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30 January 2007

Berch D

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: D

Da Ponte, Lorenzo.Commmission of bankrupt ... against Lorenzo Da Ponte, of Pall-Mall ... printer. To surrender 25 Feb, 5 Mar, 5 Apr at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Feb 1800)

Dale, George. 9 Aug 1806. Died at Woolwich, Kent, aged 33, leaving five small children, Mrs. Dale, wife of Mr. George Dale, bookseller there (Gent. Mag. Sep 1806, 876). Died at Woolwich, Mr. G.Dale, bookseller, May 20 (Gent. Mag. June 1814, 626, Monthly Mag. July 1814, 565)

Dancock, John. Eloped from their master's service on Monday last [16 Feb] Charles M'Donald, Joseph Holloway, John Dancock ... whoever will bring them to their master, H.Hardy, card-maker and printer, No. 7, Old Bailey, shall be rewarded (Daily Advertiser 18 Feb 1784)

Daniel, Mr. Wanted an apprentice to a stone seal engraver ... Enquire of Mr. Daniel, Stone Seal Engraver, No. 27 Great Pulteney-street, Golden-square (Daily Advertiser 27 Oct 1786)

Darby, Edmund. Died on Saturday [6 Mar] much lamented by a numerous circle of acquaintances, Mrs. Darby, wife of Mr. Edmund Darby, of Gracechurch-street (Times 14 Mar 1796, presumably partner in Greenhill and Darby)

Darbyshire, George. The partnership between John Simpson and George Darbyshire, no. 3 Newcastle-street, in the Strand, jewellers and pocket-book-makers was dissolved Aug 21, 1797 (London Gazette 22 Aug 1797)

Darley, Matthias or Matthew. Drawing taught by Matthias Darley, engraver, the corner of Seymour-Court, Chandos-street ... (Daily Advertiser 30 Dec 1752). Matthias Darley, Engraver, in Northumberland-court, near Charing-Cross in the Strand, removed from the Corner of Seymour-court, Chandos-street, continues to engrave ... (Daily Advertiser 26 Mar 1754). On Tuesday [25 Jan] died Mr. Darley, printseller, in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 29 Jan, 1780)

Darling, Mary. The partnership between Mary Darling and John Peter Thompson, of Great Newport street, printsellers, dissolved June 30, 1797. J.P.Thompson to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 23 Mar 1799)

Darling, William. The partnership between William Darling and John Robinson, Great Newport-street, engravers, dissolved July 16, 1785. All demands to be discharged by Mr. Darling (London Gazette 6 Aug 1785)

Darly, Mary. Conjuring cards, price 1s per pack, neatly colour'd ... to be had of the proprietor Mary Darly, at her printshop in Ryder's Court, next Cranbourne-Alley, Leicester-Fields (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1762)

Darres, William. Certificate to be granted June 1, 1745. Claude Du Bose and William Darres, of the parish of St. James, within the Liberty of Westminster, booksellers and partners (London Gazette 11 May 1745). Dividend declared for July 19, 1746 (London Gazette 21 Jun 1746). Peter de Braque begs leave of the nobility to give them notice that he has now on sale at his warehouse at William Darres's, bookseller and printseller, in Coventry-street, near the Hay-Market, St. James's, a fresh parcel of the following waters ... (Daily Advertiser 18 Aug 1752) To be sold by auction by W.Darres, at the Rose Tavern ... on Wednesday next [17 Jan] ... a collection of books ... (Daily Advertiser 12 Jan 1753)

Darton, William. Died, age 64, William Darton sen,. bookseller of Gracechurch-street, a valued member of the Society of Friends ... (Monthly Mag. Sep 1819, 182). Died Aug 13 (Gent. Mag. Aug. 1819, 190)

Davenhill, William. On Sunday [31 Jan] died at his house in Newman's court, Cornhill, Mr. William Davenhill, bookseller (Daily Advertiser 3 Feb 1779) London Chronicle gives date as Saturday 30 Jan, as does Musgrave.

