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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter T-V

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: T-V
E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAPERELL, Charles. 1851. Lithographic apprentice. 3, College 1851. Born: Exeter 1832/3, son of John, joiner. Sources: Census 1851 1868/311.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLER, Thomas. 1851. Compositor. 2, George Street 1851. Born: Teignmouth 1813/4. Married: Charlotte, born Exeter 1810/11. Children: one born Exeter 1845/6. Also shopkeeper 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/299.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR and; ROWE. 1801-1805. Stationers. High Street 1801d; No address 1805d. Taylor not freeman of Exeter. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, David. 1851. Engraver. Lower North Yard 1851d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, Frederick. 1851. Compositor. King Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1830/1, son-in-law of John Potter, general dealer. Unmarried 1851. Sources; Census 1851 1868/358.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, J.B. 1843. Stationer etc. 4, Okehampton Street 1843d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, John. 1829. Printer. St. George 1829. Married: Mary Ann. Children: Frederic bap. 14/4/1829 St. George.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, Thomas. 1842. Printer. College 1842. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 4/6/1842. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TAYLOR, William. 1827. Printer. St. Paul 1827. Married: Rebecca Cullum 23/1/1827 St. Paul, Robert Cullum witness.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TEAGUE, Richard. 1851. Literary department of newspaper. 235, High Street 1851. Born: East Stonehouse 1823/4, son of Ann, born St. Germans, Cornwall. Unmarried 1851. Pupil Edwin P.Smith 1851. Sources: 1869/161.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TERRELL, James. 1835. Newspaper proprietor. Proprietor of Exeter Weekly Times and Western Times until 27/6/1835.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TESTWODE, Michael. 1559-1560. Stationer. Freeman of Exeter fine £5 1559/60. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THACKER, Robert P. 1851. Newspaper proprietor. 11, Dix's Field 1851. Born: Ireland 1817/8. Married: Kate, born Worcester 1821/2. Children: one born Exeter 1847/8. Sources: 1868/206.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THOM, Mary. 1851. Bookseller. Wynards Court 1851. Born: at sea near Hull 1825/6. Unmarried 1851. Visitor 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/466.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THOMAS, George. 1851. Bookbinder. 1, Smythen Street 1851. Born: Topsham 1825/6. Married: Emilia, shoe binder, born Exeter 1822/3. Children: one born Exeter 1850.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THOMAS, Samuel. 1851. Jeweller and engraver. St. Davids Hill 1851. Born: St. Georges 1826/7. Married: Eizabeth, born Exeter 1824/5. Children: born Exeter 1848-51.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THOMSON, David. 1832-1865. Bookseller, bookbinder, also described as stationer from 1844d. Martins Lane, 1832d; South Street 1833d; no. 39 1834d-1841d; no. 40 1842d-1848d; 43, High Street 1849d-1855d; 223, High Street 1856d-1865. Born: Marylebone, London 1797/8. Married: wife died EFP 14/8/1845 2f, married by 1851 Dorothea, born Bishopsteignton 1809/10. Children: one born Exeter 1844/5. Apprentices: James Friend 1851. Advert EP 15/6/1837 2d. Moved premises EFP 25/2/1841 2e. Employing 4 men 1851. Advert for stationery and bookbinding EFP 27/12/1855 5a. Appointed librarian of Public Select Library 25/12/1861 1f. Declined business EFP 28/6/1865 4f.