied from an original design of the celebrated Van Summers, entitled A - alive and merry; or The beggar's Jubilee. Printed for and sold by A.Cullenworth, at the Golden Head in Katherine-street in the Strand; P.Glass, under the Royal Exchange; W.Herbert, Map and printseller, at the Golden Globe under the Piazza on London Bridge; Samuel Lyne, at the Globe in Newgate-street; and by most other printsellers in town and country (Daily Advertiser 6 Jun 1750)

Glasse, Hannah. To be sold by auction on Wednesday next [7 Aug] at fve o'clock in the afternoon, at the Queen's Head Tavern, in Paternoster-row. The copyright of a book, entitled, The Art of Cookery made plain and easy, for the sole printing, publishing and vending whereof license was granted by His Majesty to Mrs. Hannah Glasse for 14 years, which will expire the 13th of July 1765, together with 3000 books in sheets, being the fitth edition with additions, and printed on better paper, and a better letter, than any of the former editions. The books may be viewed at Mr. Boyd's, Mercer, behind St. Clement's Church in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 31 Jul 1754)

Godwin, Mr. To be lett, to a single gentleman ... Enquire at Mr. Godwin's, pocket-book-maker to his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, No. 161 Strand (Daily Advertiser 1 Aug 1788)

Gold, Joyce. Born on Nov. 17, 1804, to the wife of Mr. Gold in Shoe-lane, Fleet-street, two daughters (Gent. Mag. Dec 1804, 1167)

Gonde, Anthony. Walked away from his master, George Lidouble, Jeweller and engraver, at the Golden Head , in the Old Bailey, on Monday morning the 9th inst., Anthony Gonde ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Apr 1753)

Goniston, John. In a few days will be publish'd An ode to criticism. By a gentleman of Oxford. Printed for John Goniston, opposite Burlington House, Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 25 Feb 1761). To be sold by auction by John Young. On Wednesday nest, the 5th instant The unexpired term of the lease, eleven years to come from Midsummer last, of the late dwelling house of Mr. John Goniston, stationer, in Piccadilly. And on the following day ... his large stock in trade (Daily Advertiser 3 Aug 1761)To compel John Goniston, formerly of St. Mary Ax in London, late of Portugal Street Piccadilly, Parish of St. James Westminster stationer and bookbinder, now a prisoner in Marshalsea Prison, Southwark, Surry, to make a schedule of his estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Dated Sept. 11, 1761. Ralph Ginggon (London Gazette 15 Sep 1761). John Goniston, Piccadilly, stationer, to surrender 30 and 31 Oct. and Nov 3, 1761 at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Sep 1761). Bankruptcy against John Goniston, late of Piccadilly, stationer, superseded (London Gazette 7 Nov 1761)

Goodinge, James. James Delegal and James Goodinge, Winchester-street, engravers and printers, dissolved partnership Dec. 31, 1796 (London Gazette 7 Feb 1797)

Goodman, Mr. Musical instruments to be sold by hand ... to be seen and sold a Mr. Goodman's, No. 7, in Market Court, Bow-street, Covent Garden, on Monday next [20 Apr] to begin at nine o'clock (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1761)

Goodsman, David. David Goodsman, of the Strand, bookbinder and stationer, to surrender May 24, June 4, 29 at Guildhall (London Gazette 18 May 1776). Certificate Sept. 14 1776 (London Gazette 24 Aug 1776). Dividend declared for Feb. 15, 1777 (London Gazette 25 Jan 1777). David Goodsman, of Salisbury-street, Strand, bookbinder, to surrender Feb. 27, Mar. 9, 23 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Feb 1779)

Goodwilly, James. Eloped from his master's service, without any provocation, on Thursday the 14th inst., James Goodwilly, apprentice to Thomas Harper, copper-plate printer, at No. 10, Brownbow-street, Drury-lane ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Aug 1777)

Gordon, David. David Gordon, Kent-road, paper-stainer to surrender Nov. 5, 12, Dec. 15 at Guildhall (London Gazette 29 Oct 1796)

Gordon, Mr. ... the alledgment of Mr. Gordon having possessed himself of the business of Mr. Joseph Hall, who, at the time of his death, was a bookbinder, is utterly false. (Times 29 Oct 1792)

Goring, A. This day is publish'd (price 1s) The schemers: or, the City match. A comedy. Printed for J.Pridden, at the Feathers, Fleet-street; J.Wade, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn; D.Hookham in Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields; A.Goring, in May's Buildings; and W.Heard at the Philobiblion's Library ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Nov 1761)

