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22 December 2006

Devon 1780-1781

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1780-1781

1780. BRICE, Thomas. Remonstrance of the American officers, from the London Gazette of last Saturday, December the 2d 1780. Rhymified by Thomas Brice. - Exon : Printed by E. & T.Brice , [1780]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Verse, first line: We captains of the Yankee line. - *ESTC t001360.

1780. CAPT. Ephraim or the Yankee entertainment. - [Exeter ?] : [s.n.] , [1780]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verse, first line: Brother Ephraim sold his cow. - Printed on same half sheet as: Rodney victorious. - *WSL.

1780. CONSIDERATIONS humbly addressed to the electors of Great Britain, and particularly to the clergy. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , 1780. - 8°. - *Dredge p.30 (D. & E.I.).

1780. DAVIDSON, John. John Davidson, merchant, at Newbigging, near Drumlithie, sells the following goods at the lowest prices. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman , [1780?]. - *ESTC.

1780. An ELECTION satire, with explanatory notes, dedicated to the gentlemen, clergy, freemen, and freeholders of the city of Exeter. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , 1780. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verse epistle, dated and signed at foot: Exeter, Sept. 11, 1780. J*** B*****. - First line: The honour conferr'd by my this day's election - *WSL.

1780. EXETER. Theatre. By particular desire of several ladies and gentlemen. On Wednesday, January 26, 1780, at the Theatre will be presented a concert of vocal & instrumental music. ... Between the parts of the above concert will be presented (gratis) a comedy, call'd The West-Indian. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , [1780]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1780. EXETER. Theatre. By desire of the High Sheriff of the county of Devon. Not performed these twelve years. On Friday, January 28, 1780, at the Theatre will be presented a concert of vocal & instrumental music. ... Between the parts of the above concert will be presented (gratis) a dramatic pastoral, (in three acts) call'd The Winter's tale. (Altered from Shakespeare by the late David Garrick, Esq;). - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , [1780]. - 1 sheet. - *WSL.

1780. EXETER. Turnpike Trust. Exeter turnpikes. 162 miles. From Michaelmas, 1778, to Michaelmas, 1779. From Michaelmas, 1779, to Michaelmas, 1780. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1780]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Report of meeting of trustees held 14 November, 1780. - *ESTC (Cambridge UL).

1780. FONTAINE, Nicholas. An abridgment of the Old and New Testament, interspersed with moral and instructive reflections chiefly out of the holy fathers. From the French. By J.Reeve. - Exeter : Printed by B.Thorn; and sold by him and T.Lewis, Great Russel Street, Covent-Garden, London , 1789. - vii,[1],390,178,viii ; 16°. - Author: Nicholas Fontaine, Sieur de Royaumont. Abridgment of: The history of the Holy Bible. - *WSL; Dredge p.72 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t120652.

1780. HAYTER, John. A visitation sermon, preached April 13th, 1780, at St. Mary's, before the clergy of the archdeaconry of Exeter, published at their request, and inscribed, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of Exeter. By John Hayter, B.A. late fellow of King's College, Cambridge, &c. - [Exeter] : Printed for, and sold by, A.Sweetland, (successor to Edward Score) and B.Thorn booksellers, in Exeter; T.Payne and Son, Mews-Gate, T.Cadell, in the Strand, London; and all other booksellers , [1780]. - [4],14p ; 4°. - Vertical chain lines. - *WSL; ESTC t018004.

1780. The HISTORY and dying words of William Wotton executed at Heavitree gallows Monday March 20 1780 and to be hung in chains at Bratton Clovelly for the murder pof Mrs Grace Peard, Mrs Florence Rundle and Molly Rundle her daughter on the night of the 1st of November last. - Exeter : Printed by E.Brice & Son near East gate where next Saturday will be published price 2d the life of this great criminal , [1780]. - 1 sheet. - Burnet Morris (Mr. W.H.Stone collection).

1780. The HISTORY OF Henry, Earl of Moreland. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1780. - *Plymouth Public Library L2659.

1780. The HUMOURS of Plymouth. A medley. As it was exhibited, by Mr. Collins, at the Theatre, to a brilliant audience, with universal applause. - Plymouth : Printed by John Collins , [1780?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Oblong format. Verse, first line: In days of yore, as ancient authors speak. - *WSL.

1780. The LAMENTATION of Ezekiel Pollard, who lost his sight by a [sic] inflammation. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1780?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verse, first line: Good Christians give attention, - *WSL.

