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30 January 2007

Berch C

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: C

Cabe, Edward. Edward Cabe son of William and Sarah Cabe christened 10 February 1720 (London, St. Augustine, Watling Street). This day are publish'd price 2s 6d. In a neat pocket volume The life and opinions of Jeremiah Kunastrokius ... Printed for E.Cabe, in Ave Mary Lane (LDA 2 Jul 1760)

Cadell and Davies. See William Davies.

Cadell, Thomas I. Yesterday morning [7 Jun], ... a fire broke out in the workshop of Mr Prentice, cabinet-maker in Little Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, ... it likewise communicated to the dwelling house, which was also destroyed, as were the warehouses of Mr. Dodsley, Mr. Cadell, and Mr Longman ... and the printing office of Mr. Jarvis ... (LDA 8 Jun 1787, UDR 8 Jun 1787 - for fuller details see John Jarvis)

Cahusac, Thomas I. Died June 27, 1796, Mrs. Cahusac, wife of Mr. Thomas Cahusac, of the Strand (GM Jul 1796, 617). Died May 18, 1798, Mr. Thomas Cahusac, sen., of the Strand, the oldest musical instrument maker in and near London (GM May 1798, 448).

Cahusac, Thomas II. The partnership between Thomas Cahusac and William Maurice Cahusac dissolved Aug. 12, 1800 (LG 16 Aug 1800)

Cahusac, William Maurice. See Thomas Cahusac II.

Callard, John. Whereas John Callard, seventeen years of age, apprentice to John Fuller, jun. bookbinder, at the Bible in Butcherhall-Lane, Newgate Street, absconded himself from his master's service the 21st inst ... (LDA 27 Jul 1753)

Callard, Mary. [Wants place] As valet to a single gentleman, or butler in a family, a Swiss, about 29 ... Direct to M. at Mrs. Callard's Circulating Library, No. 2, Norris-street, Haymarket (LT 6 Jun 1798)

Callow, Joseph. Joseph Callow, of Upper Thames-street, paper maker, to surrender Dec. 13, 27, and Jan. 21 at ten at Guildhall (LG 10 Dec 1791). Adress given as Stoke Mill in meeting of creditors (LT 27 Dec 1791)

Camp, Daffinbe. Daffinbe Camp, son of William and Hannah Camp christened 27 Aug 1749 (St. Andrew, Holborn)

Campbell, James. Mr. James Campbell, near Exeter-Exchange is appointed stationer and binder to the intended Queen (LDA 26 Aug 1761)

Campbell, Mr. Sunday morning [7 May] the body of Mr. Campbell, foreman to Mr. [Charles] Harris, stationer to the India Company in Leadenhall-street, was found floating in the New-river (GNDA 9 May 1775)

Cane, Thomas. Partnership between Thomas Cane and John Hammond, Earl's-court, Westminster, printers, was dissolved Jan. 26, 1791. All debts to be paid by either T.Cane of Earl's-court, or J.Hammond, Bullin-court, Strand (LG 15 Feb 1791)

Cannon, Lidia. Joseph Wilson, sen., Joseph Wilson, jun., and Lidia Cannon, widow, late of the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, paperstainers to surrender on Nov. 18, 29, and Dec. 27, 1766 at Guildhall (LG 15 Nov 1766). Bankruptcy enlarged to Jan. 26, 1767 (LG 3 Jan 1767)

Carnegy, Theophilus John. On Friday [12 Sep] died in the 73rd year of his age, Mr. Theophilus John Carnegy, printer in Shoemaker-row, Blackfriars (LC 11-13 Sep 1777). On Tuesday [17 Jun] died Mr. Carnegy, printer, Shoemaker-row, Blackfriars (GNDA 19 Jun 1777). Yesterday [2 Nov] was married at St Luke's, Old-street, Mr. John Crockett, tallow-chandler, in Wildcross-street, to Miss Carnegy, daughter of the late Mr. Carnegy, printer, in Shoemaker-row, Blackfriars (GNDA 3 Nov 1777)

Carpenter, Edward Twine. Edward Twine Carpenter, the printer, was enlarged from his two months imprisonment in Wood-street compter, for taking up John Wheble, of Paternoster Row, bookseller, by virtue of his Majesty's royal proclamation; Mr. Moore's new-invented coach attended, in which Mr. Carpenter rode in triumph. It is observable that though Mr. Carpenter has been imprisoned and fined, he has not yet received the 50l. promised by the above proclamation (Walker's Hib. Mag, Sep 1771, 446). Dated Monday 26 Aug 1771 (GM Aug 1771, 376)

Carpenter, James. [Thomas] Hookham begs leave to inform his friends and the public in general, that he has taken James Carpenter (his son-in-law) as partner in the bookselling, stationary and book-binding branches; and that he hath also taken Thomas Jordan Hookham (his nephew) as partner in the circulating library ... Bond-street, Oct. 22, 1791 (LT 22 Oct 1791). The partnership between Thomas Hookham and James Carpenter, of Old Bond-street, booksellers, to be dissolved Sept. 29, 1798 (LG 25 Sep 1798)

