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30 January 2007

Berch T

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 10
The London book trades of the later 18th century. Names: T

Tayler, William. Died in his 78th year, after a few hours' indisposition, William Tayler, esq. (formerly of the firm Tayler and Newton, printers' agents, Warwick-square) (Times 3 May 1787) Taylor, Isaac. Partnership between Isaac Taylor and Josiah Taylor, his son, of No. 56, High Holborn, booksellers, was dissolved Dec. 25, 1797. Josiah Taylor to discharge all debts (London Gazette 17 Feb 1798)

Taylor, James. Partnership between James Taylor and Charles Wood, booksellers, pamphlet sellers and newsmen, carried on under the firm of Taylor and Co., South side of the Royal Exchange, was dissolved March 25, 1791. Charles Wood to carry on the business (London Gazette 25 Jun 1791)

Taylor, Jonathan. Died Dec. 16 1758, at Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, Jonathan Taylor, formerly a stationer in London (Scots Mag Dec 1758, 661)

Taylor, Joseph. Dividend declared for March 18, 1775, Joseph Taylor, Smithfield, London, paper-stainer (London Gazette 14 Feb 1775)

Taylor, Josiah. Married on Saturday last [11 Feb] Mr. Josiah Taylor, bookseller, Holborn, to Miss Page, of King-street (Times 15 Feb 1792). See also Isaac Taylor.

Taylor, William. To the Nobility, Gentry and others Dorothy Hill, Jelly-maker, at Mr. Taylor's bookbinder in the Haymarket, facing the French Play-house ... (Daily Advertiser 10 Jan 1751). The creditors of William Taylor, late of the Haymarket, book and pamphlet seller, deceased, are desired to meet at the Cannon Tavern at Charing Cross on Monday next [29 Jun] (Daily Advertiser 27 Jun 1761). To be sold by auction. This day, at six in the evening (for the benefit of the creditors) all the books, maps, prints, &c the property of the late Mr. William Taylor (deceas'd) stationer and bookseller, at his late dwelling house in the Haymarket, opposite the Opera House (Daily Advertiser 24 Jul 1761)

Teede, George. Coals. New Sea Coal Company Office. Orders received by ... Mr. Teede's, stationer, Lower Brook Street ... (Times 21 Oct 1791)

Tegg, Thomas. Partnership between Thomas Tegg and J.Dalton Dewick, under the firm of Tegg and Dewick, at No. 6, Westmoreland-Buildings, Aldersgate-street, was dissolved Jan. 29, 1800. The business to be carried on by J.D.Dewick alone (London Gazette 18 Mar 1800). The Castle of Strathmay; or scenes of the North, a tale illustrative of Scottish manners and society. By Honoria Scott, authoress of a Winter in Edinburgh. Printed for Thomas Tegg, at the Apollo Circulating Library No. 111 Cheapside ... (Morning Chronicle 24 Feb 1814 - first published in Edinburgh under the title of Strathmay)

Tempest, Pierce. Pierce Tempest, late of Holborn, stationer, to surrender Nov. 10, 18, Dec. 13 at Guildhall (London Gazette 1 Nov 1777). Pierce Tempest, St. Andrews, Holborn, above the Bars, stationer, to surrender Sept. 18, 22, Oct. 17 at Guildhall (London Gazette 5 Sep 1778)

Terrie, Thomas. Thomas Terrie, Old Bond-street, stationer, to surrender March 17, 27 and Apr. 25, 1767 at Guildhall (London Gazette 14 Mar 1767)

Terry, Charles. Woodmason's new-invented paper-hangings. Charles Terry, no. 58, Fleet-street, begs leave to acquaint the publick, that he has just laid in a complete assortment ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Aug 1787)

Tetlow, S. Musick paper ruled, at S.Tetlow's Musick Paper warehouse, near the Watch-House in Chancery-lane and at Mr. Wilson's, stationer, in Gerard-street, St. Ann's ... (Daily Advertiser 2 Jan 1753)

Thiselton, William. Died aged 55, Anne Susanna, wife of Mr. Thiselton, of Goodge-street, bookseller, leaving one daughter and five sons to deplore her loss (Monthly Mag. Apr 1814, 270)

