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30 January 2007

Berch F

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: F

Faber. This day is publish'd (price 2s.) From a painting of Highmore's A metzotinto print, done by Faber, of the late Francis Columbine ... Printed for Fenwick Bull, map and print-seller, at the White Horse on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 15 Jul 1753)

Faden, William. On Friday last [23 May] died, after a long illness, at his house at Kennington Green, Mr. William Faden, formerly an eminent printer in Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 26 May 1783)

Faden, William. Robert (later Jamaican printer), son of Robert Sherlock printer of the Strand, apprenticed on 7 July 1752 to William [Mc]Faden of Wine Office Court (Cave, p. 193, n.26)

Fagin, Arthur. Whereas William Kennelly and Jeremiah Reddin, apprentices to Arthur Fagin in Tooley Street, cardmaker, eloped from their said master's service on the 16th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Jul 1760).

Failpaper, Henry [pseud]. This day, at twelve o'clock, will be published (price three pence) A scheme for a new periodical paper entitled The pub(l)ic register, with a list of the most remarkable subscribers. Printed for Mr. Henry Failpaper, in Arrow-street; and sold by Mr. Benjamin Brobdingnag, in Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1753)

Falstaff, William [pseud.]. This day is published (price 6d.) Adventures underground. A letter from a gentleman swallowed up in the late earthquake to a friend in his travels. Printed for William Falstaff, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 22 May 1750). This day is published, price 6d. An epistle from a Royalist to a young lady, written before the Restoration and publish'd on the 29th of May. Printed for William Falstaff, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 9 Jun 1750). This day is published (price 6d.) The Session-sickness display'd; with a word or two on the particular persons who can get the infection upon its paying a seond visit. Printed for W.Falstaff, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 18 Jun 1750). This day is publish'd price 6d. A genuine account of the life and times of James MacLean, Highwayman ... Printed for W.Falstaff, near St. Paul's ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Sep 1750)

Fannin, James. Jamaican printer, perhaps the son of Pierce Fannen, tailor; apprenticed to Christopher Pigeon, printer of Fleet-street, on 5 May 1767. (Cave, Roderick. "Printing in eighteenth-century Jamaica" Library, 5 ser., vol. 33, no. 3 (Sep 1978), p. 193, n. 28)

Farlow, William. To be lett in the Temple, near the Cloysters, the house and Peruke-maker's shop ... Enquire of Mr. William Farlow, stationer, in Mitre-court, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 4 Mar 1760).

Farrell, John.Died Monday night [20 Nov] after eating a hearty supper at a friend's house, Mr. Farrel, copper-plate printer, in Paternoster-row (UDR 23 Nov 1786)

Farrell, Mr. Whereas Thomas Gibbs, apprentice to Mr. Farrell, of Paternoster-row, copper-plate-printer, absconded from his said master's house on Saturday the 10th instant about seven o'clock in the morning ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Nov 1781 - probably the father of Thomas Farrell, copper-plate-printer)

Farrell, Thomas. Thomas Farrell, son and successor of the late deceased Mr. John Farrell, copper-plate-printer, of Paternoster-row, ... begs leave to inform them, the business will be carried on by him ... No. 7, Paternoster-row, Cheapside (Daily Advertiser 1 Dec 1786)

Faulder, Robert. On Thursday [11 Aug] was married at Lambeth Church, Robert Faulder, Esq., of New Bond-street, to Miss Burton, of Kennington (Daily Advertiser 15 Aug 1785)

Faulkner, Thomas. Thomas Faulkner, bookbinder, most respectfully informs his customers and the publick, that he is removed from the corner of Dogwell-court, Whitefriars, to No. 34, Carter-lane, Doctors-commons (Daily Advertiser 29 Oct 1782)

Fenner, Rest. Married on Thursday last [1 Sep] at Horncastle, Mr. R.Fenner of Paternoster-row, to Mary, eldest daughter of F.Richardson, Esq., of Horncastle (MC 5 Sep 1814)

Fenner, William. At the Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held on Saturday [2 Jul] Mr Robert Gyfford was chosen Master and Mr William Fenner and Mr. Thomas Greenhill Wardens for the year ensuing (Daily Advertiser 4 Jul 1785)

