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30 January 2007

Berch W-Z

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: W-Z

Wade, J. This day is publish'd (price 1s) The schemers: or, the City match. A comedy. Printed for J.Pridden, at the Feathers, Fleet-street; J.Wade, near Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn; D.Hookham in Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields; A.Goring, in May's Buildings; and W.Heard at the Philobiblion's Library ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Nov 1761)

Waldron, Francis Godolphin. Certificate of bankruptcy granted July 21, 1787, Francis Godolphin Waldron, of Clement's Inn, Westminster, Middlesex, bookseller (London Gazette 30 Jun 1787)

Walker, John. John Walker, carver, gilder and printseller, begs leave to inform his friends and the publick in general, that he has removed from No. 28 in the Haymarket, to No. 148, in the Strand, near Somerset House (Daily Advertiser ? Feb 1781). The partnership between John Walker and George Lynam, printseller, was dissolved June 9, 1789. All debts due from the partnership are to be paid by John Walker only (London Gazette 4 Aug 1789).

Walker, John. John Walker, Paternoster row, bookseller to surrender Nov. 16, 30, Dec. 21 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Nov 1782). Dividend declared for May 29, 1784 (London Gazette 27 Apr 1784). Dividend declared for July 3, 1784 (by adjournment from the 29th day of May last) (London Gazette 1 jun 1784). Died on the 21st inst. [21 Feb] at his house in Camberwell, aged 70, Mr. John Walker, many years a respectable bookseller in Paternoster-row and Common Councilman for the ward of Farringdon-within (Times 25 Feb 1817)

Walker, Mr. Married Oct. 14, 1806, Mr. [John?] Walker, bookseller, to Mrs. Sael, both of the Strand (Gent. Mag. Oct 1806, 978).

Walker, Robert. Robert Walker, formerly of Fleet Lane, late of the Little Old Bailey, both in the parish of St. Sepulchre, London, printer, and last of Dunkirk in French Flanders in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of the act for relief of insolvent debtors (London Gazette 12 Jul 1755)

Walker, William. Stationers. William Walker, vellum binder, No. 8, Water-lane, Fleet-street, takes the liberty of acquainting stationers in general that he binds all sorts of merchants account books ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Oct 1783)

Wall, George Alexander or James. To be let, a genteel first floor, unfurnished, opposite the Castle, Hill-street, Richmond, Surry ... Enquire at Wall's Circulating Library (Times 3 Jul 1797 - for earlier dates of operation see Piper "The booksellers and printers of Richmond, Surrey, Library, (Sep 1932), 201-207)

Wallis, John. John Wallis, Ludgate-street, bookseller, to surrender Aug. 15, 22, Sept. 22 at Guildhall (London Gazette 11 Aug 1778). Certificate of bankruptcy 2 Jan 1779 (London Gazette 15 Dec 1778, LEP 16-18 Dec 1778). Dividend declared for Nov. 10, 1779 (London Gazette 9 Oct 1779). Died yesterday morning [27 Nov], aged 14, Miss Hannah Wallis, daughter of Mr. John Wallis, of Ludgate-street (Times 28 Nov 1799). Died on Sunday last [28 Dec] in his 72d year, Mr. John Wallis, of No. 42, Skinner-street (Times 30 Dec 1817)

Wallis, William. All persons having any demands on Mr. William Mayo, late a stationer, at the Crown and Scepter in Gracechurch street, near Cornhill, are desired to send in their accounts to the said shop, on or before the 30th day of June next; and all persons indebted to the said William Mayo are desired to pay the amount of such debts to Mr. William Wallis, successor in the said shop and business, before the 25th of June next, he being properly empowered to receive the same (Daily Advertiser 20 Apr 1754). William Wallis, Gracechurch-street, stationer to surrender Nov. 29, Dec. 3, 31, 1763 (London Gazette 19 Nov 1763). Certificate Jan 27, 1764 (London Gazette 7 Jan 1764). Dividend declared for Aug. 18, 1764 (London Gazette 24 Jul 1764)

Walmsley, John. John Walmslay, Chancery-lane, stationer to surrender 22, 26 March and 23 April at ten at Guildhall (London Gazette 12 Mar 1796)

Walsh, Hillary. We are assured that Hillary Walsh, printer, at Mr. Brown's Printing office in Windmill-court near Christ-Hospital, who has been for twelve years afflicted with a large wen ... has been cured ... (Times 7 Jul 1753)

Walter, John. Yesterday [31 Aug] was married Mr. Walter, bookseller of Charing cross to Miss Patterson, of the same place (Daily Advertiser 1 Sep 1761). J.Walter, bookseller, of Charing Cross, begs leave to inform his friends and the publick, that he has no concern in, or connection with, the proprietors of the Royal Chronicle and the British Evening Post, just published; his name having been inserted in the hand-bills, and at the head of the paper, without his knowledge (Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1762). J.Walter, Bookseller, at Homer's Head, Charing-Cross, from Mr. Dodsley's, of Pall-Mall, Humbly begs leave to solicit the favours of the Nobility and gentry, late customers of Mr. Dodsley, who having discontinued the retail part of his business, Mr. Walter takes the liberty of making this public address. Note, Mr. Walter, at the same time, cannot omit an opportunity of expressing his most grateful acknowledgments to his friends, and to the public, for the many obligations, which they have conferred on him. (Daily Advertiser 23 Feb 1773, 1c). Died on Sat. evening [25 jun], at his home at Charing Cross, Mr. John Walters, upwards of 40 years bookseller there; and 18 years Director of the Westminster Department of the Phoenix Fire Office (Times 1 Jul 1803 - not 25 Jul as in Timperley).