Thomas, John. Partnership between Dennett Jaques and John Thomas, of the Neat-Houses, near Chelsea, printers, was dissolved on Nov. 13, 1798. The business carried on by Dennett Jaques on his own account (London Gazette 29 Mar 1800)

Thomas, Sir Edmund. To be sold by auction by Mr. Bennett, by order of the executor tomorrow [22 Dec] all the genuine library of books of Sir Edmund Thomas, Batrt., deceased, at his late dwelling house in St. James's Street ... (Daily Advertiser 21 Dec 1767)

Thompson, Adam. Stationery. To be sold by Adam Thompson, at the Paper Manufacturers Warehouse, in Hand-court, Upper Thames-street, London, a large and valuable assortment of summer-made papers ... (Daily Advertiser 7 Jan 1786)

Thompson, Anthony. Died Jan. 8, 1799, of a consumption in his 25th year, Mr. Anthony Thompson, printer, in the firm of Bunney, Thompson and Co., Crane-court, Fleet-street (Gent. Mag. Jan 1799, 82)

Thompson, Charles. Died on Sunday [9 Feb] Mr. Thompson, musick-seller, in St. Paul's Churchyard (Daily Advertiser 11 Feb 1777)

Thompson, John. John Smith Powell and John Thompson, No. 43 Barbican, statoners, dissolved partnership Nov. 29, 1796. Business to be carried on by John Smith Powell (London Gazette 10 Dec 1796)

Thompson, John Peter. The partnership between Mary Darling and John Peter Thompson, of Great Newport street, printsellers, dissolved June 30, 1797. J.P.Thompson to receive and discharge all debts (London Gazette 23 Mar 1799)

Thompson, John. Married Sunday morning [10 Feb] at St. Vedast's Church, Foster-lane, Mr. Thompson, engraver, of Gutter-lane, Cheapside, to Mrs. Reeve, of Little Bridges-street, Covent Garden (Times 13 Feb 1788). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted on or before Oct. 15, 1791, John Thompson of Gutter-lane, engraver (London Gazette 24 Sep 1791)

Thompson, Joseph. Joseph Vigevenna under the name of Joseph Thompson, formerly of Hanwell, late of Parish of St. Ann, Blackfriars, prisoner in Borough Compter, Southwark, Surry to make a schedule of his estate and effects ... 6th day of June 1761 Joseph Wright (London Gazette 6 Jun 1761)

Jervis, Mr.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

Thompson, Samuel. Died Aug. 8, 1795, Mr. Samuel Thompson, musick-seller, of St. Paul's Churchyard and one of the common-council of the ward of Castle-Barnard (Gent. Mag. Aug. 1795, 707)

Thompson, William. Whereas William Thompson, dealer in quills and pen maker, died at Mr. Richard Wright's, No. 67, Barbican, London on the 26th of Dec. last, at which place he lodged for about 11 years ... (Daily Advertiser 10 Feb 1778). Stationery. The customers of the late Mr. William Thompson, of Golden-lane, near Cripplegate, quill and pen manufacturer, may be supplied in every article he served them with on application by letter or otherwise to John Browne, No. 6, Grange-court, near Lincoln's Inn, London, quill and pen manufacturer to his Majesty's officers in general ... (Daily Advertiser 16 Apr 1778)

Thompson, William. William Thompson, seal engraver and jeweller, having removed from No. 70, Holborn to No. 110, Strand, opposite Exeter-Change, takes this opportunity ... (Daily Advertiser 6 Mar 1787). William Thompson, Strand, engraver, to surrender July 30, Aug. 5, Sept. 6 at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Jul 1796)

Thorne, Robert. Died on Saturday March 11, at his house at Holloway, Mr. Robert Thorne, in his 67th year; one of the oldest and most eminent letter-founders in London ... (Times 26 Mar 1820)

Thorne, Samuel. Died last Friday [3 Aug] Mrs. Thorne, wife of Mr. Thorne, stationer, in Watling-street (Daily Advertiser 7 Aug 1781)

Thorne, William? Yesterday [1 Feb] was married at St. Dunstan's in the West, Mr. Thorne of Fleet-street, to Miss Bertles of the Temple (Daily Advertiser 2 Feb 1776 - too early for William Thorne?).

