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04 July 2014

Devon book trades: Plymouth A-D

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Plymouth. A-D
PLYMOUTH. Devon. See also Devonport (1825-1914 with Plymouth Dock -1824), Stonehouse (to 1914).

Plymouth. 1776. Advert for newsboy for EFP 22/3/1776 3d.

Plymouth. 1805. Complaint of the publication and singing of scurrilous ballads. Source: Worth, Calendar of Plymouth records, p.246.

Plymouth. 1812. Bookseller's premises for sale in Frankfort Street EFP 30/4/1812 3c. Source: Dredge p.36.

Plymouth. Ackland, Edward. 1889. Printer. 11, Trafalgar Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Ackland, J. Stationer. 2, Drake Street 1856d.

Plymouth. Adams, Orion. Printer, bookseller. Plymouth 1758-64. Born: 1717, Manchester, son of Roger Adams, printer of the Manchester Weekly Journal. Died: Apr. 1797 aged 70 near Chester. "An old itinerant type" according to Daniel Prince in a letter to John Nichols 8/10/1795. Worked as a master in Manchester, where he founded Orion Adams's Weekly Journal and The Humourist; or, Magazine of Magazines and in Chester, Plymouth and Dublin. He also worked in London and other provincial ofices as a journeyman. In Plymouth established first recorded periodical in Devon. Paid 2s 6d for printing 100 advertisements "for discovering ye persons who rinded the Corporation elm trees" 23/8/1759. Subscribed to Calcott's Collection of thoughts 1764. Prisoner in King's Bench Prison Surrey, to take benefit of the act for the relief of insolvent debtors LG 16/8/1766. Associated with stage. In later life distributed playbills. In Birmingham partner with Nicholas Boden, ran own carriage. Died in poverty but "under all adversities his temper was cheerful, obliging and friendly". Imprints: 1758: Plymouth; 1759: Plymouth; 1763: Alcock. Sources: Plomer; Nichols ix,572; Dredge p.36,82,83; Worth, Calendar of Plymouth records, p.178; Maxted, Ian "Mobility and innovation in the book trades", in Six centuries of the provincial book trade in Britain (1991).

Plymouth. Adlard Brothers. 1914. Printer. 9 The Octagon, Union street, Plymouth 1914. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Albin, Edward. Printer, bookseller, stationer, librarian, newsagent. 3, Squire Terrace, Union Street, Plymouth 1850d-1856d. Tea agent EFP 11/1/1849 1f.

Plymouth. Amy, Frederick C. 1910-1939. Printer. 61, Craven Avenue, Plymouth 1910-1939 ; 10, Duke Street 1919-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Andrews, William. Printer. Plymouth 1765. Retired as printer of Exeter Flying Post and went to Plymouth "there then being no printer there" 7/11/1765. May have been partner with a predecessor of B.Haydon. In Chichester by 1768 when he bound an apprentice there. Sources: Dredge; Plomer; Attwood; Worth p.505.

Plymouth. Applegath, Edward. Letterpress printer. 36, Buckwell Street 1844d.

Plymouth. Arliss, Amelia A. Printer, bookseller, librarian, newsrooms. Bedford Street, Plymouth 1836d; no. 33 1840d-1844d.

Plymouth. Arliss, Ward West. Printer, bookseller, stationer. 33, Bedford Street, Plymouth 1830d. Registered two presses 22/4/1823 (DRO Q/S 52, 69). Advert for publication of sermon EFP 10/9/1829 2d. Printed pamphlet EFP 1/4/1830 2b. With Featherstone proprietor of Western Times 1830d.

Plymouth. Avent, Mrs. Stationer, umbrella maker. Buckwell Street 1836d.

Plymouth. Baggs and Co. 1878. Printer. 16 1/2 Courtenay Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Baggs, Cornelius Rickard. See Briggs, Cornelius Rickard.

Plymouth. Banfield, Charles. Bill poster. 37, Frankfort Street 1852d.

Plymouth. Bannan, Joseph. Schoolmaster, agent to Western Times newspaper. Lockyer Terrace 1836d.

Plymouth. Bard, Robert. Bookseller, stationer. 26, Nott Street, Plymouth 1850d.

Plymouth. Barker, James. Law stationer. Frankfort Street 1844d.

Plymouth. Barnacle, J.F. Stationer. 18, Market Street 1809d.

Plymouth. Barnes Brothers. 1939. Printers. 118, Union Street, East Stonehouse 1939. Previously Samuel Barnes, see under Stonehouse. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Barniell, Richard. See Barnikel, Richard.

