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06 February 2007

Devon Book 25a

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 12
A history of the book in Devon.
25a. Some medieval Devon private libraries

Three medieval personal libraries of Exeter clerics edited from modern editions of the original manuscripts. Further explanatory notes will be added as time permits.

1. Leofric, Bishop of Exeter. (Died 1080). Source: Bodleian manuscript Auct D.2.16.

1-2ii myecel Cristes-bec ge-bonedeTwo large bound Gospel books, one Bodleian Library manuscript Auct.D.12.6
3-4ii fulle mæsse-becFull missals (missale plenum)
5i collectaneum
6-7ii pistel-bec
8-9ii fulle sang-bec
10i niht-sangNocturnal antiphonal, texts and melodies for night hours of canonical service
11i ad te levaviAntiphonal of the mass or gradual
12i tropere
13-14ii salteras
15se þriddan swa man singð on Rome
16-17ii ymneras
18i deorwurðe bletsung-bocone precious benedictional - formulas for episcopal benedictions
19-21iii oðrethree ordinary benedictionals
22ðeos Englisce Cristes-boc
23-24ii sumer ræding-bec
25i winter ræding boc
26regula canonicorumBy Chrodegang of Metz (died 766)
28i canon on Leden
29scrift-boc on Englisc
30i full spell-boc wintres 7 sumres
31Boeties boc on EngliscAlfred the Great's translation of Boethius
32i mycel Englisc boc be ge-hwilcum þingum on leoðwisan ge-worht
[33-37]Books he found at the Minster
33i capitularie
34i for-ealdod niht-sang
35i pistl-boc
36-37ii for-ealdode ræding-bec swiðe wake
38-65Latin books he gave to Minster
38liber pastoralis
39liber dialogorum
40liber iiii prophetarum
41liber Boetii de consolatione
42liber officialis AmalariiAmalarius of Metz De ecclesiasticis officiis. Trinity College Cambridge Ms B.ii.2
43isagoge Porphirii de dialecticaIntroduction to Aristotelian categories by neoplatonist Porphirius
44i passionalisLegends of saints
45Liber ProsperiiProsper of Aquitaine, pupil of Augustine
46Liber Prudentii sicomachiePsychomachia
47Prudentii ymnorum
48Prudentii de martyribus [on anre bec]The last phrase was not in the original draft. Bodleian Ms Auct. F.3.6 contains all three works of Prudentius subsequently bound together
49liber Ezechielis propheteProbably Bodleian Ms Bodl. 707
50cantica canticorum
51liber Isaie on sundroni.e. separately - usually included with four prophets
52liber Isidori ethimologiarumEtymologiae
53liber Isidori de nouo et veteri testamento
54liber Isidori de miraculis Christi
55passiones apostolorum
56expositio Bede super evangelium Luce
57expositio Bede super apocalipsimProbably lambeth Palace Ms. 149
58expositio Bede super vii epistolas canonicasProbably Bodleian Ms. 849
59liber OseriiPerhaps Orosius
60liber Machabeorum
61liber PersiiSatires of Aulus Persius Flaccus
62Sedulies boc
63liber Aratoris
64liber de sanctis patribus
65glose Statii

2. Dean Andrew Kilkenny (died 1302). From: The inventory and accounts of the executors of Dean Anrew Kilkenny, 1302-1315. Exeter Cathedral Dean & Chapter Archives 2846. Based on the translation in Death and memory in medieval Exeter, edited by David Lepine and Nicholas Orme (Devon and Cornwall Record Society, new series, vol. 47), 2003, p.173-3.

