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13 January 2013


Exeter Working Papers in Book History ; 15
The British book trades: topographical listings. Middlesex

This page is one of a series of county listings which are being developed to bring together biographical information relating to localities throughout the British Isles which is currently scattered in other sections of the Exeter Working papers. They are not intended as exhaustive listings. The main sources covered are bankruptcy notices 1731-1806, apprenticeships 1710-1777 and insurance policies 1775-1787. Other information is being added and entries amalgamated as information is available.

BRENTFORD, Middlesex

Mills, John, Brentford, Middlesex, stationer, to surrender 17, 24 May, 21 Jun at Guildhall LG 10 May 1783. Source: Berch.

Mills, John, stationer, Brentford, Middlesex 1783. Bankrupt: 10 May 1783

Norbury, Philip, of Brentford, Middlesex, printer, bookseller and stationer to surrender 24 Oct, 7 Nov, 2 Dec at Guildhall LG 21 Oct 1780. Dividend decalred for 19 May 1781 LG 21 Apr 1781.Source: Berch.

Norbury, Philip, printer, Brentford, Middlesex 1780. Bankrupt: 21 Oct 1780 cert: 17 Oct 1786 div: 19 May 1781


Loveday, Jonathan, papermaker, Hackney Wick, Middlesex, 1779. Sun policy 409498, £400, 1779.

Wright, John, PX, Hackney, Middlesex, 1771. Apprentice Watson, John, £15/00/00. IR/1/27, fo. 060.

HAMPTON, Middlesex

Johnston, William, John Bullock, of Great Marlow, in Bucks, stationer to the Board of Ordnance (copartner with William Johnston, of Hampton Court in Middlesex, stationer) bankruptcy superseded LG 12 Jun 1784. Source: Berch.

HAREFIELD, Middlesex

Church, John, papermaker, Harefield, Middlesex, 1777. Sun policy 384597, £990, 1777.

HENDON, Middlesex

Probin, Thomas, engraver, Heydon [Hendon?], Middlesex, 1765. Apprentice Thome, Philip, £20/00/00. IR/1/24, fo. 104.

Thome, Philip, apprentice engraver, Heydon [Hendon?], Middlesex, 1765. Apprenticed to Probin, Thomas, £20/00/00 IR/1/24, fo. 104.

HOXTON, Middlesex

Heyliger, Joseph, apprentice engraver, Hodgson [Hoxton?], Middlesex, 1772. Apprenticed to Perry, John, £40/00/00 IR/1/27, fo. 151.

Perry, John, engraver, Hodgson [Hoxton?], Middlesex, 1772. Apprentice Heyliger, Joseph, £40/00/00. IR/1/27, fo. 151.


Perry, Robert, apprentice engraver, Kentish Town, Middlesex, 1768. Apprenticed to Ravenet, Simon Francis, £105/00/00 IR/1/25, fo. 181.

Ravenet, Simon Francis, engraver, Kentish Town, Middlesex, 1768. Apprentice Perry, Robert, £105/00/00. IR/1/25, fo. 181.


Mills, John, bookseller, stationer, New Brentford, Middlesex, 1781. Sun policy 448197, £200, 1781.

Norbury, Philip Francis, Married on the 3rd inst. at St. George's Church, Hanover-square, Mr. Philip Francis Norbury, of New Brentford, to Miss Mary Wilkinson, of the same place. Morning Chronicle 5 Nov 1814. Son of Philip?Source: Berch.

Watson, John, apprentice PX, Hackney, Middlesex, 1771. Apprenticed to Wright, John, £15/00/00 IR/1/27, fo. 060.

Woodbridge, Stephen, stationer, New Brentford, Middlesex 1802. Bankrupt: 13 Mar 1802 div: 22 Jan 1803 div: 23 Mar 1805

PINNER, Middlesex

Dell, Mary, papermaker, Pinner, Middlesex, 1786. Sun policy 518284, £1000, 1786.

SHADWELL, Middlesex

Blow, Benjamin, apprentice PX, Shadwell, Middlesex, 1772. Apprenticed to Scott, Joseph, £45/00/00 IR/1/27, fo. 136.

Scott, Joseph, PX, Shadwell, Middlesex, 1772. Apprentice Blow, Benjamin, £45/00/00. IR/1/27, fo. 136.

STAINES, Middlesex

Trebble, John, stationer, Staines, Middlesex, 1780/1. Sun policy 438618, £400, 1780/1.


Powell, Charles, stationer, Strand on the Green, Middlesex, 1779. Sun policy 422014, £1200, 1779.

Powell, James, stationer, Strand on the Green, Middlesex, 1779. Sun policy 422014, £1200, 1779.


Lepetit, Joseph, bookseller, Upper Clapton, Middlesex 1773. Bankrupt: GM Apr 1773

UXBRIDGE, Middlesex

Bastin, William, bookseller, Uxbridge, Middlesex, 1760. Apprentice Granger, Robert, £21/00/00. IR/1/22, fo. 158.

Grainge, Robert, stationer, Uxbridge, Middlesex, 1783. Sun policy 477528, £2700, 1783.

Granger, Robert, apprentice bookseller, Uxbridge, Middlesex, 1760. Apprenticed to Bastin, William, £21/00/00 IR/1/22, fo. 158.


Mallard, William, apprentice papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1744. Son of Mary. Apprenticed to Mills, James, £5/00/00 IR/1/17, fo. 113.

Mills, Elizabeth, papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1764. Apprentice Topnin, William, £3/00/00. IR/1/24, fo. 017.

Mills, James, papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1744. Apprentice Mallard, William, £5/00/00. IR/1/17, fo. 113.

Mills, James, papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1745. Apprentice Nicholas, Mathew, £10/00/00. IR/1/17, fo. 186.

Mills, James, papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1754. Apprentice Veasey, John, £5/00/00. IR/1/20, fo. 043.

Nicholas, Mathew, apprentice papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1745. Son of Mathew. Apprenticed to Mills, James, £10/00/00 IR/1/17, fo. 186.

Topnin, William, apprentice papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1764. Apprenticed to Mills, Elizabeth, £3/00/00 IR/1/24, fo. 017.

Veasey, John, apprentice papermaker, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1754. Apprenticed to Mills, James, £5/00/00 IR/1/20, fo. 043.

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