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18 January 2007

Apprentices D

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 2
The British book trades 1710-1777: an index of masters and apprentices. Apprentices: D
Each entry gives:
  • Apprentice's name
  • Date of apprenticeship, often in form: year, month, day
  • Master's name
  • Master's place of residence (see list of county abbreviations)
  • Main trade to which apprenticed
  • Volume and folio of Inland Revenue record group 1
  • Reference in D.F.McKenzie's Stationer's Company apprentices 1701 to 1800, where relevant
  • Premium in pounds, shillings and pence
  • Parentage, where stated
  • Other notes, normally additional trades, in [square brackets]
D'Vebre, Joseph, 1766. To: Coghlan, James Peter, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/008 (McK 1853) £10/00/00.
Dabbs, Harrington, 17110910. To: Cluer, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/005 (McK 1831) £10/10/00. Parent: Harrington late cit & butcher
Dale, Thomas, 1759. To: Fielder, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/222 (McK 2901) £105/00/00.
Dalgish, John, 17450806. To: Brown, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/003 (McK 1244) £21/00/00. Parent: George
Dalglish, Thomas, 1769. To: Johnston, John, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, music engraver, IR/1/26/054 £05/05/00.
Dalton, Arthur, 17720204. To: Leacroft, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/087 (McK 4922) £105/00/00.
Dance, John, 1725. To: Combes, James, Oxford, OXF, printer, IR/1/11/018 £15/00/00. Parent: Jacob dec
Dandy, George, 1770. To: Lloyd, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/136 (McK 5041) £20/00/00.
Daniel, Caleb, 17740928. To: Lawrence, Henry, Bristol, GLO, engraver, IR/1/59/100 £21/00/00.
Daniel, George, 17770414. To: Pennington, William, Kirby Kendall, WES, bookseller, IR/1/60/064 £30/00/00.
Daniel, William, 1723. To: Roper, Abel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/099 (McK 6995) £20/00/00. Parent: Richard dec
Darby, Mathew, 1757. To: Anderton, George, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/53/042 £40/00/00.
Darby, William, 17160409. To: Lingard, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/153 (McK 5004) £12/00/00. Parent: William of Saint Martin in the Fields
Dare, John, 1770. To: Roberts, William, Saint James Middlesex, LON, paper-hanging maker, IR/1/26/133 £50/00/00.
Darke, Thomas, 1754. To: Saunders, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/190 (McK 7160) £60/00/00.
Darling, James, 17250906. To: Fodunire, Paul, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/11/009 £20/00/00. Parent: Tempest, Westminster [Fourdrinier]
Darling, William, 1752. To: Darly, Mathew, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/19/018 £15/00/00. Parent: Tempest
Darnton, William, 1771. To: Slack, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, printer, IR/1/58/004 £25/00/00.
Darvall, William, 1758. To: Fryer, John, West Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/21/158 £07/00/00.
Darwan, Ann, 17460702. To: Cabe, Edward, Saint Gregory, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/17/210 £15/00/00. Parent: of Saint Andrew Holborn
Dashwood, Scampton, 1749. To: Hollingworth, Thomas, Kings Lynn, NOF, stationer and bookbinder, IR/1/18/214 £17/00/00. Parent: Ann.
Davenhill, William, 1756. To: Field, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/197 (McK 2891) £80/00/00.
Davenport, Benjamin, 1757. To: Robinson, John, Bermondsey, SUR, stationer, IR/1/21/083 £105/00/00.
Davenport, John, 1761. To: Kippax, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/196 (McK 4744) £20/00/00.
Davenport, John, 17710406. To: Eginton, John, Handsworth, STA, engraver, IR/1/27/009 £25/00/00.
Davenport, Joseph, 17761024. To: Saint, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, printer, IR/1/60/032 £30/10/00.
Davies, Evan, 1769. To: Robert, John, Dolgelly, WAL, cardmaker, IR/1/57/084 £04/00/00.
Davies, Evan, 1770. To: Everingham, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/147 (McK 2761) £10/00/00.
Davies, Henry, 17717704. To: Frusher, Philip, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/069 £39/00/00. [apprenticed with William Davies]
Davies, Mainwaring, 1716. To: Parker, Andrew, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/091 (McK 6056) £32/05/00. Parent: Mainwaring, Inner Temple dec
Davies, Thomas, 1718. To: Philips, John, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookbinder, IR/1/45/146 £19/00/00.