Davenport, William. The partnership between George Stafford and William Davenport, Crane-court, Fleet-street, printers, was dissolved Apr. 29 1789 (London Gazette 9 May 1789)

David, Francis. Partnership betwween Francis David and James Knight, Whitechapel, stationers, was dissolved Dec. 31, 1791. James Knight to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 31 Jan 1792)

Davids, Mr. Yesterday [6 Aug] a young man, apprentice to Mr. Davids, stationer, in Clifford's Inn, was bathing in the Thames and was drowned ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Aug 1776)

Davidson, Ebenezer. Died Aug. 3, 1806, Ebenezer Davidson (Times 17 Aug 1806, probably the rag and paper merchant)

Davidson, Joseph. This day is published (price 1s 6d). The sequel of the Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection; being an answer to the exceptions of a late pamphlet entitled The Resurrection of Jesus consider'd, by a moral philosopher. Revised by the author of the Trial of the Witnesses. Printed for J.Davidson, at the Angel in the Poultry (Daily Advertiser 13 Aug 1750) Author: Charles Moss, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Died Oct. 12, 1752 at London, Mr Joseph Davidson bookseller in that city (Scots Mag, Oct 1752, 510) To be sold by auction, by order of the administrator, on Thursday and Friday next [1, 2 Feb], all the genuine household goods, plate ... of Mr. Joseph Davidson, bookseller, deceas'd, at his late dwelling house the Sign of the Angel in the Poultry (Daily Advertiser 29 Jan 1753). This day are publish'd. New editions of the following classics, for the use of schools, as well as private gentlemen. The works of Horace in Latin, with a prose translation in English ... 4th ed. in 2 vols. ... Printed for the Assigns of Joseph Davidson (LD 23 Jul 1753)

Davidson, Thomas. Whereas Augustine Wentzell, apprentice to Thomas Davidson, pocket-book-maker, Size-lane, Bucklersbury, absented himself from his master's service on Wednesday last [24 Nov] ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Nov 1779)

Davies, Thomas. Dividend declared (by adjournment for the 27th inst) Thomas Davies, Russell-street, Covent-garden, bookseller (London Gazette 30 Nov 1779)

Davies, Thomas. Thomas Davies, St. John's Street, Smithfield, printer, to surrender Nov 23, Dec 2, 23 at Guildhall (London Gazette 11 Nov 1775)

Davies, William. Died in London, 56, William Davies, Esq. of the respectable firm of Cadell and Davies, booksellers in the Strand (Monthly Mag. Jun 1820, 478) Died Apr 28 (Gent. Mag. May 1820, 475)

Davis, Mr. Died Jan. 28, 1784 in Salisbury-court, Fleet-street, where he had resided upwards of 50 years, Mr. Davis, aged 74, well-known as an engraver of wooden cuts for printers (Gent. Mag. Jan 1784, 75)

Davis, Robert. On Saturday [28 Oct] died Mr. Robert Davis, bookseller, the corner of Sackville-street, Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 30 Oct 1780)

Davison, Thomas. Married Jan. 12 1799, Mr. Davison, of Whitefriars, printer, to Miss C.Kearsley, of Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Jan 1799,78) Probably the daughter of George Kearsley, as a son, George Kearsley Davison was in business 1832-37 (Todd, 55). Died Dec. 28, 1830, in Bedford-row, Thomas Davison, aged 65, eminent printer, of Lombard-street, Whitefriars. Native of Durham ... (Gent. Mag. Feb 1831, 183)

Davy. Died Apr 10, 1760, Mr Davy, bookseller in Ave-Mary-lane (LM Apr 1760, 220)

Deacon, Henry Henry Deacon, late of the Parish of St. George, formerly of the Parish of St Saviour, Southwark, broker and bookseller, prisoner in the King's Bench Prison, as insolvent debtor, to make schedule of estate and effects. Dated June 20, 1761. Jane Potter (London Gazette 23 Jun 1761)

Dean, Thomas. Thomas Dean respectfully informs his friends, he has commenced the business of a bookseller and publisher, at No. 107, Newgate-street, opposite Warwick-lane (Times 5 Jan 1802)