Walters, William. William Walters, of Hackney wick, in Hackney, Middlesex, papermaker, to surrender Aug. 9, 16, 30 at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Jul 1774)

Warcus, Jonah. This day is publish'd price 1s. The soldier's amusement. A novel. By the author of the memoirs of ****. Printed for Jonah Warcus, the corner of Racquet-court, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 10 Apr 1760)

Ward, Caesar. London, Jan. 26, 1767. Whereas the copartnership is this day mutually dissolved between Caesar Ward and William Adlard, printers, in Wine-Office court, Fleet-street, London. Claims and debts to be paid by William Adlard who will carry on the business at No. 2 Wine-Office-court, Fleet-street (London Gazette 30 Jan 1767)

Ward, John. John Ward, bookseller, is removed from the King's Arms in Little Britain, to the same sign in Cornhill, against the Royal Exchange and continues to sell at the very lowest prices ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1750)

Wardlaw, Henry. Whereas the partnership between James Deacon Pinder and Henry Wardlaw, stationers, in Lincoln's Inn, New Square is dissolved, and the said business is now carried on by the said Henry Wardlaw ... (Daily Advertiser 28 Mar 1752)

Ware, Catherine. See Richard Ware I.

Ware, Richard I. November 30 will be published ... the stationer's almanack for the year 1750 ... Sold by Mess. R.Ware ... and by the Printer Edward Ryland, on Ludgate Hill, where copperplates are printed in the best manner ... (London Gazette 14 Nov 1749). On Saturday night last [14 Aug] died at Harefield in Middlesex, Mr. Richard Ware, bookseller and stationer on Ludgate-hill, who acquired a handsome fortune with integrity and reputation: he has left behind him a disconsolate widow, four sons and three daughters (GDaily Advertiser 16 Aug 1756 - Timperley says 11 Aug). Richard Ware, bookseller and stationer on Ludgate-hill, being deceased, his widow takes this method to inform his friends that she is advised to carry on the trade in all its branches, in the wholesale way, till her sons are of age. Continuance of the customers favours in town and country will be deemed a great obligation, and will always be gratefully acknowledged, by the whole family and Your obliged humble servants Catherine Ware, Richard Ware (GDaily Advertiser 16 Aug 1756)

Ware, Richard II. Richard Ware, late of Ludgate-hill, stationer, to surrender Nov. 21, Dec. 1, 26 at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 Nov 1778). Dividend declared for May 24 (London Gazette 19 Apr 1783). Died on Sunday night [11 May] at his apartments near Bermondsey-Spa, Mr. Richard Ware, senior, formerly a wholesale stationer in the city, but had retired (Daily Advertiser 13 May 1783)

Warne, Robert. Yesterday [5 Sep] Mr. Robert Warne, stationer, in Cliffords Inn, was married to Miss Foulds, of Lower Thames-street (Daily Advertiser 6 Sep 1785). Wanted an assistant at an academy in the country ... Apply to Mr. Warne's stationer, Clifford Inn, this day and Monday from eleven to one o'clock (Daily Advertiser 1 Jul 1786)

Warner, John. Whereas John Warner, apprentice to George Westerman, of London Wall, inkmaker, went away on Monday the 16th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 23 Feb 1761).

Warner, John. John Warner, Noble-street, Cheapside, engraver, to surrender June 6, 17, July 15 at Guildhall(London Gazette 3 Jun 1788). Dividend declared for Jan. 24, 1789 (London Gazette 16 Dec 1788)

Warr, William. Runaway apprentices. Whereas James Lesturgeon, apprentice to William Warr, stationer &c., Red-Lion-Passage, Red Lion Square absconded from his master ... on Tuesday the 15th inst. ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Dec 1788)

Warren, John. Partnership between William Browne and John Warren, under the firm of Browne and Warren, Poppin's-court, Fleet-street, printers, expired on Sept. 1, 1792 and was not, nor will be continued. William Browne to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 6 Oct 1792)

Warren, William. William Warren apprenticed to Joseph Kippax of London, printer, through the charity for the Sons of the Clergy. (Daily Advertiser 7 May 1754 - for details see under Joseph Kippax)

Waters, Francis. Francis Waters, brush, tool and pencil maker, begs leave to inform his firiends and the publick in general, that he is removed from No. 208, High Holborn, to the corner of Old-street, in the City ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Oct 1789)

Waters, Thomas. Pen cutting, &c. Impressed with the most lively sense of gratitude for signal favours received during 30 years in South Audley-street, Grosvenor-square, Thomas Waters, stationer and pen-cutter to the Prince of Wales, begs leave most respectfully to acquaint the nobility and public ... that he has opened a stationery and pen-warehouse, at No. 43, in Conduit-stret, Hanover-square ... (Times 23 Feb 1802)