Carr, Thomas. Whereas John Hughes, apprentice to Thomas Carr, bookbinder in Warwick-lane, has absconded from his said master ... (LDA 7 Aug 1761)

Carter, John. John carter, engraver, in Queen Square, Bartholomew-close, near West Smithfield, having purchased Mr. Grillet's curious engine and dyes for stamping watch dial-plates, middles, keys, bows, &c ... (LDA 11 Mar 1753)

Carter, Mrs. Booksellers, stationers, binders and printers. Cook, Hotpresser, No. 2, Prince's Street Drury-lane, successor to Mrs Carter, has presses continually at work ... (LDA 19 Oct 1787)

Carter, Thomas. Thomas Carter, late of Cheapside, London, pocket-book-maker to surrender Oct 21, 25, Nov. 15 at Guildhall (LG 4 Oct 1788)

Cartwright, James. To compel James Cartwright, late of Threadneedle street, engraver, prisoner in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet, to make a declaration of his estate and effects. Dated June 2, 1761. John Dodson (LG 2 Jun 1761)

Caslon, Elizabeth. Died on Saturday morning last [24 Oct] in an advanced age, Mrs. Caslon, widow of the late William Caslon, Esq., and joint proprietor with her daughter Mrs Elizabeth Caslon, of the long established and much celebrated letter foundry carrying on in Chiswell-street, Moorfields (LT 26 & 27 Oct 1795)

Caslon, Henry. Died on Saturday [8 Dec.] Mr. Henry Caslon, of Gower-street, Bedford square (LDA 10 Dec 1787)

Caslon, Thomas. Was married on Tuesday [11 Jul] Mr Thomas Caslon, bookseller, in Stationers' Court, to Miss Tudor, of Monmouth (LDA 13 Jul 1775)

Caslon, William II. See Elizabeth Caslon.

Caslon, William III. On Saturday [22 May] was married William Caslon, Esq., of Chiswell-street, to Miss Wittenoon, of Bunhill-row (LDA 24 May 1779)

Cass, William. William Cass, Lamb's Conduit Street, bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, to surrender July 7, 14, Aug. 7 at Guildhall (LG 25 Jun 1781). Dividend declared for Apr. 15, 1782 (LG 16 Mar 1782). Dividend declared for Apr. 13, 1782 (LG 19 Mar 1782).

Cater, William. On Monday last [24 Nov] was married Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Smith to Miss Cater, only daughter of Mr. William Cater, bookseller, in Holborn (Source not stated) Catterns, Mr. Wanted, a single man for a porter, ... Enquire of Mr. Catterns, bookseller, at the Bible in Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill (LDA 24 Mar 1750)

Cawthorn, James. Price 6s. boards. The feast of the poets, with some other pieces, in verse; and notes, critical and explanatory. By the editor of the Examiner ... Printed for James Cawthorne, 24 Cockspur Street ... (Morning Chronicle 17 Feb 1814)

Cawthorn, John. Price 1s. Life insurance; important facts shewing the successive reductions that have taken place ... by Philanthropus. Published by John Cawthorn, bookseller, No. 5, Catherine Street, Strand (Morning Chronicle 26 Dec 1814). Author John Thomas Barber Beaumont.

Cawthorne, George. Died June 24, 1804, George Cawthorne, of the British Library, in the Strand (GM Jul 1804, 694)

Champante, William. Committed suicide by throwing herself in the canal in St. James's Park, on Monday Aug. 13, 1804, Mary Champante, aged about 20, daughter of William Champante, wholesale stationer (GM Aug. 1804, 794; LT 17 Aug 1804)

Chandler, Mr. On Saturday last [3 jan.] died Mr. Chandler, a bookbinder in Bell-Yard, near Temple Bar (Public Ledger 5 Jan 1761)

Chapelle, Anthony. Anthony Chapelle, Curzon-street, Mayfair, bookseller and stationer, to surrender June 19, 20 and July 17, 1764 (LG 5 Jun 1764). Dividend declared for Aug 21, 1764 (LG 21 Jul 1764). Certificate Dec 8, 1764 (LG 17 Nov 1764)

Chapelle, Mess. This day is publish'd (price 1s) Les persecutes, cantate, precedee d'un discours oratoire addresse aux membres de la Societe commencee le 19 aout 1752 au Dolenne de St. Paul, pour le soulagement des protestants Francois persecutes. Chez Messs. Chapelle ... & Paroissien, stationer, Red-Lion Street, Spittlefields (LDA 26 Nov 1756 - transcribed without accents)

Chapman, Henry. Whereas Sarah Elizabeth Sophia Stevens, apprentice to Henry Chapman, bookseller, Old Round Court, in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, has run away from her said master ... (LDA 24 Jan 1785)

Chapman, Richard. Partnership between Richard Chapman and John Baker, Crown-street, Soho, rag-merchants, was dissolved May 16, 1793. John Baker to carry on the business (LG 21 May 1793)

