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03 July 2014

Devon book trades: Exeter B

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 7
The Devon book trades: a biographical dictionary. Exeter. Surnames: B
Exeter. B., J. 1688-1689. Printer. 1688-89. Possibly John Baker according to Hoskins. The 1686 list of London master printers (Stationers' Company archives, suppl. docs. series 1, box A, envelope ii, item 1) lists two with the initials J.B.:
1. Joseph Bennet died Feb. 1692, printed often for L'Estrange and, while not necessarily himself a Catholic, he trained almost all those printers identified as Catholic in the next generation. He had distinctive types (Bull. Bib. Soc. Australia & New Zealand, vol. 5, no. 3, 1981, pp.109-113).
2. John Bringhurst, a Quaker, is deleted in the 1686 list. He printed for the Friends 1681-85 but was in Holland by June 1688 and is said to have reappeared briefly in London in 1690. He is the most likely candidate. Imprints: 1688 Form, William III; attrib: 1688 Modest, William III; 1689: General, William III. Sources: Hoskins Exeter p.77; Plomer; Clough; Dredge; Mortimer, R.S. in Journal of Documentation, vol. 3, p.109; Worth pp.501,507; Treadwell, Michael and Maxted, Ian "The Exeter printer of 1688" Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries, 37 (1990), p.255-9.

Exeter. Baalam, L. Bookseller. 4, Saint David's Hill, 1959. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Babbage, Edwin J. 1851-1856. Bookseller. 250, High Street 1851; High Street 1853; Martin Street 1854-1856+. Born: Devonport 1816/7. Married: Ellen, born Boston Lincs 1817/8. Children: Daughter Ellen born 1846/7, Exeter. Wife assisted in business 1851. Advert EFP 7/1/1863 8b. Sources: Census 1851 1869/145 ; directories.

Exeter. Babbage, Ellen. 1851. Assistant bookseller. 250, High Street 1851. Born: 1817/8, Boston, Lincs. Married: Edwin J.Babbage, bookseller of Exeter. Assisted husband in business 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/145.

Exeter. Babbage, Thomas. 1851. Apprentice printer. Townsends Court, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: St. David, Exeter 1835/6, son of Thomas, shoemaker. Sources: Census 1868/52.

Exeter. Back, W. 1849. Bookseller. 11, Union Terrace 1849. From 1850 apparently listed as chaise proprietor, Sidwell Street. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Backs, Edward. 1848-1851. Lithographic printer journeyman. St. Pancras, Middlesex 1838/9-1841/2; Bristol 1844/5; Exeter 1848/9-1851; Clarence Place, St. Sidwell 1851. Born: St. James's, Middlesex 1812/3. Married: Eliza, born Bath, Somerset 1814/5. Children: in 1851 2 children aged 12 and 9 born St. Pancras, Middlesex, twins aged 6 born Bristol, 2 children aged 2 and 1 month born Exeter. Sources: Census 1851 1868/236b.

Exeter. Bailey, George. 1851. Printer, compositor. Blackboy Road 1851. Born: Crediton 1831/2, son of Richard, shoemaker. Sources: Census 1851 1868/26b.

Exeter. Bailey, Thomas. 1827-1830. Lithographic printer. See Bayly, Thomas.

Exeter. Baird, Alexander. 1776. Bookbinder. St. Mary Arches 1776. Married Martha Lobb, widow, St. Mary Arches 22/12/1776.

Exeter. Baird, John. 1828. Bookbinder. 223, High Street 1828. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Baker, Alfred. 1883-1906. Bookseller. 24, High Street, 1883-1906. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Baker, John. 1688-1689. Printer. See B., J.

Exeter. Baker, John. 1816. Press maker and joiner. Cowick Street 1816.

Exeter. Baker, W. H. 1951. Printer. 51, Cowick Hill, 1951. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Balle and Bradford. 1818-1819 Booksellers. See Thomas Balle, George Bradford. To take over business of late William Bradford EFP 17/9/1818 4e. Advert EFP 4/2/1819 4c.

Exeter. Balle, Miss Caroline H. 1851-1856. Bookseller, librarian. 56, High Street 1851; 7, Castle Street 1856. Born: 1829/30, Exeter. Brother William listed as printer and bookseller at same address 1851. Sources: Census 1851 RG9/1868/323b ; directories.

Exeter. Balle, Thomas. 1822-1846. Bookseller, also librarian from 1827. Fore Street 1822-1827; no. 89 1823-1834; 228, High Street 1835-1840; 247, High Street 1840-1841; 257, High Street 1842-1846. With George Bradford took over the business of the late William Bradford EFP 17/9/1818 4e. Lottery agent EFP 21/2/1822 1e. Adverts EFP 17/7/1823 4, 13/3/1834 2c. Premises of Public Select Library 1828. Depository and office of Devon and Exeter Auxiliary Bible Society, established 1809, 1828. Moving premises EFP 28/11/1833 2e. Polled for Buller and Divett 1835. Library advertised EFP 8/9/1836 2. Elected guardian of the poor EFP 23/9/1830 2. Moving premises EFP3/9/1840 3c. Imprints: 1827: Williams; 1828: Williams.

Exeter. Balle, William. 1848-1864. Printer, also bookseller 1848-1855+ and librarian 1848. Mary Arches Street 1843-1846; 247, High Street 1848-1850; 56, High Street 1850-1855; 3, Upper Paul Street 1855-[1864]; 1, Maddocks Row 1864+. Born: Exeter 1820/1. Unmarried 1851. Sister Caroline librarian at same address 1851. Moving premises EFP 2/3/1850 5b, 26/4/1855 4; 9/3/1864 4c. Advert EFP 13/2/1851 5c. Retiring from bookselling to continue as librarian and printer, John Evans taking over EFP 13/1/1853 5a. Sources: Census 1851 RG9/1868/323b ; directories.

Exeter. Bampfylde Press. 1914-1926. Printer. 26, Catherine Street, 1914-1926. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Banks, J. 1951-1959. Printer. 15, Bartholomew Street East, 1951-1955 ; Providence Works Northernhay, 1959. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Banks, Joseph & Son. 1965-1985. Printers. Providence Works Northernhay, 1965-1985. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Bannehr, James. 1836-1851. Lithographer 1845-1847, also share broker 1846-1847, law stationer 1836-1837, 1848-1851. Bedford Street 1836-1837, 1845-1851; Paris Street (lodger) 1851. Born 1810/11, London. Married: Priscilla, born Dorchester 1808/9. Adverts EFP 28/7/1836 2c, 2/2/1837 3f. Bankrupt, to surrender EFP 24/1/1850 4f. From 1853 described as sharebroker, Castle Street. Advert, law stationer and lithographer EFP 6/7/1854 4f. Sources: Census 1851 1868/189 ; directories.