Watson, Edward. Edward Watson, of St. Mary Lambeth, in Surry, Paper and Flock Maker, to surrender Feb. 13, 19, March 18, at Guildhall (London Gazette 4 Feb 1783). Bankruptcy enlarged to May 6 (London Gazette 15 Mar 1783)

Watson, Thomas. Historical engraving. Wanted an ingenious lad fond of drawing, as an apprentice ... Letters directed for A.B. at Mr. Watson's, printseller, No. 33, Strand, will be duly attended to (Daily Advertiser 3 Dec 1787)

Watt, John. See also Evans

Waugh, James. This day is published, proposals for printing by subscription in two volumes, octavo, the substance of several discourses ... by Roger Pickering. Proposals are delivered and subscriptions taken in by William Johnston, in St. Paul's Churchyard; James Waugh, Gracechurch Street; James Buckland, Paternoster row; ... (London Gazette 18 Mar 1749)

Webber, Edward. Yesterday [15 Mar] was married Mr. Edward Webber, stationer, in Leadenhall-Street, to Miss Guyse, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Guyse, in Artillery-Court (Daily Advertiser 16 Mar 1753). Edward Webber, now or late of Leadenhall street, stationer to surrender Dec. 19, 22, 1763, Jan. 28, 1764 (London Gazette 17 Dec 1764). Bankruptcy enlarged to March 17 (London Gazette 21 Jan 1764). Creditors of Edward Webber, Leadenhall street, stationer bankrupt to meet Dec. 17, 1765 (London Gazette 30 Nov 1765)

Webster, Henry. Henry Webster, Fleet-street, stationer, to surrender April 11, 21, May 12 at Guildhall (London Gazette 31 Mar 1795)

Weller, Edward. Died on or about the 6th day of April 1819, Edward Weller, music seller (No source)

Wenman, Elizabeth. Married Aug. 6, 1791, Mr. Benjamin Hodgson, Fenchurch-street, to Mrs. Wenman, stationer, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Aug 1791, 774)

Wentzell, Augustine. Whereas Augustine Wentzell, apprentice to Thomas Davidson, pocket-book-maker, Size-lane, Bucklersbury, absented himself from his master's service on Wednesday last [24 Nov] ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Nov 1779)

Werner, Mr. New musick. This day are publish'd, Six trios, or sonatas in three parts, for German Flutes. Opera 3. Price 10s 6d. Also six duettos for German flutes. Opera 4. Price 5s. Compos'd by C.F.Weideman. Printed for the author, and sold at Mr. Werner's, in Angel-court, Windmill-street, at the upper end of the Haymarket (Daily Advertiser 1 Dec 1753)

West, William. Michael Allen and William West, Paternoster-row, booksellers, dissolved partnership Feb. 8, 1797 (London Gazette 14 Feb 1797)

Westerman, George. George Westerman, ink and ink powder maker, within four doors of the Three Colts Inn at the upper end of Black Swan alley, opposite Bedlam, near Great Moorgate, London, makes and sells the very best black ink powder which will never mould nor thicken ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Feb 1750). Whereas John Warner, apprentice to George Westerman, of London Wall, inkmaker, went away on Monday the 16th instant ... (Daily Advertiser 23 Feb 1761). Joseph May, inkmaker, at No. 2, Black Swan Alley, London Wall, nephew and successor to Mr George Westerman, makes super fine black and red liquid inks ... (Daily Advertiser 9 Mar 1785)

Westerman, George. On Saturday last [13 Dec] died Mr. George Westerman, an ink maker, in Black Swan Alley, London Wall. The business will be carried on by his nephew, Mr. Joseph May, on the premises late Mr. Westermans ... (Daily Advertiser 17 Dec 1783)

Westley, Robert Hall. R.H.Westley, bookseller, stationer and newsman returns his grateful acknowledgements to his friends, customers and the public for the great encouragement he has received for more than ten years and respectfully informs them that he has removed from 201, opposite St. Clement's Church, in the Strand, to No. 159, opposite the New Church, in the same street, and six doors from Somerset-house ... (Times 8 Sep 1798)

Weston, William. William Weston, of West Smithfield, London, paper-stationer and paper-hanger to surrender July 26, Aug. 9, 26 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Jul 1788). Bankruptcy enlarged to Aug. 30 (London Gazette 23 Aug 1788)

Whackum, Timothy [pseud]. This day is published (price 6d.) Symbolum H-nianum: or, The essential articles of the H-n creed ... By T- Jack. Printed for Timothy Whackum, near St. Paul's (Daily Advertiser 7 Jun 1750)

Wheatcroft, Charles. Pursuant to the late act of Parliament made for relief of inslovent debtors, I hereby give notice, that I do compel Charles Wheatcroft, late of Coleman-street, stationer, who on the first day of Jan. 1747(8) was and still is a prisoner in the poultry Compter at my suit, to subscribe and deliver in a schedule of his estate and effects, at the Sessions of the Peace to be held at Guildhall for the City of London, next after thirty days from the publication hereof. Charles Lucas (London Gazette 23 Jul 1748)

