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04 July 2014

Devon book trades: Topsham

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary


E_EN_DEV_Topsham. BROWN, John. 1848. Bookseller. Agent for SPCK 1848d.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. BUDGE. 1830. Print publisher. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocke): c1830: 754.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. CLARKE, Mrs. 18--. Bookseller 1811d.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. EFFORD, James.Printer, stationer. 1830d. Registered press 10/11/1824 (DRO Q/S 69).

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. FORD, John. 18--. Printer, bookseller, library. Fore Street 1840d, 1848d-1850d, 1856d-1862d; High Street 1844d, 1852d-1855h. Born: Bristol 1811/2. Married: wife died EFP 21/4/1842 2g; married Sarah EFP 5/10/1843 2c. Children: born Topsham 1837, 1840; son died EFP 25/12/1861 5d. Died: EFP 11/6/1862 5b. Business for sale EFP 2/7/1862 1d. Estate being settled EFP 27/5/1863 4a. Sources: Census 1851 1866/258.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. POPE, George. 1840-1850. Shopkeeper, bookseller, stationer. Fore Street 1840d, 1850d; High Street 1844d-1848d. Collector of property and income taxes 1848d.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. RICHARDS, Reuben. 1862-1878. Printer, stationer, tobacconist. 4, Strand 1864; Majorfield Lane 1878d. Ran Richards Topsham herald c1862-4. Sources: Clamp; D&C N&Q vol. 15, p. 10; N&Q 12 ser., vol. 8, p.476.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. RICHARDS'S TOPSHAM HERALD AND GENERAL ADVERTISER FOR SOUTH AND EAST DEVON. 1862-1864. Newspaper. Published c1862-4 by Reuben Richards q.v.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. SNELL, Ann. 1840. Stationer. Fore Street 1840d.

E_EN_DEV_Topsham. SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 1848. Publisher. Agent John Brown 1848d.

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