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THORN, Barnabas. 1743-1785. Bookseller, stationer, printer. St. Peter's Churchyard 1756; St. Martin 1755-65; High Street 1760; near Guildhall 1765, 1787; opposite Guildhall 1775-82; Fore Street 1783d-1784. Trading as Brice and Thorn 1769-1773, as B.Thorn and; Son 1781-1784d. Married: Sarah Manning of Close, spinster, licence , wife died EFP 29/11/1782 3d. Children: son Barnabas bap. 9/1/1758 St. Martin, buried 23/6/1758, Bideford. Died: EFP 3/3/1785. Apprenticed to Nathaniel Thorne. Freeman of Exeter 16/6/1740. Apprentices: George Floyde, freeman 4/9/1780, Edward Hoxland of Plymouth Dock, freeman 3/4/1784. Succeeded Nathaniel Thorn on death 1743. Witness for Lieut. John Veysey sacrament certificate 1765. Adverts EFP 6/4/1764 3b, 11/1/1765 4c, 19/9/1766 4c, 8/1/1768 2ab. Advert for sale of Dutch roots (ranunculas) EFP 16/9/1768 3b. Adverts EFP 27/1/1769 2cd, 4cd, 5/1/1770 4b. Agent for prints of Cathedral EFP 12/5/1769 3a. Partner with Andrew Brice in publishing Old Exeter Journal 1769-73 and then his successor. Agent for theatre tickets EFP 12/3/1773 2c. Agent for house sale EFP 26/3/1773 2b. Agent for medicine EFP 13/1/1775 4a. Agent for lottery tickets EFP 19/7/1776 3b. Advert for books and medicines EP 26/6/1778 2a. Agent for music and wallpaper EFP 14/8/1778 2d. Denial of reports of closing business and advert EFP 15/9/1780 3a. Advert EFP 29/6/1781 2c. In dispute with R.Trewman over medicine stamps EFP 25/11/1784 3bcd. Voted for John B.Cholwich 1776. Printer of Exeter journal and weekly advertiser 1784d. Imprints: 1743: Sleech; 1744: Wesley; 1750 : Boswell, Roberts; 1751: Vivian; 1752: Edwards; 1755: Walker; 1756: Borlase, Girrard, Lavington, Walker; 1758: Carrington, Moore; 1760: Fortescue; 1761: Chapple, Tremlett; 1763: Heath, Whitfeld; 1765: Harrison, Observation, Wight; 1766: Musgrave; 1767: Glass (2 titles), Tremlett; 1768: Exmoor; 1769: Exeter Theatre, Head; 1770: Brice, Exeter Theatre, Moore, Spry, Toulmin, Vivian; 1771: Exmoor; 1772: Coleridge; 1774: Declensions; 1775: Exeter Theatre, Exmoor, Oliver; 1776: Lascells, Peters, Rowe, Wood; 1777: Carpenter, Philotheorus, Serious, Whitfeld; 1778: Grey, Mudge, Survey; 1779: Church, Mudge, Resolutions; 1780: Fontaine, Hayter, Reeve, Smith, Tasker; 1781: Churchill, Grey, Hole, Rack, Smith; 1782: Exeter. Diocese, Exmoor; 1783: Efford, Jackson, State, Sweetland, Tasker; 1784: At, Drewe, Exeter Theatre, Jackson; 1785: Weston; 1786: Browne, Remarks; printed forms 1754-87. Sources: Plomer; Dredge; Exeter freemen; Pendred; Attwood; Worth p.503, 506; DRO QS/21/1765/30.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THORN, Eleanor. 1787-1788. Printer, bookseller. Fore Street 1788. Married: firstly Richard Thorn EFP 31/5/1782 3d, secondly J.G.Manning 7/8/1796 St. Martin EFP 11/8/1796 3b, GM Sept.1796 p.787. Continuing business of late husband Richard EFP 13/9/1787 3c. Advert for medicine EFP 3/1/1788. Imprints: 1787: Acland, Exeter; 1788: Reeve, Weston. Sources: Dredge p.73.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THORN, Nathaniel. 