Wheble, John. Edward Twine Carpenter, the printer, was enlarged from his two months imprisonment in Wood-street compter, for taking up John Wheble, of Paternoster Row, bookseller, by virtue of his Majesty's royal proclamation; ... (Walker's Hib. Mag, Sep 1771, 446). Dated Monday 26 Aug 1771 (Gent. Mag. Aug 1771, 376). John Wheble, late of Fleet-street, and formerly of Paternoster-row, London, bookseller, to surrender Dec. 23, Jan. 5, 30 at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Dec 1772). Dividend declared for June 17 (London Gazette 13 May 1775)

Wheeley, James. Paper hangings on a new and elegant principle. James Wheeley, the oldest manufacturer in the business, No. 25 Aldersgate-street, ... that since the dreadful fire at his late dwelling house and premises on the 22d of June last ... is now re-established in his business ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Feb 1788)

Whiston and White. See John Whiston, Benjamin White

Whiston, John. On Thursday [6 Mar] died at her house in Great Ormond-street, Mrs. Sarah Whiston, wife of Mr. Whiston, late a bookseller in Fleet-street (GNDA 10 Mar 1777)

Whitaker, Isaac. Died June 21, 1797, at Peckham-rye, Co. Surrey, Mr. Isaac Whitaker, bookseller Ave Maria lane (Gent. Mag. Jun 1796, 532)

Whitaker, Mr. To the curious in musical instruments. John Betts, real instrument maker, begs leave to inform the public and in particular those gentlemen who are judges of violins, tenors, voilincellos, that he has taken Mr. Whitaker's late shop, No. 2 North Piazza, Royal Exchange ... he served seven year apprenticeship to that great artist Mr. Duke, sen., and worked with him full ten years after ... (Daily Advertiser 22 Apr 1782)

White, Benjamin I. Yesterday [189 Feb] was married by the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Mr. Benjamin White, partner with Mr. Whiston, an eminent bookseller, in Fleet-street, to Miss Yaldon, of Newton Valence, Herts (Daily Advertiser 19 Feb 1753)

White, Benjamin II. Wednesday [29 Jun] was married at Lambeth Church, Mr. Benjamin White, jun., of Fleet-street, bookseller, to Miss White, daughter of Thomas Whire, Esq., of South Lambeth, Surrey (UDR 1 Jul 1785)

White, John. Married Jan 9, 1792, Mr. John White, bookseller, to Miss Frances Barker, both of Holborn (Gent. Mag. Jan 1792, 88)

White, John. Married March 21, 1797, Mr. John White, bookseller, of Fleet-street, to Miss Tabourdin, daughter of the Rev. G.Tabourdin, of Bentley, Hants (Gent. Mag. Apr 1797, 349)

White, Thomas. To paper-makers, stationers, &c. To be lett and entered on at Michaelmas next a good dwelling house, with shops, warehouses, and other convenient offices adjoining, in the paper making, stationery and rag business, in Leopard's Court, Leather lane, Holborn, late belonging to Mr. Thomas White, deceased ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Sep 1788)

11 Whitehorn. Wanted by a woman of respectability, a situation to go abroad ... Direct, post paid, to A.B. at Whitehorn's Circulating Library, No. 25, Evesham-buildings, Somer's-town (Times 13 Jul 1798)

Whittow, Benjamin. To gentlemen engravers, limners, painters, &c. I Benjamin Whittow, copper-plate-maker, have taken a shop at the Castors in Great St. Andrew's Street, Seven Dials; where those gentlemen engravers, limners, painters, &c. who are willing to favour me with their copper-plates, shall have their work done neat and clear ... Benjamin Whittow. Note, at the house hangs out a board with this inscription: Parsons Lapidary (Daily Advertiser 15 Dec 1750)

Whitworth, R. Sold only at R.Whitworth's, stationer, at the Feathers in the Poultry, Ear Drops which cure most disorders of the ear (Daily Advertiser 28 Jun 1753)

Wicks, P. This day is publish'd (price 6d) Nancy to John, or the whore to the Justice. A ballad. Printed for P.Wicks, in Paternoster-Row (Daily Advertiser 24 Oct 1760). This day are published (price 1s) The crooked disciple's remarks upon the blind guide's method of preaching. By the learned John Harman. Printed and sold by P.Wicks, in Paternoster-Row (Daily Advertiser 8 May 1761). This day are publish'd (price 1s) The crooked disciple's remarks upon the blind guide's method of preaching for some years. By the learned John Harman. Printed for the author; and sold by P.Wickes, in Paternoster-Row ... (Daily Advertiser 30 Aug 1761)

Wickstead, James. James Wicksteed, St. Martin's in the Fields, seal engraver, to surrender Oct. 6, 13, Nov. 10 at Guildhall (London Gazette 29 Sep 1778)

Wigstead, William. The partnership between Mary Hooper and William Wigstead, of High Holborn, printsellers, booksellers and stationers, dissolved Dec. 29, 1798. All debts to be received and discharged by Mary Hooper (London Gazette 18 May 1799)

Wilkie, John. Yesterday [15 July] came on by ballot at Stationers Hall, in Stationers Court, Ludgate-street, the election of a treasurer of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, in the room of Mr. John Wilkie, deceased; when the numbers were as follows: for Mr. Horsfield, 87, Mr. Clark, 43; whereupon at the close of the ballot, Mr. Horsfield was declared duly elected (Daily Advertiser 16 Jul 1785)