Davies, William, 17320907. To: Wood, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/102 (McK 8995) £12/12/00. Parent: George of Little Britain
Davies, William, 17717704. To: Frusher, Philip, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/069 £39/00/00. [apprenticed with Henry Davies]
Daville, Richard, 1765. To: Whittingham, William, Lynn, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/55/205 £30/00/00.
Davison, Nathaniel, 1753. To: Taylor, Robert, Berwick on Tweed, NOL, bookbinder, IR/1/51/257 £20/00/00.
Davis, Charles, 17210306. To: Beddow, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/107 (McK 0644) £10/00/00. Parent: John dec
Davis, Jacob, 1720. To: Moore, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/--- (McK 5532) £05/00/00.
Davis, John, 1743. To: Hawkins, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/007 (McK 3799) £60/00/00. Parent: James
Davis, John, 1761. To: Edes, John, Dudley, WOR, engraver, IR/1/23/034 £05/05/00.
Davis, John, 1769. To: Godwin, John, Princes Street, Marylebone, LON, stationer, IR/1/26/115 £02/02/00.
Davis, Richard, 1716. To: Evans, Edward, LON, PD, IR/1/05/046 £02/03/00. Parent: John of Hank STA, glazier
Davis, Samuel, 1754. To: Cornish, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/008 (McK 2092) £15/15/00.
Davis, Thomas, 1795. To: Stevens, William, Rodmore, GLO, papermaker, IR/1/68/046 £.
Davis, William, 1767. To: Harper, Thomas, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, rolling press printer, IR/1/26/026 £05/00/00.
Dawson, Edward, 1763. To: Harrison, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/032 (McK 3731) £21/00/00.
Dawson, John, 1765. To: Ashburner, James, Kendall, WES, stationer, IR/1/56/013 £18/00/00.
Dawson, William, 1755. To: Evans, Thomas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/20/122 £15/00/00.
De Borke, Isaac, 17730810. To: De Borke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/218 £05/00/00.
Deanes, Hugh, 1720. To: Browne, William, Edinburgh, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/46/135 £18/01/01.3. Parent: John of N.Berwick [cf Mosman]
Deane, Samuel, 1713. To: Scott, George, Chester, CHE, papermaker, IR/1/43/082 £10/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Chester, yeoman
Dean, John, 17690516. To: Green, Valentine, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, metzotinto scraper, IR/1/26/059 £73/10/00.
Dean, Richard, 17641013. To: Burch, Edward, Saint Andrew Middlesexx, LON, engraver, IR/1/24/075 £50/00/00.
Dearden, Charles, 17720208. To: Crowther, Abraham, Southowram, YOR, cardmaker, IR/1/27/092 £11/15/00.
Debrett, John, 1766. To: Davis, Robert, Piccadilly, LON, bookseller, IR/1/24/224 £10/00/00.
Dekery, Thos Claver, 17250102. To: Birt, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/154 £20/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Dumsbury, GLO, clerk
Delafield, Thomas, 1738. To: Jones, Giles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/177 (McK 4616) £20/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Oxon, clerk
Delany, John, 1763. To: Byrne, William, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, copperplate printer, IR/1/23/201 £30/00/00.
Delgas, Lovis, 17130701. To: Tustian, Richard, LON, playing-card maker, IR/1/02/089 £16/02/06. Parent: David of Saint Clement Danes gent
Delisser, Eleazer, 17760623. To: Turnbull, Andrew, Saint Botolph Aldgate, LON, engraver, IR/1/29/024 £12/12/00.
Dell, Jonath Turner, 17580606. To: Dell, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/146 (McK 2441) £100/00/00.
Demonseau, James, 1745. To: Jefferies, Abraham, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/130 (McK 4493) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Spitalfields
Dench, Henry, 17541001. To: Reeves, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/001 (McK 6643) £21/00/00.
Denew, John, 17711105. To: Burchall, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/071 (McK 1348) £10/00/00.
Dennett, Thomas, 17711123. To: Junod, John, Saint Anne Soho, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/067 £42/00/00.
