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16 January 2007

Portledge Sale

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
The Portledge sale catalogue of 1801
This catalogue, printed by Trewman and Son, High Street, Exeter, is 96 pages in length and contains 4515 entries, many for several volumes. The copy used is held in the Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter. After the title-page and introduction, only those entries which have been identified, whether certainly or tentatively, in the Lapthorne correspondence are listed here. In the original the imprint and date are normally aligned to the right of the page.

The entire COLLECTION,
[38 lines, mainly in two columns, listing highlights from the catalogue]
This Library was lately removed from Portledge House, North Devon, to S.Woolmer's,
Printer of the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, City of Exeter,
for sale.

Catalogues may be had (Price One Shilling each) at Mr. C. Law's, Bookseller,
Paternoster-Row, Mr. Hookman, Old Bond Street, and Mr . Mawman, Bookseller,
Poultry, London; S. Hazard, Bath; P.Nettleton, Plymouth; the Booksellers at
Oxford and Cambridge; and place of sale.
S. Woolmer, Printer, Fore-street, Exeter.

The Portledge Library has been very celebrated by the Literary of the North of Devon for more than 150 years past; it was principally collected before the year 1696, since which time it has been occasionally increased, till nearly the end of 1800, when (for private reasons) it was offered for Sale, and disposed of to the present proprietor; the whole collection unmutilated is included in this Catalogue. There are few instances in the which a Library of so long standing is brought so genuine to Public sale; the Books are in general in the original Bindings, most of them very clean inside, and sound copies. The Portraits and Plates are exceedingly good, and some fine impressions. An Eminent Devon Historian thought it worthy of being recorded in his valuable and scarce History, viz: "The present possessor of this ancient seat Portledge, a right worthy and worshipful Gentleman, of great piety and virtue, and for his quality of excellent Learning, especially in venerable Antiquity, which hath been his delight and study. He hath a noble Library, and knows well how to make use of it."
Prince's Worthies of Devon, 1701. - Page 181.

20 Du Fresne Gloss. ad script. Mediae et Infimae Graecitatis, 2 vol. in 1, fair, 1l 5s Lug. 1688 [D60]

82 King's Vale Royal of England, or County of Chester, with Hollar's curious cuts, fine impressions, 3l 13s 6d 1656 [K25]

97 Philipott's Villare Cantianum, or Kent Surveyed and Illustrated, with large map, 1l 11s 6d 1659 [P42]

98 Wright's History and Antiquities of Rutlandshire, with cuts, neat, 1l 1s 1684 [W68]

101 Cox's Hibernia Anglicana, History of Ireland, compleat, with the frontispiece and portraits, 10s 6d 1689 [C52]

103 Ashmole's Institution of the most Noble Order of the Garter, with Hollar's fine plates, fair copy, in original binding, 2l 2s 1672 [A35]

109 Weever's . Funeral Monuments, fine portrait, by Cecil, good impression, fair and sound copy, in good original binding, 1l 5s 1631 [W10]

114 Wood's History of Oxford, 7s 6d 1691 [W64]

116 Burton's Itinerary of Great Britain, with map, 5s 1658 [B78]

125 Burnet's History of the Reformation, 3 vol. best edition, with portraits, 1l 11s 6d 1679 [B72]

138 Rushworth's Historical Collections, with portraits and other cuts, 5 vol. 1l 11s 6d 1659, &c. [R45]

142 Camden's Britannia, by Gibson, 15s 1695 [C02]

154 Atkyns's Antiquity of Parliament, 1689, with various tracts, about the same period, in all 20 pieces, including the trials of the seven Bishops, and their portraits, by White, scarce, 10s 6d [A40]

176 Sanderson's History of Scotland, bad condition, 3s 6d 1656 [S06]

198 Polychronicon of Ranulph, Monk of Chester, englished by Treveisa, and continued by Caxton to 1460, a perfect copy, with wood cuts, 2l 2s Southwerke Treveris 1527 [H50]

208 Ferdinand Mendez Pinto's Voyages and Travels, 21 years in Ethiopia, China, &c. fair, very scarce, 15s 1663 [M25]

305 Brown Fasciculus Rerum, 2 vol. 7s 6d 1690 [G55]

306 Boissardi Antiquitates Romanae, cum figuris De Bry, 6 parts, a fine copy, in its old binding, 2l 12s 6d Fran. 1627 [B48]

