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16 January 2015

Devon book trades: Exeter : S

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: S
Exeter. SALTER, Messrs. 1828-1829. Printsellers. Advert EFP 16/10/1828 2b. Removal of premises EFP 19/3/1829 3d.

Exeter. SALTER, Mrs. Eleanor Ann. 1847-1851. Tract depository. Deanery Square 1847d; Deanery Place 1848d-1851. Born: Exeter 1810/1. Married: William, organist. Librarian to SPCK 1848d-1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/314.

Exeter. SAM. FARLEY'S EXETER POST-MAN. 1704-1715. Newspaper. See: Exeter post-man

Exeter. SAMPSON, John. 1776. Bookbinder. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 2/11/1776. Voted for John B.Cholwich 1776. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1776.

Exeter. SANDERS. 1851. Printer. Cowick Street 1851. Children: William born 1836/7 St. Thomas. No head of household recorded in 1851 census. Sources: Census 1851 1867/198.

Exeter. SANDERS, Frederic Peter. 1833-1835. Printer. Gandy Street 1833d-1835d+. Married: Mary. Children: Mary Lee Carter bap. 26/2/1834, Ellen Carter bap. 1/4/1835 both at St. Paul. Died: estate being settled EFP 10/9/1835 2e. Apprentice wanted EFP 10/7/1834 2e. Stock for sale EFP 3/9/1835 2d. Joseph Sanders, joiner, listed at same address 1834d.

Exeter. SANDERS, John. 1803. Printer. Allhallows on the Walls 1803. Aged 31 1803, no trace IGI. Died: EFP 27/7/1848 3d. Willing to serve as volunteer 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. SANDERS, William. 1825-1830. Printer. Allhallows parish 1825; St. Mary Major 1830. Married: Elizabeth Glidon of Allhallows 1/5/1825 St. Mary Steps. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 19/7/1830. Sources:Exeter freemen.

Exeter. SANFORD, John [1]. 1776-1803. Printer. St. Sidwell 1803; Plymouth Dock 1817. Aged 17/55 1803, son of John Sanford, gent? Married: wife died aged 68 EFP 20/2/1817 4b. Freeman of Exeter by succession 21/10/1776. Apprentice: Son John, printer and stationer of Plymouth Dock, freeman of Exeter 24/2/1817. Voted for John Baring 1776. Willing to serve in volunteers 1803. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1776; Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. SANFORD, John [2]. 1803-1817. Printer. St. Sidwell 1803; Plymouth Dock 1817. Son of John Sanford I printer, aged 17/30 1803. Unmarried 1803. Apprenticed to his father. Freeman of Exeter 24/2/1817. Volunteer Exeter regiment 1803. Voted for Courtenay and Newman 1818. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803; Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1818.

Exeter. SANFORD, Thomas. 1828-1847. Law stationer, scrivener 1835d, also listed as auctioner etc 1842d-1847d, also listed as general commission agent 1844d-1847d. Paris Street 1828d-1840; no. 7 1828d-1835d; 4, Summerland Crescent 1841d; Musgraves Alley 1842d-1847d. Name given as Sandford 1828d [junior], 1835d, 1838d-1840d. From 1848d listed as accountant, law agent, stock broker etc.

Exeter. SAUNDERS, J. 1815-1816. Stationer. Fore Street Hill 1815-1816d; no. 127 1815. Imprints: 1815: Watts.

Exeter. SAUNDERS, William. 1826. Printer. St. Martin 1826. Married: Elizabeth. Children: Frederick William born 14/2/1826 bap. 30/7 George's Meeting.

Exeter. SCANES, Miss Elizabeth. 1851-1855. Stationer 1851, plumber and newsvendor 1851d-1854d, newsvendor only 1855d+. 48, Sidwell Street 1851d-1856d+; St. Sidwell 1863. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1829/30, daughter of Elizabeth, plumber's widow. Unmarried 1851. Advert EFP 27/5/1863 4e. Sources: Census 1851 1868/110.

Exeter. SCLATER, Nicholas. 1803-1808. Printer. St. Sidwell 1803-08. Born: Exeter, bap. 18/3/1786 St. Sidwell, son of William and Mary. Unmarried 1803. Married: Mary Ann Davy 18/12/1808 St. Sidwell. Exeter regiment of volunteers 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. SCLATER, Robert. 1803-1822. Printer. St. Sidwell 1803; St. Paul 1814-22. Born: Exeter, bap. 4/12/1782 St. Sidwell, son of William and Mary. Unmarried 1803. Married: Elizabeth Rouse 22/2/1807 St. Paul. Children: Mary Ann bap. 28/8/1814, Mary Ann bap. 13/10/1816, Frederic bap. 7/5/1820, Emma born 11/5/1822 bap. 25/12 all at St. Paul. Exeter regiment of volunteers 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. SCOLNEY, Francis. 1851. Bookseller's assistant. 263, High Street. Born: Newington Butts, Surrey 1820/1. Unmarried 1851. Assisted Jane Spreat in shop. Sources: Census 1851 1869/147.