Plymouth. Barnikel, F. Stationer. Market Street, Plymouth 1812d.

Plymouth. Barnikel, Richard. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder. Plymouth 1795d; opp. Middle Lane, Market Street, Plymouth c1790. Label recorded c1790. Advert EFP 4/7/1793 1d. Imprints: 1789: Exeter. Sources: Attwood.

Plymouth. Barter, J. W. 1889-1923. Printer. 44, Frankfort Street 1889-1893 ; 43 Frankfort Street, Plymouth 1902-1923. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Barter, James. Law stationer. Morley Street, Plymouth 1850d.

Plymouth. Bartlett, G. Stationer. 48, Cobourg Street 1856d.

Plymouth. Bartlett, George. Printer. Old Town Street, Plymouth 1850d; 3, Old Town Street 1852d.

Plymouth. Bartlett, J.E. Bookseller, stationer. 3, Old Town Street, Plymouth 1856d.

Plymouth. Bartlett, James. Printer, bookseller, stationer, news room. Whimple Street, Plymouth 1830d-1837; 12, Whimple Street 1840d; 29, Whimple Street 1844d. Father died EFP 9/3/1837 2f. Also tobacconist 1836d.

Plymouth. Bass, Henley Rogers (Henry G. 1855h) Agent. 54,York Street, Plymouth 1852d; [no number] 1855h. Agent for Blackie and Sons, publishers 1852d.

Plymouth. Bates, William. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Plymouth 1830-1857 ; 38, Old Town Street, Plymouth 1830d-1856d. Residential address: 3 Saltram Place 1862-1867. Married: EFP 18/10/1832 2c. Died: after 1885. He probably retired son after 1857. Single sheet items recorded: The quarter day, about rent-collecting, mentions the building of the new London Bridge in 1831 ; Tom Starboard, credited to a T Knight ; My friend and pitcher, by John O'Keeffe (1747-1843) ; Dot and carry one [and] The coal meter. Sources; Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers.

Plymouth. Bazeley, Harry N. 1910-1914. Printer. 15 Park Street, Plymouth 1910-1914. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Bazley, Reginald. 1878. Printer. 74, Old Town Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Bennett. Bookseller. Children: son died EFP 12/2/1846 2g. Advert EFP 2/2/1826 4e.

Plymouth. Bennett, John. Printer, publisher. York Buildings, New Town, Plymouth 1819; Library Lane, back of 5, Cornwall Street 1823. Registered press 6/3/1823 (DRO Q/S 52, 69). Imprints: 1819: Goodwin, Thomas; single prints (Somers Cocks): c1800: 1910.

Plymouth. Bennett, John. New and secondhand bookseller, publisher. 3, Ebrington Place 1852d; 3 and 4, Ebrington Place 1856d. Register office for servants 1852d.

Plymouth. Bennett, William. Bookseller, publisher, stationer, bookbinder (1840d). 13, Russell Street, Plymouth 1830d; 22, Russell Street 1840d-1844d. Also at 53, Paternoster Row, London 1844d. Periodical bookseller 1836d.

Plymouth. Birdsall, Thomas. Music seller. 8, Union Street, Plymouth 1844d-1852d.

Plymouth. Birmingham Harry. 1910-1939. Printer. 9 Whimple Street, Plymouth 1910-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Birmingham William. 1878-1902. Printer. 9 Whimple Street, Plymouth 1878-1902. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Bislley, C. Bookseller, librarian. 21, Union Street 1856d.

Plymouth. Blackamore, M. Print publisher. Plymouth 1782. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): 1782: 2051.

Plymouth. Blackie and Son. Booksellers, publishers. 54, York Street, Plymouth 1852d; [no number] 1855h; 26, Oxford Place 1856d. Agent Henley Rogers Bass 1852d.

Plymouth. Blake, John. Daguerrotype Institution, Royal Union Baths, Union Road 1852d.

Plymouth. Bodley, Henry. Ornamental, herald and writing engraver and printer. 10, Lockyer Terrace 1852d.

Plymouth. Bond, Priscilla, Mrs. Printer. 4,Bull Hill, Plymouth 1852d; 3, Bull Hill 1856d.

Plymouth. Bond, Philip. Bookseller, stationer. 31, Market Street 1823d.