1717-1743. Bookseller. St. Peter's Churchyard 1717-35. Born: 1695? Married: Mary Sampson of Exeter, spinster, licence dated 1/2/1728. Children: Nathaniel apprenticed to Christopher Chapman, citizen and Stationer of London £10 6/7/1731, free Stationers' Company 7/11/1738. Apprenticed to Edward Score, bookseller. Died: 21/6/1743 aged 48. Freeman of Exeter 3/1/1715. Apprentices: Barnabas Thorn, freeman 16/6/1740. Possibly succeeded Philip Bishop 1716 or George Bishop 1722. Received letters from Launceston requesting marriage licences 1722-23. Bondsman for marriage of John Blampin 5/5/1715. Printed label recorded. Succeeded by Barnabas Thorn. Imprints: 1717: Newcomb (2 titles), Rayner, Southcomb; 1719: Blasphemia, Bowchier, Case; 1722: Johnson; 1723: Fisher, Foulkes, Izacke, Of; 1725: Bible; 1729: Johnson; 1733: Johnson; 1735: Southcomb; 1740: Heath, Johnson (2); 1742: Johnson; printed forms: 1720. Sources: Plomer; Dredge p.101; Dickinson; Brushfield; McKenzie; Attwood; Worth p.506.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. THORN, Richard. 1771-1787. Printer, bookseller. Opposite Guildhall 1771-89; Fore Street 1785. Born: Exeter, son of Barnabas, bookseller q.v. Married: Eleanor EFP 31/5/1782 3d. Children: Nathaniel Lieut.Col. of Rotherham, Yorks, freeman of Exeter by succession 28/12/1829. Died: 10/9/1787 EFP 13/9/1787 3c. Freeman of Exeter by order 18/11/1782. Sun insurance policy 508185 1785, Guildhall Lib. ms. 11,936/331. Elected councilman 14/11/1786 EFP 16/11/1786 3c. Widow Eleanor continuing business EFP 13/9/1787 3c. Printing business and newspapers for sale EFP 18/9/1788 3d. Stock for sale EFP 30/10/1788 2c. Imprints: 1785: Chapple; 1786: Acland, Brown, Delaure, Polwhele (3 titles), Runnett; 1787: Exeter. Diocese; Mignot, Weston. Sources: Plomer; Musgrave; Worth p.506.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TILEY, John. 1838-1848. Law stationer. Cathedral Yard 1838d-1842d; Bedford Street 1843d; Paragon Place 1848d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOBY, James. 1851. Bookseller's porter. 11, Clifton Road 1851. Born: Exeter 1803/4. Married: Mary, born Uplyme 1793/4. Children: Daniel born Exeter 1831/2. Sources: Census 1851 1868/94

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOLE, Jane. 1851. Librarian. Magdalen Street 1851. Born: Drewsteignton 1797/8. Married: widow 1851. Children: Louisa born Exeter 1822/3, Mary Jane, born Exeter 1824/5 librarians. Sources: Census 1851 1868/453.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOLE, Louisa. 1850-1853. Circulating library. Magdalen Street 1850d-1853. Trading as: L. and; M.Tole 1850d-1853. Born: Exeter 1822/3. Daughter of Jane, widow, librarian. Unmarried 1851. Louisa Tole listed as milliner, Magdalen Street 1849d. Sources: Census 1851 1868/453.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOLE, Mary Jane. 1850-1853. Librarian. Magdalen Street 1850d-1853. Trading as L. and; M.Tole. Born: Exeter 1824/5. Daughter of Jane, widow, librarian. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/453.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOOKE, James. 1845-1854. Bookseller. Mary Arches Street 1848d-1854d. Born: Yarmouth, Norfolk 1790/1. Married: Anne born Long Sutton, Lincs 1814/5. Children: born St. Matthias Middlesex 1842/3, Exeter 1845-50. Sources: Census 1851 1869/322.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOOTEL, William Henry. 1818-1836. Engraver etc. Bartholomew Street 1818; College 1828d-1836d. Also described as lay vicar 1828d-1835d. Married: Ann. Children: William Henry born 10/2/1818 bap. 29/3 St. Olave.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOUT, John. 1851. Compositor. New Bridge Street 1851. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1828/9. Married: Mary Jane born St. Thomas 1827. Sources: Census 1851 1869/364.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOWNSEND, George. 