Exeter. SCONE, John. 1851. Stationer. Rack Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1836/7. Lodger 1851. Sources: census 1851 1868/429.

Exeter. SCORE, Edward [1]. 1704-1750. Bookseller. High Street 1704-53; near Guildhall 1721, over against Guildhall 1707-22, over against Turk's Head 1713. Children: Edward freeman of Exeter by succession 12/10/1776. Died: 1762, buried 1/4/1762 St. Martin. Freeman of Exeter fine 5s. 19/4/1708. Apprentices: Nathaniel Thorne freeman 3/1/1715, James Lipscombe freeman 1/7/1723. Witness for marriage allegation of John Hannaford of Berry Pomeroy 3/12/1707. Bondsman for marriage of John Milton 3/10/1716. Received more than 50 letters from Christopher and William Bedford of Launceston requesting that marriage licences by sent by return of post 1720-30. Possibly retired in favour of son about 1750. Book label recorded. Subscriptions: 1714: Walker Sufferings of the clergy; 1733-35 Tillemont Ecclesiastical memoirs. Imprints: 1704: Pitts; 1707: Boyse; 1709: Fairlove; 1713: Agate, Bear; 1714: Agate; 1717: Pitts, Stuart; 1721: Exeter. Diocese, Ley; 1723: Fisher, Izacke; 1724: Izacke; 1727: Lily; 1729: Johnson; 1730: Blackall; 1731: Izacke, Mudge, Salter, Towgood; 1732: West-Country; 1733: Baker; 1734: Chilcot, Simons; 1735: Ottolenghe, Stephens; 1737: Poem; 1739: Mudge; 1740: Heath, Lily, Simons; 1741: Clarke, Domett, Fisher; 1742: Johnson, 1743: Hole, Sleech; 1744: Wesley; 1747: Kennicott; 1748: Mudge; 1749: Kennicott; 1750: Roberts; printed forms: 1703-20. Sources: Dredge p.69; Dickinson; Plomer; Exeter freemen; Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries, v.1, p.143; Attwood; Worth p.506.

Exeter. SCORE, Edward [2]. 1751-1779. Bookseller. Over against the Guildhall. Born: Exeter, son of Edward I, bookseller. Died: EFP 29/10/1779 3d, buried 29/10/1779 St. Martin. Freeman of Exeter by succession 12/10/1776. Probably succeeded father about 1750 - in 1751 described as "junior" and given lower precedence in imprints. Left legacy by Samuel Birt, bookseller of London 1755. Adverts EFP 13/1/1764 3a,11/1/1765 4c, 8/8/1766 3b, 10/1/1767 4a, 6/11/1767 3a (book sale),8/1/1768 2ab,4cd, 14/10/1768 2c (book slae),27/1/1769 2cd,4cd, 24/3/1769 3b (selling ink). Agent for print of Cathedral EFP 12/5/1769 3a. Adverts EFP 5/1/1770 2b, 31/8/1770 2d (inks), 22/11/1771 2c. Two private libraries for sale EFP 27/11/1772 3b. Advert EFP 1/1/1773 2b. Agent for theatre tickets EFP 12/3/1773 2c. Advert for book sale EFP 22/4/1774 2d. Published catalogues 1774-79. Advertised catalogues of private libraries etc EFP 21/10/1774 3a, of Rayner's and Broderip's libraries EFP 20/10/1775 3b. Advert EFP 5/1/1776 2c,4b. Advert for book sale EFP 30/5/1777 3b. Advert EFP 26/6/1778 2a. Voted for John Baring 1776. Notice to debtors and creditors EFP 30/6/1780 2c. Succeeded by Abel Sweetland. Subscriptions: 1768, Coleridge, John Miscellaneous discourses. Imprints: 1751: Peters; 1753: Elworthy, Fort, Kennicott, Salmon, Salter; 1755: Answer; 1756: Borlase, Girrard, Lavington; 1758: Lily; 1759: Webber; 1760: Blackett, Fortescue; 1761: Chapple, Tremlett; 1763: Alcock; 1765: Harrison, Wight; 1766: Musgrave; 1769: Alcock, Turner; 1770: Dyer, Moore, Toulmin; 1772: Coleridge; 1773: Puddicombe; 1774: Score, Seaman's; 1775: Stearne; 1776: Lascells, Rowe, Whittaker; 1777: Score; 1778: Cookworthy; 1779: Matrimony; printed forms 1754-72. Sources: Dredge p.71; Plomer; Nichols iii,686, viii,473; Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1776.

Exeter. SCORE, John. 1728. Bookseller (?). Imprints: 1728: Hewgoe. Sources: Dredge p.101.

Exeter. SCOTT, John. 1851. Pressman. Pindars Court, North street 1851. Born: Exeter 1833/4, son of William brewer. Sources: Census 1851 1869/239.