Deane, John. Died Sept. 27, 1801, in his 35th year, of a rapid decline, at Yateley, Hants., Mr. John Deane, stationer, of St. Mary-at-hill, London (Gent. Mag. Oct 1801, 964)

Debrett, John. Yesterday [27 Apr] was married, Mr. Debrett, bookseller, of Piccadilly, to Miss Binefold, of the same place (Daily Advertiser 28 Apr 1787)

De la Grange, J.P. Died June 3, 1809, Mr. J.P.De la Grange, late a bookseller in Greek-street, Soho (Gent. Mag. Jun 1809, 589)

Delegal, James. James Delegal and James Goodinge, Winchester-street, engravers and printers, dissolved partnership Dec. 31, 1796 (London Gazette 7 Feb 1797)

Demeza, William. William Demeza, Whitechapel, stationer, to surrender May 26, June 4, July 1 at Guildhall (London Gazette 20 May 1788)

Denew, J. J.Denew, printer, No. 91, Wardour-street, Soho, finds it necessary on seing an advertisement in this paper of the 2d inst. from A.Grant of the same place, who styles himself successor to Mr Rozea, to acquaint his friends and the publick in general, that J.Denew is successor to Mr. Rozea and carries on the business of letter press and copper plate printing on the above premises, and although he is about to dissolve his partnership with the said A.Grant, which takes place on the 14th inst. yet he means to carry on the business upon his own account at the old-established house No. 91, Wardour-Street, Soho ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1788). To printers in General, to be sold by auction, by Mr. Denew, on the premises, by order of the proprietors dissolving partnership, on Wednesday the 16th inst. at one o'clock, the valuable lease and established business of those very desirable and extensive premises, the printing office, No. 91, Wardour-street, Soho, recently enlarged ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1788)

Dennis, John I. Died Monday morning [3 Jan] J.Dennis, bookseller, in New Bridge-street, Fleet-street (Times 6 Jan 1785)

Dennis, John II. John Denis, bookseller, begs leave to inform his friends and the public in general, that he is removed from New Bridge-street, to No. 6, Middle-row, Holborn, where his catalogue for 1789 may be now had, price 6s ... (Times 25 Jul 1789). John Dennis died 23 Aug 1798.

Dent, Thomas. The partnership between Thomas Dent and William Innes, of Ball-alley, Lombard-street, engravers and printers, dissolved June 20, 1774 (Daily Advertiser 25 Jun 1774)

Deverson, Thomas. Just published, for the use of schools. A new sheet-piece for Christmas ... Printed and sold by Thomas Deverson, copper-plate printer, in Green-Arbour-Court, Little Old Bailey, London ... (Daily Advertiser 31 Oct 1725) This day is published, for the use of schools, No. II. A new piece for Christmas, representing two curious perspective views of Greenwich Hospital and Chelsea College ... Printed for and sold by T.Deverson, in Green-Arbour-Court, Little Old Baily; and W.Hannell, Printseller, at the White Horse, under the Royal Exchange (Daily Advertiser 7 Oct 1753). Just publish'd, for the use of schools. A curious sheet piece for Whitsuntide; the miseries of war, and the blessings of peace, with other embellishments. Printed and sold by Thomas Deverson, in Green Arbour Court, Little Old Baily (Daily Advertiser 20 Apr 1761). Eloped from his master, Mr. Thomas Deverson, copper plate printer, in Green-Arbour Court, Old Baily, John Paris, a lad about twenty one years of age ... (Daily Advertiser 26 Jun 1761)

Deveulle, Joseph. On Saturday last [3 Apr] was married at St. Ann's Soho, Mr. Joseph Deveulle, bookseller, of Coventry-street, to Miss Griffin, of Berry-street, St. James (Daily Advertiser 7 Apr 1773)

Dewick, J.Dalton. Partnership between Thomas Tegg and J.Dalton Dewick, under the firm of Tegg and Dewick, at No. 6, Westmoreland-Buildings, Aldersgate-street, was dissolved Jan. 29, 1800. The business to be carried on by J.D.Dewick alone (London Gazette 18 Mar 1800)

