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04 July 2014

Devon book trades: Torrington

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary


Torrington. Andrews, T. 1910-1919. Printer. 25 South Street, Great Torrington 1910-1919. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Bowden, J. and Son. 1935-1939. Printers. Church Gate 2935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Bowden, Joseph. 1926. Printer. Church Gate 1926. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Colby. 1765. Bookseller. Advert EFP 22/2/1765 3a.

Torrington. Cole, J. and E. 1893. Printer. Corn Market Street 1893. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Copp, George. 1902-1939. Printer. South Street 1902-1910 ; 2 South st. Gt. Torrington 1914-1923 ; 4, Well Street 1926-1939. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Dyer, Thomas John. 1893-1939. Printer. Fore Street 1893 ; 8 Fore Street, Great Torrington 1902-1939. As J. T. Dyer and Son 1935 ; Thomas John Dyer and Son 1939. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Fowler, Cecilia, Miss. 1870-1878. Printer, bookseller, stationer. High Street 1870-1878. Succeeded Mrs Mary Fowler. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Fowler, Mary, Mrs. 1844-1862. Printer, bookseller, stationer. High Street 1844-1862. Succeeded by Miss Cecilia Fowler 1870-1878. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Fowler, Thomas. 1814-1827. Printer, bookseller, stationer. High Street 1823d-1840d. Born: 1777. Children: daughter died EFP 21/6/1832 2d, son died EFP9/6/1836 2d. Organist 1830d. Self-taught at local school, apprenticed as fellmonger. Interested in mathematics, designed own printing equipment. Also made calculating machine and invented thermosiphon. Succeeded Squance. Distributed Devon adventurer 1814. Agent for Carroll's lottery EFP 28/1/1819 1c, 16/3/1820 2d, 18/1/1821 1d. Printed publicans' recognizances used 1822-26 DRO Q/S 63.Agent for Trewman's Exeter pocket journal 1827. Also bank manager. Monument in Lady Chapel of Great Torrington church. Imprints: 1822: Johnson. Sources: Fowler, Hugh "Biographical notice of the late Mr. Thomas Fowler" in Trans. Dev. Assoc. (1875), p. 171; Dredge p. 37; Worth p. 513; Clamp.

Torrington. Heywood, Mark. 1878. Printer. High Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Paine, Anthony. 17--. ESTC file.

Torrington. Parker, Hedly M. 1889. Printer. High Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Rousham, Walter W. 1889. Printer. Fore Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Sellick, William. 1840-1870. Printer, bookseller, stationer, South Street 1840d-1855h; High Street 1856d-1870d. Married: EFP 12/9/1839 2e. Children: daughter married EFP 25/11/1863 5d. Member of the Methodist Trust 8/12/1842. Tea agent EFP 11/1/1849 1f. Sources: Clamp.

Torrington. Squance, William. 1794-1798. Printer, stationer, bookbinder. 1798d. Succeeded by Thomas Fowler. Imprints: 1794: Collier; 1796: Exmoor; 1797: Stanhope. Sources: Worth p. 512-3; Dredge p. 37, 85.

Torrington. Subscription Reading Rooms. 1840. Town Hall 1840d.

Torrington. Turrall, William Henry. 1893-1902. Printer. Church Gate, High Street 1893 ; High Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Westaway and Son. 1889. Printers. Fore Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Torrington. Wilson, R. 1803-1807. Printer. To retire, stock for sale EFP 11/4/1805 1d. Selling business EFP 23/7/1807 2c. Mr. R.Wilson removed to Bideford - Messrs Wilson Brothers, the printers of Mill Street, Bideford are his grandchildren. Imprints: 1803: Herring. Sources: Dredge p.37.

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