1846-1886. Lithographer, artist from 1854d. 59, High Street 1846d-1848; Deanery Place 1848-1849d; Little Queen Street 1850d; Bear Street 1851d-1853d; Mansion House, Friars Walk 1851; Deanery Square 1854d-1862d+. Born: 1813 Exeter. Unmarried 1851. Died: 1894. Also drawing master. Produced sketches for Besley's vignette views of Devon and Cornwall from 1848 until the 1860s. Moved premises EFP 5/10/1848. Produced clumsy lithographs for Northy's History of Exeter 1886. Sources: Somers Cocks p.10; Census 1851 1868/506; Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOWNSEND, James. 1870-date. Printer, lithographer, engraver. Gandy Street 1870-1873; Little Queen Street 1867-1955; Musgrave House, Western Way 1955-. Later trading as James Townsend and Son(s) c1900. Children: Wlliam, Wilfred, Herbert, John, Anne. General steam printer 1870d. Publisher of Western counties railway guide 1873d. Advert EFP 7/5/1873 4e. Fire at premises 15/3 EFP 22/3/1876 8c. Printers to the City from about 1890. Sources: Clamp; Bridson letter.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOWNSEND, Thomas. 1851. Bookbinder. Albert Street 1851. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1828/9, son of Mary, widow, laundress. Unmarried 1851. Sources; Census 1851 1868/72.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOZER, Aaron. 1727-1766. Bookseller. Bible, a little below St. Martin's Lane, High Street 1727-30; High Street 1742; opposite St. Martins Lane, High Street 1746-55; Fore Street 1754. Referred to as Aaron Tozer junior 1727-37. Probably not freeman of Exeter. Succeeded John March. Advert: selling sea charts, maps, mathematical instruments etc from the late John march's premises Brice's WJ 3/2-17/3/1727. Subscribed to 20 copies of S.Bamfield's Astronomy 1764. Adverts EFP 6/4/1764 3b, 11/1/1765 4c, 15/8/1766 4d. Imprints: 1727: Ball, Enty; 1730: Enty (2 titles); 1732: Letter, West-Country, Wills; 1736: Dodderidge; 1737: Dodderidge, Enty; 1742: Baron; 1743: Conflagration, Sleech, Towgood; 1744: Lavington (2); 1745: Brief; 1746: Brief; 1747: Kidell; 1748: Towgood; 1750: Roberts; 1751: Davies; 1752: Glass, Orton, Walrond; 1753: Attempt, Towgood (2), Walker; 1754: Baller; 1755: Short; 1756: Some; 1757: Collection; 1758: Coade, Towgood; 1759: Hogg; 1760: Kiddell; 1761: Tremlett; 1762: West; 1765: Harrison; printed forms: 1729-54. Sources: Plomer; Dredge p.101; Dickinson: Worth p.506.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOZER, Charles. 1792. Map publisher. Exeter 1792. Imprints: 1792: Tozer.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOZER, Elias. 1851. Newspaper reporter. 11, Union Terrace 1851. Born: Ivybridge 1825/6. Married: Mary, born St. Sidwell 1826. Children: born St. Sidwell 1848-49. Sources: Census 1851 1868/132.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TOZER, Henry. 1873. Engraver. Died EFP 17/12/1873 8d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREADWIN, John. 1818-1827. Bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, reading rooms. 217 High Street 1820-27; 217, Fore Street 1823d; Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1825-27. Married: Mary, died aged 34, buried George's Meeting 6/9/1825. Died: aged 37 EFP 12/4/1827 4b, buried Georges Meeting 13/4. Apprenticed to James Penny. Freeman of Exeter 17/10/1818. Voted for Newman and Northmore 1818. Agent for pencils EFP 14/10/1819 4d. Published book on history of Exeter EFP 16/8/1821 4d. Agent for lottery tickets EFP 9/1/1823 1b. Stock and business to be disposed of by private contract LT 25/5/1827. Notice to creditors and debtors EFP 3/1/1828 4e. Imprints: 1820: Jones; 1821: Jones; 1827: Williams; single prints (Somers Cocks): 1822: 897. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TRELEAVEN, Samuel. 