Chapman, William. William Chapman, Oxford street, stationer, to surrender April 26, May 3, 31 at one at Guildhall (LG 19 Apr 1796)

Chapman, William. Died last night [14 Aug] in King-street, Cheapside, of an apoplexy Mr. William Chapman, aged 72 (LT 15 Aug 1800)

Chapple, Clement. Recorded at No. 66, Pall-Mall (LT 27 Apr 1802)

Chater, John. See Vernor and Chater

Chater, Richard. On Thursday [5 Feb] was married Mr. R.Chater, of Cornhill, to Miss Giblin, of Finchingfield, Essex (LDA 7 Feb 1784)

Chavasse, Mr. Wanted in a small family, a good cook ... Apply at Mr. Chavasse's Circulating Library, No. 10 Dorset-street, Portman-square (LT 14 Feb 1800)

Cheevers, John. Absented himself from his master's service since the 1st of November last, George Moses, apprentice to Mr. John Cheevers, of Castle-street, Long-Acre, engraver ... (LDA 20 Dec 1780)

Chesham, Francis. Francis Chesham, Walworth Terrace, print-seller, to surrender July 5, 12, Aug. 5 at Guildhall (24 Jun 1794)

Child, Joseph. Joseph Child, late of Paternoster row, rolling press printer, listed as insolvent debtor and jailed at Poultry Compter (LG 7 Jun 1748)

Chinnery, W. This day is published in two volumes, twelves (price 6s) The miscellaneous works in prose and verse of Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe ... Printed for Henry Lintot and sold by W.Chinnery in the Inner Temple Lane ... (LG 28 Mar 1749, see Heale's English writing masters).

Circulating Library &c. To bookseller, stationers, &c. A circulating library, bookseller and stationer's shop to be disposed of ... Further particulars will be made known, by applying to the proprietor (who lets it himself), No. 19, Duke's-court, near King's Mews ... (LT 29 May 1789)
Circulating Library. [Wants place] As valet and butler to a single gentleman, or in a small family ... Direct to A.B. at the Circulating Library, No. 32, Princes-street, Soho (LT 27 May 1801 - Alexander Spark recorded there in 1800)
Circulating Library. A circulating library to be disposed, consisting of about 1000 volumes, on very advantageous terms, at No. 20, west end of Silver-street, Golden-square (LDA 7 Oct 1789)
Circulating Library. No. 32 Red-Lion-street, Holborn. Sale by auction on July 8 and seven following days of this circulating library, being the property of a person going into another way of business (LDA 6 Jul 1780)
Circulating Library. To booksellers, stationers, &c [To be sold by auction] By Mr. White, on the premises, No. 24 Penton-row, in the High Road, Walworth, Surry, pn Friday next [12 Apr] at 12 o'clock the stock in trade of a stationer and bookseller, leaving the business ... and the whole of a well selected circulating library ... (LT 10 Apr 1799)
Circulating Library. To stationers, booksellers, &c. To be let, a good house and shop, in the stationary and bookselling business, with a circulating library, pleasantly situated in one of the most genteel and populous villages in the vicinity of london, about 1 mile and a half from the three bridges on the Surry-side, with a small garden ... (LT 24 Nov 1800)
Clagget, Charles. Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before June 10, 1793 to Charles Clagget, Greek street, Soho, musical instrument maker (LG 28 May 1793) Also music seller.

Clarke, Charles. Charles Clarke, Northumberland court, Strand, printer to surrender Jan. 15, 17 at 10 o'clock, Feb. 12 at 5 o'clock at Guildhall (LG 1 Jan 1785)

Clarke, George. Saturday [16 Aug] was married at Camberwell, Mr. George Clarke of Old Broad-street, to Miss Elizabeth Sargeant of Great Winchester-street (LDA 19 Aug 1788)

Clarke, John. Married Dec. 11, 1796, at St. Clement Dane's, Mr. John Clarke, bookseller, of Portugal-street, to Miss Anning, of Kilmington, Devonshire (GM Dec 1796, 1055). Died May 8, 1838, in Searle-street, Lincoln's Inn, in his 70th year, John Clarke, esq., the eminent law bookseller. He was many years in business with his late father [William] and his brother Walter under the name of Messrs. Clarke and Sons. Mr. John Clarke was one of the Court of Assistants of the Company of Stationers, and was much respected (GM Jun 1838, 666)

Clarke, William. Married April 18, 1801, Mr. Clarke, bookseller, New Bond Street, to Miss Elizabeth Thomas, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Alban Thomas, vicar of Hurley, Berks (GM Apr. 1801, 371). Died on the 3d inst., in Grosvenor-street, Pimlico, Mr. William Clarke, late of New Bond-street, bookseller, aged 70 (Examiner 8 Aug 1820).

