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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Honiton

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary

. Imprint: 1792: Association.

Honiton. Bowden, B. 1795. Bookseller. Advert EFP 8/1/1795 3d.

Honiton. Brown, Arthur. 1763-1773. Bookseller. Subscribed for 20 copies of S.Bamfield's Astronomy 1764. Subscribed to John Coleridge's Miscellaneous discourses 1768. Takes in adverts for EFP 2/9/1763 4a-d. Adverts EFP 11/1/1765 4c, 16/1/1767 4a, 27/1/1769 2cd,4cd, 5/1/1770 2c, 1/1/1773 2c. Takes in adverts for EFP and advert EFP 5/1/1776 3,4b. Imprints: 1765: Harrison; 1769: Turner; 1770: Toulmin; 1771: Toulmin (2); 1773: Puddicombe. Sources: Plomer; Dredge pp.35,50,80,106.

Honiton. Browne, Samuel. 1738. Bookbinder. Married: Diana Smith of Honiton, spinster 12/7/1738.

Honiton. Clark(e), William Brimblecombe (or Bremblecombe). 1850-1889. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, newsagent. Honiton 1850d; High Street 1856-1889. Taken business of M.Spurway EFP 10/1/1853 4f. Agent for Royal Insurance Co. 1878d. Sources: Clamp ; Directories.

Honiton. Clarke, Hender. 1823. Bookseller, stationer. 1823d.

Honiton. Denselow, Edwin John. 1910-1919. Printer. New Street, Honiton 1910-1919. Sources: Directories.

Honiton. Dimond, Robert. 1893-1902. Printer. High Street 1893-1902. Sources: Directories.

Honiton. King, Francis. 1770. Bookseller. Witnessed sacrament certificate 30/12/1770, DRO Q/S 21/1770/18.

Honiton. Kirkup. 1763-1787. Bookseller, stationer. EFP 2/9/1763. Royal Exchange insurance policy 101974 £200 1786/7. Guildhall Library ms 7253/12.

Honiton. Kirkup, Mary. 1789-1798. Bookseller. 1793d. Agent for Trewman's Exeter pocket journal 1798. Imprints: 1789: Exeter. Sources: Clamp.

Honiton. Knight, John. 1840-1878. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, newsagent. High Street 1840-1878. Married: EFP 22/3/1832 2b. Agent for Standard of England Life Office 1840. Also tea dealer EFP 11/1/1849 1f. Registrar of marriages 1850-1878. Printed order for reception of pauper patients used 1847. Sources: Directories.

Honiton. Knight, R. 1870. Bookseller. Children: daughter died EFP 12/10/1870 5f.

Honiton. Lamport, Grace. 1793. Bookseller. c1793d.

Honiton. Lamport, William. 1783-1785. Bookseller. 1783d-1785p. Sources: Pendred.

Honiton. Lee, Anne. 1793. Bookseller. c1793d.

Honiton. Literary Institute. 1850-1859. Library. High Street. Thomas Bottem Secretary 1850d. Has over 500 volumes and reading room with newspapers EFP 31/1/1850 8c. J.Wakeford q.v. reelected hon. sec. EFP 13/1/1859 7e.

Honiton. Lott, Jane. 1780? Printer, bookseller, stationer, shopkeeper, hop dealer. Royal Exchange insurance policy 93395 £100 Guildhall Library ms 7253/9. Error for Samuel?

Honiton. Lott, Samuel. 1778-1794. Postmaster, land surveyor, printer, bookseller, stationer. Post Office [1783?]-1787; Market Place 1784d-1785p. Married: Elizabeth Baines 25/8/1777. Advert for books EFP 26/6/1778 2a. Agent for lottery tickets EFP 27/10/1780 1d. Royal Exchange insurance policies 95714 £1200 1785/7, 101975 £1050 1786/7 Guildhall Library ms 7253/11 and 12. Surveyor to General Post Office for western district c1793d. Imprints: printed forms 1783-94; [1792?]: At. Sources: Pendred.

Honiton. Masland, William. 1889. Printer. 31, Fore Street 1889 ; Fore Street 1893 ; High Street, Honiton 1889. Sources: Directories.

Honiton. Morgan. 1815. Bookseller. Tenant of house for sale EFP 2/3/1815 1d.

Honiton. Snell, Thomas. 1823-1831. printer, bookseller, stationer. Honiton 1823d; High Street 1830d. Agent for sale of goods EFP 26/3/1829 3d. Debtor EFP 24/2/1831 2b. British Library HS.74/2008 includes the following item signed "Snell, printer &c": Betsy Watson [and] The streams of lovely Nancy with, on the verso: The unfortunate farmer [and] ‘Twas in the month of August in cutting of the corn [and] Down in our village.

Honiton. Snell, William. 1830. Bookseller, stationer. High Street 1830d.

Honiton. SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 1852. Publisher. High Street, Mary Spurway depositor 1852d.

Honiton. Spurncey, Mary. 1855. 1855h. See Spurway.

Honiton. Spurway, Grace. 1844. Printer, bookseller, stationer. High Street 1844d.

Honiton. Spurway, James. 1797-1844. Letterpress and copperplate printer, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer. 1797-1823d; High Street 1830d-1844d. Born: c.1771. Agent for Trewman's Exeter pocket journal 1798, 1827. Registered press 21/8/1799, DRO Q/S 52. Agent for Plymouth and Dock telegraph 1809-13. Mentioned in adverts EFP 16/11/1815 4e. Printed sermon by H.A.Hughes EFP 23/9/1819 4bd, WL 21/9/1819. Listed as postmaster and printer, resident in Honiton, aged 45 in Axminster register of freeholders c.1816 (DRO Q/S 7/64). Imprints: 1797: Bond; 1799: Life, Macgowan; 1819 Hughes; printed forms 1798-99. Sources:Dredge p.80,81; Clamp.

Honiton. Spurway, Miss Mary. 1840-1870. Bookseller, printer, newsagent, stationer, fancy repository. High Street 1840d-1870d. Depositor for SPCK 1852d. Ceasing printing and concentrating on bookselling EFP 10/11/1853 4f. Printing business taken over by W.B.Clarke EFP 10/11/1853 4f.

Honiton. Tucker, Richard. 1850-1856. Stationer. High Street 1850d-1856d. Postmaster 1850d.

Honiton. Viney, J. 1856. Stationer. High Street 1856d.

Honiton. Wakeford, J. 1859. Librarian. Reelected hon. sec. of Literary Institute and presented with a purse of £12 for his services as secretary and librarian for the last seven years EFP 13/1/1859 7e.

Honiton. Wish, John. 1819-1832. Bookseller, stationer. 1823d; High Street 1830d. Agent for lottery EFP 28/1/1819 3d. Agent for property sale EFP 23/8/1832 1c.

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