1803. Bookbinder. Allhallows on the Walls 1803. Aged 23 1803, no trace IG[1]. Unmarried 1803. Volunteer 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREMLETT, H. 1848-1850. Bookbinder. Chapples Court 1848d-1850d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN and Co. 1822-1835. Printers, booksellers, bookbinders and stationers. High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 226 1823d-1835d. Proprietors of Flying post 1823d-1828d. Imprints: 1819: Hawkins, Hughes; 1828: Williams. Sources: Dredge p. 80, 115.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN and Son. 1790-1817. Printers, booksellers, stationers. High Street 1805d-1816d. Adverts EFP 14/1/1812 3c, 6/1/1814 3c. Style appears in imprints from 1790. Engraved and printed labels recorded. Sources: Attwood.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN, L.T. 1803. Printer. Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1803. Aged 19 1803, no trace IG[1]. Unmarried 1803. Commanding officer in volunteers 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN, Mary. 1802-1817. printer. Born: c1744, née Mary Turner. Married: Robert Trewman I, printer 23/12/1765 St. Edmund. Children: Robert II, printer. Died: aged 72 EFP 25/12/1817 4b, MM Jan.1818 p.576. Continuing business of late husband Robert I in partnership with son Robert II EFP 4/3/1802 4d, FWL 6/2/1816. Publishing book on coastal towns of south east Devon EFP 14/10/1802 4e. Continuing business of late son Robert II EFP 8/2/1816 4c.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN, Robert [1]. 1763-1802. Printer, bookseller, stationer. Southgate Street 1763-64; St. Martin 1765; behind Guildhall 1765-80; Theatre Lane 1764-1781; nearly opposite St. Martin's, Fore Street 1782; Fore Street 1781-1791d; High Street 1793d-1801d. Trading as Andrews and Trewman 1763-1764; as R.Trewman and Son 1790-1801d. Born: Exeter c1738. Married: Mary Turner 23/12/1765 St. Edmund, licence, wife died aged 72 1817. Children: Robert born 1767 partner and successor, Elizabeth married David Bowridge, grocer 18/3/1797 GM Jun.1797 p.523, Frances Turner 4th daughter bap. 5/10/1782 Allhallows Goldsmith Street married Mr. Partridge, woollen manufacturer at Exeter MM Oct.1805 p.291. Died: 19/2/1802, obituaries EFP 25/2/1802 4b, MM Apr.1802 p.305, GM Mar.1802 p.277. Apprenticed to Andrew Brice 1756. Not freeman of Exeter. Apprentices: Richard Perryman absconded EFP 18/12/1778 2b, James Bickford absconded EFP 31/5/1787 3c, 15/1/1789 3d, James Sclater absconded 14/2/1793 3d, Richard Humphries absconded EFP 23/10/1794 3d. Printer of Exeter mercury EFP 2/9/1763 4a-d. Complaints against former master EFP 14/10/1763 1a-d, 21/10/1763 1a-d, 28/10/1763 1a-d, 15/2/1765 3c,4. Subscribed to Calcott's Collection of thoughts 1764. Adverts EFP 9/1/1767 3d, 8/1/1768 2ab,4cd. Exeter agent for state lottery EFP 14/7/1769 3c, 3/6/1774 3c. Advert EFP 5/1/1770 4c. Occupying a house for sale EFP 1/6/1770 3b. Agent for medicine EFP 14/1/1774 4c. Advert for books EFP 5/1/1776 2c. Moved from Theatre Lane to Fore Street EFP 23/11/1781 3b. Sun insurance policy 450571 £400 1781, Guildhall Lib. ms. 11,936/296. Bought engraved plates of Jonathan Woodman EFP 12/2/1784 3d. Dispute with B.Thorne, bookseller,over sale of medicines without stamps EFP 25/11/1784 3bd. Advert for pressman EFP 14/7/1785 3d. Proprietor of Exeter flying post q.v. EFP 1784d-1802. Agent for theatre tickets EFP 3/1/1788 3c. Acquired and closed Old Exeter journal EFP 1/12/1791 3c. Sells Jones's solid balck lead pencils EFP 24/5/1792 2d. Advert for journeyman bookbinders EFP 21/3/1793 1d. Agent for