Exeter. Barbery, William. 1833-1840. Stationer. Died: EFP 20/2/1840 2c. Advert EFP 28/3/1833 2f.

Exeter. BARKER, John. 1851. Newsagent. Red Cow 1851. Born: East Haming, Essex 1776/77. Widower, living with son John, railway porter 1851. Sources: Census 1851 RG9/1869/80b.

Exeter. BARKER, Robert. 1645. Printer. Robert Barker and John Bill, the King's printers moved to Exeter from Bristol. Imprints: 1645: Certain, Charles II, Copy, Fuller. Sources: Clough; Worth pp.500, 507; Dredge; Sessions.

Exeter. BARRETT, Mrs. Elizabeth. 1832-1846. Bookseller. Middlesex 1832/33; Paris Street 1846; 2, York Buildings, St. Sidwell 1851. Born Middlesex 1805/6. Daughter Ruth born Middlesex 1832/33. Retired widow, living with unmarried daughter 1851. Sources: Census 1851 RG9/1868/229 ; directories.

Exeter. BARRINGTON, Charles. 1851. Law stationer. Wynards Court 1851. Born: Topsham 1834/5, son of Matilde, Sunday school assistant. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/466.

Exeter. BARRY, John. 1864-1865. Bookseller. Fore Street 1864. Shop robbed EFP 24/2/1864 5. Advert EFP 18/10/1865 4f ; directories.

Exeter. BARTHOLOMEW BOOKS. 1968-1979. Publisher. Private press run by Exeter College of Art. Titles include: Frozen light by Steve Goodwin (1971) ; Poems by Ted Hughes, with linocuts by Gavin Robbins (1968). . Imprints: DHC ; COPAC. Sources: COPAC.

Exeter. BARTHOLOMEW, Arthur. 1851. Learning lithography. Belmont Cottages 1851. Born: Bruton, Somerset 1833/4, son of Charlotte, widow, house proprietor. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/68.

Exeter. BARTLETT and Son (Exeter) Ltd. 1955-1997. Printers. 138, Cowick Street, 1955-1967 ; Swan Yard, Okehampton Street, 1973-1997. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BARTLETT and Son. 1947-1951. Printers. Chapel Street, 1931, 1939 ; 138, Cowick Street, 1947, 1951. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BARTLETT, Cornelius. 1851. Engraver and printer's apprentice. 2, Holman's Buildings 1851. Born: Exeter 1834/5, son of Thomas, whitesmith. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/42.

Exeter. BARTLETT, Daniel. 1727-1729. Bookseller. App. to Philip Yeo. Freeman of Exeter 31/7/1727. Bondsman for marriage of George Hogg of Northam, mariner and Mary Brooke 30/1/1729. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BARTLETT, E W. 1927. Printer. Chapel Street, 1927. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BATTERSHALL, G. 1803. Bookbinder. St. Edmund 1803. Aged 17/30 1803, no trace IGI. Unmarried 1803. Volunteer 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. BAWDEN, Thomas. 1850. Stationer. Paul Street 1850. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BAYLY/BAILEY, Thomas. 1827-1830. Lithographic printer. 9, Verney Place 1828-1830. Advert EFP 2/8/1827 4e. The second edition of Devonshire scenery printed by W.C.Pollard in 1827 has the statement: In consequence of the new lithographic establishment of Mr. Bayley, in Exeter, six drawings have been added. Imprints: DHC ; 1827: Williams. Sources: Somers Cocks p.6 ; directories.

Exeter. BEADLE/BEEDLE, George. 1831-1833. Bookbinder. Holy Trinity 1831; Horse lane 1833. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 26/4/1831. Sources: Exeter freemen ; directories.

Exeter. BEARD, John. 1827. Bookbinder. St. Pauls 1827. Married: Susanna. Children: Henry born 21/4/1827, bap. 7/8 George's Meeting.

Exeter. BEARD, W. 1854. Photographic portrait painter. Castle Terrace 1854. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BEARE, William. 1693. Bookseller. Active 1693. Sources: Worth p.501.

Exeter. Bearne and Evans. 1931-1939. Printers. 164A, Sidwell Street, 1931 ; 4, Paris Street, 1935 ; 43, Sidwell Street, 1939. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Bearne Brothers. 1891-1927. Printers. 7, Summerland Street, 1891-1892 ; 132, Sidwell Street, 1893-1896 ; 69, Sidwell Street, 1897-1902 ; 164, Sidwell Street, 1906-1923 ; 174, Sidwell Street 1923 ; 164A, Sidwell Street, 1927. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BEARNE, J E & Co. Printers. 174, Sidwell Street, 1923. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BEARNE, William. 1851. Printer. 114, Fore Street 1851. Born: Cullompton 1829/30, son of John, tanner. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/286.

Exeter. BEAVIS, Samuel. 1851. Bookbinder's apprentice. Summerland square 1851. Born: Exeter 1833/4, son of Jane, widow, mangle keeper. Sources: Census 1851 1868/41.

Exeter. BEDFORD, James. 1840. Stationer. Sidwell Street 1840. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BEEDEL, W T. 1935-1955. Printer. 4, George Street, 1935-1939 ; Quay, 1943-1955. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BEELL, Robert. 1524/5. Parchment maker. Exe Island 1524/5. Children: Robert apprenticed to Thomas Rewe, haberdasher, freeman of Exeter 1524/5. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. Beer, A. C. 1902. Printseller. 82, Queen Street 1902. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Beer, William. 1851. Lithographic writer. 56, South Street 1851. Born: Bristol 1826/7. Nephew of Ann Holman. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/409.

Exeter. BELLERBY, C. J., Mrs. 1878-1884. Printer. Little Queen Street, 1878-1884. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. Bellerby, J. C., Mrs. 1874-1885. Printer. Little Queen Street, 1874-1885. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BELLERBY, James. 1851-1870. Printer, newspaper proprietor. 7, York Buildings 1851; 226, High Street 1862; 2, Little Queen Street 1870. Born: Hoxton, Middlesex 1815/6. Married: Catherine Laurence, born Bath. Children: born Bristol 1843-47, Exeter 1849/50. Died: obituary EFP 4/5/1870 5ef. Proprietor of EFP. Advertising new machinery in use EFP 11/8/1859 8. Succeeded by Catherine Jane Bellerby. Sources: Census 1851 1868/230 ; directories.

Exeter. BENSON, Peter. 1569-1583. Stationer. St. Kerrian. Son of Nicholas. Freeman of Exeter by succession 1573/4. Apprentice John Dight freeman of Exeter 16/9/1583. Sources: Exeter freemen; McKerrow.