15 marksOne old DigestA book of civil law AfforciatumI.e. Inforciatum, a book of civil law
353s. 4dOne new DigestA book of civil law
440s.One Parvum volumenA book of civil law
553s. 4d.One CodexLaw book
67 marksOne fine and good DecretalsCanon law
753s. 4d.A Decreta in old letteringCanon law
826s. 8d.Another Decreta in old lettering
940s.Another old Decreta
1040s.One Decretals with manuals
1140s.Summa InnocentiiInnocent IV on Decretals
1260s.One new Digest with an old text and a new commentaryCivil law
1330s.Liber Institutionum with the AuthenticaInstitutes of Justinian, civil law
1430s.Summa Gaufredi
1553s. 4dAn old Codex with a new commentary
1610s.Summa of AzoAzo Portius, died c1230, Bologna, writer on law
1716s.An old Summa Gaufredi with a certain tractate De ordine iudicario
184s.Summa Raymundi
1918d.Summa Egidii
2010 marksOne Bible
2110s.A short compendium De Exposicione Verborumsummula
2230s.Liber Sentenciarum
2313s. 4d.The Letters of Augustine with the book De spiritu et amina and Liber arbitrium in one volume
2420s.Augustine De vivendo Deo
2526s. 8dOne glossed psalter
2626s. 8d.Another glossed psalter
2712s.Constitutions of Boniface with a tractate of elections and a repertory of canon law in one volume
288s.A book of Papias
2930s.A book of history
30[50?]s.A new missal
3120s.One antiphoner with a psalter
3253s. 4d.One portiforium
335s.One old and worn portiforium
3420s.A book that is called Legenda Sanctorum
356s. 8d.One gradual
365s.One troper
373s.Another troper
3810s.A good psalter
392s.A Summa that is called Fareta, with other quires written by the deceased
402s.One book of various sermons without boards
412s.Another book of various sermons without boards
4212d.A book of various quires, partly written by the deceased
4312d.A Summa of John Velet De divinis officiis
442s.One book of sermons with the Testamenta duodecim patriarcharum
452s.Two martyrologies
4612d.The History of St Richard and De corpore Christi
472s.Repeticiones in iure ciuili, with many quires written by the deceased
4812d.A Summa called Margareta on the commentary of Innocent
492s.The Brocardica of Azo
5012d.Four quires of cases of the Decreta
514d.Three small quires of an exposition of the Bible
523s.A certain Summa by John of Spain on the Decreta ls
5312d.A Summa of Seneca
544s.History of the English
5518d.Expositions on various Decreta ls
562d.Certain Letters of the Blessed Thomas
5712d.Statutes of the King and various papal books
583s.History of the Britons
596d.A certain book of various prayersoracionum
602s.The book of Boethius On the consolation of philosophy
6112d.A canon of the mass
62-Register of St Sidwell kept back by the exchequerIn margin: note register and portiforium. Kept back by the Cathedral Exchequer.
63-One portiforium that ought to be returned to the Chapel of St TheobaldIn Colaton Raleigh parish
6430s.A Summa Reinfredi with other short compendia in the same volume
Total£66 11s.Item

3. Walter de Stapledon (1261-1326), Bishop of Exeter from 1308 to 1326. On 15 October he was murdered in Cheapside, London, by a mob of London insurgents. Inventory of the effects of Walter Stapledon. Edited by George Oliver Lives of the bishops of Exeter, p. 438-42.

