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16 January 2007

Lapthorne 1688

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 11
Book trade references in the Lapthorne-Coffin correspondence 1683-1697
edited by Michael Treadwell and Ian Maxted.
Letters, 1688

[Last letter 1687]

[Satt., 7 January 1687/8]
This haveing bin a loytering weeke I have
deferred sending your box till next Satturday
I have bought yor Ladys seeds wch shall
then also be sent together wth another
Catalogue of Mr Scots books. [S22] Wee have had
a pretty quiet Christmas. there is very litle
news sterring. Doctor Tillotson [...]
[11 lines]
[Hat]ton Garden
14 January 1687

[Sat., 14 January 1687/8]
This day I have sent by ye Exeter carrier a
box directed to you at Portledge & therefore
would advise you to order someone to inquire
for it in order to give it a conveyance to
you next weeke. I shall send a bill &
[note ?] at large about the perticulars but
its late & therefore only inclose this weeks
Gazetts. [L52] Wee have but litle news sterring.
I am sr, yor faithfull servant...
[H]atton Garden
14 January 1687

[Sat., 21 January 1687/8]
I hope err these come to your hands you will receive
yr box. there is one book omitted which I finde
at ye Auction house a 4° (viz) Michales
                       price 0li 2s 0d
de Caeco surdo & muto / [M45] wch if you please to
have shalbe reserved for you & sent in the
next box. I gave a man orders to take speciall
care in the collating of them and hee informs
mee they are perfect, saving Boxhornius [B52]
& hee sayth there wants nothing only yt ye leafes yt
are foaled [sic] down there is somethings double printed
and because ye booke is a good booke I would not
leave it on their hands for so smal
a fault. as for Sir W. Temple of the Netherlands [T10] I
tooke all possible care to get it as cheape as I
could. I bought it of Mr. Watts in Pauls church
yard a very honest & faire Dealer as also Sir
Sym Deews pamphlet [D35] and hee protested to mee ye
first cost him 3s. & ye other 9d. Temple's was
bought up mightily upon a suddaine; its sayd twas
upon Dr. Burnetts praysing it in some book
of his. The manuscript [C38] hath no date &
therefore I bought it upon ye supposition in
ye letter upon the death of the Lord Cicell. I was
told at ye Auction yt none of the vissitacions
had dates. Mr. Millington lately told mee hee had
a policronicon [H50] & would use me kinde for it.
I intend to see it. ye single printed sheet [T50] in yr
box is worth yr seeing, it hath caused much talke
here since its coming out. Wee have very litle news
stirring at present all things beeing in a pretty
quiet posture (blessed be God). Its reported there
is a house in Lyncolns Inn fields fitting up for
the Capuchine Fryers. It seems there is some
idle brayne hath made a Lampoone relating to
ye late Thanksgiving [C48] & a strict inquiry is made
after the Author who if hee bee discovered will
according to his deserts bee severely punisht.
Inclosed are the Gazetts & my bill wch
pray let yr clerk run over for I cast it up but once before sent. I am sR [...]
Hatton Garden 21
January 1687
[PS] I thank you for yr news - as to what books
are not sent as I can procure them shalbe
sent hereafter I mynde yr last letter
[Continued in left margin]
One thing I formerly omitted to give accompt (viz) Dyers reports [D90]
ye last Edition is ye best because there is an Addition.
The price is about [ ? ]
[Sat., 28 January 1687/8]
I have but litle news at present to write
saving for ye sending yr inclosed Gazetts
In my last I sent my bill of Disbursments
[13 lines]
Hatton Garden
28 Jan 1687

[Sat., 4 February 1687/8]
I am glad you have received the box and the
Catalogues. the Divinity quartos in latine were
over before I recd your letter. this day was no
sale but on Munday the messelanea fol begin.
I have markt yr catalogue according to yr
letter and shall take ye best care in buying
for you those books you have noted [...]
[26 lines]
[...] In your letter I recd a bill of Exchange
on Mr Gouge for wch I thank you
I have not yet shewed it him but hee
is a punctual paymaster inclosed are
ye Gazetts its late I am Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 4 January Febr 1687

[Sat., 11 February 1688]

