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14 April 2009

Britain 1784-1811: N-O

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: N-O
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
Nantwich, CheshirePop. 1801: 3714Pop. 1811: 4236
Coman, [George,] printer
Craig, [William,] bookseller & stationer
Snelson, [Edmund,] printer, bookseller & stationer
Craig, Tomas, bookseller & binder
Snelson, Edmund, printer & bookseller
Not in 1811
Narberth, PembrokeshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Griffiths, David, bookseller
Neath, GlamorganshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Bartleman, George, bookseller, stationer & circulating library & agent to the Birmingham Fire Office, & post master
Needham, SuffolkPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Johnson, [Edward,] papermaker 1792-98 Not in 1811
Newark upon Trent, NottinghamshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 7236
Allen, [William,] bookseller & stationer
Tomlinson, [James,] printer & bookseller
Allen & Ridge, stationers & printers
Harston, Robert, engraver & painter
Holt, Daniel, printer & stationer
Tomlinson, Ann, bookseller & printer
Hage, Martin, printer, upholsterer & hatseller
Harston, Robert, painter & engraver
Ridge, Samuel & John, printers & upholsterers
Thorpe, John, painter & engraver
Wright, John, bookseller
Newbury, BerkshirePop. 1801: 4275Pop. 1811: 4898
Willis, [John,] printer & bookseller Everett, J., paper mould maker
Fuller, Benjamin, printer, bookseller & stationer
Love, Jacob, engraver & silversmith
Powell, Robert, bookbinder
Wickwar & Co., paper makers
Arrowsmith, George, music warehouse, North Brook Street
Fuller, Benamin, stationer & printer, North Brook Street
Mayo, A., stationer, printer & agent to the Imperial Fire Office, North Brook Street
Wickwar, Thomas, paper mills, West Mills
Winifred, Lewis, bookseller & stationer, North Brook Street
Newcastle under Lyme, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 6175
Smith, printer Chester, Charles, bookseller & stationer
Huley, Thomas, printer
Smith, John, stationer & bookseller
[under Potteries]
Chester, Charles, bookseller & printer
Smith, James, printer, bookseller, stationer & stamp office
Newcastle upon Tyne, NorthumberlandPop. 1801: 33048Pop. 1811: 32573
Angus, printer
Brown & Thompson, printers
Dinsdale, printer
Hodgson, S. (successor to Mr. Slack) printer of Newcastle Chronicle & bookseller
Saint, printer & bookseller
Temple, G., printer & bookseller. Printer of Newcastle Journal
Akenhead, David, bookseller, printer &c &c
Angus, Mrs., printer & bookseller
Atkinson, Mrs, stationer & musical instrument dealer
Beilby & Bewick, engravers & copperplate printers
Brown, Thomas, bookbinder
Brown, Matthew, printer & publisher of the Newcastle Advertiser
Charnley, William, bookseller, binder & stationer
Fisher & Sons, booksellers, stationers & keepers of a circulating library
Gray, Gilbert, bookbinder
Hall & Elliott, printers of the Courant
Hodgson, Solomon, bookseller, stationer & printer of the Newcastle Chronicle
Humble, Edward, bookseller, stationer, instrument dealer &c
Hunter, Abraham, engraver & copperplate printer
Jameson, Thomas, engraver & copperplate printer
Ord, -, brown paper maker
Potts, Thomas, bookbinder
Purvis, Archibald, bookbinder
Rumney, Robert, stationer
Seth, William, bookbinder & copperplate printer
Smith, John, paper maker
Smith, William & Co., paper makers
Turnbull, Mrs., bookseller
Waters, Henry, printseller & stationer
Whitfield, Joseph, printer, bookseller, binder & musical instrument dealer
Wilkinson, Stephen, bookbinder
Akenhead, D. & Sons, booksellers, stationers & printers, Sand Hill
Anderson, K., printer, Side
Angus & Son, printers & booksellers, Side
Annandale, John, paper manufacturer, Middle Street
Bell, John junior, stationer & bookseller, Quay Side
Berwick, T., engraver, Saint Nicholas's Churchyard
Brown, T., bookbinder, Saint Nicolas's Churchyard
Dawson, T., grocer & paper warehouse, Sand Gate
Hardy, Joseph, [textile] cardmaker, Gateshead
Hawks, Robert Shaftoe, paper manufacturer, Felling sh.