311 Bergomensis de Memorabilibus et Clarismulieribus; aliquot diversorum Scriptorum Opera, large margin copy Par. Ap Colinaei 1521 [B32]

316 [?] Cluverii Germania Italia, Sicilia, Sardinia et Corsica Antiqua, 4 vol. a variety of plates, a fine, uniform, and complete set, in the original bindings, gilt, 3l 3s Elezevir 1631, &c. [C30]

338 Gale, Scriptores Hist. Anglicanae, 3 vol. fine and fair copy, neat as new, and scarce 3l 3s 1684-91-87 [G10]

358 Jornades de Rebus Gothorum, Paulus Diaconus F. de Gestis Langobardorum, 1515. - Pomponius Melae, Vien. 1518 [J30]

368 Kircheri Phonourgia nova, with plates, neat, 10s 6d Camp.[idonae i.e. Kempten, near Munich] 1673 [K50]

371 Kircheri Ars Magna Sciendi, with cuts, large neat copy, 1l 1s Ams. 1669 [K40]

373 Kircheri Turris Babel fine plates, very large good copy, 18s. Ams. 1679 [K55]

377 Lazius de Gentium Migrationibus, &c. illustrated with curious wood cuts, Fran. 1600 [L18]

382 [?] Ludolphi Historia Aethiopica, lib. iv. cum fig. Fran. 1681. - Ludolfi Hist. Aethiop. & Comment. &c. fig. Fran 1691. N.B. These two articles are in good condition, tho' not uniform, 1l 1s. [L69]

384 Langii Polyanthea Floribus Nov. &c. fine copy 18s Lug. 1681 [L09]

390 Mutli German. Chronic. Bas. 1539 [M85]

397 Du Molinet Hist. Sum Pontif. per eorum Numismata, plates, neat, 7s 6d Lut. 1679 [M60]

406 Olao Magni Hist. de Gentibus Septentrionalibus, &c. with a variety of curious illustrations in wood, 2l 2s Rom. 1555 [O20]

418 Philostrati Opera, Gr. Lat. Morelli, fair copy 15s Par. 1608 [P38]

438 Reuberi Veterum Scriptorum, &c. 7s 6d Fran. 1584 [V10]

440 Raii Historia plantarum, 2 vol. 10s 6d 1686 [R05]

444 Sigonii Historia de rebus Bonon. &c Fran. 1604 [S34]

445 Stephanis Saxonis Gram. Historiae Danicae, fine copy, 1l 1s Sor. 1644 [S10]

468 Vredi Historiae Flandriae, 6 vol. bound in two, a fine copy, (including the scarce volume,) with plates, 3l 3s Brug. 1650-67-39, &c. [U10]

529 Bacon's Resuscitatio, in two parts, with portrait, 5s 1671 [B04]

549 Culpeper's Practice of Physic, with four portraits, 5s 1672 [C79]

559 Sir William Hope's Complete Horseman, 3 vol. in 1, with copper-plates and portrait of Sollysell, 10s 6d 1696 [S40]

584 Hardres's Reports, 15s 1693 [H25]

586 Dyer's Reports, 4s 6d 1688 [D90]

663 Cudworth's True Notion of the Lords Supper, 2s 1676. - Crakanthorp's Rome's Seer Overseen, 2s 6d 1631. - Cradock's Apostolical History, 2s 6d 1672 [C74]

670 Dupin's History of Ecclesiastical Writers, Account of the various Editions of their Books, History of Councils, and Lives of the Fathers, 13 vol. compleat, bound in 4, 1l 11s 6d 1693 [D80]

695 Goodwin's (Thomas) Works, 4 vol. with two portraits by White, a clean and sound set, the last three vols. are gilt, the first is plain, 2l 2s 1681, &c [G40]

730 Dr. Lightfoot's Works, 2 vol. portrait by White, sound copy, 12s 1684 [L39]

750 Poole's Annotations on the Bible, 2 vol. with portrait, 1l 14s 1683
751 Poole's Annotations, &c. 2 vol. fine sound set, in the original binding, with portrait, 1l 18s 1683
752 Poole's Annotations, vol. first, indifferent condition. 7s 6d [P52]