Dennis, Francis, 1758. To: Burnham, William, Chipping Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/21/127 £05/00/00. [cf Burnham, Ann]
Dent, Thomas, 17680101. To: Fothergill, William, Kirby Kendall, WES, cardmaker, IR/1/58/081 £26/05/00.
Dermer, Joseph, 1767. To: Fuller, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/052 (McK 3064) £105/00/00.
Dessy, William, 17230503. To: Cuel, John, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/09/053 £25/00/00. Parent: Henry of Ham SUR, glover
Deveulle, Jospeh, 1768. To: Newberry, Francis, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/153 (McK 5711) £100/00/00.
Dewdney, Daniel, 17730727. To: Warren, Bartholomew, Croydon, SUR, engraver, IR/1/27/221 £10/10/00.
Dewdney, Thomas, 17540425. To: Godfrey, John, Crediton, DEV, papermaker, IR/1/51/024 £05/00/00. Parent: John
Dewe, Richard, 17751107. To: Thompson, Alexander, Oxford, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/28/192 £20/00/00. [Oxford University]
Dewing, Thomas, 17121006. To: Wilde, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/166 (McK 8787) £05/00/00. Parent: Francis late cit & mason, dec
Dey, James, 17171021. To: Seaman, William, Oxnead, NOF, papermaker, IR/1/45/071 £05/00/00. Parent: of Swanton Abbot NOF [Oxenhead]
Dicey, Timothy, 1746. To: Richardson, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/001 (McK 6771) £52/10/00. Parent: William
Dickenson, Richard, 17170610. To: Greene, William, Chanton, LAN, engraver, IR/1/06/165 £05/00/00. Parent: Mary widow
Dickenson, Richard, 1772. To: Collins, John, Plymouth, DEV, printer, IR/1/58/093 £04/00/00.
Dickenson, Samuel, 1724. To: Jenour, Lancelot, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/086 (McK 4526) £10/00/00. Parent: Samuel dec
Dicker, James, 17610901. To: Murvell, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/017 (McK 5677) £105/00/00.
Dickie, William, 17730319. To: Kent, William, Saint George Bloomsbury, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/180 £10/10/00.
Dickins, John, 1720. To: Arnold, Ralph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/029 (McK 0152) £28/00/00. Parent: Daniel, cit & tallowchandler
Dilly, Charles, 17560601. To: Dilly, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/228 (McK 2475) £50/00/00.
Dilly, Edward, 1748. To: Oswald, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/159 (McK 5969) £40/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Dixon, Catherine, 1759. To: Smith, Marmaduke, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/023 (McK 7562) £63/00/00.
Dixon, John Sayer, 1772. To: Green, William, Bury Saint Edmunds, SUF, bookseller, IR/1/58/103 £44/00/00.
Dixon, Thomas, 1763. To: Slack, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, printer, IR/1/54/181 £08/00/00.
Dixwell, James, 1744. To: Moore, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/095 (McK 5533) £20/00/00.
Dobson, John, 1758. To: Nickson, Nicholas, York, YOR, printer, IR/1/53/087 £08/08/00.
Dobson, Robert, 17351104. To: Osborne, Thomas jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/068 (McK 5953) £157/10/00. Parent: Robert, Allhallows Martin LON
Dodd, James, 1743. To: Akenhead, Robert, Gateshead, DUR, stationer, IR/1/50/177 £15/00/00. Parent: Christian
Dod, Charles, 17700419. To: Evans, William, Saint Martin le Grand, LON, copperplate printer, IR/1/26/146 £03/00/00.
Domville, William, 1757. To: Fuller, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/040 (McK 3065) £40/00/00.
Dorman, Robert, 1742. To: Steare, Thomas, DER, papermaker, IR/1/50/165 £02/00/00.
Douglass, John, 17691205. To: Goodman, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/222 (McK 3323) £10/00/00.
Dovey, John, 17730528. To: Ranson, John, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/197 £10/10/00.
Dowfin, John, 1713. To: Bage, John, Ollerton, NOT, papermaker, IR/1/42/092 £02/10/00. Parent: Mary of Duffield DER
Downes, John Dawson, 1773. To: Beatniffe, Richard, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/58/207 £16/15/00.