Dicey, Cluer. Tuesday last [3 Feb] died at Northampton, Mrs. Dicey, wife of Mr. Cluer Dicey, of Bow Church Yard ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Feb 1761)

Dickens, John. This day is publish'd. By John Dickens, stationer, near Smithfield Bars, A list of some of the many remarkable cures of the eyes and eyelids, performed by Mr. Taylor, oculist, in Hatton-Garden, since the year 1743; the patients' names, diseases ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Aug 1754)

Dickie, William. William Dickie, Strand, stationer, to surrender Oct. 3, 9, Nov. 7 at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Sep 1795). Dividend declared for May 6 (London Gazette 11 Apr 1797). Postponed to 10 June, postponed to 8 July. Died Sept. 24, 1808, Mr. Dickie, late a stationer in the Strand (Gent. Mag. Sep 1808, 862). Died on Saturday morning [24 Sep], Mr. W. Dickie, late a stationer in the Strand, who has been confined nearly five years in the Fleet prison in consequence of a verdict given against him for 700 l. damages for uttering defamatory words against Mr. Aris, Governor of Cold-Bathfield Prison. He has left a distressed widow and four children ... (Times 26 Sep 1808)

Dickinson, B. On Monday next [10 Sep] will be published (price 6d plain, colour'd 1s) a satirical print, neatly engraved by F.Tijouer, after a humorous drawing of Mr. Boitard, a Caution to old Batchelors ... Printed for B.Dickinson at the corner of Bell-Savage Inn on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 8 Sep 1750)

Dickinson, William. William Dickinson, Old Bond Street, printseller, to surrender Apr 20, 27, May 25 at Guildhall (London Gazette 13 Apr 1793). Partnership between Charles Knight and William Dickinson, Piccadilly, engravers and printseller dissolved (London Gazette 2 Feb 1796)

Dighton, John. See Robert Dighton.

Dighton, Robert. Robert Dighton, son of the late Mr. John Dighton, of Fetter-lane, paper-hanging-manufacturer, begs to inform the customers of his late father, and the publick in general, that he intends carrying on the business himself ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Oct 1788)

Distancehall, Mr. Yesterday [21 Feb] died at his lodgings at Hampstead, Mr. Distancehall, stationer, of Chancery Lane, but had retired from business some years (GNDA 22 Feb 1777)

Dixon, Edward. Edward Dixon, formerly of Bridewell Precinct, late of Great Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, county of Middlesex and Parish of St. Andrew Holborn, pen maker, prisoner in his Majesty's prison of Fleet, insolvent debtor (London Gazette 19 May 1761)

Dixwell, James. Given gratis, at Mr. Williams's, bookseller, No. 38, Fleet-street; and at Mr. Dixwell's printer, in St. Martin's Lane, an abstract of a new essay on the venereal disease, wrote by Dr. Becket ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Dec 1767).. Last Saturday morning [17 April] died after along illness, Mrs. Dixwell, wife of Mr. Dixwell, printer in St. Martin's-lane, near Charing-cross (GNDA 19 Apr 1773)

Dobbs, Mr. Drowned July 31, 1799, in Tottenham Marsh, Mr. Dobbs, upholsterer and paper-hanger (Gent. Mag. Aug 1799, 719)

Dobson, Mr. To be let, a house, or part, furnished in Parsons Yard, Kensington. Enquire at Mr. Dobson's, Stationer, No. 166 Strand; or at Mr. Pasmore's Circulating Library, High-street, Kensington (Times 25 Mar 1799)

Dodd, John. If John Dodd, bookseller, who lived several years in Chancery-lane, from whence he removed to the Elephant and Castle alehouse in Holborn, and went from thence about a year ago; or if his wife will enquire at the bar of the Queen's Head Tavern, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn, or send a line there where to direct to them, they will hear something very much to their advantage ... (Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1753)