759 Dr. Pocock's Commentary on Hosea, Joel, and Micah, 3 vols. 5s Ox. 1685, &c. [P46]

778 Sylvester's Reliquiae Baxterianae, or memorable Life and Times of Baxter, portrait by White, 5s 1696 [B24]

792 Tyndall, Frith, and Barnes's Works, a very neat and fine copy, scarce, 18s 1572 [T90]

856 Colgan, Acta Sanctorum Hiberniae, sut. &c. Lov. 1645 [C36]

890 Lutheri Opera Omn. 7 vol. in the original binding, gilt, scarce, 3l 13s 6d Wit. 1582 [L75]

906 Maldonati Opera, 3 tom. in 1 Lut. 1677 [M05]

952 Vossius de Theologia, Gentili, &c. 2 vol. in 1, large paper and fine, with a capital portrait by Bloteling, 18s Ams. 1668 [V40]

984 Somner's Antiquities of Canterbury, with plates, a sound and clean copy, 7s 6d 1640 [S42]

1046 Aurelii Victoris Hist. Romanae, Delph. 7s 6d, neat Par. 1681 [V15]

1047 Eutropius, Delph. neat, 7s 6d Par. 1683 [E60]

1049 Pomponius Melae Vossii, large paper, scarce, good edition, and fine copy, 2l 12s 6d Hag. 1658 [V55]

1051 Chartarii Imagines Deorum, with 88 plates, 10s 6d Mog. 1687 [C08]

1168 Sir John Dodridge's History of the Ancient and Moderne Estate of Wales, Dutchy of Cornwall, and Earledome of Chester, 5s 1630 [D50]

1238 Sir T. Pope Blount's Remarks on Poetry and Characters of the most considerable Poets, neat copy, 7s 6d 1694 [B42]

1268 The Life of the notorious Impostor Wm Morell, sewed, and very scarce, 7s 6d 1692 [S28]

1278 Powell's Antiquity of Courts Leet, 2s 1641 [P56] - A Treatise of Use and Custom 2s 1638 [C11] - Bacon on Learning, 1s 6d - Goodhall's Coll. of Physicians, 1s 6d

1339 Bishop Overall's Convocation Book, large paper, with two fine portraits, 7s 6d 1690 [O40]

1400 Swinburne on Matrimonial Contracts, 3s 6d - Bentley's Sermons, 2s - Clever on Proverbs, 3s 6d - Preston's Golden Scepter, and frontispiece, 3s 6d [B30]

1401 Matthew Poole's Moderate Enquiry, 2s - Ball's Friendly Trial, 1s 6d - The Jesuit's Loyalty, 2s - Featley's Virtumnus Romanus, 1s 6d [P54]

1459 Andreae Bibliotheca Belgica, 3s 6d Lon. 1643 [V05] - Cluver Hist. Epitome, 2s [C28] - Descrip. Juris & Jud. Milit. per R.Z. 1s 6d [Z20]- Seldeni O Uxor Hebraica, 2s 6d

1460 Moncaeii Disquisitio de Magia Divinatrice & Operatrice, 10s 6d Fran. 1683 [M65]

1462Kyperi Institut. Med. 1s 6d - Hobbesi Leviathan, 1s 6d - Buridani Philos. 1s Cluverii Geographia, maps, 2s 6d - Meursi Athenae Atticae, 2s 6d L. B. 1624 [M35]

1465 Lacrymae Cantabrigienses, 2s 6d 1695 - Budaei Epistolae, 2s 6d 1521 [B68] - Marianae de Rege & Regis Instit. 2s 6d

1470 A. Recicii Instigat. &c. 2s 6d 1585 - De Dieu Animad. in Acta 1s 6d [D40]

1492 Casauboni Epistolae, 1s 6d [C10] - Vossius de Hist. Graecis, 2 vol. 4s 6d 1677

1496 Ware de Scriptoribus Hiberniae, 7s 6d 1639 - Vossii Theses. Theolog. 2s 6d [V50]

1498 Guidotti Therm. Brit. fig. 2s 6d 1681 [G75] - Spanheim de gratia Univers. 2s 6d

1519 Alstedi Theolog. Nat. 2s - Daille de Lib. Suppositus Dion. Areopag. & Ignatius, 4s 6d Gen. 1666 [D20] - Apologia, per Remonstrantes, 2s 6d 1629