Wilkie, Thomas. Died Oct. 20, 1824, in Charter-house-square, aged 65, Mr. Thomas Wilkie, lately of Paternoster-row, bookseller (Gent. Mag. Nov 1824, 476)

Wilkins, William. Last Saturday [4 Jul] at a Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers held at their hall in Ludgate-street, Thomas Ridge of Woodford, Esq. was chosen Master; and William Wilkins, of Fetherstone-Buildings, Holborn, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Birt, an eminent bookseller in Ave Mary-lane, Wardens of the said Company for the ensuing year (Daily Advertiser 6 Jul 1752)

Williams, Evan. Thursday [1 Jan] was married at Marlborough, Mr. E.Williams, bookseller, in the Strand, to Miss Neate, eldest daughter of the late Robert Neate, of Salthorpe, in Wilts (Daily Advertiser 6 Jan 1789). Partnership between Evan Williams and Thomas Williams, both of No. 11 Strand and No. 156 Leadenhall-street was dissolved June 30, 1799. The business to be carried on by Evan Williams, in the Strand, and Thomas Williams, in Leadenhall-street, each on his own account (London Gazette 9 Aug 1800). Died in the Strand, April 14, 1814, Frances, wife of Mr. E.Williams, bookseller, and eldest daughter of Robert Neate, Esq., of Salthorp, Wilts., 51 (Gent. Mag. Apr 1814, 421). Large office pens, particularly well cut - Made and sold by E.Williams, Stationer to the Duke and Duchess of York, No. 11 Strand, London (MC 14 Nov 1814)

Williams, J. Married Oct. 2, 1804, Mr. J.Williams, printer, to Miss Bond, daughter of Nath. Bond, Esq., of Bow-street (Gent. Mag. Oct 1804, 976)

Williams, John I. John Williams, bookseller, begs leave to acquaint his friends, and all other ladies and gentlemen who please to honur him with their commands, that he has opened a shop on Ludgate Hill (within two doors of Bell-Savage Yard) ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Feb 1760). This day at noon will be published, price 1s. Love and chastity, a poetical essay. Occasion'd by the melancholy catastrophe of Miss Bell. Humbly inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain. By Joseph Andrews. Printed for John Williams, bookseller, on Ludgate-Hill (Daily Advertiser 22 Jan 1761). On Tuesday evening [1 Dec] died Mr. Williams, bookseller and stationer on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 3 Dec 1761)

Williams, John II. Given gratis, at Mr. Williams's, bookseller, No. 38, Fleet-street; and at Mr. Dixwell's printer, in St. Martin's Lane, an abstract of a new essay on the venereal disease, wrote by Dr. Becket ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Dec 1767). On Saturday [16 Jan] died after three days illness, Mr. [John?] Williams, bookseller, in Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 18 Jan 1779)

Williams, John III. Married April 17, 1798, Mr. John Williams, stationer, to Miss Elizabeth Sumner, both of Holywell-street (Gent. Mag. May 1798, 441). John Williams, stationer, patentee manufacturer of improved bookbinding, No. 55, Holywell-street, Strand, respectfully acquaints the public he is removing to large and central premises, No. 20, Cornhill, opposite the Change. The house in Holywell-street, to be disposed of, well established for the trade (Times 21 Apr 1801)

Williams, S. [Mrs?]. On Saturday next [23 Jan] will be publish'd in three volumes, octavo The entertaining travels enterprizes and opinions of the Chevalier Taylor ... Printed for S.Williams, Bookseller and Stationer, at the New Circulating Library on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 19 Jan 1762)

Williams, Thomas. Partnership between Evan Williams and Thomas Williams, both of No. 11 Strand and No. 156 Leadenhall-street was dissolved June 30, 1799. The business to be carried on by Evan Williams, in the Strand, and Thomas Williams, in Leadenhall-street, each on his own account (London Gazette 9 Aug 1800).

Williams. Wanted, a smart and well educated youth ... Apply to Mess. Flight and Williams, stationers, No. 318 High-Holborn (Daily Advertiser 17 Oct 1786)

Willis, Thomas. Yesterday [24 Sep] died at his house I Charles-street, Westminster, Mr. Willis, formerly an eminentstationer in King-street, Westminster, reported to be worth upwards of 10,000l. (Daily Advertiser 25 Sep 1750 - Timperley say 12 Jul)

Wills, John. Pressmaking. John Wills, broter to the late Thomas Wills, pressmaker, in Giltspur-street, begs to inform his father's and brother's customers, that he carries on the business of pressmaking in all its branches at No. 33 Seacoal-lane, Snow-hill, where every order in this way will be duly executed on the lowest trems (Daily Advertiser 2 Jun 1786)

Wills, Thomas. See John Wills.

Wilmott, James. Partnership between William Wilmott and James Wilmott, of the borough of Southwark, stationers, was dissolveed Sept. 29, 1797 (London Gazette 16 Dec 1797). Married on the 15th inst. [15 Aug] at Tenterden, by the Rev. J.R.Coombe, Mr. James Wilmott, wholesale stationer, of the Borough of Southwark, to Miss Pigram, of Tenterden in Kent (Times 18 Aug 1807). Died on Monday, the 31st ult. [31 Aug] at his house in the Borough, Mr. James Wilmott, stationer, aged 48 (Times 3 Sep 1818)

Wilmott, William. Married yesterday [27 Apr] at Westerham, Mr. William Wilmott, stationer, of High-street, Borough, to Miss Ann Whitaker, daughter of the late Stanford Whitaker, Esq., of Westerham in Kent (Times 28 Apr 1795). Partnership between William Wilmott and James Wilmott, of the borough of Southwark, stationers, was dissolved Sept. 29, 1797 (London Gazette 16 Dec 1797).

