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31 October 2007

Britain 1784-1811: A

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: A
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
AberdeenPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Chalmer, J. & Co. Printers of Aberdeen Journal Not in 1792-98 Athenaeum, public news & reading rooms
Angus & Son, booksellers
Brown, Alexander, bookseller & stationer
Chalmers, D. & Co., printers & publishers of Aberdeen Journal
Duncan, Alexander, quill manufacturer
Pirie, Alexander, paper manufacturer
Abergavenny, MonmouthshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Lewis, James, [wool?] cardmaker
Morris, Hugh, [wool?] cardmaker
Watkins, J.C., bookseller
Abingdon, BerkshirePop. 1801:4356Pop. 1811: 4081
None in Bailey 1784 Pinder, William, printer & stationer Waite, W.W., printer & stationer
AlcesterPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Heming, Thomas, mercer, draper & bookseller Not in 1811
Alnwick, NorthumberlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Graham James, stationer Graham, M. & T., booksellers
Graham, Joseph, bookseller
Alresford, HampshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Upsdale, [Thomas,] bookseller, stationer and sub distributor of stamps Collington, Nathaniel, bookseller & stationer Not in 1811
Alston, CumberlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 None in 1792-98 Pattinson, Hugh, bookbinder & stationer
Walton, Thomas & Co., printers
Alton, HampshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Roe, [William,] bookseller King, William, papermaker
Roe, William, bookseller
Not in 1811
Ampthill, BedfordshirePop. 1801: 1234Pop. 1811: 1299
None in Bailey 1784 Handscomb, Ebenezer, watch & clockmaker, sells plate and plated goods also bookseller & stationer None in 1811
Andover, HampshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Maud, [William,] bookseller
Pugh & Willis, parchment makers
Maud, William, stationer, bookseller & bookbinder, agent to Royal Exchange Life & Fire Office & deputy distributor of stamps
Pugh & Willis, parchment makers
Rawlins, Thomas, printer, bookbinder, stationer
Not in 1811
Appleby, WestmorlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Wilkinson, Launcelot, bookseller Wilkinson, Lancelot, bookseller None in 1811
Arbroath, ForfarPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-98 Mudie, William, bookseller
Stewart, Alexander, bookseller
Arundel, SussexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Blanck, [John,] stationer
White, [Thomas,] bookseller [& land surveyor]
Blanch, John, stationer Lucas, William, bookseller & stationer
White, Thomas bookseller & stat
Ashbourne, DerbyshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 2112
None in Bailey 1784 Brown, William, bookseller
Walker, Widow, bookseller
Not in 1811
Ashburton, DevonPop. 1801: 3080Pop. 1811: 3053
None in Bailey 1784 Hannaford, John, bookseller None in 1811
Ashby de la Zouche, LeicestershirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in 1784/5 Hallam, Joseph, engraver
Twells, Mrs., stationer
Beadsmoore, Samuel, printer & bookseller
Ashford, KentPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Bayly, John, bookseller & stationer
Pike, Edward, stationer
Elliott, J., watchmaker, stationer & circulating library
Gamber, John, stationer & bookbinder
Atherstone, WarwickshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Parker, [William jun.,] bookseller Leigh, Richard, bookseller, stationer, grocer & tea dealer
Turner, Bill, bookseller, stationer & tea dealer
Leigh, Richard, grocer & stationer
Athlone, IrelandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Proctor, newspaper printer Not in 1792-98 Not in 1811
Axminster, DevonPop. 1801: 2154Pop. 1811: 2387
None in Bailey 1784 Butcher, Samuel, printer & perfumer
Bull, Richard, ironmonger & printer
Not in 1811
Aylesbury, BuckinghamshirePop. 1801: 3186Pop. 1811: 3447
Dagnall, [Thomas,] bookseller & stationer
Nicholas, printer
Dagnall, Thomas, bookseller & stamp office
Harness, Samuel, stationer
Nichols, William, printer
Not in 1811
AyrPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Not in 1792-98 Forsyth, Alexander, bookseller
Jamieson, James, bookseller
Tennant, D., bookseller
Wilson, John & Peter, booksellers & printers of Ayr Advertiser