Hodgson, Sarah, printer of the Newcastle Chronicle, Great Market
Holderness & c., paper hanging manufactory, head of the Side
Humble, Edward & Son, booksellers & stationers, Mosley Street
Lambert, M., engraver, Dean Street
Marshall, John, printer & bookseller, Fleet Market
Miller, R., stationer & printseller, Mosley Street
Mitchell, John, printer, bookseller & stationer, Dean Street
Preston & Heaton, printers, foot of the Side
Rodney, Robert, paper manufacturer, Old Flesh Market
Sands, Robert, bookseller & stationer, Bigg Market
Scaife, John, merchant & paper manufacturer, foot of the Side
Walker, Edward, printer of the Hue Cry, Pilgrim Street
Waters, Henry, stationer, Bigg Market
Wright, Thomas, music warehouse, Pilgrim Street
Newington Butts, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Wright, printer Not in 1792-98 (in London) Not in 1811 (in London)
Newmarket, CambridgeshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Burrell, William, stationer, bookbinder & printer Rogers, Robert, printer & stationer
Newport, Isle of WightPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
1785 Sturch, Miss, stationer
Thompson, Samuel, bookbinder
Wise, Mary, stationer
Newport, ShropshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Scott, [Samuel,] grocer & bookseller [included by Pendred under Lincoln] Icke, John, grocer & stationer
Morris, David, bookbinder
Norris, Susanna, circulating library
Silvester, Henry, printer & stationer
Newport Pagnell, BuckinghamshirePop. 1801: 2048Pop. 1811: 2515
Seeley, [Leonard,] bookseller & stationer Chapman, Anne, bookseller, stationer & perfumer
Chapman, Thomas, lace merchant, haberdasher & stationer
Leverett, Benjamin, printer
Not in 1811
Newry, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Carpenter, printer
Gordon, printer of Newry Chronicle
Stephenson, printer
Not in 1792-98 Not in 1811
Newton Abbot or Newton Bushell, DevonPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Houghton, printer
Weatherton, [John,] stationer
Weatherdon, stationer & printer Not in 1811
Newton Stewart, WigtownshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-9 Paterson, John, postmaster & stationer
North Shields, NorthumberlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1785 None in UBD Barnes, W, stationer [listed in London section, subscriber 5 gns
Northallerton, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
1785 Langdale, James, bookseller Langdale, James, stationer, printer & druggist
Northampton, NorthamptonshirePop. 1801: 7020Pop. 1811: 8427
Burnham, [Thomas,] bookseller
Clark, Joseph, Esq., distributor of stamps
Dicey & Sutton, printers
Dicey, printer of Northampton Mercury
Faucit, [John,] leather dresser & parchment maker
Hayes, [Francis,] paper manufacturer
Peace, [Henry,] bookseller
Taylor, [Thomas,] leather dresser & parchment maker
Abel, James, bookseller & stationer
Birdsall, William, bookseller & stationer
Dicey & Sutton, printers & venders of medicine
Northwich, CheshirePop. 1801: 1338Pop. 1811: 1382
Leigh, [George,] stationer Ansdell, Thomas, grocer & stationer
Pinkstoen, James, dealer in rags
Norton Fitzwarren, SomersetPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Webber, printer Not in 1792-98 (Taunton?) Not in 1811 (Taunton?)