Gosnell, Samuel. Married May 28, 1790, Mr. Gosnell, printer, of Fetter-lane, to Miss Edwards, of Cross-street, Hatton-street (Gent. Mag. Jun 1790, 569)

Goulding, George(?) Yesterday morning [23 Oct] about six o'clock, a fire broke out at a stationer's shop in St. James's Street, which entirely consumed the same and the next house, the corner of Ryder-street (Daily Advertiser 24 Oct 1786 - 24 or 27 St. James's Street)

Graffenheim, J. A new historical, political, satyrical, burlesque ode, on that famous expedition of all expeditions, commonly called, The grand secret expedition, as it was performed by the author, at a late high borlace. London, printed for the author, and sold by J.Graffenheim, at Hogarth's-Head, opposite Salisbury-court, Fleet-street, 1757.

Graham, Joseph. Wanted for an apprentice, a youth about fourteen years of age, who can be well recommended for his honesty ... apply to Mr. Joseph Graham, stationer, opposite to Lancaeter-Court in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 22 Aug 1753)

Graham, Mark. The partnership of Joseph Cooper and Mark Graham, of Wild-court, Wild-street, (respecting the making and vending of ink) was dissolved June 8, 1799. Mark Graham to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 30 Nov 1799).

Graham, Mark. The partnership of Joseph Cooper and Mark Graham, of Wild-court, Wild-street, (respecting the making and vending of ink) was dissolved June 8, 1799. Mark Graham to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 30 Nov 1799).

Grant, A. A.Grant, printer, No. 91, Wardour-street, Soho, successor, to Mr. Rozea, begs to acquaint his friends and the publick in general, that notwithstanding the dissolution of his partnership with Mr. Denew, he continues to carry on the letter press and copper-plate printing on the above premises until further notice (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1788). J.Denew, printer, No. 91, Wardour-street, Soho, finds it necessary on seeing an advertisement in this paper of the 2d inst. from A.Grant of the same place, who styles himself successor to Mr Rozea, to acquaint his friends and the publick in general, that J.Denew is successor to Mr. Rozea and carries on the business of letter press and copper plate printing on the above premises, and although he is about to dissolve his partnership with the said A.Grant, which takes place on the 14th inst. yet he means to carry on the business upon his own account at the old-established house No. 91, Wardour-Street, Soho ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1788).

Grant, Alexander. Alexander Grant, now or late of Bridges-Street, Covent-Garden, printer, to surrender June 5, 10, July 8, at Guildhall (London Gazette 27 May 1777). Bankruptcy enlarged to Oct. 10, 1795 Alexander Grant, Wardour Street, Soho, printer (London Gazette 12 Sep 1795).

Grant, William. William Grant, Greek-street, Soho, paper-stainer, to surrender June 29, July 2, 27 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Jun 1793). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before Nov. 30, 1793 (London Gazette 9 Nov 1793)

Gravelot, H. This day is publish'd (price 6d) Drawn and engraved by H.Gravelot, a perspective view of the Lord Mayor's Court in Guildhall, London ... Sold by W.H.Toms, engraver, at the Golden Head, over against Surgeons Hall, near Ludgate Hill ... (Daily Advertiser 31 Aug 1750)

Gray, William. William Gray, White Lion Street, music seller, to surrender Dec. 7, 17, Jan. 11 at Guildhall (London Gazette 30 Nov 1793)

Green, Mr. Last Saturday [16 Dec] died at his house in Fleet-street, Mr. Green, pencutter to his Majesty (Daily Advertiser 18 Dec 1775)

Green, Mrs. On Monday night [5 Jan] died at her house in Fleet-street, Mrs Green, pencutter to his Majesty (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1784)

Green, Rupert. See Valentine Green.