Exeter. SEAGER, Thomas. 1727. Bookseller. Freeman of Exeter 10/7/1727, late apprentice of John Blake cordwainer (?). Chancery lawsuit PRO: Stationers' Company v. Bliss. Sources: Goulden.

Exeter. SERGEANT, R. 1827. Engraver. Agent for London engravers EFP 9/8/1827 1b.

Exeter. SHANLEY, M.A. 1855. No trade. Mint 1855h.

Exeter. SHANLEY, William. 1847-1851. Catholic bookseller 1847d, bookseller 1848d-1851d. Mint 1847d-1851d. Name given as Shenly 1851d.

Exeter. SHAPPE, John. 1524-1525. Bookbinder. 1524/5. Servant of Martin Coeffin. Sources: Lay subsidy 1524/5.

Exeter. SHARLAND, Robert J. 1851. Printer's apprentice. Bartholomew Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1834/5, son of Martha, widow, milliner. Sources: Census 1851 1869/348.

Exeter. SHEARS, William Blagdon. 1851. Clerk in newspaper office. 6, Nelson Place, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2, son of John, officer of Corporation of the Poor. Sources: Census 1851 1868/162.

Exeter. SHEPHERD, Samuel. 1851. Postboy. Longbrook Street 1851. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1792/3. Married: Mary, born Seaton 1784/5. Children: daughter born Exeter 1827/8. Sources: Census 1851 1868/269.

Exeter. SHEVILL, Thomas W. 1851. Printer's apprentice. 2, Silver Terrace 1851. Born: Newcastle upon Tyne 1837/8, father-in-law Henry Webb, railway engine smith. Sources: Census 1851 1869/125.

Exeter. SHIREBORNE, John de. 1336. Parchment maker. Son of John de Shireborn. Freeman of Exeter 24/6/1336. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. SILVESTER, William. 1850-1851. Bookseller 1850d, paper dealer 1851. West Street 1850d; Preston Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1811/2. Married: widower 1851. Lodger 1851. Later broker, Stepcote Hill 1851d? Sources: Census 1851 1868/360.

Exeter. SIMONS, John. 1851. Compositor. Clarence Place, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2, son of John, mason. Sources: Census 1851 1868/235.

Exeter. SKARDON, John. 1822. Engraver. St. Mary Arches 1822. Married: Doll Chapple Bass 16/6/1822 St. Mary Arches.

Exeter. SKINNER, William. 1831-1853. Bookseller, printer, stationer, music seller from 1836d. 254, High Street 1831d-1836d; 189, High Street 1837d-1853d. Born: St. David, Exeter 1805/6. Married: Marianne, born Kenton 1808/9. Children: Harry bap. 27/8/1837 St. Petrock, another born St. Petrock 1843/4. Apprenticed to James Penny. Freeman of Exeter 24/12/1827. Sources: Census 1851 1869/276; Exeter freemen.

Exeter. SMALRIDGE, William. 1813-1820. Printer. St. Paul 1813; North Street 1815; St. Sidwell 1818-1820. Married: Mary Priston 8/4/1813 St. Paul. Children: Mary Ann bap. 18/11/1813 St. Paul, Charlotte Louisa bap. 26/10/1815 St. Kerrian, Emma bap. 27/5/1818 St. Sidwell, Mary Martha bap. 25/5/1820 St. Sidwell.

Exeter. SMITH, D. and F. 1842-1855. Musical repository. Paris Street 1842d-1843d; High Street 1844d-1847d; no. 257 1848d-1855d+. Doherty and Frederick Smith, brothers qq.v. Succeeded D.F. and H.Smith.

Exeter. SMITH, D.F. and H. 1837-1841. Musical repository. 33, Paris Street 1837d-1838d; Paris Street 1839d-1841d. Succeeded by D. and F.Smith. See Doherty Smith.

Exeter. SMITH, Doherty. 1842-1855. Music seller. 33, Paris Street 1842d-1843d; 257, High Street 1848d-1855d+. Trading as D.F. and H.Smith. Born: Ireland 1805/6. Married: Mary, born Kingston, Surrey 1820. Brother Frederick, q.v. music seller, head of household. Succeeded D.F and H.Smith. Sources: Census 1851 1869/146.

Exeter. SMITH, Edwin P. 1851. Literary department of newspaper. 235, High Street 1851. Born: 1833/4, British subject. Apprenticed to Richard Teague 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/161.

Exeter. SMITH, Frederick. 1842-1855. Music seller. 33, Paris Street 1842d-1843d; 257, High Street 1848d-1855d+. Trading as D.F. and H.Smith. Born: Stratton, Cornwall 1809/10. Married: Marianne, born Norwich 1811/12. Children: born Exeter 1836-50. Brother Doherty q.v. also music seller. Sources: Census 1851 1869/146.

Exeter. SMITH, H. 1837-1841. Music seller. Paris Street 1837d-1841d. See D.F. and H.Smith.