Clarke, William. William Clarke and Robert Collins, of Paternoster-row, London, booksellers (surviving copartners of Lacey Hawes, late of the same place, deceased) to surrender Sept. 3, 6, Oct. 5, at Guildhall (LG 24 Aug 1776). Dividend declared for Dec. 22, 1779 (LG 30 Nov 1779). Dividend declared for May 8, 1781 (LG 7 Apr 1781). Dividend declared for Dec. 21, 1784 (LG 27 Nov 1784). Dividend delclared for Feb. 2, 1785 (and not on the 21st of Dec. inst. as before advertised) (LG 11 Dec 1784). Dividend declared for Dec. 13 1785 (LG 22 Nov 1785).

Clear. Yesterday [14 Mar] died in Wild-street, Drury-lane, [ ---? ] Clear, bookbinder (GNDA 15 Mar 1775 - microfilm unclear)

Clyton, C. This day is published (price 3d) The lives and wicked transactions of Susanna Wells, an old Bawd, and Mary Squire, a Gipsy ... Printed for C.Clyton, in Fleet Lane (LDA 7 Mar 1753)

Coad, Joseph. Recorded at No. 12, Silver-street, Golden-square. An announcement of the publication of the first part of J.Coad's Sale and Circulating Catalogue for 1782 (LDA 13 Feb 1782). Died on Monday last [16 Jan] at Hoxton, Mr. Joseph Coad, late of Brewer-street, wholesale stationer (Courier 19 Jan 1809)

Cobbin, Mr. New music - just publishd. Three sonatas for the piano-forte, by J.G.Graef ... To be had at Cobbin's Circulating Library, No. 65, Warren-street, Fitzroy-square (LT 4 July 1798)

Coby and Thompson. Eloped from his masters' service Tuesday the 21st inst. Joseph Round, aged 17 years ... Whoever detains him will be prosecuted; but if he returns to his masters, Coby and Thompson, engravers, No. 44 Gutter-lane, his former faults shall be forgiven (LDA 25 Aug 1781). Eloped from his master's service on Monday last [24 Feb] Joseph Round, apprentice to Mess. Coby and Thompson, engravers, Gutter-lane (LDA ? Feb 1783, source not given).

Coffin, John. John Coffin, Tooting, Surry, paper-stainer, pattern-drawer, and cutter to surrender Sept 10, 11 and Oct 10, 1767 at Guildhall (LG 29 Aug 1767)

Cogan, Francis. Certificate of bankruptcy to be awarded Aug. 5, 1746 for Francis Cogan, Fleet-street, bookseller (LG 15 Jul 1746). Dividend declared for Dec. 15, 1748 (LG 12 Nov 1748). To surrender July 23, Aug 3, Sept. 1, 1752 at Guildhall (LG 21 Jul 1752). Certificate declared for Jan 27, 1753 (LG 6 Jan 1753)

Coggs, John. A few days since, died suddenly of an inward bleeding at Maidenhead, on his way to London, Mr. John Coggs, a wholesale stationer in Bread-street (Ladies Mag 10-24 Aug 1751)

Cohen, Solomon. On Wednesday [13 Oct] died Mrs. Mary Cohen, wife of Mr. Solomon Cohen, Pencil-maker, in St. Paul's, Shadwell (LDA 18 Oct 1779)

Colbey, William. To be sold by auction, at the Rose Tavern, Temple-Bar, this [29 Jan] and the following evenings, the entire collection of William Colbey, engraver and printseller, in Cornhill ... (LDA 29 Jan 1751)

Cole, Benjamin. Andrea Palladio's architecture in four books in folio ... Sold by Benjamin Cole, Engraver and Printer, the corner of King's Head Court, near Fetter-lane, Holborn (LDA 14 Aug 1750)

Cole, Charles. Charles Cole, late of the Parish of St. Olave, Southwark, Surry, paper printer, listed as an insolvent debtor and jailed at King's Bench Prison, Surry (LG 7 Jun 1748)

Cole, George. Died a few days since, much respected, aged 73, Mr. George Cole, of Great Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, who had been near fifty years engraver and printer to the Bank of England, and one of the oldest officers of His Majesty's marine forces (LT 24 Feb 1795)

Cole, William. Died on Sunday morning last [12 Sept.] Mrs. Ann Haydon Cole, wife of William Cole, Esq., Printer to the Bank of England (LT 14 Sep 1802). Died on Monday last [17 Jan], in the 73rd year of his age, William Cole, Esq. He had been above fifty years copper plate printer to the Bank of England, and forty years printer to the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (LT 21 Jan 1803)

Coles, John. Yesterday morning [21 Apr] Mr. John Coles, eminent stationer, in Fleet-street, was chosen a common councilman for the ward of Farringdon without, in the room of Mr. Samuel Cranmer, lately deceas'd (LDA 22 Apr 1752). Yesterday [6 Feb] was married, Mr. Hutton, woollen draper, in Cornhill, to Miss Elizabeth Coles, second daughter of Mr. Coles, an eminent Stationer in Fleet Street (LDA 7 Feb 1753)