Exeter. BERNARD, Daniel. 1880-1885. Printseller. Advert EFP 8/12/1880 4e. Premises destroyed by fire EFP 29/4/1885 5c. Opening announcement EFP 23/9/1885 4. Bankrupt EFP 11/11/1885 5b.

Exeter. BESLEY and COPP Ltd. 1912-1997. Printers. 89, South Street, 1912-1920 ; factory 3-5, Guinea Street, 1914-1942 ; 89-90, South Street, 1921-1939 ; 22, Coombe Street, 1943-1946 ; Courtenay Road, 1947-1997. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BESLEY and DALGLEISH. 1901-1911. Printers. 89-90, South Street, 1901 ; 89, South Street, 1902-1911. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BESLEY, Henry and Son. 1873-1897. Printer. 76, South Street, 1873-1875 ; 89, South Street, 1876-1897. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BESLEY, Henry. 1825-1886. Printer, bookseller, bookbinder. 76, Bell Hill, South street 1825-1875; 89, South Street 1876-1920; 89 and 90, South Street 1921-1939; 3/5 Guinea Street 1914-1942 [precise numbers vary]; 22, Combe Street 1943-1946; Courtenay Road 1946 to date. Trading as T. Besley and Son 1825-1828; as Thomas and Henry Besley 1828-1834; as Henry Besley 1834-1872; as Henry Besley and Son 1873-1897; as Besley and Dalgleish 1902-1911; as Besley & Copp Ltd. 1912 to date. Born: 1800, Bap. 15/6 Holy Trinity, Exeter, son of Thomas, printer of Exeter. Married: firstly Caroline Lifton of Exmouth 2/4/1834, Littleham EFP 3/4/1834 2e, secondly Redelpha (born Cambridge 1820/21 and listed as head of household in 1861) Children: Henry John bap. 8/3/1835; Lucy born 1836/7, John born 1838/9, Caroline born 1839/40 Robert Henry born 1847/8 still alive 1886, Alice born 1849/50, George H. born 1854/5, Charles E. H. born 1857/8, Walter H. born 1863/4. Died: 18/7/1886, Exeter, inquest 19/7, buried 21/7, St. Mary Major. Not freeman of Exeter. Taken into partnership by father Thomas I 1825. Business transferred to him 9/5/1834 EFP 15/5/1834 2c. Continued publication of directories, route books 1844-77, hand books 1846-74. Published series of vignettes, largely engraved after George Townsend (1813-94) until 1860s when succeeded by J.W.Tucker and then by S.R.Ridgway, larger series 1848-71 and smaller series 1853-75 which was numbered, Cornwall prints from 1 to 99 and the Devon ones from 100. They were issued in booklets or used to illustrate guidebooks. Employed two men and two apprentices, housemaid and nurse 1851. Published diocesan directories in 1880's. Trial for infringement of sheet almanacks Besley v. Carlyon 1854. Advert for Route book of Devon EFP 2/7/1846 4a. Premises described as Directory Office 1835. Imprints: Single prints (Somers Cocks) c1850: 915. Sources: Somers Cocks pp.9-10; Census 1841-1881 ; Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers ; Peeps at Exeter ; directories.

Exeter. BESLEY, Thomas [1]. 1801-1834. Printer, also bookseller and stationer 1823, bookbinder. Southgate Street 1801-1811; Holy Trinity 1803; Bell Hill 1816-1832; 76, Bell Hill, South Street 1822-1834. Trading as T.Besley & Son 1825-1828; as T. & H.Besley 1828-1834. Succeeded by Henry Besley. Born: 1760. Married: Jane Andrew Strong 26/9/1790 St. Sidwell. Children: Thomas marr. 1814, printer in Exeter; Robert born 14/10/1794, died 1876, typefounder in firm of Thorowgood and Besley, Lord Mayor of London 1869/70; William bap. 15/6/1800 Holy Trinity aged 2½; Henry bap. 15/6/1800 Holy Trinity, partner and successor; Charles bap. 27/9/1810; Frederick bap. 22/8/1802. Died: 27/10/1834 aged 74 EFP 30/10/1834 2. Not freeman of Exeter. Firm claimed to be established 1750 but no evidence found. Published directories from 1828, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset sheet almanacks 1828. Collection of 58 ballads in British Library. Advert for journeyman EFP 7/1/1815 4. Published map of Exeter EFP 3/7/1828 2. Handed over to son Henry, then a partner 9/5/1834 EFP 15/5/1834 2c. English Folk Dance and Song Society's index has 127 records for the Besleys in 2012, some of them dateable to the 1820s and 1830s, for example A New Song Composed by Thomas Heydon of Stratton, Cornwall. On a most Dreadful Shipwreck, that happened at a place called Widemouth, near the harbour of Bude, and the Town of Stratton, on the 23rd November, 1824, issued by T and H Besley and Bay of Biscay O! also by T. and H. Besley. Imprints: [1800?]: Mullins; 1815: Letters; 1825: Charity; 1826: Charity; 1828: Exeter. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803 ; Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers ; directories.

Exeter. BESLEY, Thomas [2]. 1816-1853. Printer and bookseller, also stationer and library 1823. High Street 1816-1827; no. 30 1818; no. 223 1820-1823; Mary's Yard 1828-1832; North Street 1833-1853; no. 99 1851. Born: Exeter 1790/1, son of Thomas 1760-1834, printer of Exeter. Married: Mary, born Exeter 1790/1. EFP 22/12/1814 4b. Children: Henry died 1853? Not freeman of Exeter. Printed Caution to travellers broadsheet on coach accidents 16/5/1818. Apprentice wanted EFP 3/6/1819 4e. Proprietor of Exeter news and county chronicle (Saturdays) Oct. 1821-1853 EFP 18/10/1821 1c. Publishing book EFP 12/4/1827 4e. Advert EFP 30/10/1834 2b. Premises described as Chronicle Office 1835. Sources: Census 1851 1869/232 ; Brown, Roly, Some Devon printers ; directories.

Exeter. BESLEY'S DEVONSHIRE CHRONICLE AND EXETER NEWS. 1837-1850. Newspaper. Full title of Devonshire Chronicle and Exeter News 11/2/1837-25/11/1850.

Exeter. BESLEY'S EXETER NEWS AND DEVON COUNTY CHRONICLE. 1821-1827. Newspaper. Published 10/1821-14/4/1827. Proprietor: Thomas Besley II. Continued as: Devonshire Chronicle and Exeter News.

Exeter. BEST, John. 1851. Compositor. West Street 1851. Born: Bridgwater 1830/1, son of Elizabeth, widow, lodging house keeper. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/380.

Exeter. BIBLE and Testament Depot. 1955. Booksellers. Post Office Chambers, 1955. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BIBLE Bookshop. 1959-1977. Bookseller. 7, Heavitree Road, 1959-1977. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BICKFORD, William. 1851. Compositor. Cowick Street 1851. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1837/8, son of Martha, retired baker, widow. Unmarried 1851. Sources: RG9/1867/162.