Exeter. SMITH, Richard. 1822-1849. Engraver and printer. High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 218 1828d-1834; Excise Passage, Fore Street 1823d; 3, Waterbeer Street 1834-1835d; Waterbeer Street 1836d-1850d; Summerland Street 1851. Born: Hanley, Staffs 1785/6. Married: Anna Maria, born Exeter 1793/4. Children: William Henry born 26/10/1833 bap. 1/1/1834, Thomas Adkins Shrawley bap. 5/2/1837 both at Allhallows Goldsmith Street. Commenced business EFP 12/7/1821 4e. Two apprentices wanted EFP 13/5/1824 1c. Advert EFP 9/8/1827 1a. Apprentice drowned EFP 1/5/1828 2e. Apprentice absconded EFP 4/11/1830 1a. Advert EFP 6/12/1832 2c. Change of address EFP 13/11/1834 1bc. Adverts EFP 28/7/1836 2b, 9/5/1844 3g. To retire in favour of W.Wills EFP 6/9/1849 5b. Retired, 1 servant 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/44.

Exeter. SMITH, Thomas. 1823-1825. Stationer. St. Martin 1823-25. Married: Martha. Children: Henry Townsend bap. 18/10/1823, Ellen Martha bap. 27/1/1825 both St. Martin. Possibly same as Thomas Smyth.

Exeter. SMITH, Thomas. 1827-1828. Bookbinder. Little South Lane 1827d-1828d; Southernhay Lane 1828d.

Exeter. SMITH, Thomas. 1851. Compositor. 2, New Place, Cheeke Street 1851. Born: Sowton, Somerset 1823/4. Married: Caroline, born Axminster 1823/4. Children: one born 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/136.

Exeter. SMITH, W.H. 1871. Printer. 227, High Street 1871. Advert. EFP 11/1/1871 1cd.

Exeter. SMITH, William. 1851. Retired stationer. 8, Park Place, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: Bristol 1778/9. Married: widower 1851. Children: daughter born london 1805/6. Census 1851 1868/262.

Exeter. SMYTH, Thomas. 1825-1828. Bookseller, stationer and librarian. High Street 1825d; St. Paul 1828. Married: Martha. Children: Mathilda Sharlotte bap. 8/6/1828 St. Paul. Opened library EFP 25/9/1823 4e. Bankrupt EFP 27/5/1824 1a. Business purchased by Spark and Godfrey EFP 7/4/1825 4d. Possibly same as Thomas Smith.

Exeter. SNODGRASS, S. 1877. Bookseller. Advert EFP 12/11/1877 5d.

Exeter. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 1828-1848. Publishers. Deanery Place 1848d. Established 1699. Mrs. Matthews librarian 1828d. E.A.Salter agent 1848d.

Exeter. SOPE, Alice, alias Bookebinder. 1577. Bookbinder ?. Died: 1557, buried 6/8 St. Petrock.

Exeter. SOPER, Caroline. 1837-1838. Librarian. 137, Sidwell Street 1837d; Sidwell Street 1838d.

Exeter. SOUTHARD, John. 1827-1855. Engraver. 226, High Street 1827d-1831d; Sidwell Street 1832d, 1838d; New Market Street 1842d; 21, Sidwell Street 1851d-1855d+. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1809/10, son of Matthew, annuitant. Unmarried 1851. Died: EFP 15/7/1868 5e. Sources: Census 1851 1868/53.

Exeter. SOUTHARD, Matthew. 1842-1878. Engraver 1842d, bookbinder 1845d-1847d, machine ruler 1848d-1855d+. Bear Street 1844d-1855d+; no. 7 1851; Sun Street 1870d; Pancras Lane 1878d. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1806/7. Married: Grace, born Swimbridge 1805/6. Children: born Barnstaple 1838-39. Sources: Census 1851 1868/314.

Exeter. SOUTHCOTT, George. 1851. Printer's apprentice. Bude Haven Hotel 1851. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1835/6, son of Samuel, innkeeper. Sources: Census 1851 1868/178.

Exeter. SOUTHWOOD, Richard. 1836-1851. Printer. Holy Trinity 1836; 8, Bartholomew Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1806/7. Married: firstly Mary Ann, secondly Frances, born Exeter 1805/6. Children: William Richard born 23/12/1835, bap. 17/1/1836 George's Meeting, other born 1837/8, 1839/40. Overseer 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/366.

Exeter. SPARK and GODFREY. 1825. Circulating library. Cathedral Yard 1825. Purchased Mr. Smyth's reading room EFP 7/4/1825 4d. Commencing business, catalogue advertised EFP 28/4/1825 4e.

Exeter. SPARK, Frederick R. 1851. Compositor's apprentice. 5, Friars Walk 1851. Born: Exeter 1830/1, son of William, lay vicar. Sources: Census 1851 1868/507.

Exeter. SPARK, Robert. 1823. Bookbinder. Cathedral Yard 1823d.