I recd yrs yesterday wth the numbers of those books
you designe for buying in Mr Scots Catalogue
I will take all possible care to please you
therein I have bought some of ye books in
ye other Auction but some went at yt intollerable
rate yt I blusht to see it. Philostratos [P38] as
I take it went for 50s. and sorrily bound
Grutorus [? badly faded] [G70] was imperfect. [...]
[9 lines]
[...] I have
shewed yr bill to Mr Gouge who would then
have pd ye money but I was in hast &
intend to call Munday inclosed are
ye Gazetts from Sr yor faithful [...]
Hatton Garden
11 Febr 1687

[Sun., 19 February 1688]
I recd all three Letters wth Instructions for
Mr Scotts books ye last last night
I shall mind yor concerns therin
They have proceeded no farther yet than ye Theology latin
quartos &c I forbear to mencion in these an
accompt of my progress therein but
shall hereafter I only tell you
yt yesterday I bought Luther
Wittenburgh print. [L75] Mr. Pitts [PIT] sayd
was ye best for £2 19s. 6d. 7 vol.
wch I think was a great pennard.
[4 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazettes
from yr [...]
Hatton Garden
19 Febr 1687
[5 lines]
Mr Hills ye K's printer
is made a Justice of peace

[25? Febr 1688]
I recd yrs last night I constantly [attend?]
ye course of ye Auction I hope [when books?]
are not very deare take them as you
direct. They are gon no farther than
ye libri Ecclesiastici the Auction will
hold five weeks longer at least [...]
[8 lines]
[... Enclosed]
are ye Gaz[ettes]
Hatton Garden
[25?] Febr 1687

[Sun., 4 March 1688]
[I] give dayly attendance at the Auction. good bookes
[doe?] beare a great price. I bought for you
yisterday Boysardus. [B48] ye 3 vol. are bound up in
one booke. it cost 3li 15s. my Lord Stanford
was competitor but because you were de[sirous]
of it I would not let it slip. [Mr.]
Scotts man protested a french [woman a bookseller?]
offred £3 10s in quires for the booke before it was
be put into ye Auction and if so being a
scarce booke I think its pretty well. Those
bookes that goe at reasonable rates I buy. ot[hers]
that run too high I let slip till better
oppertunities. Wee are not come yet to philostratos. [P38]
[7 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazettes [...]
Hatton Garden
4 March 1687

[endorsed 11 March 1687]
I recd yors last night wherein you seeme to desire a
particular of ye books I have bough at Mr Scots Auction
wch as well as I can at present collect I have for [?]
sent but I thinke these are not all As for
yt of Vosius de Adolitrea [V40] &c. It was sold
for neer 40s. & I remembered I had seen the
booke a litle before at Mr. Batemans [BAT] a booke
sellere in Holborne ye 2 vol. bound in one
& his man sayd cost his master a guyny in
quieres; but sayd hee my master would now
take 27s. for it so yt when I saw it goe
at such an excessive rate at the Auction
I went imediately to Mr. Bateman and bought
yt at ye price of 27s. I bought also
at ye Auction Colganus [C36] for 7s. I finde in
ye margin of my catologue Num: 772 &
773 Euseb: Nuremburg [E50] [E55] - but I know not
well whether for you, pray if not let mee
know in yor next. I have bought Luther [L75] as
in my former! - In ye Theol 4: N 48
Dalaeus [D20]0-5-9. N.190 Vossius - 0-4-4: [V50] N.212
Vexata sacri scripti - 0-6-6. [P32] N.259 Herbert de
relig: Gentil. [H40] N.260 Dalaeus de confermat. [D10]
N.261 De sacramentas missel fo. [D15] N.123 Sax[...]
Gramat 0 12.6. [S10] N.125 Olaus Mag. 0 19-6. [O25]
I am not certaine whether I bought this book
but I suppose I did. N.185 Kircher 0 15.6. [K45]
N.186 - 0-12-6 [K40] N.193 0-16.6 [K55] N.270 Boysardus [B48]
The two vol. are bound in one I perceived you were
desirous of yt book & therefore I bought it because
of ye scarcenes of ye booke Mr Scotts man
told me a French woman a bookseller
offered his master 3li 10s in Quiers but he
would not part with it & it went in ye Auction
at 3li 15s 0d N.381 Langius [L09] 0 10 6 very cheape
N.415 Philostrat [P38] 2li-2-6 Quart N.43
Palmarius [P02] 0-3-8. N.80 Eutropius [E60] 0 4-6. N.678
Cartarius [C08] 0 5-10. N.732 Sext Aurel [V15] 0 4.6 N.179
Vossius 0 7 0 - [V55] Oct, N.6 Papin. [S52] 0-8:0. N 44
[? Po]lib: 3 vol. [P50] 1li.2.0: Sr I may bee mistaken as
[continued in left margin]
to ye books & [my success?] but [that] is ye best accompt according to my present [re]collection
I can give. The bookes in this Auction goe very deare because of the excellency of
them. I shall take the best care I can in buying the remaynder. Its very late at night
yr faithfull servant [...]