insurance scheme EFP 19/9/1793 2d. Advert for copperplate printer EFP 3/9/1795 3b. One of proprietors of Exeter Theatre EFP 20/4/1795 3c. British Fire Office insurance agent 1798. Sold Irish state lottery tickets 1798. Noted freemason and author of The principles of free-masonry delineated published by himself 1777. Wife and son to continue business EFP 4/3/1802 4b. Estate being settled EFP 24/6/1802 4d. The prodigal daughter: or, the disobedient lady reclaim'd (c.1775) has imprint: Printed by R.Trewman, behind the Guildhall, where country shopkeepers, travellers, and others, may be supplied with a variety of old and new ballads, patters, penny histories, &c. &c. &c. (DRO 9972/Z28). Imprints: 1763: Exeter mercury; 1764: Calcott; 1765: Antient, Coffin; 1767: Answer, Select, Waltire; 1769: Turner; 1770: Dyer; 1773: Hill, Puddicombe; 1774: Wood; 1775: Prodigal, Stearne; 1776: Exeter. Waterworks, Lascells, List, Whittaker; 1777: Exeter Theatre, Trewman; 1779: Exeter Theatre, For, Importance, Matrimony; 1780: Considerations, Davidson, Exeter Theatre, Short; 1782: Barnstaple, Jones; 1783: Bowring, Dyer, Exeter Theatre (8), Ratification; 1784: Exeter Theatre; 1785: Carwithen, Davy, Holmes, Martin, Vivian, Whirligig; 1786: Bidlake, Bretland, Martin, Spry; 1787: Bretland, Instructions; 1788: Eastcott, Marshall; 1789: Bidlake, Davis, Exeter Theatre, Letters, Nation, Penrose, Selection, Tremenheere; 1790: Churchill, Clement, Downman, Exeter, Hallaran, List, Rolle (2), Tasker; 1791: Alcock, Downman, Exeter Quarter Sessions (2 titles), Hallaran, Kendall, Preston, Tunnicliff; 1792: Association, Downman, Filangieri, Methodist Church; 1793: Anthems, Carter, Church, Country House Association, Eastcott, Exeter, Exeter Theatre (2), Hawker (2), Holy Trinity, Kendall, Loyal, Luke, Parkin, Polwhele (2 titles), Reeve, St. David; 1794: Bidlake, Gordon, Huish, Kentish, Preston, Reeve, Selico, To; 1795: Dryer, Exeter, Monmouthshire, Morrison, Song, Webb; 1796: Essays (2), Gardiner, Tasker, Three; 1797: Hutton; 1798: Baring, Coham, Concert, Exeter. Theatre, Hyett, Isaac, Tasker (2 titles), Woolcombe; 1799: Cardew, Courtenay, Dennis, Isaac, Letter, Northmore; 1800: Dennis (2 titles), Exeter. City Bank, Western Apiarian Society (2 titles); 1801: Churchman's, Woolmer; printed forms 1789-96. Sources: Timperley p.811; Dredge p.54; Plomer; Exeter freemen; Clamp: Worth p.503-5.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN, Robert [2]. 1790-1816. Printer. High Street 1790-1816. Born 1767, son of Robert I, printer, and Mary. Married: Miss Murch, daughter of Fidelio Murch, bookseller of Barnstaple "an agreeable young lady with a genteel fortune" 30/4/1792 Ex.Gaz. 3/5/1792. Children: Lucy married Augustus Clarke of East India Company at Killadjee 19/10/1822 GM May 1823 p.465. Died: aged 49 28/1/1816 EFP 1/2/1816 4b, GM Mar.1816 p.278. Freeman of Exeter by order of Mayor and council 27/6/1809. Succeeded to business of father Robert I together with mother Mary EFP 4/3/1802 4d. Proprietor of Exeter flying post. Common councillor of Exeter, elected 27/6/1809-1816. Imprints: 1790-1802 see Robert Trewman I; 1802: New; 1803: Sermon; 1805: Lewis; 1809: Statement. Sources: Dredge p.54,76,115; Timperley p.863; Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN, Robert John. 11835-1856. Printer. 