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31 October 2007

Britain 1784-1811: E

Exeter working papers in British book trade history; 20
The British book trades 1784-1811: a tabulation of national directories

Localities: E
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1785 Pendred [& 1784 Bailey]1792-98 Universal British Directory1811 Holden's Directory
East DerehamPop. 1801: 2546Pop. 1811: 2923
None in Bailey 1784 Barker, William, stationer, printer & bookbinder Not in Holden 1811
East Grinstead, SussexPop. 1801: 2659Pop. 1811: 2804
Not in Bailey 1784 Palmer, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, printer, postmaster, master of the Free School & agent to the Phoenix Fire Office Not in Holden 1811
Eastbourne, SussexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Fisher, Frederick George, bookseller & stationer Not in Holden 1811
Edinburgh, ScotlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Donaldson, printer
Hubbard, printer
Fleming, printer
Robertson, T., printer of Caledonian Mercury
Not in 1792-98 Abernethy & Walker, printers, Old Bank Close
Abernethy, Alexander, printer, Warnstons Close
Adamson, George, printer, West Canal Street
Aikman, A. & J., publishers of Edinburgh Star, High Street
[continued in two columns below]
Aikman, Andrew, printer, High Street
Aikman, James, printer, Charles Street
Ainslie, Mrs., bookseller, South Hanover Street
Aitchison, Thomas, formerly publisher of Edinburgh Directory, Fleshmarket Close
Anderson, James, stationer, North Bridge
Anderson, John, copperplate engraver & printer, North Grays Close
Anderson, John, bookseller, Parliament Square
Archibald, William, engraver, Hope Park End
Arnot, William & Co., booksellers, Princes Street
Baillie, James, stationer, High Street
Balfour Kirkwood & Co., printers, Cowgate
Balfour, Andrew, bookseller, Buccleuh Place
Ballantyne, James & Co., booksellers, South Hanover Street
Ballantyne, James & Co., printers, Canongate
Bartholomew, George, engraver, East Richmond Street
Bathgate, James, bookseller, College Street
Bell & Bradfute, booksellers, Parliament Square
Bennet, Peter, bookseller, South James's Street
Berry, Walter, wholesale stationery warehouse, Nicolson Square
Beugo, John, engraver, South Bridge
Black, Adam, bookseller &c., South Bridge Street
Black, David, printer, head of Shoemakers Close, Canongate
Blackwood, William, bookseller, South Bridge Street
Bradfute, John, bookseller, George Square
Brown & Crombie, booksellers, South Bridge
Brown, Alexander, bookseller, North Bridge
Brown, Andrew, engraver, Simon Square
Brown, John, printer, Anchor Close
Brown, Thomas, bookseller, North Bridge
Brumby, Thomas, paper warehouse, Niddry Street
Bryce, Thomas & Co., booksellers, Infirmary Street
Buchanan, John, bookseller, Prince Street
Buchanan, P.G., bookseller, Saint Andrew Street
Butters, L., seal engraver, Bishop's Land
Cadell, William & Co., paper warehouse, Royal Exchange
Cairns, Peter, bookseller, College Street
Cameron, Francis, stationer, Dundas Street
Cameron, Robert & Son, stationers, Bank Street
Caw, Alexander, bookbinder, Warristons Close
Caw, George, printer, Libbreton Wynd
Cheyne, N.R., bookseller, Meadow Place
Cheyne, Stuart, bookseller, George Street
Clark, John, printer, Richmond Place
Clarke, J., printer, Cowgate
Clerk, James, printer, Alison Square
Clerk, Thomas, engraver, Craigs Close
Cochran, James, printer, York Place
Constable, Archibald & Co., booksellers &c., Cross
Corri, N., music seller, Concert Rooms, Leith Walk
Cowan, D. & A., paper warehouse, British Linen Court, Canongate
Cowrie, Alexander, printer, Milnes Court, Lawnmarket
Creech, William, bookseller, Cross
Cruickshank, Allan, printer, Third Entry, James's Court