Fentum, J. Died Dec. 13, 1806, Mr. [John or Jonathan?] Fentum, music seller, in the Strand (Gent. Mag. Dec. 1806, 1182)

Fessey, John. John Fessey, late of the parish of St. Leonard, Foster-lane, engraver, prisoner in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet, insolvent debtor (London Gazette 19 May 1761)

Field, Thomas. The partnership between Allyn Simmons, Thomas Field and Robert Stephenson, Leadenhall-street, stationers, dissolved June 24, 1778 (London Gazette 10 Nov 1778). The partnership between Thomas Field and James Woodmason, Leadenhall-street, stationers, dissolved June 24, 1779. James Woodmason will carry on the business (London Gazette 10 Jul 1779)

Field, Thomas. On Saturday [30 Jun] Thomas Greenhill, Esq. was chosen master and and Mess. [Thomas] Hook and [Thomas] Field wardens, of the Worshipful Company of Stationers for the year ensuing (UDR 2 Jul 1787).

Field, Thomas. Married Feb. 3, 1763, Mr. Field, bookseller, in Cheapside, to Miss Field (LM Mar 1763, 164)

Fielding, John. John Fielding, Paternoster Row, bookseller, to surrender Nov 25, Dec 6, 27 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Nov 1783). Dividend declared for Nov 8 (London Gazette 16 Oct 1784). Dividend declared for Nov. 27, 1784 (by adjournment from the 8th of Nov. inst) (London Gazette 9 Nov 1784). Dividend declared for Feb 11 (London Gazette 17 Jan 1786). John Fielding, Paternoster Row, bookseller, to surrender Mar 27, 31, Apr 28 at Guildhall (London Gazette 17 Mar 1787). Dividend declared for June 25 (London Gazette 4 Jun 1796). Commissioners of bankruptcy intend to meet June 25, 1796, to make a final dividend of the estate and effects (London Gazette 4 Jun 1796).

Fielding, Thomas. The partnership between William Palmer and Thomas Fielding, printsellers, Strand, was dissolved the 10th of May last [1787?]. William Palmer to discharge all debts and carry on business on his own account at No. 163, Strand, London (London Gazette 17 May 1788)

Firvine, Henry. Meeting of creditors of Henry Firvine, Deptford, bookseller, at Guildhall this day, 3rd meeting at 10 (Times 3 Jan 1792)

Fleming, Thomas. Thomas Fleming, late of St. John's Lane in the Parish of St. Sepulchres, in Middlesex, printer, prisoner in Newgate, listed as an insolvent debtor (London Gazette 22 Oct 1720).

Fletcher, James. This day is published, By James Rivington and James Fletcher, in Pater-noster Row, and J.Fletcher in Oxford, in octavo, price one shilling The doctrine of the divine visitation by earthquakes illustrated, confirmed and applied ... by William Dodwell, D.D., Rector of Shettesbrook, Berks ... (GDaily Advertiser 24 Mar 1756). Bankrupts, James Rivington and James Fletcher Paternoster row, booksellers and partners (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1760 - London Gazette 5 Jan?). James Fletcher, bookseller, from Paternoster Row, begs leave to give notice that he has opened a shop, the sign of the Oxford Theatre, on the north side of St. Paul's Churchyard ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Jun 1761)

Fletcher, Richard. The partnership between Thomas Buncombe and Richard Fletcher, Budge-row, Cannon-street, stationers, was dissolved Dec. 24, 1788. All debts to and from creditors to be discharged by Richard Fletcher (London Gazette 30 Dec 1788)

Flexney, William. This day is publish'd Price 1s. The battle of the players. In imitation of Dean Swift's Battle of the Books ... Printed for W.Flexney, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn (Daily Advertiser 20 Jan 1762). Whereas the author of the Battle of the Players, publish'd on Wednesday last, has inserted myname ain the title page as publisher of that piece: this is to assure the publick, that I am in no way concern'd in it, that I refused to accept of it when offer'd to me and absolutely denied the author the use of my name to it. W.Flexney, Grays Inn Gate Holborn, Jan. 22 (Daily Advertiser 22 Jan 1762). 2nd edition published by R.Richards (Daily Advertiser 22 Jan 1762). Married Dec. 29, 1762, Mr. Flexney, an eminent bookseller, to Miss Broughton (LM Jan 1763, 52). William Flexney, Holborn, bookseller, to surrender July 16, 22 and Aug 24 at Guildhall (London Gazette 13 Jul 1793)

