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18 January 2007

Apprentices C

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 2
The British book trades 1710-1777: an index of masters and apprentices. Apprentices: C
Each entry gives:
  • Apprentice's name
  • Date of apprenticeship, often in form: year, month, day
  • Master's name
  • Master's place of residence (see list of county abbreviations)
  • Main trade to which apprenticed
  • Volume and folio of Inland Revenue record group 1
  • Reference in D.F.McKenzie's Stationer's Company apprentices 1701 to 1800, where relevant
  • Premium in pounds, shillings and pence
  • Parentage, where stated
  • Other notes, normally additional trades, in [square brackets]
Cadell, Thomas, 1758. To: Millar, Andrew, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/132 (McK 5461) £105/00/00.
Cahuac, Francis, 1758. To: Fuller, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/166 (McK 3075) £40/00/00.
Calbreath, Robert, 1770. To: Charnley, William, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, stationer, IR/1/57/080 £20/00/00.
Calcott, John, 1743. To: Calcott, William, Banbury, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/50/198 £2/02/00. Parent: Richard
Caldecott, Thomas, 1765. To: Rolph, Barnaby, Birmingham, WAR, bookbinder, IR/1/24/118 £20/00/00.
Calder, Robert, 1759. To: Robb, James, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/53/126 £10/10/00.
Calmur, Henry, 17240302. To: Mayhew, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/147 (McK 5320) £6/00/00. Parent: Henry dec
Calow, John, 1714. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/077 (McK 1752) £40/00/00. Parent: William of Beaufort Buildings dec
Camm, Joseph, 1767. To: Billam, Thomas, Sheffield, YOR, engraver, IR/1/56/151 £8/00/00.
Campbell, Alexander, 17500807. To: Jaffrey, James, Stirling, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/114 £11/02/02.6. Parent: Daniel
Campbell, Colen, 1720. To: Gray, David, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/47/012 £16/13/04. Parent: Robert
Campbell, James, 1714. To: Bunce, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/074 (McK 1328) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Wapping, mariner
Campbell, Mungo, 1743. To: Mitchell, Alexander, Perth, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/50/240 £10/00/00. Parent: Mungo
Camplin, Mary, 17160424. To: Shirley, Thomas, Reading, BER, bookseller, IR/1/04/184 £3/04/06. Parent: William of Reading [& wife Lucy]
Camplin, Mary, 17160424. To: Shirley, Thomas, Reading, BER, bookseller, IR/1/04/184 £16/00/00. Parent: William of Reading, bargeman
Canter, John, 17210501. To: Hiller, William, Charlton, WIL, parchment maker, IR/1/47/087 £5/00/00.
Capell, Nathaniel, 17111001. To: Welchman, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/009 (McK 8627) £50/00/00. Parent: George of Lime Street, packer
Capon, Susanna, 1762. To: Bland, Margaret, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/055 (McK 0893) £80/00/00.
Caporn, Penelope, 1762. To: Saunders, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/097 (McK 7157) £52/10/00.
Carey, John, 1770. To: Lloyd, Joseph, Guns Mill, GLO, papermaker, IR/1/57/138 £8/00/00.
Carey, William, 1754. To: Vere, Anthony, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/19/177 £10/00/00.
Carlile, Alexander, 1730. To: Duncan, William, Glasgow, SCO, stationer, IR/1/49/239 £16/13/04. Parent: James
Carpenter, Edward, 17541001. To: Everingham, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/088 (McK 2759) £10/00/00.
Carpenter, John, 1767. To: Barrett, William, Alton, HAM, papermaker, IR/1/26/148 £2/14/00.
Carpenter, Peter, 1712. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/087 (McK 1753) £30/00/00. Parent: Daniel late of LON gent
Carpenter, Richard, 17690404. To: Banister, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/117 (McK 0403) £12/00/00.
Carrington, William, 1767. To: Manwaring, Robert, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/25/079 £130/00/00.
Carr, James, 17700812. To: Forrest, Sylvester, Leeds, YOR, engraver, IR/1/26/216 £20/00/00.
Carr, Joseph, 17120506. To: Crouch, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/102 £20/00/00. Parent: John of Whitechapel, weaver
Carter, John, 17630325. To: Hamerton, John, Lyng, NOF, papermaker, IR/1/24/014 £1/00/00.
