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02 February 2015

Devon imprints. Exmouth

The Devon book trades : imprint registers.

For details of the scope of these imprint registers, see the introduction and key.

Exmouth. Bounsall, William Moore. 1845. Printer. Strangers' guide : or the hand book of Exmouth and neighbourhood. - Exmouth : W.M.Bounsall , [1845?. - 55p : frontispiece engraved view ; 16cm. - Held by: Devon Heritage Centre : pB/EXM 7/1845/STR. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Guides. 1845.

Exmouth. Bounsall, William Moore. 1845. [VIEWS of Exmouth]. - Exmouth : William M.Bounsall , [1845?]-. Set of at least ten line engraved vignettes by Newman & Co. - Somers Cocks S162.

Exmouth. Harvey, S. 1846. Printer. Stray thoughts in prose and verse / by E. - Exmouth : S.Harvey , 1846. - xviii,182p ; 19cm. - Held by: Devon Heritage Centre : s828/STR. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Writers. E. Works. Collections.

Exmouth. Langsford, Ann. 1823. Bookseller*. Dennis, J. Prohibition of baptismal immersion by Calvin, the perversion of justifying faith . - Exeter : Printed by E. Woolmer; and sold by Rivingtons and Hatchard, London; Langsford, Exmouth; and by the booksellers in Exeter. Entered at Stationers' Hall. - Price one shilling., [1823?]. - Held by: Oxford.

Exmouth. Langsford, Ann. 1826. Bookseller*. Dennis, J. Subversion of materialism, by credible attestation of supernatural occurrences .. . - [Bath] : Sold by Upham, Collings, and Binns, Bath; Longman and Co., London; Dyer, and Hedgeland, Exeter; Croydon, and Litton, Teignmouth; Langsford, Exmouth, &c., 1826. - Held by: Cambridge ; Chetham's Library ; University of Exeter.

Exmouth. Radford, Joseph. 1823. Printer. Baring, Charles. Thoughts on final universal restoration / by C. Baring Esq - 2nd Edition. - Exmouth : J.Radford , 1823. - 74p ; 19cm or 17cm. - Held by: Devon Heritage Centre: s236.3/GEN/BAR [two copies. Handwritten notes inside cover of one copy headed: This to be added to the preface]. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Clergy. Baring, Charles. Works. Millennium.

Exmouth. Radford, Joseph. 1824. Printer. Baring, Charles. Sermons / selected by Charles Baring. - Exmouth : J.Radford , 1824. - 115p ; 22cm. - Held by: Devon Heritage Centre: s252/GEN/BAR. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Clergy. Baring, Charles. Works. Sermons.

Exmouth. Radmore, Joseph. 1824. Printer. COPY of a correspondence between John Sweetland, Esq. and Mr. Woolmer, and John Sweetland, Esq. & W.Tucker, Esq. in consequence of a paragraph in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, of January 17, 1824, purporting to be a report of circumstances occurring on a trial at the Devon Epiphany sessions of 1824.- Exmouth : Printed by J.Radford , 1824. - 37,[1]p ; 20cm. - Colophon: Radford, printer, Strand, Exmouth. - Relates to a theft at Littleham. - Held by: Held by: Devon Heritage Centre: p345.0262/EXM/COP ; s080/DEV/20/no.5. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Theft. Trials. Correspondence. 1824.

Exmouth. Setten, George. 1880. Printer. Steel, John Jacques. The autobiography of John Jacques Steel, a farmer of Walton, in the County of Suffolk. - Exmouth : G. Setten 1881. - Held by: Bristol University.

Exmouth. Setten, George. 1890. Printer. Exmouth : with copious notes / by an inhabitant. - [Exmouth] : Setten, printer , [1890?]. - 26p ; 21cm. - Held by: Devon Heritage Centre: p821/EXM. - Subjects: Devon. Exmouth. Poetry. Texts.

Exmouth. Setten, George. 1898. Printer. Lacell, George J. A sermon of the position of the reformed episcopal church, preached in Christ Church, Exmouth ... on Sunday, December 18, 1898 / George J. Lacell. - Exmouth : George Setten, "Chronicle" Office , [1898?]. - Held by: British Library.

Exmouth. Southcott, Henry. 1813. Bookseller*. Southcott, Henry. Hymns and psalms; selected for the use of Exmouth-Chapel / By Henry Southcott.-- Exeter : printed by R. Cullum ... ; and sold by Henry Southcott ... Exmouth, 1813.-- 49,[1]p. ; 17cm. 12°. - Held by: British Library.

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