Wilson, Andrew. The partnership between Joseph Cooper and Andrew Wilson of Wild-court, Wild-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, printers, dissolved Dec. 24, 1799. Wilson to carry on the business and to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 28 Dec 1799). Joseph Cooper, of Wild-Court, in the Parish of Saint Giles in the Fields, printer ... to surrender himself on the 4th and 8th days of February next, and on the 8th day of March following ... at Guildhall, London, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of all his Estate and Effects (London Gazette 25 Jan 1800). The creditors ... are desired to meet the Assignees ... on Monday next, the 17th instant ... at the Garrick's Head Tavern and Coffee-House, in Bow-Street, Covent-Garden, in order to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting or defending any Suit or Suits at law or in Equity for the Recovery of any Part of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects; and also to the said Assignees selling and disposing of the Moiety of the Printing materials and Book Debts belonging to the said Bankrupt's Estate, to Mr. Andrew Wilson, his late partner, by private Contract ... (London Gazette 8 Feb 1800)

Wilson, Davis. Last Saturday [7 Jun] died Mr. David Wilson, bookseller, in the Strand (Daily Advertiser 10 Jun 1777)

Wilson, Effingham. Effingham Wilson, bookseller, Sweeting's Alley, Cornhill, to surrender July 18 and Aug. 21, 1838 at the Court of bankruptcy (London Gazette 10 Jul 1838)

Wilson, Joseph. Joseph Wilson,sen., Joseph Wilson, jun., and Lidia Cannon, widow, late of the parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, paperstainers to surrender on Nov. 18, 29, and Dec. 27, 1766 at Guildhall (London Gazette 15 Nov 1766). Bankruptcy enlarged to Jan. 26, 1767 (London Gazette 3 Jan 1767)

Wilson, Mr. Musick paper ruled, at S.Tetlow's Musick Paper warehouse, near the Watch-House in Chancery-lane and at Mr. Wilson's, stationer, in Gerard-street, St. Ann's ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1753)

Wilson, T. This day is publish'd A humorous Club-Ticket, call'd Jolly mortals; or, The true bacchanalians ... Published according to act of Parliament; and sold by T.Wilson, copper-plate-printer, in White's Alley, Chancery-lane (Daily Advertiser 12 Aug 1753). To all schoolmasters in general This day is published A sheet-piece for the use of schools, representing the humorous diversion of a country fair, and curiously ornamented with penmanship. To be had of the author, T.Wilson, copper-plate-printer, in White's Alley, Chancery-lane (Daily Advertiser [no date given])

Wilsonn, Charles Edward. The partnership between Charles Edward Wilsonn and Charles Sinclear, Lombard-street, stationers was dissolved Dec. 25, 1788 (London Gazette 30 Jan 1789)

Wilsonn, Robert. Married Mr. Pigou, a merchant on St. Mary Hill, to Miss Wilsonn, daughter of Mr. Deputy Wilsonn, an eminent Stationer, in Lombard-street (Court Mag, Feb 1765, 614)

Winch, R. J.Heesom and R.Winch, Shoe-lane, press-makers. Partnership dissolved (London Gazette 8 Nov 1814)

Winchbush, Mrs. This day is published, the Twelfth number of the new, full, critical and geographical history of Scotland; and the number will be punctually delivered on Saturdays of every week, to all who call for them, at Mrs. Winchbush's Shop, at Charing Cross ... (London Gazette 28 Oct 1749)

Wingrave, Francis. Died in the Strand, 75, Feb. 6, 1820, F.Wingrave, Esq., a respectable bookseller and successor to Mr. Nourse, formerly bookseller to the King (Gent. Mag. Feb. 1820, 185)

Witherby, George Henry. Died on the 9th instant [9 Oct] at his house in Holloway, of an apoplectic fit, Mr. George Henry Witherby, of Birchin-lane (Times 10 Oct 1805)

Witherby, Thomas. On Sunday [4 Nov] was married Mr. Thomas Witherby, son of Mr. Deputy Witherby, of Birchin-lane, to Miss Betsy Coltman, only daughter of the late George Coltman, Esq., of the Stamp Office (Daily Advertiser 8 Nov 1781)

Withers, Edward. This day is published (Price 1s 6d), Dedicated to all Asserters of Liberty and the Rights of People, a Mezzotinto print of Tim Bennet, the honest cobbler of Hampton-Wick in Middlesex ... Sold by all the Printsellers in London; by Mr. Withers, Bookseller, near the Inner Temple Gate, Fleet-Street; and by Mr. Davis, Bookseller, at Richmond in Surry (Daily Advertiser 30Oct 1752). On Saturday [23 Feb] Mr. Withers, an eminent bookseller in Fleet-Street, was married to Miss Eadnell, of the Temple (Daily Advertiser 25 Feb 1754)