Exeter. SPARK, William. 1820-1848. Bookbinder 1822d-1828d, 1833d, 1835d, bookseller 1830d-1832d, 1834d-1848d, librarian 1827d-1832d. St. Martins Lane 1820-1822d; St. Mary Arches 1821; St. Stephen 1822; Cathedral Yard 1825d-1848d; [2], Cathedral Close 1830 Married: Elizabeth Austin of Broadclyst 20/5/1821 St. Mary Arches. Children: Elizabeth Austin bap. 27/2/1822 St. Stephen, William bap. 17/11/1823, Ann Way bap. 19/7/1825, Caroline Emma bap. 12/2/1828, Edmund John bap. 25/8/1829, Frederick Robert bap. 30/3/1831, Mary Ann Hellier bap. 25/10/1832, Robert bap. 9/6/1834 all at the Cathedral. Returned from London, purchased tools and started as bookbinder EFP 18/5/1820. Advert EFP 1/2/1827 4e. Agent for house sale EFP 20/3/1828 2d. Premises shown in engraving by W.Deeble after A.Glennie "View in the Cathedral Yard, Exeter" published by R.Jennings and W.Chaplin, 62, Cheapside, London (Somers Cocks 1031). Steel engraved trade card. Imprints: 1827 (Featherstone and Spark): Davy; Single prints (Somers Cocks) 1829: 637; c1840: 832, 833. Sources: Clamp.

Exeter. SPARKES, Joseph. 1851-1855. Law stationer. 11, Northernhay Place 1851d-1855d+. Listed as accountant 1850d.

Exeter. SPARKES, Thomas. 1851-1881. Law and general stationer. 11, Northernhay Place 1851; no. 13 1856d-1881d. Born: Exeter 1812/3. Married: Esther, born Chipping, Glos 1820/1. Children: born Exeter 1845-47. Sources: Census 1851 1869/27.

Exeter. SPENCER, Mrs. 1859. Stationer. 11, High Street 1859. Advert EFP 14/4/1859 4e.

Exeter. SPENCER, Abraham. 1830. Printer. Died: EFP 16/12/1830 2e.

Exeter. SPENCER, John. 1761-1767. Printer. Gandy's Lane 1761-62; Fore Street 1765. Not apprenticed or free Stationers'Company. Not freeman of Exeter. Published Exeter Chronicle: or, Universal Register, a Friday newspaper EFP 13/1/1764 3c, first issue 15/9/1760[?], only issue 32 10/4/1761 survives. Dispute with Grigg, bookseller over Exeter papers EFP 9/11/1764 3c. Owes a large debt to Crown EFP 4/9/1767 3b. Assets to be sold EFP 25/12/1767 3a. Estates seized for debts due to Crown EFP 22/7/1768 2c. Imprints: 1760: Exeter; 1761 Andrew (3 titles); 1762 Andrew, Sleech; 1763 Andrew (3 titles); 1765 Andrew, Bastard, Harrison, Wilson; printed forms: 1761-64. Sources: Plomer; Dredge; Exeter freemen; Wiles p.420; Attwood p.137; Worth pp.505, 506.

Exeter. SPENCER, Robert. 1816-1855. Bookbinder 1816, printer, also shopkeeper 1828d-1831d, also stationer 1832d-34, also bookseller 1836d-1855d+. St. Sidwell 1816-23; Sidwell Street 1828d-1847d; no. 110 -1842; no. 94 1844-1850d; Upper Southernhay Street 1851d-1855d+; 3, Southernhay Street 1856d. Married: (Anna) Maria, born Lifton 1800/01. Children: Priscilla Harding bap. 20/2/1816, Mary Palmer bap. 9/4/1821, Robert William Merrifield bap. 28/3/1823 all at St. Sidwell, others born St. Sidwell 1825/6, 1839/40, son died EFP 7/2/1856 8f. Case re unstamped almanacks EFP 16/1/1834 3d. Moving premises EFP 24/11/1842 3e. Bankrupt, to surrender EFP 3/2/1848 2c. Maria Spencer ran toyshop at same address 1853d-1854d, Berlin repository 1855d+. Sources: Census 1851 1868/195.

Exeter. SPICER, Charles. 1851-1856. Journeyman printer. West Quarter 1851. Born: Frome, Somerset 1826/7, son of William, licensed victualler. Unmarried 1851. Presumably the same as the newsagent (90, North Street 1853d-1855d+; 91, North Street 1856d) who advertised the Exeter Magazine EFP 18/12/1856 5bd. Sources: Census 1851 1869/384.

Exeter. SPRAGUE, F. 1854-1855. Tobacconist and newsagent. -1854d, newsagent only 1855d+. New Bridge Street -1854d-1855d+.

Exeter. SPRAGUE, William. 1851. Pressman. Gandy Street 1851; no. 4 1861. Born Exeter 1800/1. Married: Mary, born Ashwater EFP 10/10/1839 2e. Sources: Census 1851 1869/164; 1861 1398/4.

