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22 December 2006

Devon 1785-1786

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1785-1786

1785. [...] most [...] humane [...ADD]RESS to the convicts on pronouncing sentence of death, at the castle of Exeter. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, at the Conduit , [1785?]. - 1/2°. - Damaged. - *D&EI.

1785. BAKER, William. William Baker, grocer, mercer, linen and woollen-draper, haberdasher, and ironmonger, Newton-Abbot, sells at the lowest prices, wholesale and retail, the following goods, viz. ... - Newton Abbot : Printed by J.Weatherdon , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1°. - DRO 9972/Z48.

1785. The BUSY fellows in the suds. A new song. Tune - Vicar and Mosey. - [Plymouth Dock?] : [Sutton?] , 1785. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Half-sheet of verse attacking the Dock Commissioners. Printed on same sheet as: The town in a hurry. - *WSL.

1785. CARWITHEN, William. The seasons of life. A poem. In four parts. By the Rev. William Carwithen, A.B. - Exeter : Printed for the author by R.Trewman; sold also by G. and T.Wilkie, St. Paul's Church-yard, London; R.Crutwell, Bath; M.Haydon and Son, Plymouth; F.Murch, Barnstaple; and all other booksellers in town and country , 1785. - viii,148p ; 8°. - List of subscribers. - *WSL; Plymouth Public Library L3525; DUL 9740.

1785. CHAPPLE, William. A review of part of Risdon's survey of Devon; containing the general description of that county; with corrections, annotations, and additions. By the late William Chapple of Exeter. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Thorn in Fore-Street. Sold also by T.Davies in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden, and W.Shropshire, in New-Bond-Street, London; J.Fletcher, Oxford; and Messrs. Merrill, Cambridge. - [2],iv,vii,[1],1-116,125-144,169-184. - Pages 169-184 never published, present in J.Davidson's copy only in *WSL. Dredge p.33; Davidson p.5; ESTC t069294; Plymouth Public Library L233; D&EI p.108; DUL 10500.

1785. DAVY, William. A system of divinity, in a course of sermons, on the being, nature and attributes of God; on some of the most important articles of the Christian religion, in connection; and on the several virtues and vices of mankind. In six volumes. By the Rev. William Davy, ... - Exeter : Printed for the author by R.Trewman; sold also by G. and T.Wilkie, London , 1785-86. 6 vol ; 12°. - Errata leaves at end of each volume. - *ESTC t101147

1785. A DIALOGUE about the hairy man, which passed last Saturday, between Goody Goosecap, Gaffer Clodpoll, and farmer Slyfox, at Ide, near Exeter. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Half sheet of dialect text in two columns. - Lower half of sheet, probably containing imprint, missing. - *DRO 9972/Z20.

1785. A FULL and particular account of a most barabrous inhuman wilful murder, committed on the body of Mary Barker, aged 16, servant to farmer Arnold, in the parish of Little Torrington. - Totnes : Printed by B.Salmon, by whom books are neatly bound , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°.

1785. A FULL, true, and particular account of a barbarous and inhuman murder. Committed by Charles Jenkins on the body of his wife. - Exeter : Printed by Elizabeth Brice, near West-Gate , [1785]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Dated at top: Gloucester, May 23, 1785. - *Private collection.

1785. A FULL true and particular account of the most cruel barbarous and inhumane murders that were committed on the bodies of John Breeze, gunner, in the Royal Artillery, and Catherine Breeze his wife, at the Obelisk Battery near Frank's Quarry, opposite Plymouth-Dock, on Wednesday morning last, the 7th. of December, 1785, by Thomas Russell. - [Exeter] : [Thomas Brice?] , [1785]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Lower right corner missing. - *DRO 9972/Z41.

1785. HAWKER, Robert. Ministers of God to approve themselves in all things. A sermon, preached in the parish church of St. Andrew, Plymouth, at the visitation of the Right Reverend the Bishop of the diocese, on Saturday, August 6, 1785, by Robert Hawker, vicar of Charles, Plymouth. - Plymouth : Printed and sold by M.Haydon and Son; sold also by B.Law, London , [1785]. - 31,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL; Dredge p.116; ESTC t004511.

1785. HOLMES, William. A translation of a charter, granted to the inhabitants of the city of Exeter, by King Charles the first: likewise some abstracts and quotations from charters and grants to the city of London, which serve as explanations to that part of the charter, which directs that the election of the common-council for the city of Exeter shall be according to the custom used for the election of aldermen for the city of london. By a citizen of Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [Thomas Brice?] , 1785. - xii,78p ; 4°. - *WSL; Dredge p.52 (Brushfield), 73 (A.Wallis); Davidson p.27; Plymouth Athenaeum p.45; ESTC 110832; Plymouth Public Library L2007; D&EI app. p.29; DUL 24940,35950.