Flight and Williams. Wanted, a smart and well educated youth ... Apply to Mess. Flight and Williams, stationers, No. 318 High-Holborn (Daily Advertiser 17 Oct 1786)

Flower, George. Last Saturday [1Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Stationers Company Mr John Rivington, Mr Robert Brown, Mr George Flower were chosen Master and Wardens for the ensuing year (GNDA 3 Jul 1775).

Flower, George. On Friday [13 Feb] died Mr. George Flower, stationer, at his house in Cannon-street (Daily Advertiser 16 Feb 1778)

Folingsby, Margaret. Died on Saturday [5 Jun], Mrs. Follingsby, bookseller, Fleet-street (Diary 9 Jun 1790)

Forbes, John. John Forbes, of Church-street, St. John's, Hackney, bookseller, stationer, jeweller, cutler and toyman to surrender May 2, 4, 28 at Guildhall (London Gazette 16 Apr 1782). Stock in trade and household furniture of John Forbes, near the Brook, Hackney to be put up for auction, excepting his circulating library and stationery business, which would be carried on by the assignees (Daily Advertiser 28 May 1782). Further auction of Forbes's property scheduled for July 4 (Daily Advertiser 28 Jun 1782). Sale postponed to July 10 (Daily Advertiser 4 Jul 1782). Dividend declared for Mar 1 (London Gazette 19 Jan 1788)

Fores, Samuel William. Samuel William Fores, son of Samuel and Mary Fores christened 29 Mar 1761, London, St. Benet Finks

Foretell, Nathan [pseud]. This day is publish'd (price 6d.) The military prophet's apology; or, probable reasons for deferring the earthquake. In a letter to Dr. M-n. Printed for Nathan Foretell, near Temple Bar (Daily Advertiser 1 My 1750).

Forster, Christopher. To be lett, a first floor room ... Enquire of Mr. Forster, bookseller, No. 41, Poultimesry (Daily Advertiser 14 Mar 1788). Dividend declared for May 15 for Christopher Forster, Poultimesry, bookseller (London Gazette 23 Apr 1793). Dividend declared for June 14 (London Gazette 13 May 1794). Dividend declared for 5 Apr (London Gazette 15 Mar 1800).

Foster, Elizabeth. This day is publish'd (Price 2s 6d) printed on three sheets of Elephant paper ... a new and exact map of the city of London, Westminster and Southwark, to this present year 1752 ... Printed for ans sold by Eliz. Foster, Map and Print, at the White Horse on Ludgate-Hill ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Aug 1752).

Fouquet, Francis. Whereas William Puerrier, apprentice to Francis Fouquet, engraver and pocket book maker, in Little Windmill Street, St. James, did on Saturday last the 4th instant elope from his said master ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Jul 1761)

Fourdrinier, Charles. This day is publish'd (price 2s) Printed on a sheet of fine Imperial. A plan of part of the antient city of Westminster, from College-street to Whitehall ... Printed for C.Fourdrinier and Co., the corner of Craig's Court, Charing Cross ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Jan 1760). Died Wednesday last [5 May] Mrs. Fourdrinier, wife of Mr. Fourdrinier, Charing Cross (Times 11 May 1802)

Fourdrinier, Charles. Married Dec. 1, 1795, Mr. Robert Withy, jun., solicitor, of Craven-street, Strand, to Miss Anne Fourdrinier, of Charing Cross (Gent. Mag. Dec 1795, 1058). Prob. daughter of Charles F.