Dodsley, James. J.Walter, Bookseller, at Homer's Head, Charing-Cross, from Mr. Dodsley's, of Pall-Mall, Humbly begs leave to solicit the favours of the Nobility and gentry, late customers of Mr. Dodsley, who having discontinued the retail part of his business, Mr. Walter takes the liberty of making this public address. Note, Mr. Walter, at the same time, cannot omit an opportunity of expressing his most grateful acknowledgments to his friends, and to the public, for the many obligations, which they have conferred on him. (Daily Advertiser 23 Feb 1773, 1c). James Dodsley, of Pall-Mall, gives notice that, notwithstanding his former announcement, he finds himself indispensibly obliged to carry on thw hole of his business, as usual. (Daily Advertiser 3 Mar 1773, 1b). Yesterday morning [7 Jun], ... a fire broke out in the workshop of Mr Prentice, cabinet-maker in Little Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, ... it likewise communicated to the dwelling house, which was also destroyed, as were the warehouses of Mr. Dodsley, Mr. Cadell, and Mr Longman ... and the printing office of Mr. Jarvis ... (Daily Advertiser 8 Jun 1787, UDR 8 Jun 1787 - for fuller details see John Jarvis)

Donnelly, Lawrence. For sale by the candle [by John Bell] At the Royal Exchange Coffee House, in Threadneedle-street, tomorrow [19 Jul] at five o'clock in the afternoon by order of the assignees, ... the stock in trade of Mr. Lawrence Donnelly, late of Temple Bar, stationer ... (Daily Advertiser 18 Jul 1750). Tomorrow [1 Sep] will be published The Fortune Hunters, a Farce. To which is annex'd a humorous new ballad, call'd, The female combatants; or love in a gaol ... Printed for L.Donnelly, stationer, opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 31 Aug. 1750). On Monday next [10 Dec] will be publish'd (price 2s. 6d) The Gentleman's puzzle; or, Ladies impenetrable secrets ... Printed for and sold by L.Donnelly, stationer, opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand; and A.M'Culloh, printer, at the Bible and Lamb, without Temple-Bar (Daily Advertiser 8 Dec 1750)

Doughty, John. This day is publish'd (price 1s) A dissertation on Royal Societies. In three letters from a nobleman on his travels, to a person of distinction in Sclavonia ... Printed for John Doughty, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 5 Dec 1750). This day is publish'd (price 6d) The story of the Methodist lady; or, the injur'd husband's revenge. Printed for John Doughty, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 6 Feb 1751)

Dovee, Mr. Died Aug. 20, 1782, Mr. Dovee, who many years kept a paper manufactory at Lambeth. He had been married about six weeks to his fifth wife and has left eighteen children (Gent. Mag. Aug 1782, 407)

Downing, Mr. Yesterday morning [21 Apr] died, after a long and tedious illness ... Mrs. Downing, wife of Mr. Downing, stationer in Chancery-lane ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Apr 1754)

Drake, Thomas. Third notice of Thomas Drake, late of Trinity-lane, in the Minories, in the county of Middlesex, bookbinder, prisoner in the King's Bench prison, Surrey, to take benefit of the Act for the Relief of Insolvet Debtors (London Gazette 9 May 1761)

Dubois, Isaac. Isaac Dubois, late of the Strand, in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, chaser and printseller, listed as an insolvent debtor and prisoner in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet (London Gazette 22 Oct 1748)

Du Bois, J. Mr. Dubois, printseller, the corner of Burleigh-street, near Exeter Exchange in the Strand, begs leave to inform the publick that, leaving the town on account of his health, his stock in trade will be sold considerbly under prime cost, or by appraisement, to any willing to follow his business ... (Daily Advertiser 2 May 1750). Trading at the Golden Head.

Du Bose, Claude. Certificate to be granted June 1, 1745. Claude Du Bose and William Darres, of the parish of St. James, within the Liberty of Westminster, bokksellers and partners (London Gazette 11 May 1745). Dividend declared for July 19, 1746 (London Gazette 21 Jun 1746).