Downes, Richard, 1725. To: Wyatt, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/010 (McK 9196) £49/00/00. Parent: John of Hanover Square
Downes, Samuel, 1759. To: Rowley, John, Chester, CHE, bookseller, IR/1/53/113 £50/00/00.
Dowthwaite, William, 1714. To: Mathews, Emanuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/039 (McK 5293) £26/17/06. Parent: Barnard late of Westminster
Drable, Enoch, 1763. To: Barber, Joseph, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, bookseller, IR/1/56/163 £10/00/00.
Drake, Nathaniel, 17110910. To: Wotton, Matthew, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/001 (McK 9134) £40/00/00. Parent: Nathaniel of Sheffield YOR
Draper, Robert, 17741024. To: Linden, James, Southampton, HAM, printer, IR/1/59/096 £20/00/00.
Draper, Thomas, 1719. To: Nutt, Elizabeth, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/027 (McK 5863) £15/00/00. Parent: Rowland cit & weaver
Drury, John, 17700817. To: Rose, John, Lincoln, LIN, printer, IR/1/57/163 £10/00/00. [cf Ross, John]
Du Cloux, Peter, 1731. To: Cook, Samuel, Christ Church, LON, engraver, IR/1/13/016 £08/00/00. Parent: John of Saint Giles in the Fields
Duckworth, John, 1767. To: Johnston, John, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, MU, IR/1/25/053 £06/06/00.
Duland, Mark, 1745. To: Darby, Charles, Colchester, ESS, stationer, IR/1/17/162 £30/00/00. Parent: of Harwich ESS
Dumartin, Anne, 1769. To: Ruscoe, William, Bethnal Green, LON, paper-stainer, IR/1/26/067 £04/00/00.
Dunbar, Alexander, 17630817. To: Lamborn, Pet Spendlove, Swaffam Prior, CAM, engraver, IR/1/55/023 £25/00/00.
Dunbar, William, 17390501. To: Winn, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/066 (McK 8948) £10/10/00. Parent: Robert
Dunbrough, Peter, 17410505. To: Browne, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/163 (McK 1195) £10/00/00. Parent: William
Duncan, James, 1753. To: Baxter, Daniel, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/261 £10/11/08.
Duncan, John, 1744. To: Mitchell, William, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/033 £05/11/01.3. Parent: John
Dundas, Ralph, 1742. To: Richardson, Archibald, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/50/155 £05/11/01.03.
Dunkley, James, 1769. To: Bush, Margaret, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/058 (McK 1402) £20/00/00.
Dunlop, George, 1753. To: Sands, Hugh, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/224 £06/01/00.
Dunlop, George, 17541012. To: Bogle, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/051 £08/00/00. [cf Boyle]
Dunning, Alexander, 1722. To: Davidson, James, Edinburgh, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/48/026 £31/10/00. Parent: Alexander of Abernethy
Dunn, Anne, 1746. To: Stephens, Joel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/209 (McK 7819) £21/00/00. Parent: Robert
Dunn, Thomas, 1757. To: Bond, Richard, Gloucester, GLO, bookseller, IR/1/53/157 £40/00/00.
Dunskaine, James, 1720. To: Brown, John, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/47/112 £05/11/01.3. Parent: William of Dunblaine
Dun, William, 1764. To: Tail, Peter, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/55/053 £07/01/00.
Durandeau, Philip, 1736. To: Picard, Peter, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/172 £10/00/00. Parent: Jacob of Westminster
Dutton, Thomas, 1732. To: Picard, Peter, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/13/097 £09/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Clerkenwell
Dyer, John, 17760406. To: Thorn, Barnabas, Exeter, DEV, printer, IR/1/29/030 £10/00/00.
Dyett, Samuel, 1764. To: Simmonds, Samuel, Blandford, DOR, bookbinder, IR/1/55/124 £04/00/00.
Dymock, William, 17750413. To: Broster, Peter, Chester, CHE, bookseller, IR/1/59/129 £50/00/00.
Dymond, Robert, 1713. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/213 (McK 1756) £32/05/00. Parent: Chas, Saint Buttolph Aldersgate, gunsmith
Dymott, Richard, 1747. To: Stichall, Benjamin, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/18/026 (McK 7877) £15/00/00. Parent: Walter [cf Michiell, Benjamin]

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