Thorogood, Theophilus. To the worthy liverymen of the city of london. Gentlemen, Your votes and interest are most humbly desired for Theophilus Thurogood, citizen and stationer, to succeed Joseph pearce, deceased, as one of the Aleconners of the City. Your petitioner has been on the livery twenty-five years, and has been a housekeeper in the parish of St. Clement Dane about 16 years, and has since kept the Great Black Bay Inn in Chelmsford in Essex about seventeen years; is sixty five years of age and his eyesight much impaired ... (GDaily Advertiser 23 Jun 1756 - apprenticed to Mry Danvers, leatherseller 1 Dec 1707, freeman Stationers' Company 5 Oct 1731, livery 7 Dec 1731 McKenzie) Thorowgood, E. This day is published (price 1s) by E.Thorowgood, engraver, in Bearbinder-Lane, near the Mansion-House, London, A table for exactly regulating clocks and watches ... (Daily Advertiser 14 Jul 1752)

Thorowgood, John. To be sold by auction by Mr. Shakespear, on the premises, at No. 10, in Bell-yard, Gracechurch-street, tomorrow [26 Sep] and the following day, the circulating library and stock in trade of Mr. John Thorowgood, bookseller, consisting of several thousand volumes ... and some bookbinding tools. The bookbinding business to be carried on as usual ... (Daily Advertiser 25 Sep 1775)

Thrush, Mr. To the subscribers for a collection of original songs, call'd, The choice spirits museum by H.Howard, the author ... takes this method to inform them that they are ready to be deliver'd, at Mr. Thrush's, bookseller, at the King's Arms, Salisbury-Court, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 3 Jan 1760)

Tibson, Simon. Married Thursday [24 Dec], at St. Mary, Lambeth, Mr. S.Tibson, of the Surry printing Office, Bridge-road, Lambeth, to Miss Freeman, only daughter of Mr. J.Freeman, of Harpenden, Herts (Times 28 Dec 1801)

Tiffin, Wilfred. To bookbinders. To be sold, a compleat assortment of binding tools, all new within nine months ... enquire at W.Tiffin's, No. 1, Blackfriars Church Yard, near the Bridge (Daily Advertiser 25 Sep 1788)

Tijouer, F. On Monday next [10 Sep] will be published (price 6d plain, colour'd 1s) a satirical print, neatly engraved by F.Tijouer, after a humorous drawing of Mr. Boitard, a Caution to old Batchelors ... Printed for B.Dickinson at the corner of Bell-Savage Inn on Ludgate Hill (Daily Advertiser 8 Sep 1750)

Tiler, William. The partnership between Charles Ouvry, Elizabeth Birch, widow of the late Chamberlain Birch, deceased, and William Tiler, of Fleet-street, paper-stainers, under the firm of Ouvry, Birch and Tiler, was in consequence of the death of William Tiler dissolved on November 19, 1799 and will in the future be carried on at the same place by Elizabeth Birch, William Birch and William Marsh under the firm of Birch, Son and Marsh (London Gazette 3 May 1800)

Tilley, Thomas. Musick. Thomas Tilley, musical instrument maker, from Market-lane, has opened a shop, No. 5, Charing-Cross, opposite the Mews, where may be had all kinds of musical instruments, wholesale and retail; instruments repaired, musick books bound, gilt and lettered, ruled papers and the best Roman strings. Musick published for authors in the neatest manner (Daily Advertiser 8 Jun 1775)

Timbury, James. Partnership between James Timbury and James Dumont Browne, of Fetter-lane, engravers, bookbinders and toolcutters, was dissolved May 12, 1798. This business to be carried on by James Timbury on his own account, James Dumont Browne having quitted the same. All debts to the partnership to be discharged by James Timbury (London Gazette 2 Jun 1798)

Timson, William. Tuesday May 9, 1786. The Lord Mayor nominated for the Office of Sheriff the following persons, viz, James Jackson, citizen and weaver ... William Fasson, cit. and stationer (Daily Advertiser 11 May 1786 - apprenticed 7 Sep 1756 as distiller McKenzie 4401)