Fourdrinier, Henry I. Married [May] Mr. Henry Fourdrinier, stationer, in Lombard-street, to Mrs. Jemima Manning, late of Bishopsgate-street (Court Mag May 1765, 758). Yesterday [6 Sep] died Mrs. Fourdrinier, wife of Mr. Fourdrinier, in partnership with Mess. Bloxam and Co., wholesale stationers, in Lombard-street (Daily Advertiser 7 Sep 1781). Married Oct. 29, 1799, John Newman, Esq., of Mansion-house-street, to Miss Fourdrinier, daughter of the late Henry Fourdrinier, Esq, of Lombard-street (Gent. Mag. Nov 1799, 992)

Fourdrinier, Henry jun. Married Monday [6 Dec] Mr. Henry Fourdriner jr, of Lombard-street, to Miss Walker, daughter of Joseph Walker, Esq., of Walworth (Times 8 Dec 1790)

Fourdrinier, Henry. Died yesterday morning [11 Jan] early, at his house, at Stratford Grove, Henry Fourdrinier, Esq., of Lombard-street (Times 12 Jan 1799)

Fourdrinier, Sealy. Married Saturday morning [25 Jan] Mr. Sealy Fourdrinier, of Lombard-street, to Miss Pownell, of Islington (Times 27 Jan 1800)

Fowle, William. Bellman's verses for the year ensuing, 1755, are printed by William Fowle, remov'd from the White Swan on Snow-Hill, to the Cock and Rose, in Love-Lane, near Billingsgate ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Sep 1754)

Fowler, William. Died at Islington, William Fowler, Esq. formerly a wholesale stationer in Cannon-street, London, 56 (Monthly Mag. Dec 1805, 474)

Fox, James. Died in Dartmouth-street, Mr. James Fox, bookseller (Monthly Mag. Dec 1812, 461)

Fox, James. Wanted a maid servant of all work ... Enquire at Mr. Fox,'s Circulating Library, Dartmouth-street, Westminster (Daily Advertiser 2 Dec 1776). This day is published, in two volumes, price five shilings sewed The triumph of friendship; or, the history of Charles Courtney and Miss Julia Melville, by Jane Timbury. Printed for J.Fox, at his circulating library, Dartmouth-street, Westminster ... (The Diary 1 Aug 1789)

Fox, T. Tomorrow will be published (price 6d coloured) a new print of James MacLeane, the gentleman Highwayman ... Printed for T.Fox, in the Old Bailey (Daily Advertiser 28 Sep 1750). This day is publish'd A lick at the Country C-y. A Satire on the Tythe Pig. By a gentleman farmer. With a humorous frontispiece. Sold by T.Fox on Ludgate Hill ... in quarto, price 6d. (Daily Advertiser 17 Mar 1752)

Freeland, George. Stationer, Carey-street, near Lincoln's Inn. Advert (Daily Advertiser 27 Jan 1777). Died at Stoke, Surrey, G.Freeland, formerly a stationer in London (Monthly Mag. Feb 1800, 90) Died Dec 14, 1799 (Gent. Mag. Dec 1799, 1093).

Freeman, Joseph. Whereas Joseph Freeman, apprentice to Mr. Henry Reynell, of Piccadilly, printer, absented himself from his master's service on Monday the 28th of June past ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Jul 1779)

Freeman, S. This day is published (price 6d) The Grinsted ballad. To the tune of Parkinson's Pound. As it was publickly sung a the Fair at Grinsted in Sussex last Friday. Printed for S.Freeman, near Charing-Cross (Daily Advertiser 4 Dec 1750)

Freeman, Tristram Bamfield Tristram Bamfield Freeman, of Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, printseller, to surrender July 5, 19, Aug. 9 at Guildhall (London Gazette 28 Jun 1788). Dividend declared for Nov. 30 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 11 Oct 1791). Tristram Bamfylde Freeman, Strand, printseller, to surrender Jan 24, Feb 3 and March 3 at Guildhall (London Gazette 20 Jan 1795)

French, John. John French, of Fenchurch-street, London, bookseller, to surrender July 3, 7 and August 4 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 23 Jun 1787). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before Dec. 27 1788, John French, late of Fenchurch- street, London, bookseller (London Gazette 9 Dec 1788)

Frind, William. Ran away on the 2d instant, from his master's service William Frind, apprentice to Bartholomew Adams, bookbinder, in Ivy-lane, near Newgate Market (Daily Advertiser 8 Sep 1761).