1780. LETTERS and papers on agriculture, planting, &c. selected from the correspondence-book of the society instituted at Bath, for the encouragement of agriculture, arts, manufactures, and commerce, within the counties of Somerset, Wilts, Glocester, and Dorset, and the city and county of Bristol. - Vol. I. - Bath : Printed by R.Cruttwell, by order of the Society; and sold by C.Dilly, Poultry, London; and by the booksellers of Bath, Bristol, Salisbury, Glocester, Exeter, &c. &c. , 1780. - xii,264,100p ; 8°. - *ESTC t091280 [etc]; WSL.

The following volumes appeared to 1800, with slightly differing titles and imprints:

Vol. 1 1780 (2nd ed. 1783, 3rd ed. 1788, 4th ed. 1792)

Vol. 2 1783 (2nd ed. 1788, 3rd ed. 1792)

Vol. 3 1786 (2nd ed. 1788, 3rd ed. 1791)

Vol. 4 1788 (2nd ed. 1792)

Vol. 5 1790 (2nd ed. 1793)

Vol. 6 1792, vol. 7 1795, vol. 8 1796, vol. 9 1799.

1780. MARSHALL, John. A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter Exon before the governors of the Devon and Exeter Hospital for the Sick and Lame at their anniversary on Tuesday August 29, 1780 by John Marshall, M.A., vicar of Widecombe in the Moor and master of the Grammar School in Exeter. Published at the request of the stewards and governors then present. - Exeter : Printed by B.Thorn and sold by him and A.Sweetland in Exeter & by all other booksellers for the benefit of the hospital , [1780]. - *Burnet Morris index.

1780. PHIPPS, Joseph To the youth of the Norwich meeting. - Exon : Printed by T.Brice , [1780?]. - 12p ; 12°. - Signed: J.P. - *Joseph Smith Friends' books ii,413.

1780. PLYMOUTH chronicle. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1780. - Issue 1, 6 May 1780. - Continued to May 1782.

1780. RODNEY victorious, or the Spaniards defeated. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1780]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verse, first line: Ye Britons all rejoice and sing. - Printed on same half sheet as: Capt. Ephraim. - *WSL.

1780. SHORT, John. The rights and principles of an Englishman considered and asserted, on a review of the late motion at the Hotel, for a county meeting in Devonshire. By a Devonian. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall , 1780. - 24p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t108765; Davidson supp. p.16n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Institution p.90.

1780. SMITH, Elizabeth. Life reviewed; a poem; founded on reflections upon the silent inhabitants of the church-yard of Truro, in the county of Cornwall. To which is added, an elegy on the late Revd. Mr. Samuel Walker, who was many years curate of that borough. By E.Smith. ... - Exeter : Printed for the author, by B.Thorn , 1780. - [2],ii,xxvii,[1],132,[2]p ; 4°. - List of subscribers. - Errata leaf at end. - *Dredge p.31 (D&EI); ESTC t098252; Plymouth Public Library L5045.

1780. SOME hints submitted to the consideration of the owners and occupiers of lands in the county of Devon, upon the steps most proper to be taken in order to obtain a repeal of the tax upon cyder. By a freeholder of that county. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1780?]. - 4p ; 2°. - *ESTC t001345 (similar title listed under [1763?].

1780. TASKER, William. Select odes of Pindar and Horace translated; and other original poems; together with notes, critical, historical, and explanatory. By the Rev. William Tasker, A.B. ... In three volumes. Volume i. - Exeter : Printed for the author. And sold by J.Dodsley, Pall-Mall; J.Bew, Paternoster-row; T.Becket, Adelphi; R.Davis, Piccadilly; and J.Ridley, St. James's-Street, London: Bell, Edinburgh; T.Merril, Cambridge; Messrs. Prince and Cooke, Oxford; Messrs. Pratt and Clinch, Bath; T.Cocking, Bristol; Thomas, Brightelmstone; Sprange, Tunbridge-Wells; T.Parkhouse, Tiverton; and B.Thorn, Exeter , 1780. - viii,288,[2]p ; 8°. - Volumes 2 and 3 appeared only in 1792 and 1793 after the second edition of volume 1 in 1790. - *WSL; Dredge p.107 (British Museum); ESTC t134724.

1781. BRICE, Thomas. Address of thanks from the English virgins of sixteen to the Hon. Charles-James Fox, for his zeal to obtain an amendment of the marriage-act, to enable females to marry at sixteen and males at eighteen. Put into rhyme by their typographical amanuensis, Thomas Brice. - Exeter : Printed by Thomas Brice, in Goldsmiths'-Street , [1781]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *WSL; DRO 997Z/Z6.

1781. CHURCHILL, John. A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter, Exon, before the governors of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, for the sick and lame, at their anniversary meeting, on Tuesday, August 28, 1781. By John Churchill, B.D. rector of Eggesford and Chawley, and fellow of C.C.C., Oxford. Published at the request of the stewards and governors then present. - Exeter : Printed by B.Thorn and Son; and sold by them and A.Sweetland, in Exeter; and by all other booksellers ... , [1781]. - 4°. - *Dredge p.52 (W.P.Hiern); Plymouth Institution p.52.