Dassanville, William, engraver, Foutainwell
Deas, W. & J., stationers, Prince Street
Deuchar, D. A. & Co., seal engravers, Cross
Dickson, James, London stationery warehouse, Nicolsons Square
Dickson, William, bookseller, High Street
Doig, Silvester, printer, West Richmond Street
Donaldson, James Esq., publisher of the Edinburgh Advertiser - house Prince Street
Dun, Walter, printer, East Richmond Street
Elliot, Cornelius, bookseller, High Street
Fairbairn, John, bookseller, Wester Newington
Fraser, William, seal engraver, South Bridge
Gall, James, printer, Simpsons Court, Potter Row
Garof, W., printseller, South Hanover Street
Gavin, Hector & Son, engravers, Parliament Close
Gazette Office, Parliament Square
Gordon, Alexander, printer, Mid Rose Street
Gow & Shepherd, music sellers, Prince Street
Grant, Robert, quill manufacturer, Lothian Street
Guthrie & Anderson, booksellers, South Bridge Street
Guthrie & Tait, booksellers, Nicolson Street
Halliday & Furrier, booksellers, Old Fishmarket Close
Hall & Muir, booksellers, High Street
Hamilton, John, music seller, North Bridge
Harden, John & Co., printers of Caledonian Mercury, Fishmarket Close
Harris, Mrs., stationer, Leith Street
Hetherell, D., engraver, Old Post Office Close
Hill, Peter, bookseller, Cross
Inglis, Hugh, printer, Portsburgh
Johnson, James, engraver & music printer, Lawnmarket
Johnson, John, printer, Strichans Close
Johnston, John, engraver, Foulis's Close
Kay, John, printseller, Parliament Square
Kincaid, Alexander, printing ink maker, Fountain Bridge
Kinnear, Robert, stationer, Frederick Street
Kirkwood, James & Son, engravers, Parliament Square
Kirkwood, James senior, engraver, Borthwicks Close
Kirkwood, Robert, engraver, Carrubbers Court
Laing, William, bookseller, South Bridge
Lamb, James, printer, South Frederick Street
Lawrie & Co., printers, Libberton Wynd
Lawrie, Alexander, circulating library, Parliament Square
Leechman & Son, bookbinders, Cowgate
Lizars, Daniel, engraver, Parliament Stairs
Lothian, Maurice, seal engraver, Niddry Street
M'Cleish, James, late bookseller, Gilmore Place
M'Cleish, Thomas & Co., printers, Old Assembly Close
M'Donald, Archibald, bookseller, Luckenbooths
M'Donald, John, printer, Potter Row
M'Dowall, John, seal engraver, Anchor Close
M'Intosh, Daniel, printseller, South Saint Andrew Street
M'Intyre, A., engraver & printer, East Rose Street
M'Intyre, Daniel, printer, Patersons Court, Lawnmarket
M'Kay, Alexander, bookseller & circulating library, High Street
M'Laren, Alexander, bookseller, West College Street
M'Leod, Daniel, engraver, Murdochs Place
M'Niven, John, paper warehouse, Blair Street
M'William, W., bookseller, Lawnmarket
Main, James, bookseller, West How
Manners & Miller, booksellers, Cross
Martin, P., bookseller, Hope Street
Martin, William, bookseller, Lothian Street
Mather, John, music warehouse, Greenside Place
Mathison, John, typefounder, New Grange
Menzies, J., engraver, Fleshmarket Close
Menzies, Robert, printer, Lawnmarket
Miller, John, printer, Leith Wynd
Miller, William & Co., typefounders, Nicolson Street
Mitchell, Edward, engraver, Nicolson Square
Mitchell, John, engraver, Canongate
Mitchell, Laurence, engraver, Byers Close
Muir, John, printer, Royal Bank Close
Moren, John, printer, East Campbells Close
Muirhead, James, printer, West Rose Street
Mundell Doig & Stephenson, booksellers &c, Parliament Stairs
Munro, Alexander, circulating library, Nicolson Street
Murray & Cochran, printetrs, Craigs Close
Neill, Adam & Co., printers, Old Fishmarket Close
Nicol, Henry, printer, King Street
Nicol, Mungo, bookbinder, Brown's Close, Luckenbooths
Ogg, James, bookseller, Saint Andrews Street