Fry and Couchman. Fry and Couchman, late of Worship-street, Upper Moorfields, respectfully inform the publick that hey are moved to No. 10, Thorgmorton-street, near Royal Exchange, where they continue to carry on every branch of the printing busness with neatness, accuracy, and on reasonable terms, under the firm of Couchman and Fry (Daily Advertiser 27 Oct 1789)

Fry, Edmund. Died July 30, 1796, Miss Fry, daughter of Edmund Fry, letter-founder (Gent. Mag. Aug 1796, 705). See also Joseph Fry.

Fry, Henry. See Joseph Fry

Fry, Joseph and Son. See Joseph Fry

Fry, Joseph. The partnership between Joseph Fry and his sons Henry and Edmund Fry, letter-founders, was dissolved June 24, 1786. The business to be carried on by Joseph and Edmund Fry, under the firm of Joseph Fry and Son (London Gazette 27 Jun 1786)

Fry, William. To be sold by auction by Matthew Randall. On Wednesday next [2 Feb] and the three following days, all the neat and genuine household furniture, stock, utensils in trade and fixtures of Mr. William Fry, Paper-stainer and Papier-machee maker (GNDA 29 Jan 1774)

Fryer, George. Wanted for four months, a ready furnished country house ... Answers in writing to be left for R.W. at Mr. Fryers, Stationer, Chancery-lane (Daily Advertiser 4 Jul 1786). Married Monday [14 Feb] Mr. Fryer, stationer, of Chancery-lane, to Miss Hewitt, of Upton, Bucks (Times 18 Feb 1791)

Fryer, George. Died Sept. 7, 1792, of a consumption, Mrs. Fryer, wife of Mr. G.Fryer, stationer, in Chancery-lane (Gent. Mag. Sep 1792, 868)

Fuller, John. Yesterday [25 Jun] died at his house in Ave Mary-lane, Mr. John Fuller, bookseller (Daily Advertiser 26 Jun 1776)

Fuller, John. Partnership between Daniel Stuart and John Fuller, as proprietors of the Morning Post and Gazetteer was dissolved Aug. 29, 1798. All debts to be discharged by Daniel Stuart, sole proprietor, at the Morning Post office, No. 335, Strand (London Gazette 1 Sep 1798)

Fuller, John. Yesterday morning [23 May] early a fire broke out in a bookbinder's [John Fuller's?] in Butcherall-Lane, Newgate-street, which burnt two floorings before it was extinguished (Daily Advertiser 24 May 1753). Whereas John Callard, seventeen years of age, apprentice to John Fuller, jun. bookbinder, at the Bible in Butcherhall-Lane, Newgate Street, absconded himself from his master's service the 21st inst ... (Daily Advertiser 27 Jul 1753). Whereas William Browning, apprentice to John Fuller, bookbinder, in Butcherhall-Lane, Newgate Street, absented himself from his master's service on Monday the 13th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 16 Aug 1753). This day is publish'd (price 1s. 6d bound) The director; or Young Woman's best companion: containing above 300 easy recipts in cookery ... by Sarah Jackson ... Printed for J.Fuller at the Bible in Butcherhall-lane, Newgate-street (Daily Advertiser 3 Jun 1754, 2nd ed published by S.Crowder and H.Woodgate 1755). This day are publish'd in one vol. 8vo price 4s. The satires of Juvenal ... by John Stirling ... Printed for J.Fuller, sen. at the Bible and Dove, Ave Mary Lane and J.Fuller, jun. Blackadder-street, Cheapside (Daily Advertiser 11 Apr 1760)

Fuller, Richard. Richard Fuller of Ave Maria lane, bookseller and stationer, to surrender Nov. 1, 7, 30 at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Oct 1776). Richard Fuller of Ave Maria-lane, London, bookseller, surviving copartner of John Fuller, late of the same place, deceased, to surrender Dec. 5, 17, Jan. 11 at Guildhall (London Gazette 30 Nov 1776). Bankruptcy superseded, Richard Fuller, late of Ave Maria lane, bookseller (London Gazette 22 Mar 1777). Dividend declared for Dec. 9 for Richard Fuller, late of Ave Maria lane, bookseller (London Gazette 14 Nov 1778). Dividend declared for Apr. 14 for Richard Fuller, Ave Maria lane, bookseller (London Gazette 6 Mar 1779).

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