Carter, John, 17720101. To: Mills, Thomas, Bath, SOM, bookbinder, IR/1/27/101 £21/00/00.
Carter, John, 17750325. To: Sotheran, Henry, York, YOR, bookseller, IR/1/59/170 £15/00/00.
Carter, Richard, 17720901. To: Carnegy, Theophilus John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/140 (McK 1488) £21/00/00.
Carter, Robert, 1766. To: Hamerton, John, Lyng, NOF, papermaker, IR/1/56/008 £1/00/00.
Carvosse, William, 1743. To: Bowtell, Benjamin, Saint Botolph Aldgate, LON, stationer, IR/1/16/220 £31/10/00. Parent: Thomas
Cary, Francis, 17720413. To: Taylor, James, Saint Pancras, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/107 £30/00/00.
Cary, John, 17700307. To: Palmer, William, New Street Square, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/126 £30/00/00.
Caslon, Thomas, 1742. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/181 (McK 1769) £84/00/00. Parent: William
Cass, Anne, 17460701. To: Saunders, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/213 (McK 7158) £40/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Cass, Daniel, 1763. To: Touken, Nicholas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/23/230 £26/05/00.
Cass, Daniel, 1766. To: Snow, Thomas, Warwick Lane, LON, engraver, IR/1/25/010 £5/05/00. [watch engraver]
Cass, Elizabeth, 17480202. To: Saunders, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/093 (McK 7159) £20/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Cass, William, 1770. To: Hookham, Thomas, LON, bookseller, IR/1/26/195 £20/00/00.
Catchpole, Robert, 17770214. To: Green, William, Bury Saint Edmunds, SUF, bookseller, IR/1/28/116 £30/00/00.
Cates, George, 17740802. To: Wynne, Peter, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/067 (McK 9205) £105/00/00.
Catherall, Bartholomew, 1736. To: Chapman, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/218 (McK 1607) £10/00/00. Parent: Abraham of Norwich
Cauckwell, Thomas, 17730405. To: Wills, Joseph, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/27/185 £30/00/00.
Cavalies, Peter, 1723. To: Badier, Frederick, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/09/106 £30/00/00. Parent: James of St Mary Savoy
Cavendish, Joseph, 17700701. To: Chalmers, James & Co, Aberdeen, SCO, printer, IR/1/26/208 £6/12/00.
Cawley, Thomas, 1760. To: Derbishire, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/093 (McK 2462) £30/00/00.
Chaffey, Abraham, 17760928. To: Allen Thomas, Frome Selwood, SOM, cardmaker, IR/1/29/054 £20/00/00.
Chaignea, Isaac, 1724. To: Bosquain, Peter, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/10/054 £15/00/00. Parent: Mary wid
Challes, Joseph, 17430530. To: Smith, William, Newbury, BER, papermaker, IR/1/17/005 £4/00/00. Parent: Jacob
Chalmers, James, 1753. To: Fleming, James, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, bookbinder & bookseller, IR/1/51/294 £30/00/00.
Chamberlain, John, 17760104. To: Eginton, John, Handsworth, STA, engraver, IR/1/28/202 £36/15/00.
Chambers, Charles, 1759. To: Ward, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/068 (McK 8531) £80/00/00.
Chambers, Ephraim, 1713. To: Senex, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/167 (McK 7301) £20/00/00. Parent: Richard of Westmorland
Chanvell, John, 1712. To: Martin, Abraham, Saint James Clerkenwell, LON, engraver, IR/1/02/043 £25/00/00. Parent: James of Saint James Clerkenwell
Chapman, George, 1757. To: Bond, Richard, Gloucester, GLO, printer, IR/1/53/035 £20/00/00.
Chapman, James, 1760. To: Stedman, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/128 (McK 7767) £10/00/00.
Chapman, John, 1720. To: Adams, Roger, Manchester, LAN, printer, IR/1/46/147 £20/00/00.
Chapman, John, 17640807. To: Hughes, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/058 (McK 4231) £50/00/00.
Chapman, Thomas, 1767. To: Hughes, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/101 (McK 4230) £30/00/00.
Chapman, William, 1718. To: Elliot, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/109 (McK 2663) £20/00/00. Parent: Roger of Stoney Stratford
Chapman, William, 1754. To: Bonner, William, Cambridge, CAM, bookseller, IR/1/52/006 £49/00/00.