1781. DOWNMAN, Hugh. Poems to Thespia. - Exeter : Printed by W.Grigg, bookseller in the Fore Street , 1781. - 112p 8°. - With an errata slip. - *ESTC t134345; Dredge p.52 (M.Cann); Plymouth Public Library L3234.

1781. The DUTCH answer to the British manifesto. - Exeter : Printed by E. and T.Brice , [1781?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verse, first line: If ever on earth a poor nation was hobbled. - *WSL.

1781. GREY, Richard. Memoria technica; or, a new method of artificial memory: applied to, and exemplified in, chronology, history, geography, astronomy: also Jewish, Grecian, and Roman coins, weights, and measures, &c. with tables proper to the respective sciences; and memorial lines adapted to each table. By Richard Grey, D.D. rector of Hinton, in Northamptonshire. - The sixth edition, corrected and much improved. - Exeter : Printed and sold by B.Thorn and Son, booksellers: sold also by Messrs. Rivington and Sons, St. Paul's Church-Yard; B.Law, Ave-Mary-Lane; Messrs. Richardson and Urquhart, Royal Exchange; and T.Evans, Pater-noster-Row, London , 1781. - viii,xxvi,160,[34]p ; 12°. - *WSL; ESTC t110578; Dredge p.30 (D&EI); Plymouth Public Library L3824; DUL 31380.

1781. HOLE, Richard. Homer's hymn to Ceres, translated into English verse, by Richard Hole, LL.B. ... - Exeter : Printed by B.Thorn and Son, booksellers: and sold by C.Dilly, in the Poultry, London , 1781. - 84p ; 8°. - *WSL; Dredge p.31; Sheaf 6 p.338; ESTC t090522; Plymouth Public Library L3235.

1781. HOLMES, William. To the governor and deputy governor; the worshipful, the mayor, the justices, and to every other member of the corporation of the poor of the city and county of Exon. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1781]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Concerns wool industry. Dated at head: Exeter, Dec. 24, 1781. Signed at end: Wm Holmes. - *ESTC t001361.

1781. The LIFE, character, and dying behaviour of John Andrews, executed at Heavitree gallows, Friday, Aug. 24, for stealing two heifers and three steers. - Exon : Printed by E.Brice, near East-Gate , [1781]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Two columns of text. - *DRO 997Z/Z36.

1781. RACK, Edmund Essays, letters and poems, by Edmund Rack, secretary to the Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, and to the Philosophical Society, lately instituted at Bath, and author of Mentor's letters to youth. - Bath : Printed by R.Cruttwell, for the author; and sold by C.Dilly, Poultry; J.Dodsley, Pall Mall; and J.Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, London; Messrs Fletcher, Oxford; Merril, Cambridge; Todd, York; Crouse, Norwich; Thorn, Exeter; Frost, Chelmsford; and by all the booksellers in Bath and Bristol , 1781. - [496]p ; 8°. - *Joseph Smith Friends' books ii,469.

1781. The SENTENCES of the prisoners tried at the castle of Exeter, at the Lent assize, March 23, 1781 ... - Exeter : Printed by E. and T.Brice , [1781]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°.

1781. SMITH, Elizabeth. Life review'd: a poem founded upon reflections upon the silent inhabitants of the church-yard of Truro, ... With an elegy on the late Rev. Mr. Samuel Walker, ... To which are added, the Lord's prayer, creed, and ten commandments, paraphrased; &c. ... By E.Smith. - Exeter : Printed, for the author, by B.Thorn and Son , 1781. - [2],ii,132,[2]p ; 4°. - With final errata leaf. - *Dredge p.31 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t098251.

1781. SUCCESSES in East-India. - Exon : Printed by T.Brice, Goldsmiths'-Street , [1781?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Verse and prose, first line: Now, ye Britons, rejoice; - *WSL.

1781. TRIAL ... crime ... murder ... T.Boughton by John Donellan. - Exeter : [s.n.] , [1781]. - 4°. - Bodleian Law Library.

1781. WOOD, Beavis. An appeal to the ministers of the parish of Tiverton, in the county of Devon, and to the governor, guardians, and overseers of the poor of the same parish, made by Mr. Beavis Wood, the town clerk of Tiverton, for inquiring into the public charges against him by Mr. William Lewis, the churchwarden, with the several papers and publications which came out in consequence of no timely or proper notice being taken of any such appeal, by those to whom it was addressed. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1781. - 62p ; 8°. - Davidson supp. p.13 (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Institution p.108.