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09 March 2009

Britain 1784-1811: L

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: L
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
Lancaster, LancashirePop. 1801: 17218Pop. 1811: 17528
[Parker, Richard, stationer]
[Randall, stationer & bookbinder]
Walmsley, [Henry,] bookseller, printer & distributor of stamps
Busher, bookseller & printer, Market Street
Holt, James, bookseller, stationer & binder, Church Street
Leeming, William, letter case maker, Cherry Lane
Shaw, John, bookseller, stationer & binder, Pudding lane
Walmsley, Henry, stationer & printer, Market Street
Clark, Christopher, printer & bookseller, Market Place
Jackson, John, printer & bookseller, New Street
Leeming, John, bookseller & stationer, Pudding Lane
Minishull, William, printer of the Lancaster Gazette, Great John Street
Skirrow, William bookseller, Market Street
Turner, John, bookseller, Church Street
Walmsley, Henry, bookseller, New Street
Wilkinson, -, stationer Pudding Lane
Launceston, CornwallPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 1758
Manning, [John,] ironmonger & stationer
Martins, [Robert,] stationer
Bray, William, printer & stationer
Martin, Robert, stationer
Bray, Charlotte, stationer
Eyre, Thomas, stationer
Harvey, Agnes, stationer
Martin, Philip, stationer
Lavenham, SuffolkPop. 1801: 1776Pop. 1811: 1711
None in Bailey 1784 Taylor, Isaac, engraver Not in 1811
Ledbury, HerefordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Jukes, Mrs, stationer
Thackway, William, bookseller
Leeds, YorkshirePop. 1801: 53162Pop. 1811: 62534
Bowling, J., printer of Leeds Mercury
Wright, T., printer of Leeds Intelligencer
Binns, John, bookseller, Brig Gate
Bowling, James, printer, Boar Lane
Boynton, T., card maker, Brig Gate
Brown, George, bookbinder, Brig Gate
Coupland & Co., paper manufacturers, Hunslett
Frudington, William, bookseller & stationer, Back of Shambles
Gill, Thomas, printer, Kirkgate
Greenwood, Edward, stationer, Brig Gate
Hargrave & Co., paper stainers, Brig Gate
Porter, Edward, music shop, Brig Gate
Robinson, John, bookseller, stationer & library keeper, Kirk Gate
Shaw, William, engraver, Cross Parish
Shilito, William, engraver, seal cutter & copperplate printer, Call Lane
Smith, Daniel, bookseller, Kirk Gate
Stanfield, John, bookseller, Kirk Gate
Wright, Thomas, printer, New End
Baines, Edward, wholesale stationer & printer of the Leeds Mercury, Brig Gate
Baines, John, bookseller, Brig Gate
Bussey & Carrett, pocket book makers, Kirk Gate
Butterworth, John & William, engravers & copperplate printers, Kirk Gate
Crawshaw, Abraham, [wool] card maker & dealer, Union Street
Davies, John, bookseller & printer, Vicar Lane
Dodsworth, Henry, bookbinder, Boar Lane
Dyson, John, bookbinder, Square, Kirk Gate
Fawdington & Inchbald, booksellers, Shambles
Gill, Thomas, printer, Kirk Gate
Goodall, Thomas, [wool] card maker, Brig Gate
Hargreave, William & Son, paper stainers, Kirk Gate
Hargreave & Plowman, paper stainers, back of the Shambles
Harrison, papermaker, Ridge Mill
Heath, Ambrose, paper warehouse, Vicar Lane
Heaton, John, bookseller & stationer, Brig Gate
Leach, John, printer & bookseller, Market Place
Leak & Nicholls, booksellers & sationers, Brig Gate
Lievesey, Christopher, engraver & copperplate printer, Commercial Street
Muff, John, music seller, Commercial Street
Nichols, John & Isaac, booksellers &c, under the Moot Hall
Nicholson, bookbinder, Hunslet Lane
Pickering, R. & H., paper stainers, York Street
Robinson, Mary & Co., booksellers & librarians, the Old library, Commercial Street
