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13 January 2013


Exeter Working Papers in Book History; 15
The British book trades: topographical listings. Wales

This page is one of a series of country and county listings which are being developed to bring together biographical information relating to localities throughout the British Isles which is currently scattered in other sections of the Exeter Working papers. They are not intended as exhaustive listings. The main sources covered are bankruptcy notices 1731-1806, apprenticeships 1710-1777 and insurance policies 1775-1787. In the case of Wales no further work is intended in view of the publication of Eiluned Rees, Libri Walliae.

WALES (not more precisely identified)

Thomas, Evan, Died on Wednesday last [12 Jan 1814] Thomas Evans [i.e. Evan Thomas], a native of Wales, formerly a clergyman, afterwards a maker of rhymes, and a printer; latterly a judicial astrologer, and an inmate of the house of industry, Shrewsbury. Morning Chron. 19 Jan 1814. Sources: Berch, alo Timperley p. 853.


Watkins, J.C., bookseller, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, 1811. Holden.


Bartels, John, apprentice printer, Carmarthen, Wales, 1776. Apprenticed to Ross, John, £10/10/00 IR/1/60, fo. 013.

Ross, John, printer, Carmarthen, Wales, 1776. Apprentice Bartels, John, £10/10/00. IR/1/60, fo. 013.


Thomas, David, late of the parish of Llanrug, county of Carnarvon, (wool?) cardmaker, insolvent debtor and jailed at county jail LG 24 Feb 1750. Source: Berch.


Vaughan, William, papermaker, Rockfield, MON, 1722. Apprentice Wyett, Jeremiah, £5/00/00. IR/1/47, fo. 191.


Miles, William, late of the town of Cardiffe, bookbinder, prisoner in Cardiffe Gaol listed as an insolvent debtor LG 12 Nov 1720. Source: Berch.


Davies, Evan, apprentice (wool?) cardmaker, Dolgelly, Wales, 1769. Apprenticed to Robert, John, £4/00/00 IR/1/57, fo. 084.

Griffith, Evan, (wool?) cardmaker, Dolgelly, Wales, 1761. Apprentice Robert, John, £10/00/00. IR/1/22, fo. 194.

Robert, John, apprentice (wool?) cardmaker, Dolgelly, Wales, 1761. Apprenticed to Griffith, Evan, £10/00/00 IR/1/22, fo. 194.

Robert, John, (wool?) cardmaker, Dolgelly, Wales, 1769. Apprentice Davies, Evan, £4/00/00. IR/1/57, fo. 084.


Johnson, Ralph, apprentice papermaker, Halgton Mill, Hanmer, FLI, 1726 of Halgton FLI. Apprenticed to Jones, Edward, £12/00/00 IR/1/11, fo. 118.

Jones, Edward, papermaker, Halgton Mill, Hanmer, FLI, 1726. Apprentice Johnson, Ralph, £12/00/00. IR/1/11, fo. 118.


Reed, Samuel, printer, bookseller, stationer, Newport, Mon 1822-1855 ; 42, High Street 1844. Born: 1785. Died: 1855. Also trunk maker. Distributed items printed by Keys of Devonport. Succeeded by M A Reed and William Weston. Sources: Eiluned Rees, Libri Walliae ; Pigot's directory 1844


Wyett, Jeremiah, apprentice papermaker, Rockfield, MON, 1722. Apprenticed to Vaughan, William, £5/00/00 IR/1/47, fo. 191.


Bevan, Morgan, bookseller, Swansea, GLA 1771. Bankrupt: GM Nov 1771


Salmon, David, stationer, nr Market House, Welshpool, Wales, 1777. Sun policy 386664, £100, 1777.


Marsh, Richard, bookseller, Wrexham, DEN, 1779. Sun policy 413582, £200, 1779.

Paine, Thomas, apprentice bookseller, Wrexham, DEN, 1721. Son of Anne of Whitchurch SHR. Apprenticed to Wickstead, Edward, £40/00/00 IR/1/47, fo. 135.

Wickstead, Edward, bookseller, Wrexham, DEN, 1721. Apprentice Paine, Thomas, £40/00/00. IR/1/47, fo. 135.

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