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04 July 2014

Devon book trades: Stonehouse

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary

STONEHOUSE. East Stonehouse. Merged with Plymouth in 1914. Firms starting after that date are listed under Plymouth.

Stonehouse. Barnes, Samuel. 1910-1939. Printer. 24 Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth 1910-1926 ; 118, Union Street, East Stonehouse 1939. As Barnes Brothers 1939. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Bennett, E. Bookseller. 45, Union Street, Stonehouse 1856d.

Stonehouse. Blackwell, Frederick and Thomas. Printers, booksellers, printsellers, artists' colourmen, carvers and gilders, stationers, fancy repository. 59, Union Street, Stonehouse 1840d-1856d. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): c1852: 1376.

Stonehouse. Brimacombe and Tolchard. 1910-1914. Printers. 16, Battery Street, East Stonehouse 1910 ; 47, Union Place, East Stonehouse, Plymouth 1914. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Cole, Edward William.1832-1878. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, music seller (1852). Stonehouse 1832; Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1834; no. 12 1840d-1878. Married: EFP 6/12/1832 2e. Registered press 1834, 1835/6. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

Stonehouse. Cooke, John. Engraver and copperplate printer. 48, Union Street, Stonehouse 1823d; 82, Union Street 1830d-1840d. Imprints: 1828: Sanford.

Stonehouse. Cooper, William Gilborne. Engraver and copperplate printer, lithographer (1840d). 86, James Street, Devonport 1830d; 43, Union Street, Stonehouse 1840d-1856d.

Stonehouse. Cooper, William George. Seal, copperplate, brass and ornamental engraver and printer. 44, Union Street, Stonehouse 1836d; 11, Marlborough Street, Devonport 1852d.

Stonehouse. Currie, H. Printer. 46, Union Street, Stonehouse 1856d.

Stonehouse. DALLINGER, J. Printer. 40, Union Place, Stonehouse 1856d.

Stonehouse. Doidge, John Sweet. Printer, bookseller. 32, Union Street, Stonehouse 1852d; no number 1855h; 30, Whimple street, Plymouth 1856d.

Stonehouse. Doidge, Thomas. Bookseller. Married: EFP 16/1/1861 5a.

Stonehouse. Fedrick, John George. 1893. Printer. 25, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1893. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Field, John. 1823. Bookseller, stationer. 11, Chapel Street, Stonehouse 1823d.

Stonehouse. Gilbert, Philip. 1830-1840. Bookbinder. 1830d; 88, Union Street 1840d.

Stonehouse. Gilbert, William. 1830-1844. Bookbinder. 5, Chapel Street, Devonport 1830d; Union Street, Stonehouse 1844d.

Stonehouse. Gilbert, William Samuel. 1840-1855. Bookbinder. King Street, Plymouth 1840d; 12, King Street 1844d-1850d; 29, King Street 1852d-1855h; Union Street, Stonehouse 1852d.

Stonehouse. Gray, William I. 1799-1820. Printer, bookseller. Plymouth 1805d; Stonehouse 1809d. Registered press with William Gray jun. 29/9/1812 COPAC has records for W. Gray 1799-1815 (Plymouth) and 1812-c.1820 (Stonehouse). English Folk Dance and Song Society records 72 songs taken from a songster. Sources: Devon Q/S 52; Worth p.509.

Stonehouse. Griffin, John. 1844. Bookseller, stationer. Union Street, Stonehouse 1844d.

Stonehouse. Holmden, Robert. 1809. Bookseller. Chapel Street, Stonehouse 1809d.

Stonehouse. Huss, H. 1809. Music seller. Chapel Street, Stonehouse 1809d.

Stonehouse. Huss, Mary. 1830-1855. Printer, bookseller, stationer. 29, Chapel Street, Stonehouse 1830d-1844d; 24, Chapel Street 1855h.

Stonehouse. Huss, Thomas. 1793-1824. Printer, bookseller, stationer, circulating library. Stonehouse 1793-1824; Chapel Street, Stonehouse 1809d-1812d; 18, Chapel Street 1823d. Died: 31/5/1824 EFP 10/6/1824 4b. Agent for medicine EFP 14/2/1793 1c. Registered press 20/2/1818 DRO Q/S 52. Agent for lottery EFP 1/7/1815, 4/4/1816 1c, 21/8/1819 3d, 7/2/1822 1d. Printed label recorded. Imprints: 1803: Sermon. Sources: Dredge p.41; Attwood p.137.

Stonehouse. Jay, E. 1840. junior. Bookseller. Stonehouse Lane 1840d.

Stonehouse. Lewis, John. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, librarian. 16, Cumberland Street, Devonport 1852d-1855h; 85, Union Street, Stonehouse 1856d.

Stonehouse. Marten, J. Print publisher. Stonehouse 1832. Imprints: single prints (Somers Cocks): 1832: 2271.

Stonehouse. Millman, James. Bookbinder. Quay, East Stonehouse 1812d.

Stonehouse. Neame, William J. Engraver, watchmaker. 6, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1844d.

Stonehouse. Newcombe, George. Printer, stationer, bookbinder, reading rooms (1830d). 12. Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1830d-1832; 9, Old Town Street, Plymouth 1855h-1856d. Registered press 23/4/1832 (DRO Q/S 68).

Stonehouse. Niner, James. Engraver and working jeweller. 15, Russell Street 1840d; 16, Russell Street 1844d; Hobart Cottages, Stonehouse 1852d.

Stonehouse. Pollard, William Nesbitt. Printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. 36, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1840d; 38, Edgcumbe Street 1844d-1856d.

Stonehouse. Prout, John. Music seller. Union Street, Stonehouse 1844d-1852d; no. 2 1844d; no. 95 1852d. As John Prout and Sons 1852d. Also described as professor of music 1844d and pianoforte tuner 1852d.

Stonehouse. Prout, Sampson. 1914. Printer. 64 Union Place, East Stonehouse, Plymouth. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Roughton, William Oliver. 1902-1910. Printer. 15 1/2, Brownlow Street 1902, Plymouth ; 118, Union Street, East Stonehouse 1910. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Smith, R. S. and Co. 1878. Printer. 20, George Street, Plymouth 1878 ; 98, Fore Street, Devonport 1878 ; 45, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1878. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Southwood, William. Printer. East Stonehouse 1812. Registered press 24/5/1812. (DRO Q/S 52).

Stonehouse. Stockham, Thomas. Music seller and professor of music. 30, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1844d.

Stonehouse. STONEHOUSE PUBLIC NEWS ROOMS. St. George's Hall 1852d. Secretary: Thomas Mayne 1852d.

Stonehouse. Williams, James. 1878. Printer. 24, Edgcumbe Street, Stonehouse 1878. Sources: Directories.

Stonehouse. Williams, Sydney Braginton. 1893-1902. Printer. 24, Edgcumbe Street, East Stonehouse 1893-1902. Sources: Directories.

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