Plymouth. Bond, Robert. Printer, bookseller, stationer, library, newsroom, bookbinder, wholesale and retail paper warehouse, toy warehouse (1830). Market Street, Plymouth 1812d; 14, Whimple Street, Plymouth 1819-1823d; 36, Bedford Street, Plymouth 1830d; Chelson Meadow 1830; 9, Cambridge Street, Plymouth 1850d; 12, High Street 1852d. At some date active at 23 Bond Street, Jersey, when he sold the single sheets printed by Picken of Devonport. Brother died EFP 30/1/1845 2g. Bankrupt EFP 15/2/1816 4a, to surrender at Pope's Head Inn, Plymouth 24,26/2/1816 MM Mar 1816 p.166. Registered two presses 24/12/1819, 2/9/1822 (DRO Q/S 52, 69), 7/8/1830 (DRO Q/S 68). Lottery agent EFP 4/1/1821 1e. Bankrupt EFP 3/2/1831 3c. Sources: Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers.

Plymouth. Bond, Robert jun. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Bull Hill, Plymouth 1836d; no. 3 1840d; no. 4 1844d-1850d. Registered press 15/3/1834. Sold single sheets printed by Picken of Deonport. Sources: DRO Q/S 68 ; Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers.

Plymouth. Bond, Thomas. Wholesale stationer. 10, Whimple Street, Plymouth 1840d-1844d. Listed as Thomas junior 1840d.

Plymouth. Bond, Thomas J. Printer, bookseller, stationer. High Street, Plymouth 1830d; 10, Whimple Street 1830; Portland Villas 1836d; no. 15 1856d. Imprints: 1830: Dixon.

Plymouth. Bowden, Thomas. Bookseller. 2, Pike Street 1809d; Frankfort Place 1812d. Married: Miss Evans EFP 3/12/1812 4b, MM Jan. 1813 p.568. Bankrupt EFP 20/5/1813 1a, MM Jun. 1813 p.446, to surrender at Commercial Inn, Plymouth LG 15/5/1813. Creditor of Benjamin Treble, artist, of Plymouth EFP 15/9/1814 1c.

Plymouth. Bowering and Co. 1878-1923. Printers. 23, George Street 1878 ; 20, George Street 1889-1910; George street, Plymouth 1914-1923. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Bowering Press. 1926-1939. Printer. 1, Courtenay Street 1926 ; 18, Union Place, East Stonehouse 1926-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Bradshaw, James. Librarian to Mechanics' Institute. Princess Street 1844d-1852d.

Plymouth. Brendon, Frederick. Bookseller. 5, Cornwall Street, Plymouth 1852d-1855h. Depot of Brethren tracts 1852d.

Plymouth. Brendon, William. Bookseller, stationer, printer. Home: 8, Melbourne Street, Plymouth 1850d; 26, George Street 1856d; 53, George Street 1866d; George Street 1878d; 62-3, George Street 1883d, 59, George Street 1889d; Pier Street 1906d-1939d. Trading as William Brendon and Son from 1878d. Also ran Mayflower Press, Commercial Road, Lambhay Hill 1923d-1926d; West Hoe Road 1935d-1939d. One of Plymouth's leading printing firms, producing many historical publications and also working for London publishers, for example Arthur C.Fifield 1903-21.

Plymouth. Brendon, William and Son. 1889-1939. Printers. 62, George Street 1878 ; 59, George Street 1889 ; Pier Street, Plymouth 1893-1926 ; Mayflower Press, Commercial Road, Lambhay Hill 1923-1926 ; Mayflower Press, West Hoe Road 1935-1939. As William Brendon and Son Ltd from 1914. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. BRETHREN TRACT DEPOT. See William Brendon 1852d.

Plymouth. Brewer, J.R. Printer. 11, John Street, Plymouth 1850d.

Plymouth. Brewer, William C. Engraver and printer. George Lane, Plymouth 1850d.

Plymouth. Briggs, Cornelius Rickard. Printer, bookseller, stationer, engraver, copperplate printer, lithographer. 40, Exeter Street, Plymouth 1850h-1855h; 5, Old Town Street, Plymouth 1856d.

Plymouth. Briggs, William Joseph. Engraver, lithographer and printer. 12, 8, George Street 1840d; George's Place, Plymouth 1844d. Agent for Independent West Middlesex Insurance Office 1840d.

Plymouth. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. Depositors: Felix Nicholson, 16, Bedford street 1844d-1852d; Thomas Mayne, 111, Union Street, Stonehouse 1852d.

Plymouth. Brown, Alfred Charles. 1910-1939. Printer. 8 Market Place, Plymouth 1910-1939 ; Week Street 1914-1939. As A. C. Brown and Co. Ltd 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Browne, Mrs. Circulating library. Frankfort Place 1812d.