Green, Thomas. The partnership between John Elvey and Thomas Green of No. 93, Oxford-street, pocket-book-makers, was dissolved March 8, 1799. Thomas Green to receive and discharge all debts. The business to be carried on by Thomas Green at No. 93, Oxford-street, on his own account and By Mr Elvey, at No. 10, New Bond-street, on his own separate account (London Gazette Mr 1799)

Green, Valentine. Valentine Green and Rupert Green, Berners-street, Oxford-street, print merchants and publishers, dissolved partnership Oct. 1, 1795. Rupert Green to succeed the business and discharge all debts to and from creditors (London Gazette 17 Oct 1795). Valentine Green and Rupert Green, Percy Street, Tottenham-Court-Road, Engravers and printsellers, copartners, to surrender 11, 14 Aug, 11 Sept 1798 at 10 o'clock at Guildhall (London Gazette 31 Jul 1798)

Greenhill, George. Married yesterday [5 Oct] Mr. George Greenhill, of Stationers' Hall, to Miss Browning, of Vauxhall (Times 6 Oct 1797). Executor of Robert Horsfield, of Stationer's-Hall, London, deceased (London Gazette 9 Mar 1799)

Greenhill, Thomas. Partnership between Thomas Greenhill, jun. and Thomas Parker, Gracechurch-street, stationers, was dissolved March 25, 1790. Thomas Greenhill jun. to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 15 Jun 1790)

Greenhill, Thomas II. Died Dec. 27, 1823, Thomas Greenhill Esq. of Gracechurch street, stationer, and Bow Farm, Middlesex (Gent. Mag. suppl. 1823, 645)

Greenhill, Thomas. On Saturday [30 Jun] Thomas Greenhill, Esq. was chosen master and and Mess. [Thomas Hook and [Thomas] Field wardens, of the Worshipful Company of Stationers for the year ensuing (UDR 2 Jul 1787).

Greenhill, Thomas. At the Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held on Saturday [2 Jul] Mr Robert Gyfford was chosen Master and Mr William Fenner and Mr. Thomas Greenhill Wardens for the year ensuing (Daily Advertiser 4 Jul 1785)

Grey, James. Died, James Grey, Esq., at Bristol, Somersetshire, of London, one of the proprietors of that highly respected paper, the Morning Chronicle (Monthly Mag. Jul 1796, 517)

Griffin, Mrs.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

Griffin, William. On Thursday [8 Jun] died Mr. William Griffin, printer and bookseller, in Catherine-street, Strand (Daily Advertiser 10 Jun 1775)

Griffin, William. Thrusday night [8 Jun] died Mr. Griffin, printer and bookseller, in Catherine-street, in the Strand (GNDA 10 Jun 1775)

Griffiths, R. This day is published, in two volumes, twelves, price bound in calf 6s. The modern story teller; or, general entertainer: being a collection of merry, polite, grave, moral and entertaining tales and novels ... Printed for M. Mechell, in Fleet-street; R. Griffiths in St. Paul's Churchyard; and S. Pepys, bookbinder, in Fetter-lane (Daily Advertiser 16 mar 1750)

Grimstone, John. John Grimstone, late of the Parish of St. Luke, Middlesex, printer, listed as insolvent debtor and jailed at the Marshalsea Prison, Surry (London Gazette 31 May 1748)

Guest, Mr. Youth may be taught and boarded at a very easy expence ... a letter to J.C. at Mr. Guest's, stationer, on London Bridge; or to Mr. Moncrief, bookseller, in St. Martin's Church Yard, Charing Cross ... (Daily Advertiser 22 May 1750)

Gurney, Martha. This day is published, Brachygraphy ... by Joseph Gurney ... Sold by M.Gurney, removed from Bell-Yard to No. 128, in Holborn, the corner of Leather-lane (Daily Advertiser 23 Jan 1783)

Gussen, J. Nechsten Montag den 24ten dieses, wird publicirt werden mit neuen Buchstaben und auf fein Pappier gedruckt: Das Neue Testament, verteutscht durch D.M.Luther mit jedes Capitels Summarien und Parallelen. Gedruckt und verlegt bey J.Haberkorn und J.Gussen, in Gerrard-Street, St. Ann's, Soho: wie auch bey J.Linde, in Katherine-street, in den Strand ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Dec 1750)

Gye and Balne. Died on the 22d. ult [22 Jul] at Nottingham, of apoplexy, in his 62d year, Mr. Balne, printer, of Gracechurch Street, and formerly of the firm of Gye and Balne.

Gyfford, Robert. At the Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held on Saturday [2 Jul] Mr Robert Gyfford was chosen Master and Mr William Fenner and Mr. Thomas Greenhill Wardens for the year ensuing (Daily Advertiser 4 Jul 1785). Robert Gyfford, Old Gravel-lane, Wapping, stationer, to surrender Dec. 15, 24 and Jan 21 at eleven at Guildhall (London Gazette 10 Dec 1796

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