[Sat., 17 March 1688]
I sent in my last letter an accompt of most
of ye books I had then bought wch I
hope you recd ye Auction goes on some dayly
taken up with the phisick. I shall respect
yor Directions as to ye remaynder. Mr Pitts
told mee last night yt another part of Atlas
is preparing & hee hopes to finish it this
summer [...]
[12 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr[...]
Hatton Garden
17 March 1687

[Sat., 24 March 1688]
In Biblitheca Missoriana were bought for you
4 books (viz) N:18 Jornardus fo [J30] - 0 7 0 and
N:50 4o Causibonds Epistles [C10] 0-5.6 N.140 Biblitheca Belgica [V05] 0 6 0 and
N 47 fo. Kings History of Cheshire [K25] 0-5.6.
I hope these will meet you safe returned from
ye Assizes [...]
[6 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from [...]
Hatton Garden
24 Mar 1687
[PS] Gruterus [G70] in that Auction was Imperfect
I had bought more books in yt Auction
had they not bee so deare


[Sat., 7 April 1688]
Mr. Scots auction ended Munday but I have not yet recd
a Bill of the books bought by mee there but have given
orders for it. As to politian [P48] I veiwed that in Mr. Scots Auction
but found yt addition concerning ye house of Medices not
in it, & therefore did not buye it supposing yt which
I bought at Mr. Coopers auction long since to bee as good
[29 lines]
[...] Inclosed are
ye Gazetts from Sr...
Hatton Garden
7 Mar [i.e. April] 1688

[Sat., 14 April 1688]
I recd yors yesterday & shall endeavour to buy
those bookes you mencion & send them wth the rest.
They have not yet made out my Bill of ye
books I bought at ye last Auction tho
I gave speciall direcions to hasten it but I
make no doubt but to have it ye beginning of ye
next weeke so yt in my next without fail
you will know certainly what bookes were bought.
[8 lines]
Hatton Garden
14 Aprill 1688

[Sat., 21 April 1688]
I could not till this day get a Note from ye Auction house
& just now I have bin veiwing wt books were bought for
you & I am perswaded more were bought for in so great
a hudle they must needs mistake & therefore if you can
wthout trouble send mee ye perticulars I formerely
abruptly sent it may refresh my memory however I
intend ye next weeke seriously to recollect wt I did
& so before I take ye books away shall I hope
bee able to call to mynd wt was bought but ye
perticulars as they have now sent in are, viz: --
Theol fo:
N:254 [E45] ________________________ 0 15 . 6
605 [C36] __________________________ 0 7 . 0
Luther780 [L75] __________________________ 2 19 6
N. 48 [D20] _________________________ 0 - 5 - 9
190 [V50] __________________________ 0 - 4 . 4
163 [H40] __________________________ 0 . 3 . 4
212 [P32] __________________________ 0 . 6 . 6
Oct. N.125 [D05] ________________________ 0 2 0
I lookt & both books were ye same, 82. & 83
Eccls&ritN 82 [R40] ________________________ 0 5 0
Miscel fo. N.123 [S10] ________________________ 0 12 6
186 [K40] __________________________ 0 .12 . 6
270 [B48] __________________________ 3 15 0
381 [L09] __________________________ 0 10 0
415 [P38] __________________________ 2 . 2 . 6
4°:N 43 [P02] _________________________ 0 3 . 8
80 [E60] ___________________________ 0 4 6
179 [V55] __________________________ 0 7 0
678 [C08] __________________________ 0 5 10
732 [V15] __________________________ 0 4 . 6
oct6 Stat. not. var [S52] __________________ 0 . 8 0
44 [P50] ___________________________ 1 . 2 . 0
369 [L72] __________________________ 0 1 . 6
fol Vosius de Idol. [V40] I bought of Mr Bateman [BAT]
Wee have very litle news stirring -- Forraigne News mencions the
French clergies dissattisfaction for yt ye King of France hath
permitted some of ye church books to be translated in their
mother tongue [...]
[13 lines]
21 Aprill 1688