Coles, Thomas. To compel Thomas Coles, late of Little Windmill Street, Parish of St. James, within the Liberty of Westminster, stationer, now a prisoner in the King's Bench prison to make a schedule of his estate and effects ... Dated June 1, 1761. William Deacon (LG 2 Jun 1761)

Collambell, John. John Collambell, late of St. Magnus, London Bridge, Citizen and Stationer, listed as insolvent debtor and jailed at Ludgate Prison (LDA 22 Apr 1749)

Collett, Mr. On Sunday [6 Aug] died at his house in Cheyne-row, Chelsea, Mr. Collett, an eminent limner and engraver (LDA 9 Aug 1780)

Collett, Nathaniel. Whereas Nathaniel Collett did elope from his master, Thomas Geohegan, printer, in Kent-street, Southwark, early on Tuesday morning the 20th instant [20 Sep] ... (LDA 27 Sep 1774)

Collins & Seagood. To printers &c. Mess. Collins and Co. having removed from Fetter-lane to No. 23, Finch-lane, near the Royal Exchange, take this method of informing their friends and the public that they continue to buy and sell printing materials as usual ... (LDA 29 Aug 1787). Printing materials ... are now selling on the lowest terms by Mess. Collins and Seagood, No. 23, Finch-lane, Cornhill, London; where printing materials, waste paper and parchments are purchased to any amounts ... (LDA 15 Jan 1788)

Collins, Robert. William Clarke and Robert Collins, of Paternoster-row, London, booksellers (surviving copartners of Lacey Hawes, late of the same place, deceased) to surrender Sept. 3, 6, Oct. 5, at Guildhall (LG 24 Aug 1776). Yesterday [4 May] died at his lodgings near Bethnall Green, Mr. Robert Collins. late a bookseller in Paternsoter-row (LT 5 May 1786).

Collins, William. On Sunday [4 Aug] was married at St. George's Hanover-square, Mr. Collins, bookseller, in Pope's Head Alley, to Miss Ward of Rupert-street (LDA 8 Aug 1776, but The registers of St. George Hanover Square, ed. T.H.Chapman, vol. 1, p. 268 gives bride's name as Ann Wardor)

Collyer, Joseph. Joseph Collyer, late of Ludgate-street, bookseller, insolvent debtor and jailed at Prison of the Fleet (LG 1 Aug 1749)

Colville, James. Bookbinders in town and country. Whereas Thomas Beaumont, apprentice to Mr. James Colville, bookbinder, of Burleigh-street, Strand, did absent himself from his said master's service on Tuesday, the 15th inst [15 Jul] ... (LDA 22 Jul 1777)

Constable, Daniel. Daniel Constable, Old Bailey, printer, to surrender Apr. 12, 24, May 15 at Guildhall (LG 3 Apr 1787)

Cood & Adams. Splendid French paper hangings. Messrs. Cood and Adams ... their warehouse 68, Strand (Morn. Chron 14 Nov 1814)

Cook, Ayres. Circulating library recorded at No. 24, Cullum-street, near Fenchurch-street (LDA 4 Sep 1777)

Cook, Charles. Died [16 Apr] in Paternoster-row, Charles Cook, Esq., many years an eminent bookseller, and one of the Common Council for his ward. He had a few days previously undergone the operation for the removal of a stone in the bladder. In 1809, he succeeded to the property of his fathr, the late John Cook, amounting to above 50,000l. acquired in the same trade (GM Apr 1816, 382; MM May 1816, 369).

Cook, John. See Charles Cook.

Cook, Mr. Wants a place, a youth turned 17, remarkably solid and steady ... Please to enquire at Mr. Cook's Circulating Library, No. 24, in Cullum-street, near Fenchurch-street (LDA 4 Sep 1777)

Cook, Mr. Booksellers, stationers, binders and printers. Cook, Hotpresser, No. 2, Prince's Street Drury-lane, successor to Mrs Carter, has presses continually at work to hotpress printed books, prints, maps, and all kinds of paper with the greatest nicety and care. Any quantity of books or paper sent by six o'clock in the evening are done by ten the following morning. A first floor to be lett (LDA 19 Oct 1787)

Cooke, E. This day is published (price 4d) to be continued every Fortnight, Das Deutsche Magazin, oder, Schatzkammer Miscellanischer Schriften. Sold by E.Cooke ... A.Linde, at the Bible, in Katherine-street .. (LDA 21 Nov 1750)

Cooke, Henry. Henry Cooke, formerly of Gutter-lane, London, bookseller, listed as died in the past year in listings of members deceased of the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance (LDA 17 Jul 1760)

Cooke, J. This day is publish'd (price 1s 6d) A plain argument to shew from the theory and practise of the laws of England ... Printed for S.Crow[der] and J.Cooke, behind the Chapter House, the North Side of St. Paul's Churchyard LDA 22 Dec 1761).