Smith, Robert, bookseller, binder &c, Brig Gate
Smith, John, pasteboard manufacturer, Richmond Hill
Topham, Samuel, engraver, Kirk Gate
Wilkinson, John, pocket book maker, Kirk Gate
Wilson, George, printer & bookseller, Kirk Gate
Wright, Griffith, junior, printer of the Leeds Intelligencer, New Street
Leek, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Needham, [Joseph,] bookseller & printer Bromwell, Thomas, bookseller
Hillyard, Francis, printer & bookseller
Maddock, M. & C., booksellers &c
Moore, George, bookbinder
Hilliard, printer
Hope, William, stationer & bookbinder
Lowe, Charles, stationer
Shelly, Benjamin, stationer
Leicester, LeicestershirePop. 1801:17005Pop. 1811: 23453
[Abel, Abel, parchment maker]
Gregory, J[ohn,] bookseller & printer of Leicester & Nottingham Journal
Ireland, [George,] bookseller & printer
Oliver, distributor of the stamps
Abel, William, parchment maker, Northgate Street
Brown, John, bookseller & printer, Market Place
Cockshaw, Isaac, engraver, Nicholas Street
Davies, William junior, rag shop &c, Bellgrave Gate
Gregory, John, printer & bookseller, Market Place
Ireland & Son, printers & booksellers, Eastgate
Ireland, John, printer & bookseller, Cheapside
Phillips, R.,printer & bookseller, Coal Hill
Throsby, John, gent, author of the History of Leicester, &c, High Cross Street
Valentine, M., broker & music seller, Cheapside
The Leicester Herald is published by R. Phillips every Saturday morning [details of quarterly prize medal for best essay]
Literary society for establishing a permanent library in Leicester
Abel, John, parchment maker, North [sic]
Calladine, George, bookseller, Market Place
Chamberlain, printer, High Street
Cockshaw, Isaac, stationer, Humberstone Gate
Coombe, Thomas, bookseller & library, Hotel Street
Jackson, John D., wholesale paper warehouse, Cank Street
Riley, Thomas, engraver, High Street
Valentine, music seller, Cheapside
Leighton Buzzard, BedfordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
1785 None in 1792-9 Ridgeway, Matthew, slopseller, stationer &c
Leith, MidlothianPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1785 Not in 1792-9 Allardice, A., bookseller & stationer, Tolbooth W.
Oliphant, William junior, printer
Reid, William, bookseller & stationer, Shore
Watt, James, bookseller & stationer, Shore
Leominster, HerefordshirePop. 1801: 3966Pop. 1811: 4136
Davies, [Philip,] printer Barrow, John, bookseller
Harris, Francis, printer & bookseller
Burlton, Francis Jenks, bookseller, stationer & lottery office
Proctor & Wright, booksellers & stationers
Lewes, SussexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 6221
Harben, distributor of stamps
Lee, [William], printer & medicine warehouse
Lee, M., printer of Sussex Weekly Journal, bookseller, stationer & circulating library
Lambert, [James,] bookseller & stationer [& coach painter]
Budgen, Thomas, land surveyor, bookseller & stationer
Lee, William, bookseller, stationer & medicinal warehouse
Lee, William & Arthur, printers & proprietors of the Lewes Journal
Symonds, William, bookseller & stationer
Not in 1811
Leyburn, YorkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-9 Barber, S.B., bookseller
Bell, M., stationer & bookseller
Lichfield, StaffordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 5022
Jackson, printer
Morgan, Major, bookseller, stationer & printer
Jackson, John, printer & bookseller
Morgan, Major, printer & bookseller
Lomax, T.G., printer & bookseller
Morgan, William, printer & bookseller
Limerick, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Ferrar, printer
Welch, printer