[Sun., 29 April 1688]
I recd yors yesterday & shall observe its contents touching ye
periwigg & books I hope I may send ye box the
next Satturday. Wee have no news stirring at present
[17 lines]
Hatton Garden 29
Aprill 1688
[3 line PS]

[Sat., 5 May 1688]
I must deferr sending ye box to another return of ye
carryer by reason I am not now ready, but will
endeavour to answer ye expectacions in what you require &c.
[14 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts I
am Sr [...]
Hatton Garden
[5] May 1688

[Sat., 12 May 1688]
In pursuance of yr last I have bought ye last
& best Edition of Dyers reports [D90] wch cost
23s. and shalbe sent wth yor other books. I have
bin about buying yr perriwigs [...]
[4 lines]
[...] I was Thursday last at Scotts Auction
house & wished them to looke out ye books
& put them in order They told me against
Munday I sayd I must have them sooner, but
I think you have no extraordinary hast
& therefore was not urgent with them to
have them sooner Wee have but litle news
[10 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 12 May 1688
[PS on weather]

[Sat., 19 May 1688]
I have bought for you I hope a periwigg
that will please you of the size that is now worne
and faxen for £1 12s. 6d. which shalbe sent
with your things. there have bin severall privat
Auctions for ye bookesellers only of Mr
Scotts bookes at ye house where ye Generall
Auction was & ye place where ye bookes lye
           [interlined] wth ye books in Quiers
yt I bought as they tell mee is so crowded
yt I cannot come to look over them in
yt place till removed wch will be ye next
week. they were all layd in order for mee ye
begining of this weeke & I begun to looke
them over & about Thursday these
books in Quiers were brought there but I
suppose you are not in haste & so it matters
not much. [...] [6 lines] [...] inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 19 May 1688

[Fri., 25 May 1688]
I am still in mocon to provide for ye sending away of yr boxe
& have sorted now almost all ye books by themselves
but I have spoken to ye person yt uses to collate
for you & he was this weeke Imployed in an Auction
but wilbe at leasure ye next & will then doe it so
yt I take tyme to send your bookes in good plight
I suppose you are not in extraordinary hast
& therefore I take ye more time but I hope
to send ye box next sattarday inclosed are the
Gazets [...] [24 lines]
Hatton Garden 25
May 1688

[Sat., 2 June 1688]
I have just now sent to ye Exeter carrier two large
Boxes directed to you at Portledge in which are your
bookes & a perriwigge the perticulars of them you
will see when I send your bill wch I suppose you
will receive by yt tyme ye boxes come to your hands
[33 lines]
There wilbe an Auction ye 11th of June instant & because
you would not have ye Catalogue [C16] tymly enough by the
carrier I have sent a part inclosed you have also
ye Gazetts from yr faithful
Hatton Garden 2d June
[PS in left margin] If you will have any of ye first
sheet (viz) pag. 17 you had
best write this next post or
else may come too late

[Sun., 10 June 1688]
I hope er these come to yr hands you will receive ye boxes
but I must withall informe you yt there are more books bought for
you as appears by a Note wch I could not finde of my own
taking & is now by mee there are a great number of
books yt lye yet at ye Auction beside yrs wch I must
get from thence those sent were pickt out but before
I send them I will write to you what they are & assure
yorselfe Sr God willing directly nor indirectly not
one booke yt belongs to you (if in [my] power) shalbe kept from
you but in these great Auctions is much confusion
I sweat to think out you had an excellent pennyworth
in Langius [L09] after yors I bought one for my selfe &
as I take it gave at least 2s more for it its much
as ye lott falls. the same books in ye same Auction
if there bee duplicates differ exceedingly in ye sale
I take it there is one if not two more of Kirchers
books [K35] for you I have sent a book of Mr Hobs [H70] because
it was published by one Ingeneous gent a freind of
myne & its no counterfit as to yr perriwig I hope
you will like it. I suppose it too big but they tell
mee there is a string yt by tying it it may
fitt any one. I have set downe ye guilding of ye
books in gross because there was never an one bought
guilt only some lettered & I hope they are don
cheape. I would have guilt more but had not
tyme & as for ye booke of Doctor Coles [C34] I had
newly bought it for my selfe it being a thing comended &
Mr Bateman [BAT] had on some occasion a great quantity
& offered mee one reasonably & as I pd so its put to yu
I sent it because there was a hollow place in the
box & yt filled it up Sr I have sent a Bill
but cast it up but once therefore leave it to you to
doe againe. [...]
[15 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from...
Hatton Garden 10 Junii 1688
[1st PS] One thing I have forgotten to [inquire?] wch must bee [noted?] some other tymes (viz) ye sum of Mr Scotts books last Auction
[2nd PS 2 lines]