Charker, Henry, 1773. To: Haskoll, William, Winchester, HAM, engraver, IR/1/58/173 £40/00/00.
Charron, John, 17180227. To: Fowester, Francis, Saint James Clerkenwell, LON, engraver, IR/1/06/040 £25/00/00. Parent: Paul of Saint James Westminster, apoth
Char, Peter, 17261010. To: Forseau, Abraham, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/11/161 £10/00/00. Parent: of Saint Martin in the Fields
Chase, Edward, 1744. To: Farley, Felix, Bath, SOM, printer, IR/1/17/089 £20/00/00.
Chessman, Francis, 17670601. To: Byrne, William, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, ENC, IR/1/25/084 £21/00/00.
Chesson, Thomas, 1767. To: Balch, Edward, West Ham, ESS, woodcutter, IR/1/25/079 £18/00/00.
Chettle, John, 17720302. To: Rivington, Charles jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/177 (McK 6849) £2/00/00.
Chevalier, Peter, 1714. To: Ferment, Philip, Saint Anne Blackfriars, LON, engraver, IR/1/03/128 £12/12/00. Parent: Gabriel, weaver
Chinnery, William, 17231105. To: Ford, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/138 (McK 2960) £5/00/00. Parent: William of St Botolph Bishopsgate, cordw
Chinn, John, 17520416. To: Hornblower, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/51/198 £10/00/00.
Chipp, Thomas, 17721201. To: Streeting, Nathaniel Hill, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/157 (McK 8041) £5/00/00.
Cholmondley, Philip, 17440903. To: Cooke, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/092 (McK 1982) £10/00/00. Parent: Philip
Choster, Granaldo, 1763. To: Yates, Edward, LON, playing-card maker, IR/1/23/151 £50/00/00.
Chrickley, Joseph, 17200801. To: Leake, Elizabeth, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/025 (McK 4928) £10/10/00. Parent: John cit & barber surgeon
Christy, Henry, 1721. To: Hyndshaw, John, Stirling, SCO, stationer, IR/1/47/122 £3/06/08. Parent: James dec
Church, Henry, 1764. To: Cotton, Charles, Saint Margaret Westminster, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/24/025 £20/00/00.
Clarke, Combes, 1748. To: Ridge, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/135 (McK 6828) £100/00/00. Parent: Combes
Clarke, James, 1721. To: Ward, Aaron, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/125 (McK 8506) £30/00/00. Parent: John
Clarke, John, 1713. To: Innys, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/142 (McK 4376) £43/00/00. Parent: John of Standingstone CUM gent
Clarke, John, 1717. To: Butler, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/009 (McK 1418) £30/00/00. Parent: John of Southam WAR dec
Clarke, John, 17720804. To: Foster, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/138 (McK 2973) £100/00/00.
Clarke, Joseph, 1768. To: Whittingham, William, Lynn, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/56/158 £30/00/00.
Clarke, Richard, 1716. To: Cope, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/200 (McK 2067) £15/00/00. Parent: Henry of Ipswich dec
Clarke, Samuel, 1726. To: Knapton, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/208 (McK 4773) £105/00/00. Parent: Samuel Doctor in Divinity
Clarke, Stephen, 17710610. To: Hopwood, James, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/27/023 £20/00/00.
Clarke, Thomas, 17431221. To: Carby, Joshua, Ludington, GLO, papermaker, IR/1/50/217 £6/06/00. Parent: Isabella
Clarke, Thomas, 1749. To: Simpson, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/222 (McK 7468) £10/10/00. Parent: Thomas
Clarke, Thomas, 1768. To: Woodyer, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/182 (McK 9126) £100/00/00.
Clarke, William, 1742. To: Hitch, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/172 (McK 3993) £150/00/00. Parent: John dec
Clarke, William Robert, 1715. To: Sadier, Frederick, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/04/121 £43/00/00. Parent: Robert of St Paul Covent Garden, mariner
Clarkson, William, 1756. To: Phene, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/005 (McK 6312) £50/00/00.
Clark, Cornelius, 1725. To: Wilde, Alice, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/029 (McK 8760) £10/00/00. Parent: Nicholas of Limington HAM
Clark, George, 17740406. To: Gottman, Daniel, Saint Dunstan, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/035 £5/05/00.