226, High Street 1835d-1856d+; Wear Cliff Cottage, Exwick 1835d; 11, Salutary Mount, Heavitree 1848d-1851d; 3, Baring Place 1853d-1855d+. From 1849d described as R.J.Trewman and Co. Born: Exeter 1802/3. Married: Catherine, born Teignmouth 1806/7. Died: obituary EFP 6/11/1861 5ab. Freeman of Exeter by succession 19/7/1845 EFP 24/7/1845 2g. Proprietor of Exeter flying post. Apprentice absconded EFP 3/8/1843 2a. Advert EFP 16/6/1845 2f. Printed form for reception of pauper patient used 1851. House, printing office etc for sale EFP 25/12/1861 1a. Sources: Census 1851 1866/374; Dredge p.49; Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN'S EXETER EVENING POST. 1769-1770. Newspaper. Earlier title of Exeter flying post q.v. 28/4/1769-21/12/1770.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TREWMAN'S EXETER FLYING POST. 1770-1917. Newspaper. Full title of Exeter flying post q.v. 28/12/1770-21/4/1917.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TRIST and; SON. 1828. Slversmiths and engravers. 255, High Street 1828d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TRIST, Joseph. 1816-1855. Silversmith and engraver. Mint Lane 1816d; High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 267 1828d; Garden Square 1830d; Chapples Court 1831d-1832d; Waterbeer Street 1833d-1855d+; 1, Kingdons Court 1851. Born: Exeter 1798/9. Married: Mary, born Exeter 1815. Children: born Exeter 1837/8, 1843/4. Sources: Census 1851 1869/232.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TRUDE, J. 1840-1842. Stationer. Sidwell Street 1840d; Paris Street 1841d-1842d.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TUCKER, James. 1819-1820. Bookseller. Committed to gaol for selling Political Register EFP 26/8/1819 4c. Sister burned stock in market EFP 16/9/1819 4c. People standing bail EFP 30/9/1819 4b. Remanded until next assizes EFP 21/10/1819 4bc. Convicted of blasphemous libel EFP 13/1/1820 4b. Probably the unnamed bookseller who wrote to the Black Dwarf 7 July 1819 about harassment from the authorities after he had set up shop in South Street for the sale of political pamphlets on the side of reform.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TUCKER, John. 181851-1870. Lithographer. 1, Rackfield Place 1851; Bartholomew Yard 1862d; 1 and; 2, Bartholomew Street 1870d. Born: Exeter, 1833/4, son of Jane, widow, staymaker. Apprentice 1851. Also ran wine and spirits vault 1870d. Sources: Census 1851 1869/369; Clamp.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TUCKER, Richard. 1779-1784. Bookseller, stationer. Fore Street 1783d-1784d. Not freeman of Exeter. Advert EFP 29/10/1779 3b. Sun insurance policy 420009 £800 1779, Guildhall Lib. ms. 11,936/278. Advert for missing person EFP 9/2/1781 3b. Retiring, stock for sale EFP 12/2/1784 2d. Sources: Exeter freemen.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TUCKER, W. 1829. Publisher. Imprints: 1829: Chapman.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TURNER. 1795-1796. Stationer. South Street 1796d. Tenant of house for sale EFP 17/9/1795 2c.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TURNER, John. 1851. Copperplate printer. Coombe Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1773/4. Married: widower in 1851. Children: John, born Exeter, coachsmith, with whom he was living in 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/392.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. TURNER, William. 1831. Bookbinder. St. Mary Arches 1831. Married: Ann. Children: William bap. 26/8/1831 St. Mary Arches.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. UPHAM, Charles jun. 1822-1835. Bookseller, stationer, music and printseller. High Street 1822d-1827d; no. 245 1823d-1835d+. Married: EFP 22/4/1824 4b. Children: Daughter died EFP 23/4/1829 2e. Not freeman of Exeter. Advert EFP 16/4/1818 1d. Mentioned in advert EFP 17/9/1829 3d. Advert EFP 7/2/1833 2d. P.A.Hannaford taken business EFP 24/9/1835 2f. Imprints: 1827: Williams; 1828: Williams.