Plymouth. Browne, Richard. Stationer. 13, Frankfort Street 1809d.

Plymouth. BULLEY, Charles. Bookseller, stationer, library. 18, Market Street 1823d; Whimple Street 1830d; High Street, Plymouth 1836d-1855h; no. 44 1840d-1852d; 21, Union Street, Plymouth 1850d-1856d.

Plymouth. BURFORD, Francis Pearse. Music seller and teacher. 16, Union Street, Plymouth 1850d-1852d.

Plymouth. BURKE, George. Engraver and copperplate printer. 60, Cobourg Place, Plymouth 1830d.

Plymouth. BUSVINE, James. Stationer. opposite Guildhall 1809d; Market Place 1812d.

Plymouth. BUTCHER, A. Bookseller, stationer. 6, Tavistock street, Plymouth 1850d.

Plymouth. BUTLAND, R.B. Printer. 12, Buckwell Street, Plymouth 1856d.

Plymouth. BUTLEY, C. Bookseller. Wife died EFP 12/12/1839 2e.

Plymouth. BYNE, George Alexander. Printer, newsagent and periodical dealer. 13, Saltash Street, Plymouth 1852d; 12, Saltash Street 1855h-1856d.

plymouth. Caddy, Sampson. 1902. Printer. 11, Princess Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. CANN, Edwin John (Edward J. 1855h). Bookbinder and machine ruler. 6, Morley Place, Plymouth 1852d-1855h.

Plymouth. Cann, William. 1878. Printer. 63, Old Town Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. CARRINGTON, Frederick, George. Newspaper publisher. 48, King Street, Devonport 1840d. Proprietor and publisher of The West of England Conservative 1840d.

Plymouth. CARRINGTON, R.W., F.G. and W.M. Printers. Devonport 1842; 107, Fore Street 1844d. Dissolved partnership with W.B.Ramsey LG 1/4/1842.

Plymouth. CAUNTER, H. Newsagent. 19, Frankfort Street 1856d.

Plymouth. CHALK, Mrs. T. Stationer. 14, Bilbury Street 1856d.

Plymouth. Chapple, Edwin. 1889-1902. Printer. George Street 1889 ; 18, George Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. CHRISTMAS, Henry. Printer. King Street 1844d.

Plymouth. CLARENCE PRESS. See Haydon, Benjamin Robert.

Plymouth. Clarke, Doble and Co. Limited. 1910-1926. Printers. Cliff Road, West Hoe 1910 ; Penrose street, Plymouth 1914-1926. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. CLARKSON, T. Print publisher. Plymouth c1762. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): c1762: 2051.

Plymouth. CLULOW and SOLTAU. Music sellers and publishers. 5, Cornwall Street, Plymouth 1840d.

Plymouth. Cobbledick, Francis C. 1935?. Printer. 78, Cambridge Street, Plymouth 1935? CHECK. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. COBLEY. Printer, bookseller. See Haydon and Cobley.

Plymouth. COLE and LAND. Booksellers, printers, law and general stationers and newsagents. 18, George Street, Plymouth 1852d-1855h. Successors to John Fanning 1852d. Succeeded by James Land and Co. 1855h (p.92).

Plymouth. Cole, Albert. 1919-1923. Printer. 15, Parade 1919-1923 ; 20 & 21, Southside Street 1919-1923. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Coleman and Son. 1902-1939. Printing ink manufacturers. 5 Holy Cross lane, Buckwell Street, Plymouth 1902-1939 . Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. COLLEY, John and Thomas. Engravers and copperplate printers. 4, Union Street 1823d.

Plymouth. COLLINS, John. Printer. Plymouth. Published Plymouth Magazine and Devonshire Miscellany 1772. Imprints: 1780?: Humours. Sources: Worth p.509.

Plymouth. COMMINS, John. Printer, bookseller. Plymouth. Mentioned in book EFP 14/1/1818 1d. Registered press8/9/1818 (DRO Q/S 69). Agent for pencils EFP 14/10/1819 4d.

Plymouth. COOK, John Henry. Printer. Adelaide Street 1837. Registered press 30/5/1837. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

Plymouth. CORNWALL STREET PUBLIC LIBRARY. See Plymouth Public Library.

Plymouth. COTTONIAN LIBRARY. Report on acquisition of some papers of Sir Joshua Reynolds EFP 19/9/1860 8bc.

Plymouth. COUCH, Mrs. Fancy stationer. Whimple Street 1836d.