Not in 1792-98 Auliffe, J., stationer
Barry, John, bookseller
Bassett, William, paper stainer
Broughton, Patrick, paper stainer
Corbett, P., music seller
Corbett, J., music seller
Dodd, William, paper stainer
Flin, E., proprietor of Limerick Journal
Goggin, W., stationer
M'Auliffe, Jeremiah, stationer
M'Donnell & Co., stationers
M'Donnell, Alexander, printer of the General Advertiser or Limerick Gazette
O'Brien, Brian, stationer
Peppard, Richard, stationer
Watson & Mahoney, proprietors of the Limerick Chronicle & lottery office keepers
Watson, Andrew, stationer
Waugh, Edmund, paper stainer
LincolnPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 8861
Drummond, [Mrs.,] bookseller & printer
Drury, [Joshua,] bookseller
Gibbeson, carrier & distributor of stamps for the county
Simmons, [J.,] bookseller & printer
Simmons, S., printer of Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury & Weekly Journal
[Pendred also includes here Snelson, actually of Market Drayton, and Scott, of Newport, Shropshire]
Brooke, William, bookseller & printer
Drewry, Joshua, stationer
Drummond, Rebecca, stationer
Drury, John, printer & bookbinder
Johnston, James, bookbinder
Baron, Edward, bookseller, High Street
Brooke, William, bookseller, High Street
Drury, John, bookseller, High Street
Goddard, Mrs, stationer, High Street
Johnson, John, bookseller, High Street
Smith, John, bookseller, High Street
Lisburn, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1785 Not in 1792-9 Kelly, Mary, circulating library
Ward, James, bookseller &c
Wrigley, William, bookseller & auctioneer
Liskeard, CornwallPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Borrows, [textile] card maker
Hoblyn, [textile] card maker
Not in 1811
Liverpool, LancashirePop. 1801: 82295Pop. 1811: 10410
Bibby, [William,] letter case maker, 22, Fenwick Street
Billinge, [Thomas,] engraver & copperplate printer, 7, Castle Street
Christie, [Alexander,] stationer, 49, Old Dock
Crane, [Samuel,] bookseller, 174, Dale Street
Dunbabin, [John,] bookseller, 2, Castle Street
Eyres, [Margaret,] bookseller, 1, Pruson's Row
Gore, [John,] bookseller & stationer, [proprietor & printer of Liverpool Advertiser], 5, Elbow Lane & 1, Castle Street
[Johnson, Nathaniel, engraver, 11, Charter Street]
Johnson, [Thomas,] printer, Fenwick Alley
[Jump, Henry, letter case maker, 1, Hales Street]
Nevett, [William,] printer, 3, Sweeting Street
Pole, William, Esq., stamp & Sun Fire office, 7, St. Nicholas's Churchyard
[Randles, John, rag warehouse, 13, South Dock
Sibbald, [John,] stationer & printer, 40, Castle Street
Sibbald, [William,] music shop, 6, Temple Bar
Singleton, [John,] paper &c warehouse, 11, Darwen Street
[Sixsmith, Alexander, dealer in rags, 7, Park Lane]
Smith, [Egerton,] printer, stationer & mathematical instrument maker, 18, Pool Lane
[Wheatcroft, Thomas, engraver & copperplate printer, Castle Street]
Williamson, [Alice,] printer of Liverpool General Advertiser & bookseller, 65, Castle Street
Woods, [George,] printer, 10, Princes Street
Wosencroft, [Charles,] printer, Cook Street
Wright, Peter, grocer & stationer, 68, Old Hall Street]
Abbot, Edward, letter case maker, 10, John Street
Armstrong, stationer, Temple Street
Astley, Thomas, engraver, Stanley Street
Baker, George, library, 20, Lord Street
Billings, Thomas, stationer & printseller, Castle Street
Brown, Elizabeth, circulating library, 6, Sparling Street
Christie, Alexander, stationer & bookseller, Old Dock
Cox, Samuel Thomas, stationer & binder, 8, Vauxhall Road
Crane, Samuel, stationer & bookseller, Castle Street