Tinney, John. This day are publish'd, price 1s. 6d. each ... the following maps, drawn and engraved by Eman. Bowen ... Thomas Kitchen ... and W.H.Seale. Sold by J.Tinney, map and printseller, at the Golden Lion, Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 26 Apr 1753). On Sunday [29 Mar] died at Fulham, Mr. Tinney, printseller, of Fleet-street (Daily Advertiser 2 Apr 1761)

Tinney, Mr.This day is published (price 2s 6d) a print, a half-length sitting in a chair, of the Most Reverend Father in God, Dr. John Potter, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Engraved by his Grace's appointment. Sold by G.Vertue, at his house in Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, and by the following printsellers: Mr. King, Mr Tinney, Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Sayer, Mess. Simpson, Mr. Reginere, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Jeffreys at Charing cross, and Mr. Verhuych in Piccadilly (Daily Advertiser 18 Apr 1750)

Tombs, Bartholomew. Bartholomew Tombs, Bishopsgate street, London, Stationer and paper-hanger to surrender 3, 6, 27 of Sept 1796 (London Gazette 16 Aug 1796)

Toms, William Henry. This day are published, sold by W.H.Toms, engraver, at the Golden Head, over against Surgeons Hall, in the Old Bailey, Ten perspective views about Hampstead and Highgate drawn and engraved by Chateline and W.H.Toms ... (Daily Advertiser 13 Aug 1750). This day is publish'd (price 6d) Drawn and engraved by H.Gravelot, a perspective view of the Lord Mayor's Court in Guildhall, London ... Sold by W.H.Toms, engraver, at the Golden Head, over against Surgeons Hall, near Ludgate Hill ... (Daily Advertiser 31 Aug 1750). Chorographia Britanniae; or, a new sett of maps of all the counties of England and Wales ... by Thomas Badeslade, surveyor and engraved by W.H.Toms ... (London Gazette 14 Jul 1752)

Tonson, Jacob. See also Richard Tonson.

Tonson, Richard. Yesterday [15 Jul] Richard Tonson, esq., citizen and stationer, was chosen one of the sheriffs of this city and county of Middlesex for the year ensuing, in the room of Joseph Vere, esq. who paid his fine to be excused serving that office. Jacob Tonson, esq., brother to the above ... paid the fine last year to be excused serving the said office (Daily Advertiser 16 Jul 1760). Yesterday [25 Jul] Richard Tonson, esq., citizen and stationer, paid the fine to be excused serving the office of sheriff of this city and county of Middlesex. This is the fourth fine paid by that family (Daily Advertiser 26 Jul 1760)

Toten, Henry. Married on Saturday last [28 Dec] at Finchley, Mr. Henry Toten, of Chancery-lane, stationer, to Miss Jordan, of Finchley (Daily Advertiser 30 Dec 1776). Died at Newnham, near Faversham, suddenly, Mr. Henry Toten, law-stationer, of London (Monthly Mag. Oct 1806, 305)

Towers, J. In the press. A translation of the History of F.Guicciardini, into English by Chevalier Austin P.Goddard ... subscriptions are taken in by J.Towers, printer, in Piccadilly ... (Daily Advertiser 15 Mar 1753)

Towes, Christopher. Christopher Towes, Cheapside, seal engraver, to surrender Nov. 30, Dec. 14, Jan. 7 at Guildhall (London Gazette 26 Nov 1793). Certificate of bankruptcy to be granted Feb 1, 1794 (London Gazette 11 Jan 1794). Dividend declared for March 3, 1795 (London Gazette 31 Jan 1795). Dividend declared for March 14, 1795 (London Gazette 28 Feb 1795). Dividend declared for Apr. 21, 1795 (London Gazette 7 Mar 1795). Dividend declared for June 22, 1797 (London Gazette 30 May 1797)

Towes, William. William Towes, Gracechurch-street, stationer, to surrender July 26, Aug. 1, 30 at Guildhall (London Gazette 19 Jul 1794). Dividend declared for 21 Aug, 1798 (London Gazette 21 Jul 1798)

Townley, Mr. On Friday night [21 Sep] a fire broke out in the shop of Mr. Townely, a stationer, in the Minories, which consumed all the good in the shop ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Sep 1753)