Norwich, NorfolkPop. 1801: 36238Pop. 1811: 36748
Beatniffe, [Richard,] bookseller & stationer, Cock[ey] Lane
Berry, J[ohn] & C[hristopher], booksellers & stationer, Dove [Lan]e
Booth, [Martin,] bookseller, stationer & printseller, Market [Pla]ce
Brook, [Abraham,] bookseller & stationer, London Lane
[Bu]ck, [Ralph,] papermaker, Stoke Holy Croft
Chase & Co, prin[ters], booksellers & stationers, Cockey Lane
Crocket, [Martin], bookseller, Cook Street
Crouse, [John,] printer of Norfolk Chronicle; or, Norwich Gazette, Market Place
Edwards, [Jacob,] bookseller, Pottergate Street
Furguson, [John,] bookseller, Little Cockey Lane
Jagger, [Benjamin, carver &] printseller, London Lane
Richer, [Edward,] bookseller, London Lane
Wardlaw, [William,] bookseller, Market Place
White, [Stephen,] engraver & printer, St. Andrew's, Bridge Street
The Norwich public library was instituted in the year 1784. The subscription is 2l. 2s. admission and 7s. per annum. The Library at present consists of near 4000 volumes and the number of subscribers is 489 [...] Mr. John Tubby, librarian.
Aunis, John, stationer & bookbinder, London Lane
Bacon, Richard, printer, stationer, auctioneer & sworn appraiser, 12, Cockey lane
Beatniffe, Richard, printer & bookseller, Cockey lane
Berry, Christopher, printer & bookseller, Dove Lane
Booth, William, bookseller, London Lane
Bowen, Ann, stationer & bookseller, Cockey Lane
Crockett, Samuel, bookseller, Cook Street
Crouse Stevenson & Matchett, printers & stationers, Market Place
Gage, Thomas, bookseller & stationer, Red Lion Lane
Marsh, John, printer & stationer, London Lane
Pearson, Robert, bookseller & stationer, Market Place
Richer, Nicholas, bookbinder, Broad Street
Roberts, William, bookseller &c, Market Place
Robinson, James, bookseller, Cook Street
Smith, Thomas, engraver, White Lion Lane
Turner, Thomas, engraver, London Lane
Annis, J., stationer & bookbinder, London Lane
Bacn, R.M., printer & stationer, Cockey Lane
Beatniff, Richard, bookseller & stationer, Cockey Lane
Berry, John, printer, Saint Peters
Berry & Rochester, booksellers, Dove Lane
Berry, J. & Co., printers, Saint John's, Madder Mark
Booth, William, bookseller & stationer, Market Place
Fish, William, music seller, London Lane
Freeman, Jeremy, carver, gilder & printseller, 2, London Lane
Lambert, A., circulating library, back of the Inns
Norwich Public Library, Wymer Street
Scott, Joh, paper hanging manufacturer, White Lion Street
Stevenson & Matchett, booksellers & stationers, Market Place
Tungues, J., music seller, London Lane
Turner, Thomas, engraver, London Lane
Nottingham, NottinghamshirePop. 1801: 28801Pop. 1811: 34030
Burbage [Jeremiah] & Son, printers of the Nottingham Journal
Foxcroft, attorney & distributor of stamps for the county of Nottingham
Tupman, [Samuel,] bookseller
Wilson, bookseller
Blackwell, Ann, circulating library
Blyth, John, bookseller
Burbridge & Stretton, printers, booksellers & agents to the Sun Fire Office
Gaskill, John, auctioneer & bookseller
Mayne, John, writing stationer
Ordoyno, Charles, engraver
Sutton, Charles, printer & bookseller
Tupman, Samuel, bookseller
Wigley, Joseph, engraver
Wilson, M., bookseller
Barnett, Hercules, printer & bookseller,Long Row
Beastall, Thomas, bookbinder & stationer, Houndsgate
Biggs & Smith, wholesale stationers, near Pepper Street
Dunn, Jonathan, bookseller & c., Timber Hill
Hodson, Edward, bookbinder & stationer, Saint Peters Gate, stamp office
Robinson, E.B., bookseller & agent to the British Fire Office, [no address]
Skipwith, Samuel, stationer, Long Row