Clark, Henry, 1752. To: Styles, John Stackhouse, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/025 (McK 8057) £80/00/00. Parent: Henry
Clayton, Thomas, 17721109. To: Higginbotham, Henry, Macclesfield, CHE, engraver, IR/1/28/091 £6/00/00.
Clay, John, 1729. To: Smith, John, Daventry, NOH, stationer, IR/1/49/118 £50/00/00. Parent: William
Cleaver, Robert, 17740405. To: Franks, Matthew, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/041 £10/00/00.
Clea, Robert, 1724. To: Duportaile, James, Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/10/027 £4/00/00. [cf Deportall, Lewis]
Clegg, Thomas, 17730920. To: Bowen, William, Huddersfield, LAN, cardmaker, IR/1/28/025 £7/00/00.
Clement, John, 1763. To: Dyson, John, Saint Bride, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/23/226 £4/00/00.
Clement, William, 1725. To: Rivington, Charles sen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/162 (McK 6838) £105/00/00. Parent: Henry dec
Clisby, Thomas, 1746. To: Francis, Fleetwood, West Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/17/214 £5/00/00. Parent: James
Coales, William, 17720430. To: Donaldson, John, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookseller, IR/1/27/111 £30/00/00.
Coall, Wenlock, 17300325. To: Healis, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/49/140 £10/00/00. Parent: Elizabeth of Birmingham wid
Coates, Francis, 17760527. To: Slack, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, bookbinder, IR/1/60/001 £5/00/00.
Cobb, George, 1720. To: Brooks, John, Haughton, NOT, papermaker, IR/1/46/161 £5/05/00.
Cocksedge, Thomas, 1724. To: Northcott, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/020 (McK 5836) £126/00/00. Parent: Matthew dec
Coggan, Francis, 1719. To: Gosling, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/015 (McK 3331) £50/00/00. Parent: Francis dec
Coghlan, James, 1746. To: Cope, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/227 (McK 2064) £15/00/00. Parent: James [St Jas Westminster, bookbinder]
Coleman, John, 1766. To: Franks, Matthew, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/24/224 £15/00/00.
Coleman, William, 1714. To: Holland, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/069 (McK 4092) £15/00/00.
Coles, Charles, 1752. To: Mayo, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/049 (McK 5335) £80/00/00. Parent: John
Coles, John, 17750627. To: Wise, John, Southampton, HAM, stationer, IR/1/59/151 £30/00/00.
Coles, Joseph, 17751107. To: Berry, Cornelius, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/180 (McK 0769) £80/00/00.
Cole, George, 1735. To: Cole, James, Hatton Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/129 (McK 4328) £20/00/00. [son app to Samuel Idle cit. & stationer]
Cole, George, 1735. To: Idle, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/129 (McK 4328) £20/00/00. Parent: James of Hatton Garden EN
Cole, Henry, 1716. To: Pemberton, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/170 (McK 6266) £50/00/00. Parent: Henry cit & glazier
Cole, John, 17761003. To: Parker, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/29/030 (McK 6106) £21/00/00. [Thomas II error for 1775]
Cole, Richard, 1724. To: Cole, Richard, Winchester, HAM, parchment maker, IR/1/10/023 (McK 7127) £21/00/00. [son app John Sackfield, cit. & stationer]
Cole, Richard, 1724. To: Sackfield, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/023 (McK 7127) £21/00/00. Parent: Richard of Winchester, parchment maker
Cole, Thomas, 1717. To: Cuel, John, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/06/020 £37/12/06. Parent: Henry cit & glazier
Collier, Richard, 1763. To: Baxter, Galpine, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/009 (McK 0619) £80/00/00.
Collingwood, Samuel, 17761026. To: Fisher, Thomas, Rochester, KEN, stationer, IR/1/29/049 £8/00/00.
Collins, Benjamin Chas, 17751031. To: Collins, Benjamin, Salisbury, WIL, printer, IR/1/60/012 £0/05/00.
Collins, Daniel, 1729. To: Harbin, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/002 (McK 3641) £20/00/00. Parent: John of Old Bailey, LON
Collins, John, 1748. To: Quelch, William, Dartford, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/18/123 £8/08/00. Parent: Anne
Collins, Nicholas, 17360302. To: Catmur, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/129 (McK 1559) £5/00/00. Parent: Cornelius of Ireland
Collins, Peter, 1769. To: Lee, Robert, Manchester, LAN, bookbinder, IR/1/26/089 £5/00/00.
