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04 July 2014

Devon paper trades: Newton Abbot

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon paper trades: a biographical dictionary
Newton Abbot

E_EN_DEV_NEWTON ABBOT. Devon. Includes Newton Bushel, Wolborough and Highweek).

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. BICKFORD, William. Paper manufacturer. 1840d. He was the last paper maker at Bradley Mill before it became disused, then damaged by fire, and was eventually bought as a ruin in 1860 by Vicary who built a fellmongering and tanning mill on the site. His eldest son Robert Weatherdon Bickford was caught in the cogs of two revolving wheels on the whilst at play in the paper mills died from his injuries EFP 17/4/1845 2f,3b.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. BRADLEY MILLS. Paper mills. Active c1790-1848. William Jacob proprietor 1816-1830d. William Bickford proprietor 1840d- 1845. Fire put out EFP 8/12/1853 1d. Paper mill for sale EFP 21/4/1842 1a, 26/10/1848 1b. Wm Bickford’s eldest son Robert Weatherdon Bickford was caught in the cogs of two revolving wheels on the whilst at play in the paper mills and killed EFP 17/4/1845 2f 3b. Sources: Shorter p.157; Chitty.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. DAWTON Brothers and Co. Paper makers. Aller 1852d. See Abbotskerswell.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. DAWTON, John. Paper maker. Little Bradley 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. JACOBS, Henry. Rag dealer 1823d, stationer, 1830d-1848d, bookseller 1844d-1852d. East Street 1823d; West Street 1830d; Wolborough Street 1844d; Bridge Street 1848d-1855h. Children: daughter died EFP 9/1/1851 3a. Distributed single sheet items published by Keys of Devonport.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. JACOBS, Thomas. Bookseller, paper manufacturer, wholesale stationer. Wolborough Street 1844d-1850d; East Street 1852d-1855h.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. JACOBS, William. Rag dealer 1823d, paper maker 1826-1830d. East Street 1823d; Bradley Mills 1816-1830d. Imprisoned for debt EFP 9/11/1826 4b. Sources: Shorter p.157

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. LOWER BRADLEY MILLS. Paper mills. See Bradley Mills.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. TURNER. Paper maker. Mills destroyed by fire EFP 9/5/1793 3c.

E_EN_DEV_Newton Abbot. TURNER, Richard. Paper maker. Aller Mill. See Ashprington.

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