Ogle, James, bookseller, Parliament Square
Oliphant & Balfour, booksellers, Hanover Square
Oliphant, William, bookseller - house, Tobago Street
Oliver & Boyd, printers, Netherbow
Orphoot, John, printer, Blackfriars Wynd
Paterson, John, seal angraver, Fountainswell
Peattie, George, bookbinder, Allens Close
Pillans, James & Son, printers, Riddels Close
Pitcairn, John, paper warehouse, Old Assembly Close
Provan, Christopher, papermaker, Browns Square
Purdie, Robert, music seller, Prince Street
Ramsay, David & Son, printers of the Edinburgh Evening Courant, opposite the Cross
Ramsay, David, printer - house, Craigleith
Ramsay, George & Co., printers, Old Fishmarket Close
Ritch, John, printer, head of Blackfriars Wynd, Buccleugh Place
Robertson, Daniel, music seller, South Frederick Street
Robertson, J. & J., booksellers, High Street
Robertson, James, bookseller, Nicolson Street
Robertson, James, engraver, Lawnmarket
Robertson, John, seal engraver, Fountainwell
Rodger, Thomas, printer, Clerk's Land
Ross, George, printer, Horse Wynd
Ross, Robert, bookseller, Drummond Street
Ruthven & Sons, printers, High Street
Ruthven, John, printer, New Assembly Close
Sced & Butters, pocket book makers, Carrubbers Close
Schaw, D., & Son, printers, Riddels Close
Schaw, James, printer, South College Street
Scott, James, printer, Potter Row
Scott, John, wholesale stationer, Bank Street
Shepherd, William, music seller, Prince Street
Shirreff, Peter, printer, Fishmarket
Sievwright, John, engraver, Writers Court
Simpson, James, bookseller, front Royal Exchange
Smellie, Alexander, printer, Anchor Close
Smellie, Thomas, copperplate printer, Blackfriars Wynd
Smith, George, music seller, Carrubbers Close
Smith, James Taylor, bookseller, stationer & newsman, Royal Exchange
Sommerville, Robert, seal engraver, Carrubbers Close
Souter, James, bookseller & music binder [sic], Parliament Square
Stark, John, printer, Bristo Street
Steel, John, printer, Weirs Close
Steel, Jo., carver, gilder & printseller, Low Terrace
Stewart, Charles, printer to the University, Old Bank Close
Sutherland, John, bookseller &c, Leith Street
Syme, William, keeper of the Edinburgh Subscription Library, South Bridge
Thomson, James, printer, Grassmarket
Thomson, John junior & Co., booksellers and stationery warehouse, Hunter Square
Thomson , William, printers' joiner, Scotts Close
Turnbull & Gall, printers, Old Assembly Close
Walker & Greig, printers, Parliament Stairs
Walker & Hutton, engravers & music printers, Foulis Close
Walker, George, engraver &c, Fountainwell
Walker, James, printer, Richmond Place
Walker, Robert, printer, Canongate
Walker, Thomas, paper warehouse, Candlemaker Row
Wandley, John, bookseller, West Rose Street
Whyte, William, bookseller, South Saint Andrew Street
Willison, David, printer, Craigs Close
Edmonton, MiddlesexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Brown, Edward, bookbinder Not in Holden 1811
Egham, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Boult, printer, bookseller & bookbinder Not in Holden 1811
Egremont, CumberlandPop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 1556
Not in Bailey 1784 Roberts, John papermaker Nicholson, Robert, papermaker
Ellesmere, ShropshirePop. 1801: 5909Pop. 1811: 6099
Not in Bailey 1784 Baugh, William, stationer Not in Holden 1811
Ely, CambridgeshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 4249
Harwood, [Thomas,] bookseller Harwood, Thomas, peruke maker & stationer Edwards, Robert, hatter & stationer
EmsworthPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Mills, James, bookseller & stationer Not in Holden 1811
Enfield, MiddlesexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Laremouth, Robert, paper stainer