Collins, Thomas, 17730406. To: Norbury, Philip, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/190 (McK 5780) £30/00/00.
Collins, William, 1770. To: Faden, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/180 (McK 2786) £25/00/00.
Collman, John, 1753. To: Fuller, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/143 (McK 3061) £9/00/00.
Collon, Lewis, 17170213. To: Andrevin, Paul, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/05/088 £12/00/00.
Collyer, Frederick, 1755. To: Palmer, John, Plymouth, DEV, bookbinder, IR/1/20/105 £20/00/00.
Colmer, William, 17750615. To: Mills, Thomas, Bristol, GLO, stationer, IR/1/28/151 £45/00/00.
Colson, Michael, 1710. To: Colson, William, Winchester, Saint Michael, HAM, stationer, IR/1/41/033 £40/00/00. Parent: Michael of Winchester, vintner
Colthorp, David, 1720. To: Negus, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/106 (McK 5705) £5/00/00. Parent: Martin of Norwich, weaver
Colvill, Robert, 1750. To: Robb, James, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/010 £7/07/00.
Colwell, James, 1761. To: Colvill, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/54/097 £5/00/00.
Coman, George, 17740730. To: Bromley, John, Nantwich, CHE, bookseller, IR/1/28/080 £42/00/00.
Combers, Thomas, 1767. To: Bowen, James, Saint Mary Stratford, ESS, woodcutter, IR/1/25/042 £6/00/00.
Combes, Charles, 1715. To: Hebblewhite, Stephen, Oxford, OXF, bookseller, IR/1/04/097 £30/00/00. Parent: Henry of Oxford Univ, gent dec
Combes, Thomas, 1713. To: Knapton, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/150 (McK 4774) £60/00/00. Parent: Henry late of Oxford, gent dec
Combe, Thomas, 17721217. To: Cockram, James, Walbrook, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/161 £42/00/00. [engraver for calico printing]
Comb, Thomas, 1755. To: Paddon, John, Liberty of the Rolls, LON, stationer, IR/1/20/087 £49/19/00.
Conbill, Samuel, 1760. To: Gamidge, Samuel, Saint Michael Bedwardin, WOR, bookbinder, IR/1/54/040 £4/00/00.
Conder, Samuel, 17710604. To: Simmons, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/025 (McK 7406) £80/00/00.
Conder, Thomas, 1765. To: Berry, Cornelius, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/149 (McK 0770) £60/00/00.
Coney, John, 1731. To: Walthoe, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/165 (McK 8497) £100/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Chedzoy SOM
Connely, John, 17250429. To: Fox, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/180 £10/00/00. Parent: Luke dec [cit & bookbinder]
Conqueror, David, 1721. To: Mosman, Hugh, Edinburgh, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/47/089 £5/00/00. Parent: Robert of Perth, mercer
Constable, Daniel, 17700807. To: Harrison, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/182 (McK 3730) £21/00/00.
Cooke, Charles, 17750404. To: Cock, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/126 (McK 1981) £40/00/00.
Cooke, Daniel, 1732. To: Manessier, Elisha, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/13/071 £12/00/00. Parent: Younger of Saint Martin in the Fields
Cooke, Francis, 17700703. To: Cooke, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/180 (McK 2008) £10/00/00.
Cooke, John, 1712. To: Cooke, John, Sherborne, DOR, bookseller, IR/1/42/081 £10/00/00. Parent: Sarah of Milborne DOR, widow
Cooke, John, 1722. To: Sedgley, Thomas, Oxford, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/09/152 £10/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Oxon, PR
Cooke, Thomas, 1722. To: Cooke, Thomas, Oxford, OXF, printer, IR/1/09/152 £10/00/00. [son app Tho Sedgley, Oxon BB]
Cooke, Thomas, 1763. To: Goodsman, David, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/24/003 £10/00/00.
Cooke, Thomas, 1769. To: Parker, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/075 (McK 6127) £15/00/00. [Thomas III]
Cooke, William, 1712. To: Buchanan, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/118 (McK 1304) £30/00/00. Parent: Edmund late of Waltham Abbey, gent
Cooke, William, 1754. To: Ward, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/206 (McK 8521) £105/00/00.