Trafford, Charles. Charles Trafford, formerly of White Fryars, London, late of Dublin in Ireland, printer, in his Majesty's Prison of the Fleet to take benefit of act for insolvent debtors (London Gazette 28 Dec 1756)

Trapp, H. Dipping not baptizing, by Richard Elliot. Printed by H.Trapp for the author (Daily Advertiser 20 Nov 1787)

Traquit, Mr. Last Saturday [30 Sep] died Mr. Traquit, stationer, in the Broadway, Blackfriars (Daily Advertiser 3 Oct 1775)

Tremor, Tim (pseud). This day is published (price 6d) The second edition of An appeal to the publick: or, a faithful account of the barbarous and cruel usage of Mr. Mitchell, in the first troop of his Majesty's Horse-guards; with the true cause of his confinement. Written by himself. Printed for Tim Tremor, near the Temple Gate (Daily Advertiser 21 May 1750)

Tringham, W. This day is publish'd, price 3s 6d ... A view of the flags that are to be found at sea in all parts of the world ... Sold by W.Tringham, engraver and printseller, in Castle-Alley, Royal Exchange (Daily Advertiser 4 Mar 1762)

Truss, Thomas. Richard Stogden and Thomas Truss, of Worcester-Place, St. James Garlickhithe, London, Stationers and Copartners, to surrender Jan. 7, 11, Feb. 4, at Guildhall (London Gazette 24 Dec 1776). Dividend declared for Dec. 6, 1777 (London Gazette 28 Oct 1777)

Tuck, John? Married May 21 1800 at Enfield, Mr. Tuck, stationer, to Miss page, daughter of Mr. Page, carpenter, both of London ( Gent. Mag. May 1800, 485)

Tucker, Benjamin. Mr. Benjamin Tucker, of Queen-Street, Cheapside, London, stationer Administrator ... of the estate of Thomas Penney, late of Rosemary-Lane, in the County of Middlesex, Stationer, deceased [q.v.] (London Gazette 14 Jan 1800)

Turner, George. In the arts. Wanted an apprentice, a lad of good morals ... Apply or direct for S.P. at Mr. Turner's, copper-plate-printer in colours, No. 6, Duke's Court, St. Martin's lane (Daily Advertiser 14 Feb 1788)

Turner, R. Black and red liquid inks, warranted not to grow mouldy ... To be had of the maker, R.Turner, No. 18, High Holborn, near Gray's-inn-gate and of most stationers, bookseller and shopkeepers ... (Daily Advertiser 11 Mar 1785)

Turner, William. William Turner, of Snow Hill, London, Carver, Gilder, Printseller to surrender Aug 8, 18, Sept 8 at Guildhall (London Gazette 28 Jul 1789)

Turpin, Homan. For the sore throat. Now first made publick, an electuary which never fails curing ... Sold only by H.Turpin, bookseller and stationer, at the Golden Key, in St. John's street, near West Smithfield ... (Daily Advertiser 24 Dec 1767)

Twiss, Richard. R.Twiss, Upper Titchfield-street, paper manufacturer to surrender Nov. 10, 23, Dec. 21 at Guildhall (London Gazette 9 Nov 1802)

Type, A. [pseud]. This day is publish'd. False honour: or, the folly of duelling expos'd. ... Printed for A.Type, near Cheapside ... (Daily Advertiser 29 May 1750). This day is publish'd (price 1s.) A true state of the case between Capt. H. and Mr. P. wherein the sufferings of the injured lady are faithfully related. Printed for A.Type, near Cheapside ... (Daily Advertiser 30 Sep 1750)

Tyther, J. New musick. This day are publish'd, according to the proposals, at 4s., six solos for the German flute, violin or harpsichord ... By Benjamin Skinner, Gent. ... Printed for he author; and sold by J.Tyther, facing New Broad-street, Moorfields (Daily Advertiser 26 Oct 1752). New musick. This day are published a cantata, and four Scotch and English songs, sung by Mr. Bellard and Mrs. Yeates at Sadler's Wells. Price 1s 6d. ... Printed for J.Tyther, facing New Broad-street, Moorfields (no date given - Daily Advertiser Jul/Aug 1753?)

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