1785. IVAR. A tragedy. - Exeter : Printed by E.Grigg, and sold by G.Kearsley; P.Elmsley; G.Wilkie, London; and W.Grigg, Exeter , 1785. - [2],62p ; 8°. - Verse. - *ESTC t130332.

1785. IZACKE, Richard. Rights and priviledges of the freemen of Exeter: being an account of all legacies left to the poor of the said city, from the year 1164 to 1674 inclusive; containing an alphabetical list of all the persons names by whom such legacies were left; also the sums left by each of them; and the uses to which they were ordered to be applied by the donors, being in the whole 132. First printed in the year 1736, by Samuel Isacke, Gent., from the manuscript of his grandfather, Richard Isacke, Esq., clerk of the peace for the city and county of Exeter; interspersed with proper remarks detecting the misapplication of some of the said charities: to which is now added a copious index, pointing at the situation of the lands, the amount of monies, annuities, &c. given to each charity respectively, arranged chronologically. - Exeter : Reprinted by T.Brice, at the Conduit , 1785. - iv,80p ; 4°. - *Dredge, p.33 (D&EI) ,108 (Brushfield); Davidson p.25; WSL; ESTC 110831; D&EI app. p.40; DUL 38310.

1785. The LAMENTIN[G shepherd (?)]. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Fragment of slip song, first line: Early one morning j[ust ...]. - Crude woodcut of standing woman and man at head. - *WSL.

1785. MARTIN, Matthew. The Aurelian's vade mecum, containing an English alphabetical, and Linnaean systematical catalogue of plants, affording nourishment to butterflies, hawk-moths, and moths, in the state of caterpillar. With the Linnaean, and some of the best approved English names of the insects. Collected from various authorities, by Matthew Martin, member of the Bath Philosophical Society. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman; Messrs. B.White and Son; J.Robson; Leigh and Sotheby, London; and S.Hazard, Bath , 1785. - xii,[36]p ; 12°. - *Dredge, p.73 (S.Drayton & Son); ESTC t022754.

1785. MR. BILLY'S taxes, or the downfal of the nation. A new song and a true song. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Verse in two columns, first line: Good people of England - Refers to marriage tax and shop tax. - *DRO 9972/Z15.

1785. The SPEECH of Prince John, son to King Crispin, on his late promotion. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1785?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - *WSL.

1785. SPRY, Edward. A masonic ode, prayer and grace, consecrated to the firmly and friendly united brotherhood of free-masons (thro'out the world). By Doctor Spry, Knight Templar, and of the Eastern Star, &c. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1785. - plymouth Athenaeum p.70.

1785. TO the inhabitants of the city of Exeter. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1785?]. - 1 sheet : 1/2°. - Defence of electoral candidtes' characters, signed: Monitor. - *ESTC t001351.

1785. The TOWN in a hurry; or, the Dock dance. A new ballad. Junius Gingle. - [Plymouth Dock?] : [Sutton?] , 1785. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Verse dated: Dock, August the 11th, 1785. - Printed on same sheet as: The busy fellows in the suds. - *WSL.

1785. VIVIAN, Thomas. The book of the revelation of Saint John the divine explained in an historical view of the past and present state of the christian world compared with the prophetick visions. By Thomas Vivian, vicar of Cornwood, Devon. - Plymouth : Printed and sold by M.Haydon and Son, sold also by C.Dilly in the Poultry, and B.Law, booksellers Ave-Mary-Lane, London, and Hazard, bookseller, in Bath, and R.Trewman, printer and bookseller, Exeter , 1785. - [5],8-21,[1],213,[1]p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.36 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); WSL; Plymouth Public Library L3323,3508; ESTC t119700.

1785. WESTON, Stephen. An attempt to translate and explain the difficult passages in the Song of Deborah, with the assistance of Kennicott's collations, Rossi's versions, and critical conjecture. By the Rev. Stephen Weston, B.D. rector of Mamhead, and Hempston-Parva. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Payne and Son, Faulder, Edwards [London], and Thorn [Exeter] , [1785]. - 4°. - Cf 1788. - *Dredge p.73 (Bodleian).

1785. WESTON, Stephen. A sermon on Isaiah. xiv. 18, 19, 20; in which it has been endeavoured to preserve the genuine sense and original meaning of the prophet, in an exact and literal translation. By the Revd. Stephen Weston. - Totnes : Printed , 1785. - 4°. - *Dredge p.118 (R.W.Cotton).