Cookson, Grabham, 17421207. To: Norris, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/193 (McK 5797) £15/00/00. Parent: Bryan
Cookson, John, 1737. To: Bourne, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/036 (McK 0966) £21/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Manchester
Cook, Edmund, 1747. To: Simpson, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/077 (McK 7469) £10/10/00. Parent: Thomas
Cook, George, 17720602. To: Taylor, Robert, Berwick on Tweed, NOL, printer, IR/1/27/133 £20/00/00.
Cook, John, 17740727. To: Andrews, William, Chichester, SUS, printer, IR/1/59/018 £15/00/00.
Cook, Joshua, 1767. To: Prince, Daniel, Oxford, OXF, bookseller, IR/1/25/123 £50/00/00.
Cook, Thomas, 17430818. To: Lavell, Thomas, Bray Mill, BER, papermaker, IR/1/17/015 £5/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Cooling, Robert, 17191102. To: James, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/060 (McK 4436) £15/00/00. Parent: Robert dec
Coombes, Anne, 1758. To: Orpin, Anne, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/21/187 £21/00/00.
Cooper, Edward, 1714. To: Mathews, Emanuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/038 (McK 5292) £12/00/00. Parent: Edward of Dover yeoman
Cooper, James, 17760406. To: Junod, James, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/221 £15/00/00.
Cooper, John, 1742. To: Raven, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/213 (McK 6529) £30/00/00. Parent: Gabriel of Holborn
Cooper, Joseph, 17521204. To: Rivington, Charles jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/167 (McK 6850) £21/00/00.
Cooper, Richard, 1717. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/021 (McK 1779) £30/00/00. Parent: William cit & bricklayer
Cooper, Timothy, 17720102. To: Smart, George, Wolverhampton, STA, bookseller, IR/1/59/012 £12/00/00.
Cooper, William, 1737. To: Harper, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/047 (McK 3667) £5/00/00. Parent: Gabriel of Newgate
Cooper, William, 1768. To: Ridley, Matthew, Canterbury, KEN, engraver, IR/1/25/189 £30/00/00. [sadler & EN]
Cope John, 1715. To: Cope, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/024 (McK 3824) £15/00/00. [son app to Joseph Hazard C&S]
Cope, John, 1715. To: Hazard, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/024 (McK 3824) £15/00/00. Parent: Thomas C&S
Corbett, Moyers, 17520703. To: Parkes, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/097 (McK 6107) £21/00/00. Parent: Charles [Thomas Parker II]
Corbett, Richard, 1770. To: Smith, Thomas, Wolverhampton, STA, stationer, IR/1/26/164 £10/10/00.
Corbin, Leonard, 1713. To: Walthoe, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/094 (McK 8485) £5/00/00.
Cordingly, William, 1746. To: Whitworth, Robert, Manchester, LAN, printer, IR/1/17/198 £30/00/00. Parent: Sarah
Corney, Jonathan, 1770. To: Halfhide, James, Merton, SUR, engraver, IR/1/26/190 £31/10/00.
Cornish, William, 1758. To: Fenner, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/145 (McK 2853) £100/00/00.
Corrie, Joseph, 1768. To: McLauchlan, Allan, Dumfries, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/56/209 £1/00/00.
Cosa, John, 17660304. To: Ryland, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/157 (McK 7073) £10/10/00.
Cosens, Nathaniel, 17731005. To: Lawrence, Henry, Bristol, GLO, engraver, IR/1/59/100 £21/00/00.
Cossley, William, 1717. To: Gravett, Richard, Bristol, GLO, bookseller, IR/1/45/081 £107/10/00. Parent: Richard Esq
Cotes, Humphrey, 1767. To: Jefferys, Thomas, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/054 £50/00/00.
Cother, James, 1768. To: Suttor, John, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/25/174 £20/00/00.
Cotterell, Thomas, 17400401. To: March, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/160 (McK 5163) £5/00/00. Parent: William
Cotton, Benjamin, 17170108. To: Bourne, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/071 (McK 0967) £10/00/00. Parent: Benjamin cit & waever
Cotton, Henry, 17290730. To: Davis, Benjamin, Overbury, WOR, papermaker, IR/1/49/086 £7/00/00. Parent: of Ashton GLO
Cotton, John, 1731. To: Gittins, Thomas, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/49/249 £40/00/00. Parent: John
Cotton, John, 17730219. To: Williams, William, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/58/134 £52/10/00.