Poole, John, writing master, stationer & bookseller
Not in Holden 1811
Epping, EssexPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Watson, Jacob, stationer & bookseller Not in Holden 1811
Epsom, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
None in Bailey 1784 Scott, John, stationer & agent to Royal Exchange Assurance Fire Office
Wilson, James, stationer
Not in Holden 1811
Eton, BerkshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 2279
Pote, [Joseph], bookseller [listed under Windsor by Pendred] [under Windsor]
Pote, Thomas, bookseller
Not in Holden 1811
Evesham, WorcestershirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811: 3068
Brown, mercer & general distributor of stramps for the county
Davis, [John,] bookseller
Gardener, [Mrs.,] parchment maker
Proctor, [Thomas,] bookseller
Smith, [Henry,] printer
Barnes, [William,] parchment maker, at Bengeworth
Cartwright, [Michael,] parchment & glue maker, at Bengeworth
Cartwright, Michael, parchment maker & leather dresser
Davis, John, bookseller & dealer in medicines
Gardner, Mrs, parchment maker
Agg, John, postmaster, printer & bookbinder
Buttersby, Richard, bookbinder
Davis, John, bookseller & stationer
Paine, Edward, parchment maker
Taylor, James & Joseph, mercers & parchment makers
Ewell, SurreyPop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Jubb, William, paper maker Not in Holden 1811
Exeter, DevonPop. 1801: 17398Pop. 1811:
Brice, [Thomas,] printer, Northgate Street
Grigg, [William,] printer & stationer, Fore Street
Hunt, [Joseph,] paper hanging manufactory, Fore Street
Sweetland, [Abel,] bookseller, Fore Street
Thorn, [Barnabas,] printer, bookseller & stationer, Fore Street
Trewman, [Robert,] bookseller & printer, Fore Street
Woolmore, [Shirley,] bookseller, Fore Street
Brice, Thomas, printer, North Street
Chorlock & Hill, papermakers, St. Sidwell
Dyer, Gilbert, circulating library, High Street
Ezekiel, E.A., engraver, Fore Street
Floud, Peter, engraver, High Street
Grigg, Emanuel, printer & bookseller, Fore Street
Hedgeland, Philip, bookseller, High Street
Hunt, Joseph, paper stainer, Fore Street
Mackenzie, Joseph, bookbinder, Catherine Street
Manning, John, bookseller, High Street
Penny, James, bookseller, Fore Street
Portbury, George, bookbinder, North Street
Portbury, Henry, bookbinder, Waterbeer Street
Sweetland, Margaret, bookseller, High Street
Trewman & Son, printers, booksellers & stationers, High Street
Woolmer, Shirley, bookseller, High Street
Alford, J., stationer, South Streert
Besley, Thomas, printer, Southgate Street
Bradford, W., bookseller & stationer, Fore Street
Burnett, James, bookbinder, Church Yard
Cullum, Robert, printer, Waterbeer Street
Curson, W., bookbinder &c, High Street
Davies, William, pamphleteer, New Bridge
Dyer, Gilbert, bookseller, High Street
Every, John, law stationer, Bartholomew Yard
Ezekiel, C. & A., engravers &c, Fore Street
Gattey, William, stationer, Church Yard
Hart & Cole, bookbinders, Fore Street
Hatch, W., bookbinder, High Street
Hedgeland, Philip, bookseller, High Street
Jacobs, quill manufacturer, North Street
Kingdon, Thomas, paper stainer, Fore Street
Mack, Thomas, paper seller, Fore Street
Oxenham & Pim, papermakers, South Street
Penny, James, bookseller, Fore Street
Pim, Thomas, papermaker, Exwick
Player, Joseph, bookbinder, High Street|
Rickard, James, engraver, West Quarter
Risdon, John, bookseller, High Street
Trewman & Son, printers &c, High Street
Upham, Edward, bookseller, High Street
Woolmer, Shirley, printer, High Street
Eynsham, OxfordshirePop. 1801:Pop. 1811:
Not in Bailey 1784 Faichen, Stephen, paper maker Not in Holden 1811
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