1620 Zouchei Elementa Juris, 1s 6d - Vossius de Tribus Symbolis, &c. 2s 6d [V45]

1622 Sieverto Bas. Theolog. Lutheranae, 3s 6d - Pascasi Justi Alea, 3s 6d 1617 [J40]

1626 Pfeifferi Dubia Vex. Script. a capital portrait by Romstet, 7s 6d Lips. 1685 [P32]

1631 Herbert de Cherbury, de Religione Gentilium, 5s Amst. 1663 [H40]

1639 Philostorgi Ecclesiasticae Historiae, Gr. Lat. Gothofredi, 7s 6d Chouct. 1642 [P36]

1649 Bedae Venerabilis Opera, 7s 6d Lond. 1693 [B28]

1980 Dodridge's Law of Nobility, Antiquity of Titles and Distinctions, &c. 2s 6d 1658 - T.B's Animadversions upon Sir Richard Baker's Chronicle, 2s 1672 [D55]

1998 Echard's Description of Ireland, with maps, scarce, 5s 1691 [E05]

2012 Sanson's Present State of Persia, fine copy, with copper plates, 1695 [S08]

2016 Falle's Account of the Isle of Jersey, with map, 4s 6d 1694 [F10]

2035 Obadiah Walker's Gr. & Rom. History, illustrated by Coins &c. 2s 6d 1692. [W02]

2040 Monarchy asserted to be the best Govern. in a Conference with Oliver, at Whitehall, 4s 1660 [W24]

2086 Coverdale's Actes of the Disputacion holden at Regenspurg, &c. black letter, 5s 1542 [C50]

2105 Naudeus and Evelyn's Instructions concerning erecting a Library, 3s 6d 1661 [N20]

2107 Life of Lewis of Bourbon, Prince of Conde, Portrait by Bouche, 2s 6d 1693 [L36]

2115 An Answer to a Scurrilous Pamph. intituled a Lett. from M. de Cros, 1692 - Extraordinary Cure of Mary Maillard and E. Savage, lame from their birth, 1694 - Dr. More's Ingenious Discourses on Fluid Bodies, 1676 3s 6d [T70]

2125 Statius, a Veenhusen, notis var. an uncommonly beautiful and matchless copy, in the original binding, and equally fair as if just printed, 1l 11s 6d L.Bat. 1671 [S52]

2136 Polybius Casauboni, Gr. Lat. notis var. 3 vol. very clean and fine set, in the original binding, 2l 2s Ams. 1670 [P50]

2192 Werdenhageni Politica, &C. fine portrait, 4s 6d Ams. 1632 [W14]

2194 Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis, a fair copy, with beautiful plates, 10s 6d Antv. 1676 [R40]

2486 Erasmus's Colloquies and Life, by H. M. 2s 1671 - Eastcott's Sketches of Music, bds. 2s 6d 1793 - Essay on Projects, 2s 1697 - Esop Natural. 1s 1727 [D25]

2536 Hist. of the Brit Colonies, 1s 6d 1775 - Heath's Rules of Pleading, 1s 6d [H35]

2929 Davenport's Abridg. of Lord Coke's Comment. on Littleton, 1s 6d - Lord Delamer's Works, 2s 6d 1694 - Description of Paris, 2s 6d 1687 [C32]

2954 Geddes Hist. of the Church of Malabar, 2s 6d 1694 [G30]

2985 Kennet's Antiquity of Rome, 2s 6d [K05]

2989 Long's Hist. of the Donatists, 1s - Long of Schism, 1s - Du Moulin's Power of the Christ. Magist. 2s - Langford's Instruc. to raise Fruit Trees, 1s 6d 1696 [D70]

3014 Memoirs of the Duke of Rohan, 1s 6d 1660 - Mackenzie's Moral Gallantry, 1s 6d 1667 - Mahomet's Life and Doctrines, by Reland, 2s 6d 1712 [R30]