Exeter. SPRAKE, Charles J.G. 1832-1834. Engraver and printseller 1832d-1833d, engraver and printer 1834d. 144, Fore Street Hill 1832d-1833d; 9, New Bridge Street 1834d. Married: EFP 15/5/1834 2e.

Exeter. SPREAT and WALLIS. 1843-1847. Booksellers. 263, High Street 1844d-1847d. Succeeded William Spreat in partnership with Henry John Wallis, succeeded by Jane Spreat. Partnership mentioned EFP 13/7/1843 2d. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks): c1845: 2223-6.

Exeter. SPREAT, Jane. 1847-1855. Bookseller. 263, High Street 1848d-1851; no. 268 1850d-1851d; no. 263 1853d-1855h. Born: Lympstone 1783/4. Married: William Spreat, bookseller. Died: EFP 28/7/1853 5a. Succeeded business of Spreat and Wallis after husband's death EFP 21/10/1847 2c. Asssted in shop by Francis Scolney 1851. Stock for sale EFP 28/7/1853 5a. Sources: Census 1851 1869/147.

Exeter. SPREAT, John. 1833-1856. Bookseller, bookbinder. 92, Sidwell Street 1833d; New Market 1834d-1838d; Gandy Street 1839d-1845d; Summerland Street 1846d-1849d; no. 3 1850d; 151, Sidwell Street 1851-1856d+. Elizabeth Spreat, milliner, same address 1833d. Married: EFP 18/6/1835 2e, widower 1851. Children: born Exeter 1836-39. Sources: Census 1851 1868/251.

Exeter. SPREAT, William. 1803-1853. Bookseller, stationer (assistant bookseller 1815). St. Petrock 1803; St. Lawrence 1815-1819; High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 264 1817-19; no. 263 1820-1843d. William Spreat jun., artist listed at same address 1841d-1842d+. Born: 1782/3, aged 20 1803. Married: Jane after 1803. Children: Ann bap. 12/3/1815, Mary Jane Warren bap. 10/10/1819, both at St. Lawrence, William bap. 26/9/1816 St. Sidwell, daughter married EFP 2/1/1845 2g. Died EFP 14/10/1847 2g. Apprenticed to James Penny. Freeman of Exeter 7/2/1818. Volunteer 1803. Adverts EFP 13/3/1817 4e, 16/4/1818 1d, 28/10/1819 4d. Voted for Courtenay and Newman 1818. Removal of premises "to a more eligible shop only one door below his former residence", aprentice required EFP 28/12/1820 4c. Appointed steward EFP 26/9/1822 4c. Plans of Exeter turnpike roads for sale EFP 29/6/1826 1a. Address used in advert EFP 7/8/1828 3c. Appointed librarian to Devon and Exeter Horticultural Society EFP 21/1/1830 3b. Elected steward EFP 27/9/1832 3b. Advert EFP 2/1/1840 2b. Trading as Spreat and Wallis, partnership mentioned EFP 13/7/1843 2d. Mrs. Jane Spreat to carry on late husband's business EFP 21/10/1847 2c. Imprints: 1819: Hughes; 1828: Williams; 1840: Spreat; 1842: Spreat; 1845: Spreat. Sources: Exeter freemen; Dredge p.81; Exeter militia list 1803; Exeter poll book 1818; Clamp.

Exeter. SPREAT, William jun. 1841-1876. Artist and lithographer. 1, Premier Place, Mount Radford 1842; 263, High Street 1841d-1842d; 5, Park Place, Longbrook Street -1849d; Gandy Street 1850d-1867; no. 2 1862d; no. 4 1867; 229, High Street 1850-1862d; no. 254 1870d. No longer listed as junior 1855d+. Born: Exeter 1816, son of William, bookseller, bap. 26/9 St. Sidwell. Married: by 1841. Children: born St. Leonard 1841/2, St. Sidwell 1844-51. Plates in Harding's History of Tiverton 1845. Employed 7 men, 4 apprentices including Joseph Stopps 1851. Advert notes that he executes plans of estates, drawings of peoperties for sale, railway and engineering plans, bankers cheques, notes and drafts, book illustrations, show cards and all kinds of ornamental and coloured lithography at his West of England Lithographic Establishment 1859. Similar advertAdvert EFP 27/2/1867 4f. Fire at premises EFP 15/3/1876 8e. Most prolific Devon lithographer in the 1840s and 1850s, over 200 lithographs known including Picturesque sketches of the churches of Devon completed 1842. Plates of north and south Devon were numbered and issued in wrappers in various sets. Imprints: c1850: Spreat; Single prints (Somers Cocks): 1840: 2503; c1840: 1713, 2502; c1842: 144; c1845: 404, 659, 834, 1123, 2001; c1846: 3054; c1850: 484, 1021, 1023; 1852: 949; 1854: 1025; c1855: 750; 1866: 1009. Sources: Somers Cocks p.7-8; Census 1851 1869/160; Clamp.

Exeter. SPURWAY, James. 1827. Postboy. Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1827. Married: Mary. Children: Mary Ann bap. 24/6/1827, James bap. 24/6/1827 both at Allhallows Goldsmith Street.