Exeter. BICKHAM, Charles. 1851. Compositor. Catherines Court 1851. Born: Exeter 1824/5, son of John, stableman. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/306.

Exeter. BIG Issue (South West). 1997. publisher. 3, Palace Gate, 1997. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BIGNALL. 1848. Law stationer. Mary Arches Street 1848. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BIGNALL, Thomas. 1853-1854. Law stationer. St. Mary Arches Street 1853-1854. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BILL, John. 1645. Printer. King's printer during Civil War. See Robert Barker.

Exeter. BINGHAM, Henry Brothers. 1830. Printer. St. Leonard 1830. Registered press 12/5/1830 (DRO Q/S 68).

Exeter. BIRD, I. 1827-1840. Bookseller. Fore Street Hill 1827; no. 126 1828-1840. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BIRD, T. 1822-1828. Bookseller, bookbinder. Fore Street Hill 1822-1825; no. 126 1828. Succeeded by I.Bird. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BISHOP, George. 1717-1722. Printer. Cathedral Close c1718-1722; opposite St. Stephen's Church 1719?. Born: 1/1/1698, bap. 16/1 St. Martin, son of Philip Bishop, bookseller. Married: Mary Jewell of Exeter, spinster, licence 5/6/1718. Freeman of Exeter by succession 26/2/1722. Published Exeter mercury by 28/11/1718 (Journal of House of Commons v. 19, p.30) when he printed an account of the Commons' proceedings. Summoned to House, admitted guilt and discharged. Claimed reports taken "from news-letters sent to coffee-houses at Exeter" and "having a wife and family to provide for in the country, his affairs will suffer very much by his absence" 19/12/1718. At one time employed by Nathaniel Thorne. Imprints: 1717: Musgrave, Newcomb (2 titles), Pitts, Southcomb, Squire; 1718: Burrough, Rayner; 1719: Blasphemia, Bowchier, Caution (2 editions), Lily, Musgrave (2 titles), Sober, True; 1720: Coplestone, Musgrave; 1721: Southcomb; printed forms 1720-22. Sources: Wiles Freshest advices; Dickinson; Brushfield; Hoskins Exeter p.80; Plomer 1688-1725; Dredge.

Exeter. BISHOP, M[oses?]. 1717. Bookseller. Probably not freeman of Exeter. Imprints: 1717: Pitts, Rayner. Sources: Dredge; Plomer 1688-1725; Brushfield p.170; Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BISHOP, Philip. 1694-1716. Bookseller, stationer, printer from 1714. Over against Guildhall 1694-98; Golden Bible,,over against Guildhall 1701-03; Fore Street 1701-09; High Street 1704-12; St. Peter's Churchyard (house where Mr. Quash lately kept the Post Office) 1713-16. Married: firstly Elizabeth May of Exeter, spinster, Cathedral 17/11/1696 (licence 16/11), buried 30/3/1713 St. Martin. Children: George born 1/1/1698 bap. 16/1, printer, Philip bap. 21/5/1699, bur. 11/11/1699, Edward bap. 6/4/1701, Susannah bap. 9/8/1702, bur. 11/3/1703, Susannah bap. 31/3/1704, Philip bap. 21/2/1705, bur 23/2/1705, Philip bap. 6/5/1706, bur. 7/5/1706, John bap. 30/10/1707, Philip bap. 7/9/1709, bur. 15/12/1710, Elizabeth bap. 1/3/1711, bur. 5/3/1711 all at St. Martin, Elizabeth bap. 15/6/1712 St. Martin. Married: secondly Mary Horne 12/1/1714 St. Leonard. Children: Mary bap. 24/11/1714 St. Martin. Died: 1716 King's Bench Prison, London. Apprenticed to Joseph Hooker, bookseller, of Exeter. Freeman of Exeter 14/11/1698. Apprentice John Reynolds 1713 £45/00/00. IR/1/03, fo. 061. Began Exeter Mercury 24/9/1714, Fridays, by 28/10/1715 Tuesdays and Fridays. Advertised as selling patent medicines EM 8/10/1714. "He is a firm adherer to the Established Government, and a declared enemy to Popery and Slavery. He is a man of strict justice, deals much, and thrives of his trade" (Dunton 1707).Subscribed to Walker's Sufferings of the clergy 1714. Arrested for printing Jacobite ballad Nero secundus: "Bishop the upstart ballad-printer of Exeter, is confin'd prisoner in the king's Bench, where he is to remain till next term" PM 13/7/1716. Died in prison awaiting trial. "Since the death of the late Philip Bishop one Reynolds that was his apprentice, has made a discovery of some persons who were concerned with his said master in the printing of that horrid and unpardonable libel ..." PM 21/12/1716. Succeeded by son George. Imprints: 1697: Chilcot; 1698: Chilcot, Dunning, King, Select, Shower, Smith; 1699: Chandler; 1700: Mercurius, Rossington; 1701: Bowchier, Mercurius, Prince, Veryard, White; 1702: Bowchier, Trosse; 1703: Dagge, Henwood, Musgrave; 1704: Pitts; 1705: Freke, Gilling; 1707: Musgrave, Walrond; 1708: Blackall; 1709: Agate, Exeter. Diocese, Roberts; 1710: Beare, Roberts; 1711: Gatchell, Mela; 1712: Collier, Roberts, White, Wolcombe; 1713: Agate, Dagge; 1714: Agate, Capitolinus, Exeter, , Musgrave, Southcomb; 1715: Fursman, Henley, Lily, Musgrave (2 titles); 1716: Bishop, Blamey, Musgrave, Nero, Southcomb, Sowter; printed forms 1697-1716. Sources: Exeter freemen; Dunton Life and errors i,237; Dredge p.10,95; Wiles Freshest advices; Dickinson; Hoskins Exeter p.80; Plomer 1688-1725; Brushfield: Worth p.501.

Exeter. BLACKWELL'S University Bookshop. 1997. Bookseller. School of Education, 1997 ; Stocker Road, 1997. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BLAKE, Barnet. 1845-1851. Newspaper editor. Okehampton Street 1851. Born: Ely 1811/2. Married: Amy, born Clerkenwell 1807/8. Children: born St. Andrew, Middlesex 1837/8, Lambeth 1841/2, St. Thomas, Exeter 1845/6. Sources: Census 1851 1867/90.

