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13 January 2013


Exeter Working Papers in Book History; 15
The British book trades: topographical listings. Leicestershire

This page is one of a series of county listings which are being developed to bring together biographical information relating to localities throughout the British Isles which is currently scattered in other sections of the Exeter Working papers. They are not intended as exhaustive listings. The main sources covered are bankruptcy notices 1731-1806, apprenticeships 1710-1777 and insurance policies 1775-1787. Other information is being added and entries amalgamated as information is available.

ASHBY DE LA ZOUCHE, Leicestershire

Beadsmoore, Samuel, printer & bookseller, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire,1811. Holden.

Hallam, Joseph, engraver, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, c.1792 UBD. .

Martin, Arthur, late of Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, felt-maker and bookseller, prisoner in Leicester Gaol to take benefit of act for relief of insolvent debtors LG 15 Jun 1765. Source: Berch.

Twells, Mrs., stationer, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, c.1792 UBD.

LEICESTER, Leicestershire

Abell, William sen, parchment maker, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1793. Bankrupt: 22 Jan 1793 cert: 30 Aug 1794 div: 17 Oct 1793 div: 11 Jun 1794 div: 04 Mar 1800

Abell, William, parchment maker, nr Great Bridge, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1778. Sun policy 403380, £800, 1778.

Bradley, Job, apprentice bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1765. Apprenticed to Gregory, John, £20/00/00 IR/1/55, fo. 162.

Gregory, John, bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1765. Apprentice Bradley, Job, £20/00/00. IR/1/55, fo. 162.

Ireland, George, printer, bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1777. Sun policy 383056, £200, 1777.

Newby, Isaac, apprentice bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1722. Son of Isaac of Abkettleby LEI. Apprenticed to Ward, John, £15/00/00 IR/1/47, fo. 193.

Ward, John, bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1722. Apprentice Newby, Isaac, £15/00/00. IR/1/47, fo. 193.

Ward, John, bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1714. Apprentice Wightman, Thomas, £12/00/00. IR/1/43, fo. 173.

Wightman, Thomas, apprentice bookseller, Leicester, Leicestershire, 1714. Son of Elizabeth of Sutton Cheney Leicestershire, widow. Apprenticed to Ward, John, £12/00/00 IR/1/43, fo. 173.


Heathcote, Joseph, apprentice printer, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 1775. Apprenticed to Turner, Samuel, £6/06/00 IR/1/59, fo. 153.

Turner, Samuel, printer, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 1775. Apprentice Heathcote, Joseph, £6/06/00. IR/1/59, fo. 153.

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