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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: A-Z miscellaneous

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary
A-Z Miscellaneous

E_EN_DEV_ - Devon. Liscombe, Thomas. 1813. Chapman. Well known as supplying the counties of Devon and Cornwall with ballads, etc. is apprehended for the murder of Sarah Ford, wife of a farmer, near Kingsbridge, Devonshire. He also confessed to the murder of a girl named Margaret Huxtable, at Dodbrooke. Sources: MM Jan. 1813 p.568.


E_EN_DEV_Appledore. Clapp, Jerome. 1840-1850. Congregational minister and printer. Owned a printing press on which he printed hymn books in the 1840s. Father of Jerome K.Jerome.


E_EN_DEV_Awliscombe. SAWYER, Wlliam. 1833. Printer. Registered press 1833. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.


E_EN_DEV_Bampton. BROOK, Edmund. 1852. Chemist, druggist, bookseller. 1852d. Only listed as chemist and druggist 1844d, as druggist and wine merchant 1850d.

E_EN_DEV_Bampton. CHERRY, Charles. 1830. Printer, druggist, ironmonger. 1830d.

E_EN_DEV_Bampton. DORE, Lawrence. 1852. Printer, stationer. 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Bampton. PHILLIPS, William Baker. 1840. Chemist, druggist, bookseller, stationer. 1840d.

E_EN_DEV_Bampton. POORE, E. 1842. Stationer.Bankrupt EFP 7/7/1842 3f.


E_EN_DEV_Bovey Tracey. MANN, T. 1856. Bookseller, stationer. Fore Street 1856d.


E_EN_DEV_Bradninch. LAVERY, John. 1844. Bookseller, printer, stationer. 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Bradninch. SAVORY, John. 1848. Stationer. 1848d.


E_EN_DEV_Broadclyst. BROADCLYST BOOK SOCIETY. 1858. Library. Library of 800 volumes EFP 18/2/1858 5c.


E_EN_DEV_Buckfastleigh. Yeo, Dr. Daniel. 1844. Printer, stationer. 1844d.


E_EN_DEV_Chulmleigh. HOWELL, Elizabeth. 18. Stationer. 1844d.

E_EN_DEV_Chulmleigh. NOTT, John. 1850-1878. Bookseller, stationer, printer, fancy repository. Chulmleigh 1850d-1856d; Fore Street 1878d. Agent for Prudential Assurance 1870d-1878d. District registrar of births and deaths 1878d. Succeeded by Mrs Mary Nott 1890d.


E_EN_DEV_Colyton. HUTCHINS, Henry. 1855. Stationer. 1855h.

E_EN_DEV_Colyton. HUTCHINGS, John. 1850-1852. Hairdresser, bookseller, stationer. 1850d-1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Colyton. KETTLE, John Bampfylde. 1850-1897. Bookseller, stationer, printer. 1850d-1897d [as John Kittle 1850d-1852d]. Clerk to burial board of parish council 1870d-1897d. Agent for London and Westminster Insurance 1870d-1878d. Sources: Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Colyton. KITTLE, John. 1852-1855. Printer, bookseller. 1852d-1855h. See John Bampfylde Kettle.

E_EN_DEV_Colyton. SKINNER, William. 1830-1855. Printer, glazier. 1830d-1852d. Died: 1855: will PROB11/2209. Imprints: 1833: Gibson ; 1837: Taplin ; 1838: Smith ; 1841 : Smith ; 1842 : Farmer.


E_EN_DEV_Dunsford. CHEESWORTH, C.N. 18. Stationer. 1856d.


E_EN_DEV_Lustleigh. DAVY, William. Clergyman, printer. Born: 1743. Died: Lustleigh 13/6/1826. Printed 14 copies of his 26 volume System of divinity a page at a time on a press of his own devising, assisted by his housekeeper Hole using a battered font of type obtained second-hand from Trewman of Exeter. Registered press 27/9/1799 Devon Q/S 52. Imprints: 1795-1807: Davy; 1796: Davy; 1797: Davy. Sources: Dredge p.35; Timperley; Radford, Ursula. "William Davy, priest and printer", Trans. Devonshire Assoc. v. 63, (1931) pp.325-39. Palmer, John E.C. "The Davy divinity press at Lustleigh, Devon", Factotum, 4, (1978) pp.21-23.

E_EN_DEV_Lustleigh. HOLE. Housekeeper, assistant printer. Housekeeper to Rev. William Davy q.v. and assisted him in printing his System of divinity between 1795 and 1807.


E_EN_DEV_Lynton. TRIX, Henry. Bookseller, librarian, fancy repository, hot and cold baths, grocer, druggist and lodging house keeper. Lynmouth 1830d-1856d. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks) c1825: 1480; c1840: 1553.

E_EN_DEV_MILLBROOKE. Now in Cornwall.

E_EN_DEV_Millbrooke. JORDAINE, John. Printer. Published handbill for Barnard privateer 1756. John Jordaine of Milbrook by will dated 18/1/1775 left £100 for the poor of St. David, Exeter. Sources: Dredge p.115; Charity Commissioners report for Exeter col. 338; Worh pp.509-10.


E_EN_DEV_North Tawton. BLIGHT. Printer. Died: EFP 17/11/1853 8f.

E_EN_DEV_North Tawton. BLIGHT, Samuel. [no trade]. 1855h.


E_EN_DEV_Plympton. CLANBROOK. 1829. Bookseller. Advert EFP 8/10/1829 1c.


E_EN_DEV_Salcombe. LITERARY SOCIETY. 1852. Library. 1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Salcombe. PEARCE, Samuel. 1844-1856. Stationer. 1844d-1856d. Also coal dealer 1850d.


E_EN_DEV_Seaton. HILL, J. 1856. Bookseller, stationer. 1856d


E_EN_DEV_Shaldon. MORTIMER, William. 1830. Printer, bookseller, stationer, stamp distributor. 1830d.


E_EN_DEV_Shebbear. THORNE, Samuel. 1829-1856. Printer, bookseller. 1829-1856d. Registered press 15/5/1829 (DRO Q/S 68). Circulating library of 2,000 volumes to be sold, Mr Snell, bookseller of Bideford has catalogues NDJ 17/7/1834. The famous Bible Christian leader.

E_EN_DEV_Shebbear. WESTERN HERALD. 1838. Newspaper. Published 8/11/1836-20/2/1838.


E_EN_DEV_Sidbury. GODFREY, Mrs. A. 1856. Stationer. 1856d.


E_EN_DEV_Starcross. SOUTHWOOD, Harriett. 1844-1852. Bookseller, stationer. 1844d-1852d.

E_EN_DEV_Starcross. SOUTHWOOD, James. 1850. Bookseller, librarian. 1850d.

E_EN_DEV_Starcross. SOUTHWOOD, Mrs. M. 1856. Bookseller. 1856d.


E_EN_DEV_Winkleigh. HAMNETT, William. 1866. Newsagent. Vine Street 1866. Married: EFP 22/8/1866 5c.

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