Duck, T. This day is published (price only 6d) The life of Nicholas Mooney, alias Jackson, alias the Black Knight, a notorious highwayman and street robber, who was executed at Bristol on Friday, April 24, 1752 ... Printed for T.Duck, in the Minories, and sold by J.South, at the Royal Exchange (Daily Advertiser 15 May 1752)

Duke, Mr. sen. To the curious in musical instruments. John Betts, real instrument maker, begs leave to inform the public and in particular those gentlemen who are judges of violins, tenors, voilincellos, that he has taken Mr. Whitaker's late shop, No. 2 North Piazza, Royal Exchange ... he served seven year apprenticeship to that great artist Mr. Duke, sen., and worked with him full ten years after ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Apr 1782)

Dulau, Arnaud. Died in Soho-square suddenly, 50, Mr. Arnaud Dulau, many years an eminent and enterprising bookseller and before the Revolution a professor of mathematics at Paris (Monthly Mag. Nov 1813, 359) Died 9 Oct 1813 (Gent. Mag. Oct 1813, 406)

Du Mitand, Louis. Louis Du Mitand, Great Marlborough Street, Westminster, bookseller, to surrender 10, 17 June, 11 July at twelve at Guildhall (London Gazette 30 May 1797)

Dunbar, Mr. This day is published, on two sheets of large paper (price 5s) a print of a battle, printed in oil colours. Sold at Dunbar's paper-warehouse, in Aldermanbury ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Jan 1753)

Duncomb, Thomas. Ran away on Saturday the 9th instant, Thomas Duncomb, apprentice to Charles Lampright, paper-stainer, of Water-lane, Black Friars (Daily Advertiser 20 Nov 1782)

Dunn, Mrs. [Wants place] A young person, to wait on elderly lady ... Enquire for C.F. at Mrs. Dunn's Circulating Library, Crown-row, Newington-butts, Surry (Times 12 Jun 1799)

Dunoyer, Peter. Dividend declared for May 13, 1747, Peter Dunoyer, parish of St. Clement Danes, bookseller (London Gazette 18 Apr 1747). Adjourned to June 18, 1747 (London Gazette 30 May 1747). Dividend declared for Apr. 25, 1751 (London Gazette 19 Mar 1751). Final dividend declared for June 25, 1751 (London Gazette 30 Apr 1751)

Durand, George. James Linnell and George Durand, Plum-tree-street, Bloomsbury, printsellers, carvers and gilders, dissolved partnership June 1, 1796 (London Gazette 4 Jun 1796)

Durham, Thomas. Thomas Durham, Cockspur Street, bookseller, to surrender Aug. 15, Sept. 19, at Guildhall (London Gazette 8 Aug 1778). Dividend declared for Jan 15 1785 (London Gazette 7 Dec 1784)

Durrance, Robert. All sorts of pasteboards for packers, clothiers, stationers, hat and bonnet makers, &c. are sold at Robert Durrance's warehouse on Windmill-Hill, near Moorfields (Daily Advertiser 15 Mar 1754)

Dury, Andrew. Andrew Dury, from Mr. Rocque's, geographer, in the Strand, gives notice to the subscribers to his small atlas, that he has open'd shop in Duke's Court, near St. Martin's Church ... (Daily Advertiser 19 Dec 1760)

Dussek, John Louis. Commission of Bankrupt is awarded ... against Domenico Corri, late of the Hay-Market ... Musical Instrument-Maker, Music-Printer, and Music-Seller ... (trading with John Louis Dussek and Natali Corri, late of the Hay-Market ... the surviving partners of John Corri ... deceased), he ... is ... required to surrender himself ... on the 26th Day of April instant, and on the 10th and 31st day of May next ... at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 April 1800)

Dutton, R. Universal Circulating Library, No. 10, Birchin-lane, Cornhill - R.Dutton returns most grateful thanks to his numerous subscribers and to the public for their very liberal support ... (Times 20 Jan 1798)

Dymott, Richard Books now on sale. This day is published, A price catalogue of a valuable collection of books, many of them new, and in most elegant bindings ... which are now selling by Richard Dymott, bookseller, facing Somerset House, in the Strand, London ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Dec 1767)

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