Withy, R. This day is publish'd Price only 6d ... The new impenetrable secret; or, Young lady and gentleman's polite puzzle. Being an entire new set of entertaining cards, neatly engraved on copper-plate ... Printed for R.Withy, book and print-seller, (burnt out from Cornhill) at the Dunciad, the corner of Rood-Lane in Fenchurch-Street ... (Daily Advertiser 2 May 1760)

Witts, Edward London. Partnership between William Jennings and Edward London Witts, stationers, St. Paul's Churchyard, was dissolved Dec. 30, 1797 (London Gazette 30 Dec 1797)

Witts, Mark. To compel Mark Witts the Younger, late of Silver Street, White Fryars, London, Printer, now a prisoner in the Poultry Compter to make a schedule of his estate and effects as an insolvent debtor. Witness my hand 22d day of Aug. 1761. Mark Witts, Sen. (London Gazette 22 Aug 1761)

Woding, Mr. On Friday [22 Aug] Mr. Woding, bookbinder in Pannier-alley, was seized with a fit of sneezing, by which means he burst a blood vessel and expired in a few minutes (GNDA 25 Aug 1777)

Wolf, David. Went away from his master's service, David Wolf ... give information to his master A.Alexander, printer, Black Lion-yard near White Chapel Church (no reference)

Wolters, Fred. A caution to Master bookbinders. Thomas Ingram, ... did on Monday last [25 Feb] elope from his master without any provocation, and is supposed to be employed in the city ... All persons are requested to give information to his master, Mr. Wolters, No. 20, New Round Court, Strand ... (Daily Advertiser 29 Feb 1788)

Wood, Charles. Partnership between James Taylor and Charles Wood, booksellers, pamphlet sellers and newsmen, carried on under the firm of Taylor and Co., South side of the Royal Exchange, was dissolved March 25, 1791. Charles Wood to carry on the business (London Gazette 25 Jun 1791)

Wood, John. Dividend declared for June 26, John Wood, Cornhill, Bookseller (London Gazette 31 May 1746)

Wood, John George. Married Nov. 29, 1796, at the Cathedral Church, Canterbury, Mr. J.G.Wood, of Beaumont-street, Devonshire-place, portrait painter, to Miss Freeman (Gent. Mag. Dec 1796, 1054)

Wooddeson, T. This day is publish'd (price 2d) No. II of the Ladies Magazine ... Printed and published by T.Wooddeson, in West Harding Street, Fetter-lane ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Jan 1753)

Woodfall, G. This day are publish'd Price bound two shillings and six pence, or two shillings sew'd. The life and surprizing adventures of Don Antonio de Trezzanio, who was self-educated and lived forty-five years in an uninhabited island in the East Indies ... Printed for H.Serjeant without Temple Bar; G. Woodfall, at Charing Cross; W.Herd at the Philobiblion Library, Piccadilly; and R.Richards in Holborn (Daily Advertiser 14 Oct 1761)

Woodfall, Henry. On Saturday [13 Apr] died at her house in Green-street, Kentish Town, in the 67th year of her age, Mrs. Mary Woodfall, widow of the late Henry Woodfall, Esq. of Paternoster-row (Daily Advertiser 15 Apr 1782)

Woodfall, Thomas. Married March 12, 1796, Mr. Thomas Woodfall, printer, of Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, to Miss [Clementina] Collins, formerly of Drury Lane Theatre (Gent. Mag. Mar 1796, 254)

Woodfall, William. All persons who have any demands on the estate of Mr. William Parker, late of St. Paul's Church-yard, bookseller deceased, and have not yet delivered in their accounts of such demands, are desired to do it within one month from the date hereof, to William Woodfall, Printer, in Paternoster-row, administrator to the said estate, or they will be excluded from receiving any dividend. Jan 12, 1751 (London Gazette 12 Jan 1751)

Woodgate, Henry. Henry Woodgate, Paternoster row, bookseller, to surrender 4, 11 Sept. and 12 Oct. at Guildhall (London Gazette 31 Aug 1762). Certificate March 19 (London Gazette 24 Feb 1763). Dividend declared for Aug. 18 (London Gazette 21 Jul 1764). This is to give notice that the meeting of the commissioners in a commission of bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Henry Woodgate, of Paternoster-row, London, bookseller, for the sale of the said Bankrupt's estate on the 12th of January instant (which was advertised in the London Gazette on the 15th of December last) is put off till further notice (London Gazette 8 Jan 1765). Dividend declared for July 19 (London Gazette 28 Jun 1766)

Woodgate, Mr. To be sold by auction by B.Dickinson, tomorrow, the 21st instant, at five o'clock, at the Apollo Coffee-House, in Apollo-Court, Temple Bar, the copper-plate stock of Mess. Stewart and Woodgate, late of London Bridge, deceas'd ... (Daily Advertiser 20 Jul 1752)

Woodham, William. William Woodham, Strand, St. Martin in the Fields, stationer and musick paper ruler to surrender Dec. 8, 15 1769 and Jan 5, 1765 (London Gazette 24 Nov 1764). Bankruptcy enlarged to Jan. 21, 1765 (London Gazette 1 Jan 1765). Certificate Dec. 17 (London Gazette 26 Nov 1765).