Exeter. BLAKETON HALL Ltd. 1991-1997. Publisher. 1, Devon Units, Budlake, 1991 ; Unit 1, 26, Marsh Green Road, 1997. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BLAKEY'S Bookshop. 1973-1977. Bookseller. 147, Sidwell Street, 1973-1977. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BLAND, S E. 1951. Bookseller. 4, Iron Bridge, 1951. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BLISS, Joseph. 1705-1719. Printer. New printing house in the Exchange 1708-10; back part of Exchange Coffee House, near the Post Office in St. Peter's Churchyard 1709-11; St. Peter's Churchyard 1711; near London Inn, a little without Eastgate 1711-19; Bride Lane, London 1721. Children: Mary married Nathaniel Dodd, printer of London, died of fever, bur. 24/3/1721 St. Bride Fleet Street. Bliss entries in Exeter IGI: Joseph Bliss married Elizabeth Owen St. David 19/4/1704; Joseph Bliss son of Joseph bap. St. David 4/9/1703 St. David; Susannah, parentage unstated bap. 13/2/1700. Died: of consumption, bur 24/2/1721 St. Bride, Fleet Street. Apprentices: Andrew Brice, absconded PM 30/12/1715. Partner with Samuel Farley c1705-07. Witness to will of Thomas Long, Exeter 1708. Established Exeter post boy Apr. 1709 to at least Aug. 1711, possibly continued as Protestant mercury; or, Exeter post-boy Sep. 1715 to at least Nov.1718. Whig sympathies. Apologises for quality of paper used PM 4/5/1716. Summoned before House of Commons for printing items from proceedings in issue of 28/11/1718 (Journal of House of Commons v.19, p.30). Admitted guilt by letter, stating that further proceedings would "end in the ruin of himself and his children, he being wholly void of friends and money" 14/1/1719. Reprimanded and discharged. Chancery lawsuits in PRO: Stat. Co. v. Bliss 1716, Stat. Co. v. Bliss 1717, def. in Stat. Co. v. Farley 1718. Imprints: 1705: Freke; 1707: Agate, Boyse, Elys, Lacy, Musgrave, Withers (2 titles); 1708: Agate (2 titles), Edgley, Hyde, Withers; 1709: Agate, Jos., Trosse, Withers (2 titles); 1710: Edgley, Withers (2 titles); 1711: Gilling, Steele, Wills; 1712: Blundell, Collier, Ham, Roberts, Wolcombe; 1713: Hallett; 1714: Stogdon, Trosse; 1715: Atkins, Protestant, Withers; 1716: Edgley, Loyal, Squire; 1717: Five; 1719: Eveleigh, Faithful, Sovereign; printed forms: 1706-09. Sources: Plomer 1688-1725; Wiles; Dickinson; Hoskins Exeter, p.80; Brushfield; Dredge; Goulden.

Exeter. BLOMFIELD, Charles. 1877. Stationer. Married: wife died EFP 25/4/1877 3f.

Exeter. BOCK, William Henry. 1826-1831. Printer. St. George 1826-31. Married: Phyllis. Children: Henry George bap. 19/11/1826, Elizabeth bap. 6/11/1831 both at St. George.

Exeter. BODLEY. 1789. Newspaper proprietor 1789. Sources: Dredge p.75.

Exeter. BODLEY, Thomas H. 1851. Pressman. 1, Wellington Place 1851. Born: Plymouth 1814/5. Married: Mary A, born Redruth 1822. Sources: Census 1851 1868/28.

Exeter. BOLLY. 1846-1848. Postboy. Married: Louisa, born Teignmouth 1811/2. Children: born Exeter 1846, 1848. Died: before 1851, widow then living in Hoopers Cottage, St. Sidwell. Sources: Census 1851 1868/181.

Exeter. BOND, Robert. 1822. Printer. High Street 1822. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOND, Robert and Co. 1822-1823. Printers. Fore Street 1822-1823. Proprietors of Devonshire freeholder 1822-1823. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOOKBINDER, John. 1522. Bookbinder. St. Martin 1522. Born: Normandy. Servant to Martin Coeffin 1522. Assessed at 20s., military survey of 1522.

Exeter. BOOK-CYCLE. 2007-2015. Bookseller and charity. 7 West Street, Exeter EX1 1BB 2007-2015. Registered charity no. 11279078. Aims to encourgage learning and self-reliance through the provision of books, trees and information. The Exeter bookshop enables users to choose up to three items a day in return for donations which are used to send free books to schools and orphanages across the world. The charity depends entirely on voluntary donations, both for the books, seed banks, Tree-Cycle tree planting initiative and use of meeting space. To 2014 the charity has redistributed over 240,000 books donated by residents and schools in Devon to countries world-wide, allowing more than 250 school libraries to be built in Ghana alone. Sources: Website (2015) ; One magazine : life in Exeter West, 63, March 2015, p. 6 ; publicity leaflets.

Exeter. BOOKSALE. 1997. Bookseller. 192, High Street, 1997. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOOTS Ltd. 1911-1955. Library. 53, High Street, 1911-1931 ; 223-224, High Street, 1931-1955 ; 99-101, Queen Street, 1931-1955. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOWCHER, Frederick. 1827. Engraver. High Street 1827. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOWDEN, Joel. 1825-1827. Bookseller. New Bridge Street 1825-1827; no. 9 1828. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOWDEN, William. 1851. Compositor. Paris Street 1851. Born: St. Sidwell, Exeter 1830/1, son of Mary, schoolmistress. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/180.

Exeter. BOWRING, Richard. 1851. Newspaper reporter. Magdalen Street 1851. Born: Holy Trinity, Exeter 1814/5. Unmarried, living with sister, unmarried schoolmistress 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/456.

Exeter. BOWRING, Thomas. 1816-1818. Bookseller. Martin Lane 1816. Voted for Newman and Northmore 1818.

Exeter. BOWSKILL, Roger (Printing). 1985. Printer. 8a, Saint David's Hill, 1985. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BOYCE, E. jun. 1805. Bookseller. Advert for apprentice EFP 7/2/1805 2b.

Exeter. BOYDEN, F C. 1931. Bookseller. 37, South Street, 1931. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BRADFORD, George. 1818. Bookseller. See Thomas Balle, William Bradford.

Exeter. BRADFORD, George. 1851. Bookbinder. 1, Brunswick Place 1851. Born: Exeter 1829/30, son of George, builder. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/145.

Exeter. BRADFORD, William. 1809-1818. Bookseller, stationer. Fore Street 1811-1816. Died: EFP 20/8/1818 4a. Opened shop EFP 9/2/1809 4. Lottery agent EFP 1/2/1816 4e, 3/7/1817 4e, 12/2/1818 4c. Opened wholesale paper warehouse EFP 17/10/1816 4c. Business taken over by Thomas Balle and George Bradford EFP 17/9/1818 4e.