Richard Coffin Esqr his Bill sent 9 June 1688 all former Bills
being payd Ri Lapthorne

fo + Jornandes fo: [J30] ______________________ 0 7 0
+ Sax. Gram: [S10] _________________________ 0 12 6
+ King's Hist: Cheshire [K25] _________________ 0 5 6
+ Colganus [C36] __________________________ 0 7 0
+ Kirchers ars magna [K40] ___________________ 0 12 6
+ Vossius ad pom mes [V55] __________________ 0 7 0
+ Dalaeus de script [D20] ____________________ 0 5 9
+ Bibltheca Belgica [V05] ____________________ 0 6 0
+ Causibon Epist [C10] ______________________ 0 5 6
+ Wallers Essays [W04] ______________________ 0 3 6
+ peirses Sermons [P26] _____________________ 0 2 6
+ pamphlets & Hil Terms Catalogue all [P03] ___ [T20] __ 0 2 6
+ proceed: at Sessions 3 [L58] _________________ 0 0 3 +
+ fo Luthere 7 vol. [L75] _________________________ 2 19 6
+ oct Treatise touch. Weatherglass [S38] _____________ 0 1 6
+ Vossius de Idolit fo [V40] _____________________ 1 7 0
+ Boysardus [B48] ____________________________ 3 15 0
+ Dalaeus de Sacrament [D15] ____________________ 0 5 6
+ Arcudins [?][A20] ___________________________ 0 7 6
+ Eutropius [E60] _____________________________ 0 4 6
+ Sex Aurel Vict [V15] __________________________ 0 4 6
+ Vossius Theses Theol [V50] ____________________ 0 4 9
+ Fifa vexata dubia [P32] ________________________ 0 6 6
+ Herberts Relig. Gent [H40] ______________________ 0 3 4
+ Langius [L09] _______________________________ 0 10 0
+ Montegnes 2d pt Hist [M70] ____________________ 0 4 0
+ Ephram Lyra [E45] ___________________________ 0 15 6 +
+ Philostratus [P38] ___________________________ 2 2 6
+ Officinum Beat Mariae [R40] ___________________ 0 5 0
+ Dalaeus Apologia [D05] _______________________ 0 2 0
+ Dyers Reports [D90] __________________________ 1 3 0
oct + Hobs Hist Eccles [H70] ________________________ 0 1 6
+ - perriwigg _____________________________ 1 12 6
Browne paper for boxes ___________________ 0 0 2
For porters for bringing books from Auctions___ 0 1 0
For collating ye books at Massov: auction _____ 0 1 0
To ye same person for collating Mr Scots ______ 0 2 6
- For guilding all ye bookes (not one being bought ready guilt)1 7 6
The two boxes __________________________ 0 4 6
Cordage _______________________________ 0 0 6
Cording them & carrying to Carryer ___________ 0 1 0
+ - Dr Coles booke in Quires [C34] __________________ 0 0 6
Quarter Gazetts [L52] __________________________ 0 2 0
penny post Letters 4 ______________________ 0 0 4
Vinc. Charterii Religionis imagines deorum [C08] omitted. pr. 5.10
[Writing in bold is in another, darker ink, presumably Coffin's]

[Sat., 16 June 1688]
The Auction for the Catalogue [C16] I sent is put off to Munday
sevenight for it seemes because of the troubles wch
ye Bishops lately incurred, the Clergy were disheartened
to bee then present & ye Catalogue begun with
Theolog: books. But yisterday being ye first day
of ye Terme ye bishops [...]
[27 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr...
Hatton Garden 16
Jun 1688