Cottrell, Hugh, 17520602. To: Faden, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/003 (McK 2789) £10/00/00. [cf MacFaden, William]
Coudery, William, 1764. To: Monk, John, Chester, CHE, printer, IR/1/55/081 £10/00/00.
Cousin, Peter, 1718. To: Filles, Jacob, Saint Mary le Savoy, LON, engraver, IR/1/06/112 £10/00/00. Parent: Peter of Saint Ann Westminster
Cowburgh, William, 1751. To: Smith, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/54/057 £8/00/00.
Cowburn, Thomas, 1760. To: Sadler, John, Liverpool, LAN, printer, IR/1/54/073 £20/00/00.
Cowdall, Edward, 1766. To: Otridge, William, Saint Marylebone, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/25/041 £20/00/00.
Cowley, Robert, 17600603. To: Brown, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/200 (McK 1243) £10/00/00.
Cowper, Richard, 17721201. To: Tempest, Pierce, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/ / (McK 8144) £94/10/00.
Cowslade, Thomas, 1770. To: Carnan, John, Reading, BER, stationer, IR/1/57/109 (McK 1478) £50/00/00.
Cox, Henry, 17731102. To: Cooke, Ayres, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/133 (McK 1977) £20/00/00.
Cox, Henry Shute, 1736. To: Rivington, Charles sen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/146 (McK 6839) £105/00/00. Parent: Samuel dec
Cox, James, 1712. To: Sare, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/168 (McK 7147) £40/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Bloomsbury, doctor dec
Cox, John, 1717. To: Cope, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/165 (McK 2068) £10/00/00. Parent: Thos of Colledge Street Work Yard
Cox, John, 17440217. To: Herbert William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/047 (McK 3913) £300/00/00. Parent: Hannah of Eltham KEN
Cox, John, 17710831. To: Lane, George, Chipping Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/27/046 £10/00/00.
Cox, Thomas, 1718. To: Mayhew, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/167 (McK 5321) £5/00/00. Parent: Henry
Cox, Thomas, 1767. To: Forster, Thomas, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/25/083 £10/00/00.
Cox, Thomas, 17741101. To: Norbury, Philip, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/089 (McK 5781) £5/00/00.
Coyde, Thomas, 1759. To: Layton, Andrew, LON, PD, IR/1/22/021 £100/00/00. [cit & maker of playing cards]
Crabtree, John, 1716. To: Crabtree, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/189 (McK 5344) £6/00/00. [son John app Daniel Mead C&S]
Crabtree, John, 1716. To: Mead, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/189 (McK 5344) £6/00/00. Parent: Samuel C&S
Cracroft, Charles, 17700716. To: Hawkes, Jeremiah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/165 £200/00/00.
Craddock, Ebenezer, 1760. To: Millon, William, Bristol, GLO, engraver, IR/1/54/052 £20/00/00.
Crafurd, William, 1755. To: Richardson, Archibald, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/120 £11/02/02.6.
Craig, Thomas, 1765. To: Colvill, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/55/172 £4/00/00.
Crakelt, Edward, 17750605. To: Ashburner, John, Kendall, WES, stationer, IR/1/59/104 £5/10/00.
Crampton, Robert, 17701002. To: Marsh, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/187 (McK 5224) £100/00/00.
Crandall, William, 17720713. To: Carpenter, Aaron, Saint Margaret Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/133 £10/10/00.
Craythorne, Joseph, 1760. To: Fuller, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/142 (McK 3076) £40/00/00.
Creed, William, 17730406. To: Ellis, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/190 (McK 2676) £50/00/00. [named as John Ellis in error]
Cressar, Edward, 1717. To: Mott, Anne, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/179 (McK 5617) £10/15/00. Parent: George late cit & plumber dec
Cresswell, Samuel, 1741. To: Murray, John, Nottingham, NOT, stationer, IR/1/50/006 £15/00/00. Parent: Samuel
Crichett, Richard, 1769. To: Flexney, William, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, bookseller, IR/1/26/012 £100/00/00.
Cripps, James, 1731. To: Quelch, William, Wrotham, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/13/025 £5/00/00. Parent: Mary
Crispe, Edward, 1743. To: Chase, William, Norwich, NOF, stationer, IR/1/50/157 £10/00/00.