1785. WESTON, Samuel. A sermon preached at the visitation of the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter, held at Barnstaple, July 25th 1785, and published by His Lordship's command. By Samuel Weston, B.D., rector of Marwood and chaplain to the Right Hon. Lady Willoughby of Eresby. - Exeter ; London : [s.n.] , [1785]. - Plymouth Athenaeum p.94.

1785. WHIRLIGIG, Christopher. The poetical flights of Christopher Whirligig Esq. cornet of horse. - Exeter : Printed (and sold) for the author, by R.Trewman; sold also by G. and T.Wilkie, London; Hazard and Cruttwell, Bath; M.Haydon and Son, Plymouth , [1785?]. - [4],27,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t042723 (1780?)

1785. WILKINSON, Edward Thomas. Copy of a letter lately wrote to Lord Cornwallis, which I wish may prove of public utility.- [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1785]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Statement of his religious conversion, dated at end: Exeter, October 12, 1785. - *ESTC t001356.

1786. An ACCOUNT of the particulars of the untimely death of Richard Wrench, who is thought to have been murdered, by persons unknown. Who was found dead in a sand pit, on Tuesday morning last, near Hevitree, Nov. 14 1786. - Exeter : Printed by Elizabeth Brice near Westgate , [1786]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *DRO 9972/Z34.

1786. ACLAND, John. A plan for rendering the poor independent on [sic] public contribution; founded on the basis of the friendly societies, commonly called clubs. By the Rev. John Acland. To which is added, a letter from Dr. Price, containing his sentiments and calculations on the subject. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Thorn. Sold also by Messrs. Rivington, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and T.Cadell, in the Strand, London; and by all other booksellers , 1786. - [2],vi,59,[3]p ; 8°. - *WSL; Davidson supp. p.16n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.80; ESTC t086832.

1786. BIDLAKE, John. Sunday schools recommended. A sermon, preached at the chapel in Stonehouse, near Plymouth, in the county of Devon, on Sunday the twenty-second of October 1786, before the subscribers to a sunday school, lately established in that place, by John Bidlake, A.M. master of the grammar school, Plymouth. Price one shilling. The profits arising from the sale of this sermon, will be applied to the fund of the above charity. - Plymouth : Printed and sold by M.Haydon and Son; sold also by P.F.Maurice, Plymouth-Dock; R.Trewman, Exeter; and B.Law, Ave-mary-lane, London , 1786. - [4],23,[1]p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.116 (T.N.Brushfield); Plymouth Athenaeum p.105; ESTC t080371; Plymouth Public Library L455; DUL 4600.

1786. BRETLAND, Joseph. A sermon preached before an assembly of Protestant dissenting ministers, in Exeter, May 10th, 1786. By Joseph Bretland, ... - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, and sold by him and the author , [1786?]. - [2],36p ; 8°. - *ESTC t027074.

1786. BROWNE, John. Poetical translations from various authors. By Master John Browne, of Crewkerne, Somerset. Published by the Rev. Robert Ashe, curate of Crewkerne, and master of the free grammar school, for the benefit of his pupil. - London : Printed by J.Nichols, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, and sold by Mess. Collins and Johnson, Salisbury; Mr. Prince, Oxford; Mr. Burdon, Winchester; Mr. Meyler, Bath; Mr. Baker, Southampton; Mess. Browne, Bristol; Mr. Evill, Wells; Mr. Willis, Newbury; Mr. Goadby, Sherborne; Mr. Cruttwell, ditto; Mr. Thorne and Mr. Woolmer, Exeter; Mr. Margrie, Bridport; Mr. Trayte, Lyme; Mr. Oliver, Beaminster; Mr. Toulmin, Taunton; Mr. King, Yeovil; Mess. Gould and Thorne, Dorchester; Mr. Simmonds, Blandford; and by the printer of the Reading Mercury , 1786. - xxiii,[1],81,[1]p ; 4°. - List of subscribers. - *WSL; ESTC t042741.

1786. CONFESSION and dying behaviour of Daniel Rendall Haynes, executed at Heavitree Gallows, Friday, August 25, 1786. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice,at the Conduit , [1786]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *DRO 9972/Z30.

1786. CONFESSION and dying behaviour of Tho. Russell, hung at Heavitree gallows, Monday, March 27, 1786, for murder of John & Catherine Breese. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, at the Conduit , [1786]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - *DRO 9972/Z40; D&EI; Burnet Morris (W.H.Stone collection).

1786. DULAURE, Jacques Antoine. Pogonologia, or a philospohical and historical essay on beards. Translated from the French. ... - Exeter : Printed by R.Thorn, and sold by T.Cadell, in the Strand, London , 1786. - viii,143,[1]p ; 12°. - Translator: Edward Drewe. - *Dredge p.108 (A.Wallis); NUC ND0417383; ESTC t042757.