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. UPHAM, Edward. 1796-1818. Bookseller. Broad Gate 1796-1801d; St. Martin 1803; High Street 1805-1816d; 245, Fore street 1806. Born: Exeter, bap. 13/6/1777 St. Petrock, son of Charles (1739-1807, Mayor 1796/7) and Elizabeth. Married: EFP 27/8/1801 4c. Freeman of Exeter by order of Mayor and council 28/6/1806. Historian. Advert for new business in Broad Gate EFP 29/9/1796 2d. Adverts EFP 20/4/1796 3c, 5/9/1799 2e, 16/4/1801 4e, 19/4/1804 4e. Serving in volunteers by substitute 1803. House to let EFP 3/1/1805. Removal to High Street EFP 7/3/1805 4e. Elected Common Councillor 24/6/1806. Appointed agent for Phoenix Fire Office EFP 10/12/1807 1b. Advert EFP 28/1/1808 1b. List of books to be published EFP 29/9/1808 3a. Elected chief magistrate EFP 28/9/1809 4b. Adverts EFP 16/8/1810 2b, 4/3/1813 4c, 6/1/1814 3c, 19/5/1814 4c, 21/6/1815 4d, 15/2/1816 4c. Insurance agent EFP 19/8/1818 3d. Writing book on history of Exeter EFP 17/9/1829 3b. Imprints: 1815: Williams; 1819: Hughes. Sources: Dredge p.81; Exeter militia list 1803; Exeter freemen; Worth p.506.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VAILE, Joseph. 1830-1834. Bookseller. 3, Salem Place 1832d-1834d. Advert EFP 7/10/1830.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VAUGHAN, Denis L. 1849-1856. Bookseller, musician. 62, South Street 1849d-1855d+; no. 63 1851-1856d. Born: Lucan, county Dublin 1807/8. Married: Eleanor, born Maidstone, Kent 1796/7. Chelsea pensioner 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/415.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VAUGHAN, Eleanor. 1851. Bookseller. 63, South Street 1851. Born: Maidstoe, Kent 1796/7. Married: Denis L., q.v. Sources: Census 1851 1868/415.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VAUGHAN, William. 1851. Traveller with books. Sidwell Street 1851. Born: London 1801/2. Married: Elizabeth, born Bathpool, Somerset 1805/6. Children; son born Bathpool 1835/6. Sources: Census 1851 1868/54.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VICARS, William. 1851. Compositor, pressman. Frog Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2, son of Joseph, dealer in marine stores. Sources: Census 1851 1869/453.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VICKERS, William. 1850-1851. Printer, compositor. Albert Terrace, St. Thomas 1850d-1851d; Coburg Place, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: Kingswear 1805/6. Married: Mary, born Sidbury 1800/1. 2 servants, 2 lodgers 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/6.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VINCENT, Alfred. 1837-1851. Printer. Holy Trinity 1837; 7, Trinity Place 1851. Born: Brixham 1819/20. Married: Rebecca, born 1812/3. Children: William Alfred bap. 24/12/1837 Holy Trinity, others born Exeter to 1847/8. Sources: Census 1851 1868/551.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VINNICOMBE, John P. 1848-1855. Pianoforte tuner and music seller. Northernhay Place 1848d-1855d+; no. 14 1851. Born: Bishopsgate, London 1806/7. Married: Betsy E., born Plymouth 1792/3. Children: born Exeter 1834-49. To 1847d tuner only. Imprints: 1849: Wyllie. Sources: Census 1851 1869/26.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VINNICOMBE, William. 1851. Music seller. 14, Northernhay Place 1851. Born: Exeter 1834/5, son of John P. q.v. Pupil to father 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/26.

E_EN_DEV_Exeter. VOSPER, James. 1794. Printer. St. Martin 1794. Married: Mary Hemson 8/6/1794 St. Martin, witness J.G.Manning.

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