Exeter. SQUANCE, Elizabeth F. 1851. Librarian. Devon and Exeter Institution, Cathedral Yard 1851. Born: Exeter 1811/2, daughter of John and Rachel. Unmarried 1851. Nephew and sevant in household. Sources: Census 1851 1868/319.

Exeter. SQUANCE, John. 1823-1849. Librarian. Devon and Exeter Institution, Cathedral Yard 1823d-1835d, 1848d-1849d. Married: Rachel, born Farnham, Dorset. Children: Elizabeth F., born Exeter 1811/2, another daughter married EFP 12/1/1837 2f. Died: EFP 22/11/1849 8f, report of funeral EFP 29/11/1849 5c. Freeman of Exeter by order of Mayor and council 22/9/1834. Voted for Courtenay and Newman 1818. Licenced to clerkship of St. Sidwell EFP 29/11/1827 4b, listed as parish clerk 1828d-1835d. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter poll book 1818.

Exeter. STABBACK, George. 1850-1854. Bookbinder. South Street 1850d; Cathedral Yard 1850d; College 1851d-1854d.

Exeter. STABBACK, John. 1835-1870. Bookbinder. College 1835d-1838d; 8, South Street 1839d-1849d; College 1855d-1870d; 9, South Street 1851-1856d. Born: Close, Exeter 1810/1. Married: Patience, born Halwill 1811/2. Sources: Census 1851 1868/382.

Exeter. STABBACK, William. 1851. Printer's apprentice. 3, Providence Place, St. Mary Arches 1851. Born: Salisbury 1835/6, son of William, cabinet maker. Sources: Census 1851 1869/264.

Exeter. STAPELLS, Richard. 1823-1827. Bookbinder. Mary Arches Street 1823, St. Mary Arches 1825; Holy Trinity 1827. Married: Susanna Cole. Children: Charles William bap. 21/11/1823 St. Olave, Frances bap. 28/9/1825 St. Mary Arches, Susanna Cole bap. 7/12/1827 Holy Trinity.

Exeter. STEPHENS, John. 1726-1727. Bookbinder. Children: John, feltmaker, freeman of Exeter by succession 23/3/1741. Apprenticed to Robert May, bookseller. Freeman of Exeter 31/7/1727. Bondsman for marriages of Anthony Kelly, allegation 29/4/1726, Joseph Drew of Exeter, bookseller, allegation 13/5/1727, Thomas Blachford of Totnes 21/8/1722 and John Searle 8/12/1727. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. STEPHENS, William. 1707. Stationer. Witness for marriage licence of William Grigg and Hanna Heiffield of Awliscombe 7/7/1707.

Exeter. STILLMAN, David. 1851. Printer's apprentice. Phillips Court, Exe Street 1851. Born: Moretonhampstead 1830/1, son of Thomas pedlar bookseller. Sources: Census 1851 1869/57.

Exeter. STILLMAN, Thomas. 1851. Pedlar bookseller. Phillips Court, Exe Street 1851. Born: Moretonhampstead 1789/90. Married: Mary, born North Bovey 1786/7. Children: born Moretonhampstead 1825-31. Sources: Census 1851 1869/57.

Exeter. STOCKEN, Charles. 1851. Stationer. Advert EFP 15/5/1851 4e.

Exeter. STOKES, Thomas. 1851. Printer's apprentice. Cowick Street 1851. Born: Tiverton 1834/5, son of Jemima, seamstress. Sources: Census 1851 1867/160.

Exeter. STONE, Robert. 1824-1866. Bookbinder, stationer, bookseller from 1832. St. Edmund 1824; Gandy Street 1827d-1831d; 8, New Bridge Street 1832d-1856d+; no.10 1833d-1848d; no. 8 1849d-1854d; no. 10 1850d-1856d+; Fore Street Hill 1864. Married: Eliza Hill, born Exeter 1804/5, 31/1/1824 St. Edmund. Children: born Exeter 1831-47 including Robert H., succeeded father, daughter married EFP 25/5/1864 5e. Died: by 1866. Distributed many single-sheet items printed by Keys of Devonport. Business taken over by son Robert H.Stone EFP 17/10/1866 4d. Sources: Census 1851 1869/446.

Exeter. STONE, Robert H. 1866. Stationer. Born: Exeter, son of Robert, stationer. Succeeds to father's business EFP 17/10/1866 4d.

Exeter. STOPPS, Joseph. 1851. Lithographic apprentice. 229, High Street. Born: Putney, Middlesex 1834/5. Lodging with William Spreat, artist 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/160.