Exeter. BRADNINCH and GANDY. 2013. Publisher. Fictitious imprint used for humorous work by S. Duff, S. and N. Oncents An alternative dictionary of classical words and phrases. (Exeter : Bradninch & Gandy, 1913 [for 2013]), published to accompany Pegasus, vol. 56 (2013). Imprints: COPAC.

Exeter. BRAGG, Frederick. 1851. Compositor. Okehampton Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2, son of Elizabeth, widow, innkeeper. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1867/89.

Exeter. BRAILEY, William. 1838-1855. Bookbinder etc. 1838-1842, machine ruler and account book manufacturer 1843-1848, bookbinder 1849-1855+. Holy Trinity 1828; James Street 1838-1841; New Market Street 1842-1846; Little Queen Street 1847-1855+. To 1848 name given as Brayley. Born: St. Thomas, Exeter 1797/8. Married: Jane, born Berry Pomeroy 1790/1. Children: Isabella Rachel bap. 13/7/1828 Holy Trinity. Sources: Census 1851 1869/180 ; directories.

Exeter. BRANNAN, John. 1803. Printer. St. Sidwell 1803. Aged 17/30 unmarried 1803. Volunteer Exeter regiment of militia 1803. Sources:Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. BRANNAN, Thomas. 1820. Bookbinder. Allhallows Goldsmith Street 1820. Married: Sarah. Children: Ann bap. 2/3/1820 Allhallows Goldsmith Street.

Exeter. BRAYLEY, William. 1838-1855. Bookbinder. See Brailey.

Exeter. BREWER, John. 1832-1842. Printer etc 1832, bookbinder etc from 1833. South Street 1832; James Street 1831-1836; Bartholomew Yard 1840-1842. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BRICE AND CO.'S OLD EXETER JOURNAL. 17--. Newspaper. See Old Exeter Journal.

Exeter. BRICE & THORN. 1768-1773. Printers. Partnership of Andrew Brice and Barnabas Thorn. Imprints: 1768: Exeter. Theatre, Exmoor; 1769: Head; 1770: Brice, Exeter. Theatre,Moore, Spry; 1771: Exmoor; printed forms: 1773

Exeter. BRICE AND THORN'S OLD EXETER JOURNAL. 1768-1773. Newspaper. See Old Exeter Journal.

Exeter. BRICE, A. AND S. 1743-1746. Printers. Partnership of Andrew and Sarah Brice. Imprints: 1743: Kennicott, Simons, Sleech, Vowler; 1744: Lavington (2 titles); 1745: Brief (2 editions), Exeter. Citizens; 1746: Brief, Disbanded, Exmoor, Pepperell.

Exeter. BRICE, Andrew I. 1717-1773. Printer. Head of Serge Market, Southgate Street 1717-1721; Sign of the Printing Press, over against St. Stephen's Church, High Street 1723-1731; Sign of the Printing Press, Gandy's Lane 1740-1744; Truro 1742; High Street 1745; Northgate Street 1746-1765; High Street 1765; Opposite Guildhall 1771. Trading as Andrew and Sarah Brice 1743-1746; as Brice and Thorn 1769-1772. Born: probably 21/8/1692, Butcher Row, Exeter. Nephew Thomas Brice, printer. Married: Sarah Leach 26/5/1713, St John, Eeeter. First wife died before 1730; married Hannah Seager of St. Kerrian, spinster, licence 10/4/1747, died 1763, buried St. Kerrian 12/4. Children: Andrew born 19/8/1714; Andrew born 13/8/1717, baptised 7/9/1717 Bow Meeting; John, born 9/7/1717; Sarah, born 9/3/1721. Died: 7/11/1773 aged 84 GM Nov.1773 p.582. Account of funeral EFP 12/11/1773 3. Apprenticed to Joseph Bliss, absconded. Not freeman of Exeter. Apprentice Robert Trewman, 1758, £15/00/00. IR/1/21, fo. 125. Apprentice Thomas Williams, 1767, £15/00/00, app. to Andrew Brice & Co IR/1/56, fo. 174. Originally intended for ministry but father too poor. Whig sympathies. Established Postmaster Mar? 1717-23/4/1725, Brice's Weekly Journal 1725-1731+, continued under various titles (see Old Exeter Journal). Summoned for printing proceedings of House of Commons 28/11/1718. Pleaded guilty, reprimanded and discharged. Chancery lawsuits: Stat. Co. v. Greep (as defendant) 1719, Baskett v. Brice (grant infringement suit) 1726. Ran campaign for improved prison conditions 1727. Confined to his house to avoid arrest for debt 1730. Briefly established the first press in Truro 1742. Supporter of the theatre, wrote prologues for plays. Author of Freedom, The Grand Gazetteer, published in numbers and the result of several years research, and The mobiad.. Journeyman William Andrews and apprentice Robert Trewman quarrelled and left to establish Exeter Mercury 1763. Subscribed to Calcott's Collection of thoughts 1764. Printed advert 1735, announcement 1745. Retired in favour of Barnabas Thorn on condition of receiving two guineas every Monday morning. Print of him for sale EFP 6/5/1774 3c. Imprints: 1717: Post-master, Presbyterians; 1718: How, Innocent, Trosse; 1719: Appendix, Ball, Deceiver, Eveleigh, Hallett (2 titles), Peirce (5 titles); 1721: Exeter. Diocese, Holwell, Ley; 1722: Wills; 1723: Foulkes, Of kneeling; 1724: Brice; 1725: Bible, Brice, Brice's, Fisher, Harford, Liscombe, March, Newte, Pring; 1726: Hill, Instructions, Southcomb (2 titles), Westcott; 1727: Ball, Christian, Enty; 1728: Fairchild, Hewgoe; 1729: Dissertation; 1730: Brice, Enty; 1731: Churches; 1735: Brice; 1736: Brice's; 1737: Confessions, Doddridge; 1738: Several; 1740: Richards, Some, Trevanion; 1741: Clarke; 1742: Baron, Hals, James [Truro]; 1743-46: [see A. and S.Brice]; 1746: Roberts; 1748: Davies; 1750: Bamfield, Exmoor, True; 1751: Davies, Muralt; 1753: Attempt, Salter; 1754: Baller, Exeter. Theatre; 1756: Chanter, Exeter. Corporation, Exeter. Theatre, Girrard, Some; 1757: Stowford; 1758: Coade; 1759: Brice, Webber; 1760: Blackett, Brice, Calumny, Fortescue; 1761: Chapple, Proposals, Tremlett; 1762: Pitfield, Tremlett, Westcott; 1763: Assembly-Room, Britain [?]; 1764: Bamfield, Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter. Theatre, Grigg; 1765: Exeter. Dean, Exeter. Theatre (6 items), Hooker, Wight; 1766: Musgrave; printed forms: 1720-24; 1768-73: [see Brice and Thorn]. Sources: Brushfield, T.N. Andrew Brice and the early Exeter newspaper press in TDA v.20, p.163-214; Brushfield, T.N. Who wrote the Exmoor scolding and courtship? TDA v.20, p.400-409; Musgrave; Hoskins Exeter p.80-1; Dredge; Goulden; Dickinson; Plomer 1668-1725; Wiles; Munby and Coral; Worth, pp.502-4.