Cooke, William. On Thursday [6 Apr] died at Pancras, Mr. Cooke, of Fetter-lane, bookbinder to the Honourable House of Commons (LDA 8 Apr 1775). All persons having any demands on the estate of William Cooke, late of Fetter-lane, London, bookbinder, deceased, are desired to send an account and particulars thereof to Mary Cooke, his widow and administratrix, and all persons indebted to the estate are desired to pay the same forthwith or they will be sued without further notice. The business is carried on as usual, at the same place, by the widow, for the benefit of herself and small family ... (LDA 17 Aug 1775)

Cookesley, William. Partnership between James Parker and William Cookesley, Chancery-lane law-stationers was dissolved Sept. 29, 1797. All debts to be discharged by William Cookesley, who will carry on the business on his own account (LG 14 Apr 1798)

Coombs, Ebenezer. Certificate to be allowed and confirmed on or before 11th day of March for Ebenezer Coombs, of Saint James's-Street, in the parish of Saint James, Westminster, stationer (LG 18 Feb 1800). Dividend declared for Jan. 25, 1806 (LG 4 Jan. 1806)

Cooper, Joseph. The partnership of Joseph Cooper and Mark Graham, of Wild-court, Wild-street, (respecting the making and vending of ink) was dissolved June 8, 1799. Mark Graham to receive and discharge all debts (LG 30 Nov 1799). The partnership between Joseph Cooper and Andrew Wilson of Wild-court, Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, printers, dissolved Dec. 24, 1799. Wilson to carry on the business and to receive and discharge all debts (LG 28 Dec 1799). Joseph Cooper, of Wild-Court, in the Parish of Saint Giles in the Fields, printer ... to surrender himself on the 4th and 8th days of February next, and on the 8th day of March following ... at Guildhall, London, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of all his Estate and Effects (LG 25 Jan 1800). The creditors ... are desired to meet the Assignees ... on Monday next, the 17th instant ... at the Garrick's Head Tavern and Coffee-House, in Bow-Street, Covent-Garden, in order to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting or defending any Suit or Suits at law or in Equity for the Recovery of any Part of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects; and also to the said Assignees selling and disposing of the Moiety of the Printing materials and Book Debts belonging to the said Bankrupt's Estate, to Mr. Andrew Wilson, his late partner, by private Contract ... (LG 8 Feb 1800)

Cooper, M. This day are published (price 6d.) Instructions and rules for playing andro; being a new and most entertaining game of cards ... Printed for M.Cooper at the Globe in Paternoster-row, and E.Rowlands, at the Circulating Library, at Pope's Head in Exeter Change (LDA 3 Feb 1752)

Copeland, George. Mr. George Copeland, engraver to his Majesty, (who was found dead in his bed last Monday morning [15 Jun] at his lodgings in the Strand), has by will left 500l. for a monument ... (LDA 19 Jun 1761)

Corbould, George. Whereas John Birkett, apprentice to George Corbould, engraver in Ball-Alley, Lombard-street, did on the 2d instant absent himself from his master's service ... (LDA 15 Sep 1761)

Corbould, John I. On Sunday noon [19 Feb] died at his house in Foster-Lane, Mr. John Corbould, engraver; the business will be carried on by the executor and his son [John Corbould] who hope for a continuance of his father's friends (LDA 21 Feb 1775)

Corbould, John II. The partnership between John Corbould and William Hemsley, at No. 37, Foster-lane, Cheapside, engravers and copper-plate printers expired on May 12, 1798. The business carried on by Mr. Corbould (LG 12 May 1798)

Cornbill, T. Died in his 24th year, Mr. T.Cornbill, bookbinder, late of Great Chapel-street, Westminster (MM Nov. 1801, 373)

Cornish, Mr. On Saturday [29 Nov] dioed Mr. Cornish, printer, in Printing-House-yard, Blackfriars (LDA 1 Dec 1777)

Corri, Domenico. Commission of Bankrupt is awarded ... against Domenico Corri, late of the Hay-Market ... Musical Instrument-Maker, Music-Printer, and Music-Seller ... (trading with John Louis Dussek and Natali Corri, late of the Hay-Market ... the surviving partners of John Corri ... deceased), he ... is ... required to surrender himself ... on the 26th Day of April instant, and on the 10th and 31st day of May next ... at Guildhall (LG 19 April 1800)

Corri, John. See Domenico Corri.

Corri, Natali. See Domenic Corri.

Cottrell, Thomas. Thomas Cottrell, of Nevill's Court, Fetter-lane, Letter-founder to surrender June 14, 24, July 15 at Guildhall (LG 3 Jun 1777)

Couchman and Fry. Fry and Couchman, late of Worship-street, Upper Moorfields, respectfully inform the publick that hey are moved to No. 10, Thorgmorton-street, near Royal Exchange, where they continue to carry on every branch of the printing business with neatness, accuracy, and on reasonable terms, under the firm of Couchman and Fry (LDA 27 Oct 1789)

Couchman, Stephen. Died on the 23d instant [23 Jul] in Throgmorton-street, Mr. S.Couchman, printer, aged 66 (Courier 27 Jul 1819)