Exeter. STRETCHLEY, Richard. 1728. Compositor. Born: Exeter, bap. 2/5/1701, St. Petrock, son of Richard of Exeter, gent. Not freeman of Exeter. Matriculated at Balliol College, Oxford 17/3/1718. Compositor for Edward Farley. Set the Persian Letter from Mist's Weekly Journal of 24/8/1728 in Farley's Exeter Journal of 30/8. Farley claimed he "inadvertently suffered the same to be reprinted in his newspaper without reading or being acquainted with the contents thereof". The solicitor for the Crown, William Gill, said of him: "his parents left him with a handsome fortune wch he has profusely and extravagantly spent, and he, having had some university learning, became Farley's compositor of his press for bread." Sources: Wiles p.285,299; Foster Alumni oxonienses.

Exeter. STRONG, John. 1715-1731. Bookseller, bookbinder. Apprenticed to Walter Dight, bookseller. Freeman of Exeter 3/1/1715. Bondsman for marriage of John Saunders, allegation 16/12/1731. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. STRONG, William. 1803. Printer. Holy Trinity 1803. Aged 17/30,unmarried 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. STRONG, William. 1823-1837. Bookseller. St. Edmund 1823; 56, High Street 1830d-1837d; opposite Guildhall 1837. Married: Elizabeth Avent 19/5/1823 St. Edmund. Died: aged 54 EFP 9/7/1846 2f. Adverts EFP 19/3/1829 2c, 9/2/1832 1d. Also in business in Bristol. Succeeded Gilbert Dyer, succeeded by Edwin Jeanes EFP 12/10/1837 2d. Sources: Attwood.

Exeter. STRONG, William. 1851. Bookbinder. 9, North Street 1851. Born: 1803/4 Exeter. Married: Elzabeth, lodging house keeper, born Exeter 1800/1. Broker to 1850d, coffee house 1851d. Sources: Census 1851 1866/270.

Exeter. STRUTT, W.T. 1828. Print publisher. Exeter and Teignmouth 1828. Imprints: 1828: Strutt.

Exeter. STYLE, Sidney. 1865-1878. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. 223, High Street 1865-1878d. Taken over business of D.Thomson EFP 28/6/1865 4f. Advert EFP 1/12/1875 5a.

Exeter. SUMMERFIELD, Thomas. 1741. Publisher of news. Not freeman of Exeter. Grant infringement suit Baskett v. Summerfield 1741. Sources: Goulden.

Exeter. SUTTON, T. 1774. Bookbinder, stationer. Old Exe Bridge 1774. Imprints: New song.

Exeter. SWEETLAND, Abel. 1779-1787. Bookseller. Fore Street 1783d-1785p. Married: Margaret Cradock 20/5/1781 St. Martin. Children: Edward born by 1780, son died EFP 18/10/1810 4d. Died: 30/8/1787. Not freeman of Exeter. Succeeded Edward Score EFP 26/11/1779 3a. Selling sermon by John Hayter EFP 28/4/1780 3a. Selling wallpaper EFP 30/6/1780 2c. Published catalogue of his stock 1781. Advert EFP 20/11/1783 3a. Selling library EFP 4/11/1784 3a. Advert EFP 23/3/1786 3c. Sun insurance policies 430626 £1,000 1780, 457466 £1,000 1782, 496610 £1,400 1784. Label engraved by Woodman. Succeeded by his widow Margaret EFP 6/9/1787 3bc. Imprints: 1780: Hayter, Marshall; 1781: Churchill; 1783: Sweetland. Sources: Guildhall Lib. mss 11,936/285,300,324; Pendred; Musgrave; Munby and Coral; Nichols iii,687; Attwood p.133.

Exeter. SWEETLAND, Edward. 1801. Bookseller. High Street 1801d. Born: by 1780, son of Abel, bookseller, and Margaret. Not freeman of Exeter. Sources:Exeter freemen.

Exeter. SWEETLAND, Edward J. 1851. Printer, compositor. Cornish's Court, Smythen Street 1851. Born: Alphington 1834/5, son of Mary A., widow, greengrocer. Sources: Census 1851 1869/310.

Exeter. SWEETLAND, Margaret. 1787-1796. Bookseller. Over against Guildhall, c1790; Fore Street 1791d; High Street 1793d-1796d. Married: Abel Sweetland. Children: Edward born by 1780. Died: after lingering illness 25/9/1796 GM Oct.1796 p.881. Succeeded husband Abel Sweetland EFP 6/9/1787 3bc. Advert EFP 3/1/1788 3d. Published catalogue 1788. Trade card states that widow of Abel Sweetland, bookseller, stationer, printseller, patent medicine seller, books neatly bound c1790. Sells Jones's solid black lead pencils EFP 24/5/1792 2d. Executors continuing business for son EFP 29/9/1796 3d. J.Risdon taken over stock EFP 25/12/1800 3e. Imprints: 1793: Eastcott. Sources: Nichols iii,687; Attwood p.133.

Exeter. SYDENHAM, George. 1686. Bookseller. Apprenticed to Robert Eveleigh. Freeman of Exeter 25/10/1686. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. SYMES, Mary. 1851. Stationer's assistant. 92, Fore Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1787/8. Married: by 1851. Assisted sister Margaret Mack. Sources: Census 1851 1869/341.

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