Exeter. BRICE, Andrew II. 1803. Printer. St. Paul and Brandninch precinct 1803. Born: 1772/3. Unmarried 1803. Sources: Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. BRICE, Elizabeth. 1748-1786. Printer. St. Stephen 1748-1749; near Eastgate 1781-1783; near Westgate 1784-1786. Trading as E. and T.Brice 1780-1781. Daughter of Mr. Fox. Married: Thomas Brice, printer 22/5/1748 St. Stephen, Exeter. Children: Thomas bap. 10/4/1749 St. Stephen, Andrew bur. 27/12/1772 St. Lawrence. Imprints: 1773: Last; 1780: Brice, History; 1781: Dutch, Life, Sentences; 1782: Account, Character, Full, Life, Newfoundland, Sorrowful, True; 1783: Account (4 titles), Beauty's, Confessions, Most; 1784: Account (2 titles), Full, Speech; 1785: Full; 1786: Account. The following unsigned items are crudely printed in the same style: 1785: Mr. Billy's; 1790: Account, Answer, Bampfylde, Banter, Jack, New copy (7 titles), No Foxites, Old Turkey-legs. Sources: Maxted, Ian "... a most barbarous, dreadful, and shocking murder ..." In: Factotum. Occasional paper ; 3, 1983 p.2-6.

Exeter. BRICE, Sarah. 1743-1746. Printer. Sign of the Printing Press, Gandy's Lane 1743-1744; High Street 1745; New Printing Office, Northgate Street 1746. Trading as Andrew and Sarah Brice 1743-1746. Born: Possibly daughter of Andrew, born 9/3/1721. Married: Joseph Cope, Exeter Cathedral 27/11/1738. Printed joint announcement 1746. Imprints: 1743: Kennicott, Simon, Sleech, Vowler; 1744: Lavington; 1745: Exeter. Citizens; 1746: Brief, Pepperell. Sources: Brushfield.

Exeter. BRICE, Thomas I. 1754-1758. Printer. Southgate Street 1755; near Eastgate 1756-57. Married: Elizabeth Fox 22/5/1748 St. Stephen. Children: Thomas Bap. 10/4/1749 St. Stephen. Uncle Andrew Brice I, printer, q.v. Died: 1758. Established The Exeter journal and advertiser, probably Feb 1754, no. 162 (18 Mar 1757) survives. Andrew Brice mentions that his "pushing nephew - (now again for the third time - after having twice been forced to give it over) publishes a paper ... on unstamped paper, price a halfpenny, a day or two preceding the stated time of Andrew's for publication", fine £4 OEJ 12/9/1755. Imprints: 1754: Thorpe; 1755: Short; 1756: Some. Sources: Wiles: Freshest advices p.419-20; Brushfield p.39-40.

Exeter. BRICE Thomas II. 1781-1802. Printer, newspaper proprietor, bookseller. Near Eastgate 1781; Goldsmith Street c1781-1783; at the Conduit 1784-1786; Northgate Street 1785p; North Street 1787-1794, opposite Elephant Inn, North street 1787; High Street 1799-1801; Trinity College [1800?]; St. Martins Lane 1802. Trading as E. and T.Brice 1780-1781. Born: 1749, bap. 10/4 St. Stephen, Exeter, son of Thomas, printer, and Elizabeth. Married: Elizabeth Penney 13/12/1768 St. Mary Major. Children: Elizabeth bap. 10/9/1769 St. Lawrence, son born 1774. Not freeman of Exeter. The art and mystery of gossiping, a 1783 broadside, includes the statement "Printed by Thomas Brice in Goldsmith Street, where travellers and shopkeepers may be supplied". Other broadsides recorded. Advert EFP 4/1/1787 3b. Apology to wife from William Western for assaulting her EFP 22/5/1788 3c. Agent for rat poison EFP 4/2/1790 2c. Proprietor of Old Exeter journal 1789. Claims to be partner and succesor of Andrew Brice and Thorn and to have purchased shares in Brice's Old Exeter journal OEJ 12/5/1791. Sold OEJ to R.Trewman and E.Grigg EFP 1/12/1791 3c. Author of History and description of the city of Exeter EFP 2/9/1802 4e, The state coach in the mire 1783, and satirical and topical verses. "A scholar, though of republican principles" according to John Cooke A pamphlet; called Old England for ever" 1819. Infirm 1803. Imprints: 1780: Brice, History, Phipps; 1781: Brice, Dutch, Sentences, Successes; 1782: Account (3 titles), Crimes, Duellists, Elegy, Lamentation, Maid's, Prospect, Read, Rodney, Rodney's; 1783: Brice, Ever-memorable, New, True; 1784: Account (2 titles), Charter, Gents, To; 1785: Address, Full, Holmes, Izacke; 1786: Confession (2 titles), Dying, Exeter. Archdeacon; 1787: Character, Troughton, Very; 1789: Halloran; 1790: Bampfylde, Botany, Dunsford, Journey, Young; 1791: Kenrick, Morgan; 1792: Newport; 1793: Exmoor; 1794:Bowring, Evidence, Map; 1795: Dying, Hell, Signior; 1796: Tremlett; 1798: Abstract; 1799: Character, Confession, Holmes; 1800: Bampfylde, Holmes; 1801: Southcott; 1802: Brice, Exmoor. Sources: Exeter freemen; Exeter militia list 1803; Dredge p.110; Brushfield p.39-40.

Exeter. BRICE'S OLD EXETER JOURNAL. 17--. Newspaper. See Old Exeter Journal.

Exeter. BRICE'S WEEKLY COLLECTION OF INTELLIGENCE. 1736-1746. Newspaper. Probably title of Old Exeter Journal q.v. May? 1736-46. Only issue 134 of 8/12/1738 survives. Sources: Wiles; Brushfield.

Exeter. BRICE'S WEEKLY JOURNAL. 1725-1731. Newspaper. Published as successor to Post-master 30/4/1725 until at least 1731. Files in Devon and Exeter Institution 30 Apr 1725-13 Jun 1729, Westcountry Studies Library 20 Jun 1729-4 Jun 1731. See Old Exeter Journal. Sources: Wiles; Brushfield.

Exeter. BRIDGEMAN, William. 1851. Printer. Cowick Street 1851. Born: St. Anthony, Cornwall 1833/4, son of Mary, widow, charwoman. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1867/154.