Coulston, Samuel. To compel Samuel Coulston, formerly of Windmill-Hill , and late of Tabernacle Walk, otherwise Barking Dog Walk, near Hoxton, in the county of Middlesex, bookseller, now a prisoner in the Poultry Compter to make a schedule of estate and effects, as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand this 25th day of September 1761. Benjamin Thorley (LG 26 Sep 1761)

Coverat, S.D. This day is published price 1s. 6d. stitch'd in blue covers, six curious copper plates in Quarto; being useful to all cabinet makers, upholsterers &c. after the new method of the Chinese and Gothick taste. To be had of Mr. S.D.Coverat at his musick and print shop, the corner of Princes-square, in Ratcliff-Highway (LDA 17 Jun 1754)

Cowper, Richard. Richard Cowper, stationer, from Nwgate-street, takes the liberty to acquaint his friends and customers in general, that he is removed to No. 202, opposite St. Clement's Church, Strand, and solicits the continuance of their favours (LDA 6 May 1782)

Cox, Edward. Yesterday [19 Feb] Mr Edward Cox, of Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, was appointed printer to the Hon. United East India Company (LDA 20 Feb 1777)

Cox, H. Shute. H.Shute Cox, bookseller and stationer, is removed from Ludgate-hill, to the Prince's Arms in Paternoster-row (LDA 26 Feb 1752)

Cox, Mr. Died January 25, 1802, Mr. Cox, a very eminent and respectable copper-plate-printer in Bream's-buildings, Chancery Lane, London (GM Jan. 1802, 94). Partner in firm of Cox, Son and Barnett.

Cox, Thomas. Died at Denham, Bucks, Mr. Thomas Cox, many years a respectable bookseller in St. Thomas's-street, Borough (MM Aug. 1806, 81). Died June 6, 1806 (GM June 1806, 588)

Crabb, John. John Crabb, formerly of Fetter-lane, late of Pembroke-Court, Gough-square, printer in Wood Street Compter to take benefit of the act for the relief of insolvent debtors (LG 18 Apr 1767)

Crace, C. This day are published, proposals for engraving and publishing by subscription, the six following draughts, viz. A grand Berlin, a crane-neck'd chariot, a town coach, a Landau, a machine, and Post-chaise. Subscriptions taken in by C.Crace, next the Lying-in Hospital in Brownlow-street, Long Acre; F.Patton, engraver in Greenhill's rent, Smithfield Bars; and J.Wyatt, copper-plate printer, opposite the New Court, Long Acre ... (LDA 23 Aug 1750)

Crace, William. Died Oct. 10, 1791, Mr. William Crace, stationer, Longacre (LT 12 Oct 1791)

Cramer, William. William Cramer, Upper Titchfield Street, St. Mary-le-Bonne, Middlesex, music seller, to surrender 21 Feb., 7 March, 1st April at ten at Guildhall (LG 18 Feb 1797)

Crew, Thomas. Thomas Crew, of Kennington-Lane, in the county of Surrey, stationer, to surrender March 17, 24, Apr. 21 at ten at Guildhall (LG 10 Mar 1787). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before July 14, 1787 (LG 23 Jun 1787)

Crippen, John. Commission of bankrupt is awarded ... against John Crippen, of Tower-Street, London, Stationer and Paper-Hanger ... to surrender ... 20th day of July instant, and on the 3d and 20th Days of August next, at Twelve of the Clock Noon ... at Guildhall (LG 9 Jul 1799)

Crofts, Mr. To parents and guardians. At a school a small distance from town ... Please to enquire at Mr. Crofts's, Stationer, Wells-street, Oxford-street (LDA 15 Jan 1788)

Crokatt, James. James Crokatt, London, bookseller, listed as insolvent debtor and jailed at Ludgate (LG 24 Jan 1749). J.Crokatt is remov'd to the Golden Head opposite Surgeon's Hall in the Old Baily (LDA 30 Dec 1752). Last Saturday [10 Mar] died at his lodgings in Old Bailey, Mr. James Crockatt, formerly a bookseller in Fleet-street; a man well known in this busy town for his many schemes, several of which turned out greatly to the advantage of his brethren and the authors employed; but he met with the fate of most projectors and has left a wife and infant daughter unprovided for (Ladies Mag. 17 Mar 1753)

Crosby, Benjamin. Died at Louth, 50 Mr. Benjamin Crosby, many years an active wholesale bookseller of Stationers' Court, from which he had recently retired (MM Sept. 1815, 180). Died Aug. 16, 1815 (GM Sept. 1815, 280). Died Jan. 29, 1824, aged 56, Sarah, relict of Mr. Benjamin Crosby, formerly a bookseller in Stationers'-court (GM Mar. 1824, 283)

Crotty, Mrs. To be let, ready furnished, a house in the cottage style ... Apply to Mrs. Crotty, Circulating Library, Vauxhall (LT 29 Apr 1800)

Crowder, John. Died Nov. 6 1823, at Hammersmith, aged 54, Mary Arabella, wife of John Crowder, Esq. alderman of the Ward Farringdon Within (GM Nov 1823, 477)