1768. DYING words and behaviour of William Brooks and James Kerslake, executed at Heavitree gallows, Friday, April 7, 1786. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, at the Conduit, [1786]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *DRO 9972/Z32.

1786. EXETER. Archdeacon. Instructions to the church-wardens and sides-men, for the due and safe execution of their office, delivered at the visitation of the Archdeacon of Exeter.- Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, at the Conduit , 1786. - 8p ; 4°. - *DRO 337B/Add 2/5570.

1786. MARTIN, Matthew. Observations on marine vermes, insects, &c. With notes and quotations from different authors. - Exeter : Printed for the author by R.Trewman, Messrs. B.White and Son; Leigh and Sotheby [London]; S.Hazard, Bath; and the said R.Trewman, Exeter , 1786. [10],26p : ill ; 4°. - Fasc. 1, no more published? - *ESTC t041749.

1786. POLWHELE, Richard. The English orator. A didactic poem. Book the first. ... By the Rev. Richard Polwhele. - Exeter : Printed by R.Thorn, for C.Dilly, London , 1786. - [4],ii,45,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t004724.

1786. POLWHELE, Richard. The idyllia, epigrams, and fragments of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus, with the elegies of Tyrtaeus translated from the Greek into English verse, to which are added dissertations and notes by the Rev. Richard Polwhele, student in civil law, late of Christ Church Oxford, and author of The English orator and Pictures from nature. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Thorn. Sold also by T.Cadell & C.Dilly, London; J.Fletcher, Oxford; J.Merrill, Cambridge; J.Jackson, Lichfield; and R.Cruttwell, Bath , 1786. - [4],416,[4]p ; 4°. - With subscribers list. - *Dredge p.33 (S.Drayton & Sons); ESTC; Plymouth Public Library L452.

1786. POLWHELE, Richard. Pictures from nature. In nineteen sonnets. To which is added the Lock transformed. By the Reverend Richard Polwhele. The second edition. - Exeter : Printed by R.Thorn; and sold by C.Dilly and J.Buckland, London , [1786?]. 32p ; 4°. - Advertisement on p.4 dated: January 1786. - *ESTC t004726.

1786. REMARKS on the Bishop of Exeter's, and also on Dr. Herberden's interpretation of the prophecy of Haggai. - London : Printed for F.Fielding, Pater-noster-Row; ... and B.Thorn Exeter , 1786. - 8°. - *Dredge p.33.

1786. The RUNNET: or, the trick returned. A true story. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Thorn. Sold also by F.Murch and W.Barrett, Barnstaple and all other booksellers , 1786. - iv,14p ; 4°. - Verse. - *Bodl. Vet. A 5 d.586.

1786. SPRY, Edward. The masonic quintetto quintiple harmonious concordance or sacred musive accompaniment viz: a masonic mandate, hymn, anthems, a lyric and oratorial ode on the intended consecration of the masonic lodge (amphibious) at the Royal Marine barracks; Stonehouse : ... - Plymouth : To be had at the stationers Plymouth, Dock, Stonehouse , 1786. - 12p ; 4°. - *ESTC t039020.

1786. SPRY, Edward. The salutation or loyal welcome (English and Latin) to His Royal Highness William Henerey [sic] (of Great-Britain, &c: prince) in the West by Edward Spry ... The third edition. - Plymouth : Sold by the booksellers of Great-Britain and Ireland. Plymouth : Printed at P.Nettleton's office , [1786]. - 35,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t047045.

1786. SPRY, Edward. Six extemporaneously-compos'd masonic songs on Great-Britain's Prince William Henerey [sic] becoming a free-mason on March 9th in the year ... 1786. By Edward Spry. ... - [Plymouth?] : Printed by Brothers Trewman and Haydon, to be had of the tilers at the various lodges, booksellers , [1786]. - 12,[4]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t048391.

1786. WIPPLE, John. Balloon-concerns. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , 1786. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Dated: 28th June, 1786. - Relates to damage sustained by John Wipple's crops during the recovery of a balloon. - Signed: John Wipple. Cadbury, 28th June, 1786. - *WSL.

1786. WOOLMER, Shirley. Exeter catalogue for 1787. Consisting of upwards of ten thousand volumes of valuable and scarce books, ... Sale to commence the beginning of December, 1786, ... By Shirley Woolmer, ... - [Exeter] : [S.Woolmer] , [1786]. - [2],130p ; 8°. - *ESTC t033760; Munby & Coral.