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30 January 2007

Streets E

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 1
The London book trades 1775-1800: a topographical guide.
Streets: E

Eagle Court. Westminster
1749 Pratt, Wprinter
Eagle Street. Red Lion Square
411785PHeyler & Mardinprinter's smith
1784 Wigzell, Georgeengraver
Earl Street. Blackfriars
31821P-1825PClement, W.Jbookseller
211802K-1804PJeffryes & Coprintseller
Earl Street. See also Great & Little Earl StSeven Dials
331790URhodes, Thomasstationer
Earl's Court. Little Newport Street
51796?-1809HNicholas, Johnprinter
51817U-1820?Nichols, Lucyprinter
71818?-1824 Nichols, Lucyprinter
Earl's Court Terrace. [unlocated]
171815 -1833 Dagley, Richardengraver
East Harding Street. Shoe Lane
81785P-1831 Eyre & Strahanprinter
81800 Reeves, Johnprinter
81800 -1815 Macarthur, Johnprinter
81832 -1875 Eyre & Spottiswoodeprinter
East India Chambers. Leadenhall Street
1811HBranston, A.Rwood engraver
East India House. Leadenhall Street
1809 Cox & Baylisprinter
East Smithfield. See also Lower & Upper EastSmithfield
East Smithfield. Tower Hill
551799 Bailey, Johnprinter
1021785PSweeting, Williamengraver
1802HBailey, Thomasprinter
East Street. Walworth
1799HBrowne, Johnengraver
Eastcheap. See also Little EastcheapFish Street Hill
211772 -1775NBrown, Patrickstationer
Eaton Street. Pimlico
1779 -1780 Haywood, Jamesprintseller
Ebury Street. Chelsea
101805H-1811HGaughan, Thomas ?=Gaugainengraver
Edgware Road. Oxford Road
321782 -1787 Dodd, Robertengraver
461822RHaviland, Thomasbookseller
Edward Street. Cavendish Sq, Portman Sq
91774 Stubbs, George Townleyengraver
121795 Noel, Ameliaengraver
241821?-1827?Lavenu, Elizabethmusic seller
261815 Ibbetson, Julius Caesarengraver
341799H-1802HWhite, Thomasstationer
1783 Cooper, Richardengraver
Egham. Surrey
1801 Barrow, Thomasengraver
Elliott's Court. Old Bailey
1759?-1760?Bennett, Thomasengraver
Ely Court. Hatton Garden
51775 -1776 Morris, Thomasengraver
Ely Place. Holborn
1781 Caslon, Williamtypefounder
Essex Street. Strand
431802HBryan, Thomaslaw stationer
46-481884 -1896 Seeley & Cobookseller
491813P-1818PBickerstaff, Robertbookseller
1781 -1792 Sandby, Williambookseller
1775?-1780?Wright, Thomasprinter
Essex Street. Whitefriars
1779 McArthur, Johnbookbinder
Evangelist Court. Blackfriars
1785 -1789 Westley, Henrybookbinder
Eversham Buildings. Somers Town
11799 Neil, Arthurprinter
1799HNeale, Jprinter
Exchange Alley. Cornhill
181784B-1822UBlake, William Staddenengraver
Exeter Change. Strand
221763 -1765?Fentum, Jonathanmusic seller
Black Lyon1765?-1775?Bride, Richardmusic seller
Black Lyon1783B-1802HFlight, Benjaminmusic seller
1787?-1789?Preston, Johnmusic printer
1789?-1798?Preston, John & Sonmusic printer
1798?-1810?Preston, Thomasmusic printer
1775?-1785PThomason, Williambookseller
Exeter Court. Strand
41773 -1774 Smith, John Raphaelengraver
1774 Jackson, Johnbookbinder
First house1751 Lowndes, Thomasbookseller
1782 Sheldon, Williambookseller
1774 Taylor, Franksengraver
1774 Thompson, Georgepaper hanger
1774 Woodham, Richardmusic ruler
Exeter Street. Brompton
231805HMurray, Davidbookseller
281809H-1811HMurray, Johnbookseller
Exeter Street. Strand
? 11796 -1804 Curtis, Johnengraver
11805H-1811HCurtis, Johnengraver
311788 -1789 Mayne, Johnprinter
311788 -1789 Stuart, Peterprinter
1774 Wolfe, Johnprinter
Eyre Street. Liquorpond Street
51830?Skarratt, Robert Thomasmusic engraver
Fair Street. Horsleydown
61799HBonney, Thomasrag merchant

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