Exeter. BRIDLE, William. 1830-1851. Bookbinder. St. Mary Major 1830-51; Prospect Place 1851. Born: Exeter 1806/7. Married: Anne, born Exeter 1810/11. Children: born Exeter 1840-50. Freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship 17/7/1830. Sources: Exeter freemen; Census 1851 1868/431.

Exeter. BRIGHTWELL, Charles. 1851. Bookbinder. Northcotts, Whipton, Heavitree 1851. Born: Barnstaple 1816/7. Unmarried, lodger 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1866/342.

Exeter. BRISTOL PHOENIX PRESS. 2004-2011. Publisher. Publisher of works on claccical literature. Imprints: COPAC.

Exeter. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. 1854. Booksellers. 20, High Street, 1854. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BRITISH AND FOREIGN LIBRARY. 1853-1854. Library. 20, High Street 1854. Advert, subscriptions EFP 8/9/1853 5c. Advert for H.J.Wallis EFP 23/3/1854 5ab.

Exeter. BRITTON, William. 1855. Photographer. Castle Terrace 1855. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BROCAS, Abisha. 1657-1675. Bookseller, stationer. St. Martin 1657-74; St. Lawrence 1675. Married: Jane Smith of St. Martin, Exeter 29/7/1657, Exeter Cathedral, buried 15/3/1674, St. Martin. Children: George bap. 9/2/1663 Dunchideock (CFI unchecked). Died: 1675, buried 16/4/1675 St. Lawrence. Apprenticed to John Moungwell sen., stationer of Exeter. Freeman of Exeter 16/11/1657. Apprentices: Thomas Hunt, free 18/5/1668; George May, free 1/3/1680. Farthing tokens recorded: one symbol of a book and inscription: "Steward of the Corporation 1672" another with symbol of coffee pot and Turk's head 1669. Under codicil of will of John Moungwell dated 20 May 1661 the £5 per annum to find Bibles for poor scholars of St John's Hospital were to be placed at the shop of Abisha Brocas. Imprints: 1662: Royston; 1666: Ward; 1667: Fullwood; 1668: Whetenhall; 1670: Hole; 1672: Fullwood, Gould, Toleration; 1673: Fullwood; 1674: Gould, Prince. Sources: Exeter freemen; Plomer; Dredge; Clough; Worth p.501; CFI; Historical Manuscripts Commission Report on the records of Exeter, p. 162.

Exeter. BROCKAS/BROCKHURST, John. 1637. Stationer. Apprenticed to John Moungwell. Freeman of Exeter 10/4/1637. Sources: Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BRODIE, T. 1883-1889. Bookseller. Higher Market, 1883-1885 ; 70, South Street, 1885 ; 4, Milk Street, 1887 ; 30, North Street, 1889. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BROOMHEAD PUBLICATIONS. 1976-1977. Publisher. 43, Kingsway, 1977. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BROWN, Thomas. 1851. Engraver's apprentice. Waterbeer Street 1851. Born: Plymouth 1831/2. Unmarried 1851, apprenticed to Willis? Sources: Census 1851 1869/246.

Exeter. BROWN, William. 1766. Bookbinder. St. Martin 1766. Married: Mary Hopkins of St. Lawrence at St. Martin 25/7/1766.

Exeter. BUCKLEY, James. 1851. Compositor. Rouses Court 1851. Born: Nottingham 1807/8. Married: Catherine, born Devizes 1811/2. Children: born Taunton 1838/9, Exeter 1844/5. Sources: Census 1851 1869/213.

Exeter. BUDD, Samuel. 1817. Postboy. Married: Mary. Children: Harriet Elizabeth bap. Cathedral 23/4/1817.

Exeter. BULLEY, Silas. 1851. Compositor. 5, Odgers Buildings, Commercial Road 1851. Born: Exeter 1831/2, son of William, brewer's labourer. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1869/409.

Exeter. BUNCE, Thomas. 1716. Printer [?]. Not freeman of Exeter. Chancery lawsuit PRO: Stat. Co. v. Bliss (as defendant) 1716. Sources: Goulden; Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BURGES, William. 1803. Printer. St. Mary Major 1803. Aged 17/30, unmarried 1803. Sources:Exeter militia list 1803.

Exeter. BURNETT, James. 1811-1817. Bookbinder. Churchyard 1811; South Street 1816. Died: 1817. Succeeded by widow FWL 6/5/1817. Sources: Clamp.

Exeter. BURNETT, M. 1817-1825. Bookbinder. Holloway Street 1822-1825. Widow of James, to continue business, having engaged a workman from London FWL 6/5/1817. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BURRIDGE and CANNICOTT. 1896-1939. Printer. Musgrave Entry, High Street 1902 ; Musgrave Alley, 1896-1935 ; 4, Smythen Street, 1939. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BURRINGTON, Francis G. 1851. Bookbinder. Magdalen Street 1851. Born: Exeter 1834/5, son of George, shoemaker. Unmarried 1851. Sources: Census 1851 1868/453.

Exeter. BUSINESS and LEISURE. 1991. Publisher. 1, Fairpark Road, 1991. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BUSINESS ENTERPRISE EXETER. 1987-1988. Publisher. Imprints: DHC. Sources: Directories.

Exeter. BUTTER, Jane. 1720. Bookseller, stationer. Two doors below St. Martins Lane 1720. Married: firstly Thomas Butter, bookseller, secondly Daniel Pring. See: Jane Pring. Imprints: Printed froms: 1720. Sources: Dickinson; Dredge p.98.

Exeter. BUTTER, Nathaniel. 1793. Bookseller. St. Martins Lane 1793.

Exeter. BUTTER, Thomas I. 1709-1823. Bookseller, stationer. High Street 1709; near St. Martin's Lane [1714?]; two doors below St. Martin's Lane [1720?]; just below St. Martin's Lane [1723?]. Married: Jane. Children: Thomas [?] freeman of Exeter 13/1/1741. Died: by 31/8/1723 when widow married Daniel Pring. Apprenticed to Robert Penny. Freeman of Exeter 14/11/1698. Advert for mathematical and sea instruments, paper hangings, patent medicines [1714?]. Imprints: 1703: Discourse; printed forms 1698-1723. Sources: Dredge p.44; Dickinson; Plomer; Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BUTTER, Thomas II. 1741. Bookseller, stationer. two doors below St. Martin's Lane [date?]. Children: Thomas freeman of Exeter by succession 27/5/1745. Freeman of Exeter by order of mayor and council 13/1/1741. Sources: Dickinson ; Exeter freemen.

Exeter. BUTTER, Thomas III. 1745. Bookseller [?]. Born: Exeter, son of Thomas Butter II. Freeman of Exeter by succession 27/5/1745. Sources: Exeter freemen.

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