Woodifield, Stephen. Mr. Stephen Woodifield, the first inventor of the instrument pocket-books, opposite Exeter Exchange in the Strand, having declined that business in favour of John Pepper, of Foster-lane, London; pocket book maker, begs leave to recommend him to his customers (London Gazette 5 Feb 1765)

Woodman and Mutlow. Woodman and Mutlow, engravers, map and print-sellers, respectfully inform the nobility, gentry and publick in general, that they have succeeded Mr. Ashby in that well established shop, formerly Mr. Spilsbury's, No. 30, Russell-court, Covent-garden ... (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1785)

Woodmason, Mr. Woodmason's new-invented paper-hangings. Charles Terry, no. 58, Fleet-street, begs leave to acquaint the publick, that he has just laid in a complete assortment ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Aug 1787)

Woodmason, James. The partnership between Thomas Field and James Woodmason, Leadenhall-street, stationers, dissolved June 24, 1779. James Woodmason will carry on the business (London Gazette 10 Jul 1779)

Woodthorpe, Vincent. On Sunday, Sept. 22, 1822, died Mr. V.Woodthorpe, of Fetter-lane, engraver (Times 25 Sep 1822)

Woodward, Mr. Wednesday evening [1 jun] Mr. Woodward, stationer and paper-hanger in Coventry-street, was thrown from his horse near Hammersmith turnpike and killed on the spot (GNDA 6 Jun1764) Worth, Samuel. Whereas Samuel Worth, apprentice to Samuel Wright, brush and pencil maker, in Wild-passage, Wild-street, near Clare-market, absented himself from his master's service, the 8th inst ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Jan 1776)

Wren, J. J.Wren, bookseller, near Great Turnstile, Holborn, burnt out, returns hearty thanks to all his Friends and neighbours, by whose quick and diligent assistance so much of my stock and goods in the lower part of the house were saved ... (Daily Advertiser 5 May 1752)

Wright, John. Dividend declared for Jan. 30, 1806 J.Wright, bookseller, Piccadilly (London Gazette 4 Jan 1806)

Wright, Mr. On Thursday [28 Nov] died Miss Gill, daughter of Mr. Gill in partnership with Mr. Wright, wholesale stationers in Abchurch-lane (Daily Advertiser 30 Nov 1776)

Wright, Samuel. Whereas Samuel Worth, apprentice to Samuel Wright, brush and pencil maker, in Wild-passage, Wild-street, near Clare-market, absented himself from his master's service, the 8th inst ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Jan 1776)

Wright, Thomas. Thomas Wright, of Essex-street in the Strand, printer to surrender Dec. 5, 23, Jan 13, at Guildhall (London Gazette 2 Dec 1777). Dividend declared for June 6 (London Gazette 9 May 1778). Dividend to be made June 22 (by adjournment) (London Gazette 6 Jun 1778). Dividend declared for Apr. 12 (by adjournment) (London Gazette 1 Apr 1780). Dividend declared for April 12 (London Gazette 11 Mar 1788)

Wynn, T. This day is published. Price 3d. The life and extraordinary adventures of Gib Tomkyns, executed at Bedford ... Printed for T.Wynn, in the Old Bailey and sold at the Pamphlet shops ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Apr 1750)

Yates and Barnes. See Edward Yates, John Barnes

Yates, Edward. On Tuesday night [5 Mar] a fire broke out in the back part of Mr. Yates's, a paste-board maker, in Middle-Moorfields, which consumed a large quantity of goods, and did great damages to several houses adjoining ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Mar 1754). Whereas the partnership between Thomas Bolas, jun. and Edward Fossett, jun., corn factors, of the Parish of St. John, Southwark, is dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be carried on by the said Thomas Bolas, jun., at his accompting-house, at Mr. Yates, stationer, Leadenhall-street ... (London Gazette 25 Mar 1766). Edward Yates and John Barnes of Aldersgate-street, stationers and cardmakers to surrender Nov. 20, 30, Dec. 21 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Nov 1776). Bankruptcy enlarged Edward Yates (copartner with John Barnes) of Aldersgate street, London, stationer and cardmaker, to surrender Feb. 8, 1777 at Guildhall (London Gazette 22 Dec 1776). Edward Yates bankruptcy enlarged to Feb 2, 1777 (London Gazette 24 Dec 1776). Dividend declared for May 14, 1782 Edward Yates and John Barnes (London Gazette 23 Apr 1782). Dividend declared for June 8, 1782 Edward Yates and John Barnes (London Gazette 18 May 1782)

Young, Samuel. A young man wants employment, can write a plain hand, would wish to serve a weekly porter ... Please to direct for R.H. at Mr. Young's, copper-plate-printer, No. 1, New Turnstile, Holborn, this day or tomorrow (Daily Advertiser 21 Feb 1786)

Young, William. Prints and drawings now on sale, very cheap ... at the print-shop in King-street, facing Frith-street, Soho, where carving, gilding, and framing prints, are done at reasonable rates by William Young (Daily Advertiser 5 Apr 1760)

Younger, John. John Younger, apprentice to J.Adlard, printer, Duke-street, West Smithfield, absconded from his master's service on the 23d of March. He is about 16 years of age ... (Times 11 Apr 1796).

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