1Decretals (Gration's) with cases and histories in the marginItem10 marks
2Another copy of the Decretals1l. 6s. 8d.
3The first part of Rosarius super Decreta6 marks
4The second part of ditto6 marks
5Apparatus Hugonis super Decreta5 marks
6Lecture [--] super Decreta10s.
7Lecture Petri de Salmis super Decreta13 s. 4d.
8A fine copy of the Decretals10 marks
9Another fine copy of ditto8 marks
10A copy of ditto bound in leather5 marks
11-12Copies, one the property of the late treasurer of Exeter, the other of the rector of Manatoneach 4 marks, 8 marks
13The first part of the Lecture Hostien, on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th books of the Decretals6 marksHenricus de Segusio, died 1271
14The second part of Hostien, on 3rd and 4th books of the Decretals4 marks
15The 1st part of Apparatus Hostien, on the 1st and 2nd books of ditto6 marks
16The 2nd part Apparatus Hostien, on 3rd, 4th, and 5th books of ditto4 marks
17The abridgment of Hostien cum glossa Compostolani2l.
18Apparatus Innocenti4 marksInnocent IV, died 1254
19Summa copiosa6 marks
20Alia summa copiosa3l.
21Speculum judiciale5½ marks
22Summa Gaufredi13s. 4d.
22*Alia Summa Gaufredi6s. 8d.
23Apparatus Gaufredi super Decretalia1l.
24Summa Tancredi6s. 8d.
25Questiones Bartholomei, in parvo volumine2s.
26Summa Johannis Andree, super 4to libro Decretalium5s.
27Sextus liber Decretalium novus cum glosis Johannis Monachi et Johannis Andree, scriptis ad modum commenti et glosa Gwydonis per se, et glosa Domini Digni super regulas juris, in uno volumine10 marks
28Sextus liber Decretalium cum tribus glosis4 marks
29Sextus liber decretalium cum glosis Johannis Monachi et Johannis Andree cum tractatu de Mandeo, in uno volumine2l. 6s. 8d.
30Apparatus Gwydonis super textum Decretalium13s. 4d.
31Glosa Gydonis et Dni. Digni super regulas juris13s. 4d.
32Constitutiones Viennenses6s. 8d.
33Digestum vetus pulchrum10 marks
34Aliud Digestum pulchrum10 marks
35Parvum volumen5l.
36Digestum novum emptum Oxon6 marks
37Codex8 marks
38Alius Codex5½ marks
39Digestum vetus3l.
40Parvum volumen4 marks
41Casus inforciatus in septem peciis5s.
42Lecture super Institutum in sex peciis3s.
43Una Biblia bone litere10 marks
44Secunda Biblia13s. 4d.
45Tertia Biblia1l.
46Liber Sententiarum2l.
47A copy of the Sentences, but with the boards broken [cum asseribus fractis]
48Concordia supr Bibliam10 marks
49Evangelia glossata6s. 8d.
50Evangelia Marci et Matthei glossata2l. 10s.
51Tertius et quartus Liber Sententiarum cum quibusdam aliis5s.
52Psalterium glossatum20s.
53Psalterium Jeronimi glossatum per fratrem Nicolaum Trivet2l.Nicolas Trivet, 1258-1328
54Sermones Gwidonis1l 6s. 8dGuido Aretino c.990-1050
55Sermones Dominicales Dni. Jacobi de Ravenna13s. 4d
56Sermones Festivales ejusdem Jacobi13s. 4d.
57Sermones ejusdem ad omnes status1l.
58Sermones Cancellarii Parisiensis1l.
59Sermones ejusdem Cancellarii1l 6s. 8d.
60Distinctiones Fratris Nicholai10s.
61Distinctiones in alio volumine10s.
62Manipulus Florum, sine asseribus13s. 4d.
63Manipulus Florum, cum asseribus2l.
64Veritas Theologie10s.
65Sermones Bernardi super Cantica et Flores ejusdem2l.Bernard of Clairvaux, 1090-1153
66Rationale Divinorum Officiorum4 marks
67Legenda Sanctorum1l. 6s. 8d.
68Liber de Servitutibus13s. 4d.
69Summa de Vitiis10s.
70Pastorale Gregorii, sine asseribus5s.
71Dialogus Gregorii[?]
72Dialogus Gregorii1s.
73Summa dictantis4s.
74Alius Summa ejusdem4s.
75Epistole Frederici que dicantur Dictatoria Petri de Vencis6s. 8d.
76Chronica Martini de Summis Pontificibus et Imperatoribus2s.Martinus Polonus
77Diversa quedam cum commentacionibus, questionibus, et aliis notabilibus1s.
78Oratio Dominicalis, cum Salutatione Angelica et Symbolo Gallice, de compilacione Walteri Exoniensis Episcopi1s. 6d.
79Duo libri de Regimine Principum6s. 8d.
80Quaternio de Feodis in Comitatibus Devonie et Cornubie2s.
81Speculum Naturale in duobus voluminibus2l. 10s.Vincent de Beauvais
82Speculum Historiale in duobus voluminibus10 marks
83Postilla super Johannem; literalis expositio super Job, Cantica Canticorum, super Ecclesiastem, et Apocalipsim, in uno volumine1l.
84[?][?]Item omitted by Oliver
85Psalterium, quod fuit Thome Episcopi Exon1l.Thomas Bitton
86Unum Gradale novum1l.
87Unum parvum Processionale, sine asseribus2s.
88Unum Portiforium solemne, quod fuit Rectoris de Stoke10 marks
89Statuta Regis, ligata in nigro corio et piloso6s. 8d.
90Liber qui vocatur Aaron6s. 8d.
[Total][All items]187l. 10s. 6d.Average 2l. 1s. 8d.
ItemDuo coffini pro libris infra cariandis1s.

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