[Sat., 23 June 1688]
I recd yors yesterday.- I wrote you formerly yt Gulstons Auccon was
put of till next weeke I met with Mr Millington [MIL] & hee knowes not
whether they shall have encouragement if they have company hee will
sell but if but a small number canot goe on because
ye books are of vallue I finde here are a few books
yet behinde wch if you please shalbe sent next Satturday
this day fortnight otherwise they may bee sent when
you have occasion for a greater box. they are not
in yor note sent I have given them notice of
them at ye Auction house to looke them out
As to Dr Peirses book [P26] if you compare it wth others you
will finde a tract at ye end more then in other bookes
& I suppose if you looke againe you will finde wt
you want in it I am sure I bought it very
cheape & chose it for yt addition I will endeavour to send
Pufendorfius [P64] in ye next box I finde I have
overcharged you sixpence in ye pamphlets [P03] for having forgotten
to set them down in my book when I bought them
of Mr Watts [WAT] in Pauls churchyard when I made your
bill out I put them down at guess & I thought it had
bin 2s 6d but calling since on him hee told mee twas
only 2s so six pence must bee abated [...]
[19 lines]
[In left margin:] I sent you by mistake a booke yt did not belong to you Arcadius fol. [A20] & how to have it
returned as yet I know not but of yt hereafter I never had such a Hurry in my
life as in this last Auction Inclosed are ye Gazetts; My wife looks dayly to lye down
her belly & is in a feaver hath kept her bed ever since this day sevenight but this afternoon
thanks be to god venterd to arise I am...
Hatton Garden 23 Junii 1688

[Sat., 30 June 1688] [13 lines]
[...] My poore wife continues ill inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr...
Hatton Garden ult Junii 1688

[Sat., 7 July 1688]
I recd yors wth Bill of Exchange For wch I returne
thanks I gave in a perticular of ye Bookes I wanted
at ye Auction & Munday is ye day appoynted for ye
Evening of our accompts so yt in my next
letter god willing you shall have a perfect accompt
of wt I have for you They endeavored to sell off
ye Auction of wch I sent pt of ye Cattalogue [C16]
but could sell but ye 2 first pages
[15 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from [...]
Hatton Garden
7 July 1688
[1st PS] I intend to send ye other books you last wrote for

[2nd PS] [6 lines]

[Sat., 14 July 1688]
I blush and am somewhat confused to think that (as I
remember) in my last I possitively wrote yt I would
give an accompt of the perticulars of ye books behind
wch indeed I canot at present and therefore begg your
pardon - only 3 I can give accompt of (viz)
polibius not. var. 3 vol [P50] & Kirchers' turris
Babell, [K55] & palmerus. [P02] if ye last bee not already sent
I mean palmerus - I am promissed purfendorfius
Hist suae vitae [P64] &c. to bee bound out of Quiers
[24 lines]
[...] My wife blessed bee
god is delivered of a female child but continues
ill. inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr...
Hatton Garden 14
July 1688

[Sat., 21 July 1688]
I have since my last made a view of wt I bought
at ye Auction & I finde there are these not
taken away (viz) Kirchers Turris Babell [K55] Statius [S52]
polibeus 3 vol. [P50] ye continuacon of
Sleydon [L72] & palmerius [P02] wch they have promissed
to make good as also to binde out of Quiers -
Pufendorf Hist: Sive Vita [P64] &c
[30 lines]
[...] Inclosed are
ye Gazetts from - Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 21 July

[Sat., 28 July 1688]
I recd yors yisterday & after I recd went to ye Three
Leggs in ye Poultry [COC] and saw Mordens Geography. [M80]
Its a large Quarto full of Mapps price 10s.,
nothing wilbe abated, it seemes to be a good book.
I will make Enquiry farther as to that. As to
Kirchers paralella Latii [K45] &c I was mistaken if I
wrote it was bought. I was also yisterday wth Mr.
Litlebury [LIT] ye most likliest man for Higdons poli
cron: [H50] but hee hath none. I shall continew my
Inquest for yt and for Politian. [P48] I have not yet bin
for Barnes his Ed. [B14] 3d. but in my next
shall give you an accompt [...]
[9 lines]
[...] Judge Rotheram is gon
the Oxford circuit and tooke one Mr. Burgess an
Nonconformist minister with him as his chaplin.
This Burgess is a man of extraordinary ripe
parts and before the circuit hee was wished by
the Judge to penn a short tract [B70] for
Instruction and admonition to such criminalls
as should be condemned in order to their
preparation for death to bee distributed
by him as there should bee occasion. its
a litle book printed but of 2 sheets of
paper and truly I think accurately don for
so few words. ye price 2d. And I could
wish you to take a half dozen. they may
one time or another bee of use to
[continued in left margin]
some in extreamity. Inclosed are ye Gazetts from [...]
Hatton Garden July 28th
[PS] I will speake to Mr Pitts wn I see him:

[Fri., 3 August 1688]
There is but litle to entertayne you wth in these saving
ye Gazetts [...] [23 lines]
Hatton Garden
3 Aug. 1688

[PS] I have made Inquiry about Barnes History [B14]
but canot bee informed about its repute The
Booke sellers have not yet gotten any of
them, but more of this hereafter

[Sat., 11 August 1688]
As to yt Booke of Barnes [B14] I have made enquiry
& have seen ye booke & perceive according ye
accompt given yt its a work of litle merritt &
ye booke but of a smale Bulk for such a price
& I am perswaded if you have a mynde
to it yt wyin [within?] a litle tyme you may have it cheape enough [...]
[5 lines]
[...] Hen Cave
yt wrote ye pacquetts of Advice &
sinnce ye weekly occurrences, is dead. Sr Roger
Lestrange as wee are informed is sick [...]
[7 lines]
Inclosed are ye Gazetts I am Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 11
Aug 1688

[Sun., 19 August 1688]
I was lately with Mr. Litlebury about ye policron: [H50] hee hath promissed
yhe first hee meets with hee will give mee notice of it. As for those
books that remayne of Mr. Scotts Auction shalbe sent when you
give orders. I heare there is another Auction of Mr. Scotts books
preparing against Michas Terme. There was a litle printed accompt
of wt passed on life and death in the Home Circuit and in every County
more or less accused for murdering of Bastard children. [L33] [...]
[25 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr [...]
Hatton Garden 19 Aug

[Sat., 25 August 1688]
I recd yors last night as for Kirchers books [K35] you want I hope I shall procure
them for you Going this weeke to buy some old books for my selfe
of one yt had lately bought some. I found amongst them Higdon's
policronicon, [H50] ye Author Bookeseller, though an old and cuning Artist,
it fell out was ignorant of the Author. I bought ye booke for
8s. and I suppose may have twenty shillings of a bookseller for
my bargaine. I think its perfect which is very rare.
It hath an old deformed dress but I think you had best
let it goe so because of its Antiquity & not new binde it.
However Sr I am glad I met wth so good a pennyworth for
you and I wish I could meet with another such for my selfe.
[17 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from Sr
Aug: 25 1688

[Fri., 31 August 1688]
[left margin badly faded]
[...] have your orders. I shall take care to send wt bookes remayne to bee sent Inclosed
[are] ye Gazetts [...]
[7 lines]
ult Aug. 1688

[Fri., 7 Sept 1688]
[left margin badly faded]
[...] I have according to custom
[inclosed] ye Gazettes [...]
[10 lines]
Hatton Garden 7 September

[Sat., 15 Sept 1688]
[left margin badly faded and worn away]
[... I] hope to send you ye next satterday yor books [...]
[16 lines, much on price of hops]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from
Hatton Garden 15 Sept

[day obliterated Sept 1688]
[left margin worn away]
[12 lines]
[...] I was this day at
[ ]Auction house but did not receive ye books I
[promises?] I shall have them next weeke
[ ]a Catalogue [S20] for you of another sale appoynted
[ ]30th of October so yt sattarday next wilbe
[tyme] enouh to send it Mr Pitts [PIT]sold mee this day
[ ]years tyme you should be sure to receive two
more of Atlas [A45] inclosed are ye Gazetts [...]
[ September] 1688

[Sat., 6 October 1688]
I have this day delivered to ye Exeter Carrier A Catalogue
of Mr Scotts books [S20] yt are to be exposed to Sale the
last of this month & therefore you had best give order to
someone in Exeter to take it from the Carryer in
order to give it a timely conveyance to yor selfe. since
my last ye old city charter is restored & confirmed
[10 lines]
[...] I have not
recd yet ye books from ye Auction house
when they are sent they shalbe wth yr other things
speeded to you [...]
[4 lines]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazetts I am Sr
6 Oct 1688

[Sat., 13 October 1688]
I have nether bin at nor heard from ye Auction house since my last
but in due tyme you shall receive wt is there & wt else you require
from mee [...]
[11 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazette
13 Oct 1688