Dawson, James, engraver & victualler (Lion), Dale Street
Dubais, Mary, circulating library, 21, Basnett Street
Dunn, Morgan, quill merchant, 5, Elbow Lane, Dale Street
Eaton, John, engraver, 11, Derby Street
Eyres, Margaret, circulating library, Richmond Street
Ferguson, Robert, printer & bookseller, 10, Castle Street
Gilpin, Ann circulating library, 17, Oldhall Street
Gore, John, stationer & printer, 66, Castle Street
Hatton, James, stationer & bookseller, 6, Castle Street
Highfield, Isaac, pocket book maker, 63, Shaws Brow
Himes, Humphry, stationer & music seller, 15, Castle Street
Hodgson, Henry, bookseller & stationer, 39,Lord Street
Johnson, Elizabeth, printer & stationer, 12, Brunswick Street
Lancaster, James, paper merchant, 41, Cumberland Street
Lockhart, Thomas, paper maker, 146, Dale Street
M'Creevy, -, printer, Upper Dawson Street
Marshland, John, bookseller, 58, Whitechapel
Mayor, William, engraver, 18, Temple Street
Milligan, Hugh, bookseller, 23, Whitechapel
O'Neill, Francis, paper & feather warehouse, Clayton Square
Ormondy, John, stationer, 9, Temple Street
Philips, Robert, stationer & bookseller, 24, Castle Street
Pye, John, music shop, 13, Lord Street
Pye, John, music seller, Temple Street
Robinson, William, bookbinder, 16, John Street
Rushton, Edward, stationer & bookseller, 56, Paradise Street
Schofield, Thomas, printer, 165, Dale Street
Sibbard, John, stationer & bookseller, Castle street
Smart, George, bookseler, stationer & binder, 54, Paradise Street
Smith, Egerton, stationer, 18, Pool Lane
Smith, Jesse, stationer, 12, Redcross Street
Stalfox, Richard, engraver, 51, Whitechapel
Walker, Richard, engraver, Garden Row, Bevington Bush Road
Whiteside, Edward, paper merchant, 32, Pitt Street
Wright & Ormandy, stationers & booksellers, Lord Street
Wright, William, bookbinder, Sweeting Street, Castle Street
Abbot, Edward, pocket book maker, John Street
Alderson, George, bookseller, Castle Street
Allen, Richard, bookseller, Hurst Street
Astley, Thomas, engraver & copperplate printer, Stanley Street
Athenaeum Room & Library, Church Street
Atkinson, Elpha, tea dealer & circulating library, Bridgewater Street
Barker, John, secretary to the Lyceum Library, Gerrard Street
Beastall, William, bookseller, Saint James's Street
Benson, Richard, engraver, Davie's Street
Billinge, Thomas, stationer, printer & publisher of the Liverpool Advertiser, Castle Street
Birkett & Tatham, stationers & booksellers, Whitechapel
Boyle, Luke, wafer sealing wax & quill manufacturer, Cable Street
Boynton, Robert, engraver, Gibraltar Street
Bushell, Edward, stationer, Lord Street
Campbell, John, bookseller, Dale Street
Cassidy, Thomas, quill feather, sealing wax & wafer manufactory, Thomas Street
Chapell, Henry, printer, Warren Street
Coghlan, Thomas, printseller, carver & gilder, Whitechapel
Davies, John, bookseller, Pool Lane
Dean, T., printer & engraver on wood, Piccadilly
Dickins, Samuel, printer, 11, Spitalfields
Dodd, Thomas, printer, 16, Vernon street
Edleston, John, bookseller, 12, Castle street
Fisher, Henry, printer, Wolstenholme Square
Forshaw, Henry, printer, Edmund Street
Gaskell, Thomas, paper dealer, Tythebarn Street
Goodchild, Castle, printer, Vernon Street
Gore, Johnson, stationer & printer of the Liverpool General Advertiser, Castle Street
Gregory, Richard & Co., engravers & copperplate printers, Lower Castle street
Harris, G.F., printer, Tyrer Street
Heaton, Thomas, bookseller, stationer &c., Renshaw Street
Hime & Son, music sellers, Castle street & Church Street
Jones & Wright, printing office, Swift's Court
Jones, William, printer & publisher of the Liverpool Chronicle & Herald, Hope Place