Stretton, George, bookseller & stationer, papermaker & printer of the Nottingham Journal, Long Row
Sutton, Charles, printer & bookseller, Bridlesmith Gate
Tupman, Samuel, bookseller & stationer, Smithy Row
Wright, Christopher, bookseller & c., Bridlesmith Gate
Nuneaton, WarwickshirePop. 1801: 4769Pop. 1811: 4947
None in Bailey 1784 Parnell, Nathan, bookseller &c Not in 1811
Oakham, RutlandPop. 1801: 1662Pop. 1811: 1719
Not in Bailey 1784 Hicks, Mrs., milliner & stationer
Burley House library (p. 165)
Not in 1811
Oakingham, BerkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
1785 Cruttwell, Elizabeth & Dorothy, booksellers 1811
Oldham, LancashirePop. 1801: 21677Pop. 1811: 29479
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-9 Ashworth, Thomas, bookseller & printer
Ormskirk, LancashirePop. 1801: 8251Pop. 1811: 9908
Steward, [Jacob,] bookseller [& ironmonger] Cocker, Richard, bookseller & binder
Plumbe, Thomas, bookseller & ironmonger
Cocker, Richard, printer & bookseller
Fowler, John, printer, Aughton Street
Oswestry, ShropshirePop. 1801: 5839Pop. 1811: 6751
Hotchkiss, [Joseph & Thomas,] bookseller[s] Edwards, William, printer
Salter, Jackson, printer
Williams, Edward, bookseller
Edwards, William, stationer
Minshall, Nathaniel, stationer
Price, William, stationer
Otley, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Garnett, William, papermaker
Lawton, Charles, bookseller & stationer
Oxford, OxfordshirePop. 1801: 11694Pop. 1811: 12931
Arnold, [Samuel], bookseller & stationer
Campiane, A., printseller & statuary
Fletcher [, James] & Son, booksellers
Jackson [, William] & Co., printer in general & bookseller. Printer of the Oxford Journal
Matthews, [William,] music seller
Prince, [Daniel,] printer & bookseller
Smith, [Richard, painter &] printseller
Clarendon Printing House (p. 119)
All Souls Library (p. 124)
Barrott, Thomas, bookbinder
Bliss, Robert, bookseller & stationer
Butler, Joseph, stationer & perfumer
Callcott, William, bookseller
Campinione, A., printseller
Cantwell, Ralph, printer
Cole, James, engraver
Collingwood, Samuel, printer
Cook, Joshua, bookseller
Davenport, James, music seller
Fletcher & Hanwell, booksellers
Hardy, Henry, music seller
Hayes, William, stationer & bookseller
Jackson, Paul, music shop
Jung, John, music shop
Loder, William, stationer
Merrick, John, bookseller
Padbury, bookbinder
Palmer, Charles, stationer & bookseller
Richards, James, circulating library
Rought, William, stationer & painter [sic]
Smith, Richard, printseller
Wood, Thomas, bookbinder
Barratt & Son, bookbinders & stationers, [no address]
Bellamy, E., stationer & bookbinder, Saint Clements
Bliss, M., bookseller, High Street
Bliss, Robert, bookseller, High Street
Butler, James, stationer, High Street
Calcott, William, stationer, Broad Street
Davenport, James, music seller, High Street
Haskins, Sarah, stationer, Saint Aldates
Hays, William, bookbinder & stationer, Saint Mary's Lane
Hughes, John, printer, Saint Giles
Isaac, H., black lead pencil maker, Ship Lane
Jackson, Paul, music seller, High Street
Jones, Mary, printer & bookseller, High Street
Merrick, John, circulating library, High Street
Parker, Joseph, bokseller, Turle
Parsons, John, stationer, Saint Clements
Penson, Robert music seller, High Street
Rackshaw, Thomas, circulating library & stationer, Cornmarket
Slatter & Munday, letterpress & copperplate printers & booksellers, High Street
Smith, Richard, printseller, High Street
Taylor, printseller, Turle
Wickens, music seller, Turle
Williams, Mary, printseller & painter, Queen Street
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