[Tues., 16 October 1688]
Receiving one from you yisterday in wch you mencion your not receiving one from
mee by tuesdays post I [sic] is ye cause of my writing these to informe you
yt as usually I sent from hence ye satturday before a letter &
2 Gazetts & yt I never failed these two yeares if in town
of sending a letter from hence every satturday I hope it may
come to your hands wch if it does pray give mee notice I
shall mynde yr Letter as to Mr Chiswell [CHI] touching ye
inclosed paper as also about ye Hops [T50] & wt else concerns yu I am
16 Oct 1688
[PS] I delivered ye Catalogue [S20] to ye Exeter Carrier wth my own hands

[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 20 October 1688]

[Sat., 27 October 1688]
I recd yors yisterday & am glad you recd my miscarried letter as also
the Catalogue of Mr. Scott's bookes [S20] though I think ye Auction wilbe
put off because of these troublesome tymes. I called just now at Mr.
Chiswell's [CHI] shop for an accompt of what they have don in getting the
particulars [T50] in your paper but nether Mr. Chiswell nor his man
that had ye paper were within. I intend to call againe next week.
[18 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts. I am [...]
27 Oct 1688

[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 3 November 1688]

[Sat., 10 November 1688]
I received yours yisterday but I presume since the writing thereof you have recd
one from mee wch Intimates ye putting off ye Auction for Mr. Scotts bookes.
I had forgotten to mention in my last that I suppose ye two Gazetts you want
afterwards came to your hands in ye Letter that miscarried for some days
if not it shall be sent. I have not yet recd ye books from ye Auction
which are to bee sent. I was there last night and Tuesday is appointed peremptory
when I intend to goe againe & was also last night with Mr. Chiswell [CHI] who
hath promissed yt all ye tracts [T50] shalbe prepared so as to bee sent this
day sevenight. This day the Kings Artillery set out towards the West [...]
[14 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts from [...]
10 No: 1688

[Sat., 17 November 1688]
This day as I am informed came out a proclamation for
the putting off of Exeter Faire [J20] but I did not see it
I know not whether the Exeter carryer bee in town or not
but the next week will inquire. I hope you doe not
take it unkindly yt ye bookes are not sent you know I
am an enimy to my selfe in it The poly cronicon [H50]
I have in my custody, & its yrs as safe as if you
had it but Mr Scotts books are not sent
make no doubt but Mr Chiswell [CHI] hath procured ye
Tracts [T50] [...]
[1 line]
[...] inclosed are ye Gazetts from [...]
17th Nov 1688

[Sat., 24 November 1688]
I did intend to send ye books this morning by ye Carryer And
went my selfe both to ye Exeter & Torrington Carriers Inn & nether
of them in towne I intend to make some Inquiry at Blackwell Hall
whether Goods are sent to Exeter by sea if so I think to send yor
box by water Mr Chiswell [CHI] hath covered ye books [T50] according to yor
Note I was at Mr Litleburys [LIT] this morning where I saw
Kirchers parallella Latii [K45] a very faire one but will not bate
one penny of 25s. its a scarce booke. I have not yet bought it
[2 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Tuesdays & Thursdays
Gazetts according to usuall custome from ...]
24 Nov: 1688

[Sat., 1 December 1688]
Soe soone as ye way is open I hope to send yor books, if you know
of any Biddeford vessell yt comes to towne if you give more
notice I will send them by it [...]
[6 lines]
[...] Inclosed are ye Gazetts as usuall from [...]
1 Dec 1688

[Sat., 8 December 1688]
I send you as usuall the Gazetts & will send yor books so soone
as ye passage is open [...]
[13 lines]
8 Dec 1688
[PS on hops 5 lines]

[No mention of books or Gazteers in letter of Tues., 11 December 1688]

[Sat.,15 December 1688]
Its late at night and wee being in great hurleburly I only send
the Gazetts with your mercury. [L54] [...]
[3 lines]
[...] I heare ye
carrier will goe on againe his usuall course if
so I will speed yor bookes I am in my hast yor faithfull [...]
15 Decr 1688

[No sign of any letter dated Sat., 22 December 1688]

[Sat.,29 December 1688 - not in Lapthorne's hand]

[No mention of books or Gazettes, dated at head:]
London Sat 29o: xbris 1688

[First letter 1689]

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