Jones, George, bookseller, Ranelagh Street
Jones, John, navigation & stationary [stationery] warehouse, Pool Lane
Kaye, William, rag & paper merchant, Cumberland street
Kaye, Thomas, printer, bookseller & stationer, Castle Street
Longton, Richard, paper dealer, Tythebarn Street
Maguire, Philip James, publisher of the Liverpool Trade List, Lime Street
Merritt & Wright, publishers of Saturday's Advertsiser, Castle street
Molyneux, John, stationer & navy agent, College Lane
Nevett, Samuel, printer, stationer &c., Castle Street
Nevett, Samuel, printer & bookseller, Dale Street
Nuttall, Jonah, printer, Duke Street
O'Neal, Francis & Sons, stained paper & feather warehouse, Cable street
Ormandy, John, stationer, Lord Street
Peeling, J., bookseller & stationer, 26, Church Street
Phillips, William, printer, 35, Trueman Street
Pigott & Co., engravers, 35, Hackins Hey
Reston, James, stationer, Sir Thomas's Buildings
Roberts, William stationer, Mount Pleasant
Robinson, William, bookseller, stationer & printer, Castle street
Rushton, Edward, bookseller, Paradise street
Simcock, Robert, bookseller & auctioneer, Sir Thomas's Buildings
Smart, George, bookseller, Paradise street
Smith, Egerton & William, printers, Pool Lane
Smith, James, printer, Tythbarn Street
Stringer, John, printer, Hunter Sreet
Swarbreck, Thomas, printer & hosier, Dale street
Thomson, George, bookseller, Dale street
Walker, Richard, engraver & copperplate printer, Temple street
Ward, Cornelius, musical repository, Church Street
Willan, Edward, bookseller, Bold Street
William, James, law stationer, Temple Court
Wood, George, printer, Greetham Street
Woods, George, printer, Prince's Street
Woodward & Alderson, booksellers & stationers, Castle Street
Woodward, Charles, bookseller & stationer, Mount Vernon Street
Wright & Cruickshank, printers, booksellers & stationers, Castle street
Wright, James, printer & publisher of the Liverpool Patent Trade List, Castle Street
Llanbeder, CardiganshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Edwards, David, engraver
Richard, David, bookbinder
Not in 1811
Llanwrst, DenbighshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1785 None in 1792-9 Davies, William, bookbinder & grocer
Llanvyllin, MontgomeryshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1785 None in 1792-9 Jones, Abraham, grocer & bookbinder
Londonderry, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Douglas, printer of Londonderry Journal Not in 1792-98 1811
Loughborough, LeicestershirePop. 1801: 4603Pop. 1811: 5556
Not in Bailey 1784 Adams, William, bookseller Adams, William, bookseller & stationer
Riste, William, printer, bookseller & stationer
Loughrea, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Reynolds, printer Not in 1792-98 Not in 1811
Louth, LincolnshirePop. 1801: 4258Pop. 1811: 4761
1785 Marsh, Thomas, bookseller
Sheardown, Robert, bookseller & printer
Fotherby, Benjamin, printer, bookseller, stationer & auctioneer
Hurton, Henry, printer, bookseller, stationer & agent to Richardson, Goodluck & Co., lottery office
Jackson, John, printer, bookseller, statiner & auctioneer
Ludlow, ShropshirePop. 1801: 3897Pop. 1811: 4150
Not in Bailey 1784 Fetton, William stationer
Griffiths, Thomas, bookbinder & printer
Proctor, Henry, stationer
Not in 1811
Lyme Regis, DorsetPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Hutchings, Richard, library
Lymington, HampshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-9 Galpine, Richard, bookseller, stationer & post office
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