Crowder, Stanley. This day is publish'd (price 1s 6d) A plain argument to shew from the theory and practise of the laws of England ... Printed for S.Crow[der] and J.Cooke, behind the Chapter House, the North Side of St. Paul's Churchyard LDA 22 Dec 1761). On Saturday [22 Apr] died Miss Crowder, eldest daughter of Mr. Stanley Crowder, bookseller, in Paternoster-row (London Chron. 22-25 Apr 1775). On Monday [28 Feb] died Miss Crowder, eldest daughter of Mr. Crowder, bookseller, in Paternoster-row (LDA 2 Mar 1780). On Thursday [15 Jun] died Miss Phoebe Crowder, youngest daughter of Mr Crowder, bookseller, in Paternoster-row (LDA 17 Jun 1780). Stanley Crowder, Paternoster row, bookseller, to surrender Oct. 23, Nov. 2, 30 at Guildhall (LG 19 Oct 1784). Dividend declared for Jan 26, 1786 (LG 24 Dec 1785). Dividend declared for Feb. 9, 1786 (by adjournment from 26 of Jan) (LG 31 Jan 1786). Dividend declared for Apr 22, 1786 (LG 1 Apr 1786). Dividend declared for Dec. 30, 1788 (LG 22 Nov 1788). Died Jan 22, 1795 (LT 26 Jan 1795 - not 23 May as in Maxted). To the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and the rest of the Commissioners of the Land Tax, &c. My Lord and Gentlemen, the death of Stanley Crowder having occasioned a vacancy of Clerk to the Commissioners of the Old Window Tax &c., I beg leave to offer myself a candidate to succeed him ... Francis Morley (LT 26 Jan 1795)

Cullenworth, A. This day is published, price 6d. A large humourous royal print, copied from an original design of the celebrated Van Summers, entitled A - alive and merry; or The beggar's Jubilee. Printed for and sold by A.Cullenworth, at the Golden Head in Katherine-street in the Strand; P.Glass, under the Royal Exchange; W.Herbert, Map and printseller, at the Golden Globe under the Piazza on London Bridge; Samuel Lyne, at the Globe in Newgate-street; and by most other printsellers in town and country (LDA 6 Jun 1750)

Culliford, Thomas. The Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awared and issued forth against Thomas Culliford and Charles Barrow, of the Strand, in the County of Middlesex, Musical Instrument-Makers, dealers and Chapmen, and Copartners, intend to meet on the 21st Day of May next, at One of the Clock in the Afternoon, at Guildhall, London, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects (LG 27 Apr 1799)

Cumberlege, Stephen Austen. Yester [26 Jul] was married Mr. Cumberlege, of Paternoster-row, to Mrs. Hinton, of Hayes, Kent (LDA 27 Jul 1782). Died Nov.7, 1784, suddenly, Mrs. Cumberlege, wife of Mr. Stephen Austen Cumberlege, of Islington, and formerly the relict of the late Mr Hinton, bookseller (GM Nov 1784, 878)

Cummings, George. By the King's Letters Patent, The asses-skin for the use of drawing, or writing on with pen, ink or pencil and rubbing clean off again, formed into proper memorandum books for the pocket, of all sizes, are made and sold by George Cummings of Ludgate-street, London, pocket book maker and stationer ... and also by John Pepper, of Foster-lane, London, pocket book maker ... (LG 5 Feb 1765)

Curlewis, Mr. Sunday night [7 Dec] a few minutes before eight o'clock a fire broke out at the house for Mr. Curlweis, stationer, in Fenchurch-street, which very soon burnt down ... (LT 9 Dec 1788)

Curtis, John I. This day is publish'd A catalogue of useful and valuable books, in several branches of polite learning ... which will be sold ... by John Curtis, bookseller at Shakespear's Head, in Fleet-street ... (LDA 15 Jan 1762)

Curtis, John II. Married yesterday morning [5 Nov] at St. Bride's, Mr. John Curtis, stationer, of Newgate-street to Miss Burnell, of Gough-square, Fleet-street (LT 6 Nov 1790). Died Dec. 28, 1823, at Herne-hill, Surrey, in his 58th year, John Curtis, Esq., and many years an eminent wholesale stationer, as was his father Thomas Curtis, Esq. before him (GM Suppl. 1823, 643)

Curtis, Thomas. All sorts of Millboards, for bookbinders and boxmakers, sold wholesale and retail, at the lowest prices, by Thomas Curtis stationer, at Shakespear's Head in Fleet-street. Note, the most money given for paper shavings (LDA 13 Aug 1761). Married Mr. Thomas Curtis, stationer in Fleet-street, to Miss Graham of Abingdon (Court Mag. Nov 1765, 1021). See also John Curtis.

Cuthell, John. Died on Saturday morning, the 29th ult., at his house in Turnham-green, Mr. John Cuthell, of Middle-row, Holborn, bookseller, in his 85th year (LT 3 Apr 1828)

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