3024 Nicolson's English Historical Library, 1s 6d [N50]

3051 Puffendorf's Introduct. to Europe, 1s - Petis de Croix's Hist. of Genghizcan the Great, 2s 1722 - Pattern for the Education of Princes, 2s 1687 [P66]

3068 Rule of Life, in Select Sentences, 1s 6d 1760 - Read on the Muscles, 1s [R20]

3093 Temple of the Netherlands, 1s - Treatise of Cyder, &c. by J. W. 2s 1676 [T10]

3252 Coriat Junior's Journey thro' the Ntherlands, 2s 6d - Carr's 16 Years Travels, scarce, 2s 1695 - Collection of Modern Poems, scarce, 2s 6d Dublin 1713 [C06]

3279 Discoveries concerning those that are born and dumb, wants title, 1s [D45]

3299 Echard's Gazetteer's, 1s - Elsholt's Curious Distillatory, 1s - English Liberties, Magna Charta, &c. 9d - Esop's Fables, by Dr Croxhall, cuts, 3s [E10]

3562 Conant's Sermons, 5 vol. 4s 6d - Calamy (Ben)'s Sermons, 1s [C44]

3647 Lucas on Death, 1s 6d - Lucas's Practical Christianity, 1s 6d [L66]

3850 Edwards's Socinianism unmask'd, 1s - R.E's Discourses on the period of
3851 Human Life, 1s 6d - E.Gee's Jesuit's Memorial, &c. 1s. [E25]

3869 Hicke's Sermons, 2 vol. 1s 6d - . Hale's Contemplations, 1s [H05]

3928 Prideaux's Directions to Ch.-Wardens, 2s - Payne's Mystery of the Christian
3929 Faith, 2s - Pratt's sublime and beautiful of Scripture, 2s 6d 1783 [P20]

3941 Payne on Repentance, 1s [P21]

3951 Shelton on Superstition, 1s - Stillingfleet's Christ's Sufferings 1s [S64]

4337 Puteani Hist. Insubricae, &c. 2s 6d Oxon 1631 [?] [P06]

4344 Spigellii Isagoges in rem herbariam, 5s Elz. 1633 - Synesius Lat. Gr. 1s [S48]

4379 Beldi Ang. de Viperae Nat. et Facultat. fig. 2s Hag. 1660 [B06]

4385 Jo. Bodini Theatrum Naturae, sacrce, 5s Han. 1605
N. B. This book was suppressed [B46]

4394 Crenii Disert. Hist. Crit. Philologie, 2s Rot. 1691 - Caninii de Loc. Script. Heb. Ant. 1600 - Cragius de Repub. Lacedaemon. 1s 6d 1670 [C54]

4415 Fracastorius de Sympathia & Antipathia, Lug. 1554 [F60]

4431 Helvetiorum Respub. divers. Aut. 2s Elz. 1627 - Henrici IV. Nav. Epist. 1s 6d 1679 - Hist. Persecutionum Eccles. Bohem. 2s 1648 [H65]

4432 Hobbii Hist. Eccles. Carm. Eleg. 1s 6d 1688 [H70]

4443 Lomeirus de Bibliothecis Lib. Singularis 4s 1669-80 [L48]

4446 M. Luthueri Catechio, Gr. et Lat. 2s Bas. 1558 -Libellus de Conivrat. imp. per Sebald Mayor, 2s 1573 - Lemnii Herb. explicat. 2s 1581 [L27]

4459 Puteani Hist. Insubricae, 2s 6d Ox. 1634 - Psalter Heb. Gr. Lat. finely printed ap Nivell, 5s Paris 1559 - Bap. Portae de occultis Literarum Notis, &c. Lib. rarus, 4 Arg. 1606 - Bapt. Porta de Magia Nat. 2s Ant. 1560 [P68]

4464 Respub. Imperii Rom. Germ. 2 vol. in 1, 5s Elz. 1634 [W18]

4468 Sabaudiae Respub. et Historia, 2s 6d Ludg. Elz. 1634 - Sallustius, notes var. good copy, 4s 6d Ludg. Bat. 1665 - Sophoclis Tragoediae VII. Gr. et Lat. 2s 6d 1597 - Simondi, Opuscula varia, 3 vol. 5s Paris 1675 [S36]

4476 Zosimi Historia Gr. Lat. 2s 6d Oxon 1679 [Z10]

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