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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exmouth

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary


Exmouth. Appleby, Henry John. 1923. Printseller. 44, Strand 1923. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Blackmore, George. 1848-1850. Parish clerk and registrar, tract etc. depot. 6, Staples Buildings 1848d-1850d. Depot of SPCK 1848d-1850d.

Exmouth. Bounsall, George W. 1878. Printer. Vicarage Hill 1878. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Bounsall, William Moore. 148-1868. Bookseller, librarian, stationer, printer, bookbinder, music seller. Gwydir Place 1848d-1868; Strand 1870d. Agent for Religious Tract Society 1848d. Started Exmouth Mercury the first Exmouth newspaper c1856. Succeeded by George William Bounsall by 1878d. Imprints: 1868: Exmouth and its neighbourhood. Sources: Clamp.

Exmouth. Bounser, W.N. 1855. Music seller. Groyder Place 1855h. Presumably error for Bounsall.

Exmouth. Churchill, Charles. 1878. Printer. Chapel Street 1878. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Delderfield, W. J. and Sons. 1926-1939. Printers. Market Street 1926-1939. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Eland Brothers. 1910-1923. Printsellers. 236 High st. Exeter; and at Exmouth. See advertisement. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Eland, Henry Septimus. 1889. Printsellers. 236 High Street 1889-1902 ; Exmouth 1889. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Ewen, Susan. 1823-1830. Bookseller, stationer, circulating library. 1823d; Beacon Hill 1830d.

Exmouth. Exmouth Mercury. 1856-1878. Newspaper. Established by William Moore Bounsall q.v. c1856. Acquired by Freeman's Exmouth Journal after 1878d. Sources: Clamp.

Exmouth. EXMOUTH WEEKLY OBSERVER. 1862. Newspaper. Published by N.L.Hiorns q.v. 1862d. No copies located.

Exmouth. Freeman, Thomas. 1862-1905. Printer, bookseller. Chapel Hill 1862; Baring Place 1870-1872; High Street 1878 ; Baring House 1878-1906. Children: son died EFP 23/5/1866 5d, daughters died EFP 23/1/1867 5c, 20/11/1867 5c. Admitted freeman of Exeter EFP 12/1/1876 8b. Published Exmouth Journal 1878-1906. Imprints: 1872: Webb. Sources: Directories ; Clamp.

Exmouth. FREEMAN'S EXMOUTH JOURNAL. 1858. Newspaper. Established by Thomas Freeman 6/3/1858.

Exmouth. Gibbins, Frederick. 1935-1939. Printer. Meeting Street, Exmouth 1935-1939. As Meeting Street Press 1939. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Hannaford, Ann. 1840-1844. Bookseller, stationer, tract repository. Bicton Street 1840d-1844d.

Exmouth. Hiorns, Nicholas L. 1856-1870. Printer, bookseller, stationer, circulating library copperplate printer. Strand 1856d-1870d; two doors from Post office 1862d. Advert EFP 9/12/1858 4a. Bankrupt EFP 6/11/1861 5f. Discharged EFP 15/1/1862 8e. Published Exmouth Weekly Observer 1862d. Dealer in toys, cutlery, British and foreign fancy goods, perfumery etc. Bookbinding in every style at lowest prices. Book parcels from London daily the Times and other dilay papers by express. S.Q.Hartley manager 1862d. Also music repository 1870d. Sources: Clamp.

Exmouth. Jessep, James. 1844. Bookseller, printer, librarian. Parade 1844d.

Exmouth. Langsford, Ann. 1823-1844. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, printer, circulating library. 1823d; Parade 1830d-1848d. Stamp office 1830d-1844d.

Exmouth. Lucas, Edward C. and Sons. 1935-1939. Printer. High street, Exmouth 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Lucas, Edward. 1893-1926. Printer. 25, New Street 1893 ; 43, New Street 1902 ; 19 New Street, Exmouth 1910-1926. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Nicks, John. 1840-1852. Watchmaker, music and musical instrument seller. Parade 1840d-1852d.

Exmouth. Oldring and Godfrey. 1939. Printers. 14, Market Street 1939. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Pratten, Berkley. 1848. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, printer, reading rooms. Beacon Hill 1848d.

Exmouth. Radford, Anna. 1840-1844. Bookseller, printer, librarian, stationer. Vicarage Place 1840d; Beacon Hill 1844d. Born: Anna Gillmore. Married: Joseph Radford, Withycombe Raleigh 17 Apr 1816. Succeeded husband after his death. Imprints: Church of the Holy Trinity, Exmouth, lithograph by and after G.Dixon, c.1840 (Somers Cocks 1094).

Exmouth. Radford, Joseph. 1823-1830. Bookseller, stationer, printer. 1823d; Strand 1824; Beacon Hill 1830d. Married: Anna Gillmore, Withcombe Raleigh 17 Apr 1816. Died: EFP 22/11/1838 2e, will proved 1839. Registered press 27/4/1818. Succeeded by widow. Imprints: Thoughts on final universal restoration by Charles Baring (1823) ; Copy of a correspondence between John Sweetland Esq & Mr Woolmer [et al.] ... on a trial at the Devon Epiphany sessions of 1824 (1824) ; Sermons / selected by Charles Baring (1824)Sources: DRO Q/S 52 ; Estate Duty Office wills DRO 1078/IRW/28.

Exmouth. Religious Tract Society. 1848. Agent W.M.Bounsall 1848d.

Exmouth. Rogers, Henry. 1840-1844. Printer, bookseller, stationer, public reading rooms. Strand 1840d-1844d.

Exmouth. Rowe, J.B. 1826. Bookseller. Married: wife died EFP 4/5/1826 4d.

Exmouth. Setten and Son. 1902-1923. Printer. 11 Rolle Street, Exmouth 1902-1923. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Setten, George. 1878-1893. Printer. Rolle Street 1878-1893. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Silberman, Henry. 1844. Bookbinder and stationer. Exeter Road 1844d.

Exmouth. SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. 1848-1850. Publisher. Tract depot George Blackmore 1848d-1850d.

Exmouth. Spencer, Charles William Henry. 1850-1856. Bookseller, stationer, printer. Strand 1850d-1856d. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks): c1855: 1011a.

Exmouth. Spencer, Charles. 1852-1854. Bookseller, stationer, printer, Shepherds Walk 1852d-1855h. About to publish volume of enigmas EFP 16/11/1854 8d.

Exmouth. Spencer, George. 1848. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, printer. 6, Sheppards Walk 1848d.

Exmouth. Toby and Co. 1902. Printer. 11, The Parade 1902. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Tolman Brothers and Gorfin. 1935-1939. Printer. Baring Place 1935-1939. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Vinnicombe, George. 1848. Music and musical instrument seller. Parade Cottage 1848d.

Exmouth. Wheaton, A. and Co. Ltd. 1923-1926. Printer. 143, Fore Street, Exeter 1910-1939 ; 223 & 224, Fore Street 1923-1926 ; 231 & 232, High Street, Exeter 1935-1939 ; Baring Place, Exmouth 1923-1926. Sources: Directories.

Exmouth. Winton, Samuel. 1823. Bookseller, stationer. 1823d.

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