Plymouth. Cove and Co. 1889. Printers. Caxton Ope, Old Town Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Cove, Frederick James. 1893. Printer. Caxton Printing Works, Caxton Ope, Old Town Street 1893. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. COVE, R. Stationer. 12, Compton Street, Duke Street 1856d.

Plymouth. Cove, Simpson. 1878. Printer. 38, Old Town Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. COX, William Caddy. Printer, stationer. 1, Vauxhall Street 1834; Whimple Street, Plymouth 1836d. Married: EFP 21/10/1836 2e. Registered press 16/6/1834. Sources: DRO Q/S 68.

Plymouth. CREAGH and CURTIS. Printers. Plymouth c1820. Sources: Worth p.509.

Plymouth. CREAGH, H.C. Printer, bookseller, stationer. 74, Whimple Street 1823d; 18, Woolster Street 1828. Possibly succeeded Haydon, Cobley and Co. c1818. Succeeded by Robert White Stevens 1828. Imprints: 1824: Baron. Sources: Edwards, N.C. My memory walks beside me, (1963), p.3.

Plymouth. Creber, Theophilus. 1878-1889. Printer. 60-61, Union Street 1878 ; 61, Union Street 1889. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. CREWS, W. Bookseller. 9, Beaumont Place 1856d.

Plymouth. CUMMINS. Bookseller. Plymouth 1819. Imprints: 1819: Hawkins. Dredge p.115.

Plymouth. CURTIS and REES. Booksellers. 27, George Street, Dock 1809d. See also Rees and Curtis.

Plymouth. CURTIS, I.L. Bookseller. Whimple Street 1836. Taken business of William Curtis EFP 1/9/1836 1b.

Plymouth. CURTIS, William. Bookseller, stationer, music seller. Park Street 1812d; Market Place 1812d; Whimple Street 1823d-1836, residence Portland Square 1836d. See also Rees and Curtis. Agent for sale of engravings EFP 6/1/1814 3c. Book and music seller to Duke of Clarence, trade card 1836d. Disposed of bookselling business to I.L.Curtis, taken up music selling EFP 1/9/1836 1b. Imprints: 1823: Hennah; 1830: Philo-Danmonian; single prints (Somers Cocks) 1826: 2055-7.

Plymouth. DAGUERROTYPE INSTITUTION. Royal Union Baths, Union Road 1852d. John Blake, manager and proprietor 1852d.

Plymouth. DAILY WESTERN MERCURY. New newspaper published by Isaac Latimer EFP 30/5/1860 4a. In libel case with Dartmouth Advertiser EFP 6/6/1877 7d. Continued as Western Daily Mercury 26/9/1860-31/1/1921 when incorporated with Western Morning News.

Plymouth. DAVY, John. Bookseller and music seller. 45, Union Street 1852d; 45, High Street,Plymouth 1855h.

Plymouth. Devonian Press. 1910-1919. Printer. Frankfort Buildings, Frankfort Street 1910 ; 4 Duke Street, Plymouth. (Frank Mabin 1914-1919). Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DEVONSHIRE FREEHOLDER. Newspaper. 14, Whimple Street and 205, High Street, Exeter 1823d. Established 1821. Continued as Plymouth Herald and Devonshire Freeholder 7/1/1826.

Plymouth. Dimond, Mrs. E. 1910-1919. Printer. High Street, Honiton 1910-1919. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DINGLE, Joseph. Bookseller and librarian. Britonside 1850. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DINGLE, William. Bookbinder, stationer. 6, Briton Side, Plymouth 1852d; 4, Briton Side 1855h.

Plymouth. Doidge and Co. 1893-1902. Printer. 169 & 170 Union Street 1893 ; 170, Union Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. Doidge, W. H. 1910-1926. Printer. 26 Buckwell Street, Plymouth 1910-1926. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DOMINY, R. Engraver and jeweller. Stoke 1840. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DORMER, John Edge. Stationer. St. Andrew 1759. Married: Frances Favell of St. Andrew, widow, licence 25/6/1759.

Plymouth. DORNING, Robert. Jeweller and engraver. 37, Ker Street, Devonport 1844-1850. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DREW. Librarian of Mechanics' Institute. Died: EFP 3/10/1839 2e.

Plymouth. Duggua Cood and Co. 1893. Printers. 20, Raleigh Street 1893. Sources: Directories.

Plymouth. DYER, W. H. W. 1856. Printer. 9, Raleigh Street, Plymouth, offices Frankfort Lane 1856. Sources: Directories.

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