Crisp, John, 1760. To: Faden, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/108 (McK 2790) £10/10/00.
Crochatt, James, 17151205. To: Walthoe, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/126 (McK 8486) £40/00/00. Parent: Gilbert, clerk dec
Crocket, Martin, 1758. To: Walsby, Edward, Norwich, NOF, bookbinder, IR/1/53/115 £10/00/00.
Crockford, Richard, 17180504. To: Howlett, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/205 (McK 4183) £20/00/00. Parent: Richard of Oxford
Crofts, Henry, 1715. To: Bickerton, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/076 (McK 0820) £25/00/00. Parent: Henry, cit & merchant taylor dec
Croft, Henry, 1760. To: Edwards, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/099 (McK 2651) £50/00/00.
Croft, William, 17480301. To: Baldwin, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/101 (McK 0378) £21/00/00. Parent: William
Croll, Charles, 1754. To: Stark, James, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/047 £1/00/00.
Crompton, Anne, 1714. To: Beresford, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/044 (McK none) £5/07/06. Parent: George, cit. & upholder
Crompton, William, 17720914. To: Rendall, Joseph, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, PT, IR/1/27/145 £20/00/00.
Croskill, Augustine, 1769. To: Orpin, Anne, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/102 £20/00/00.
Crossdell, John, 17761001. To: Richardson, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/29/040 (McK 6794) £42/00/00.
Cross, Charles, 1752. To: Richards, Stephen, Oxford, OXF, printer, IR/1/51/238 £15/00/00.
Cross, John Hawker, 17750207. To: Phene, Nicholas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/114 (McK 6306) £50/00/00.
Cross, Richard, 1758. To: Durston, Thomas, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/53/081 £50/00/00.
Crowder, John, 17710722. To: Hyatt, Bartholomew, Bedford, BED, bookseller, IR/1/27/048 £21/00/00.
Crowder, Stanley, 17421102. To: Hodges, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/157 (McK 4021) £52/10/00. Parent: John
Crownfield, John, 1719. To: Knapton, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/108 (McK 4775) £60/00/00. Parent: Cornelius of Cambridge painter
Crown, Joseph, 17570512. To: Hornblower, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/53/042 £21/00/00.
Croxton, John, 1766. To: Jones, John, Whitchurch, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/56/026 £40/00/00.
Crump, George, 17650415. To: Eddows, Joshua, Shrewsbury, SHR, stationer, IR/1/55/131 £15/00/00.
Cruse, John, 1752. To: Chase, William, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/51/153 £40/00/00. Parent: William
Crush, Thomas, 1767. To: Gent, Daniel, Saint Mary le Strand, LON, copperplate printer, IR/1/25/091 £21/00/00.
Cuan, Lewis, 1720. To: Sadier, Henry, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/08/201 £10/00/00. Parent: Peter of Saint Anne Westminster
Cubbin, John, 1771. To: McLauchlan, Allan, Dumfries, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/57/216 £1/00/00. [also ST]
Curd, William, 1749. To: Terry, John, Dartford, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/18/228 £10/00/00. Parent: John
Curling, Josiah, 17720804. To: Smith, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/133 (McK 7585) £100/00/00.
Curry, Michael, 1744. To: White, John, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, printer, IR/1/50/270 £15/00/00. [also ST]
Curtis, Charles, 1755. To: Owen, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/097 (McK 5989) £21/00/00.
Curtis, John, 1749. To: Davis, Lockyer, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/215 (McK 2411) £105/00/00. Parent: John
Curtis, John, 17751121. To: Goodsman, David, Strand, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/28/187 £63/00/00.
Curtis, Richard, 1716. To: Golding, John, Kingsclere, HAM, parchment maker, IR/1/05/082 £5/00/00. [Curtis alias Knight]
Curtis, Richard, 1716. To: Golding, John, Kingsclere, HAM, parchment maker, IR/1/05/082 £5/00/00. [Curtis alias Knight]
Curtis, Stephen, 1723. To: Keeble, William, Otham, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/09/161 £1/00/00.
Cuthburtson, John, 17610901. To: Champneys, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/016 (McK 1587) £21/00/00.
Cutler, Abraham, 17571101. To: Cornish, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/103 (McK 2091) £16/00/00.

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