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03 July 2014

Devon paper trades: Broadclyst

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon paper trades: a biographical dictionary

E_EN_DEV_BROADCLYST. Devon. See also Silverton

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. ETHERLEIGH BRIDGE MILLS. 1783-1999. Paper mills. Active 1783. Working as Silverton Mills, Reed and Smith Ltd 1939-1957. Closed in 1999. Site was owned by St Regis Paper Company and used as S. M. Smith's recycling centre until the buildings were demolished in 2014 under the terms of an agreement with the National Trust. Sources: Shorter; Chitty ; Kelly's directory 1939.

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. MARTYN, Richard. 1839-1856. Paper maker. Married: EFP 7/11/1839 2e. Sister died EFP 15/12/1842 2f. Trading as Matthews and Martyn 1842-1856d.

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. MATTHEWS and MARTYN. 1842-1856. Paper makers. Broadclyst 1842-1856d; Bridge Mills, Huxham 1850d. See John Matthews, Richard Martyn.

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. MATTHEWS, J. and H. 1837. Paper makers. Advertising for men EFP 5/1/1837 2c.

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. MATTHEWS, John. 1791-1842. Paper maker. Died: EFP 19/5/1842 2g. Trading as Matthews and Martyn 1842. Mentioned in Broadclyst parish register from 1791. Rate assessment for mill 1799. Sister and daughter died EFP 4/5/1815 4c. Dissolving partnership with Richard Matthews of Huxham EFP 10/2/1803 1e, LG 8/2/1803. Wanting men EFP 5/1/1837 2c.

E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. MATTHEWS, William. 1783-1790. Paper maker. Died: EFP 28/1/1790 3c. Came from Hele Mill 1783. Sources: Shorter.

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