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18 January 2007

Apprentices S

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 2
The British book trades 1710-1777: an index of masters and apprentices. Apprentices: S
Each entry gives:
  • Apprentice's name
  • Date of apprenticeship, often in form: year, month, day
  • Master's name
  • Master's place of residence (see list of county abbreviations)
  • Main trade to which apprenticed
  • Volume and folio of Inland Revenue record group 1
  • Reference in D.F.McKenzie's Stationer's Company apprentices 1701 to 1800, where relevant
  • Premium in pounds, shillings and pence
  • Parentage, where stated
  • Other notes, normally additional trades, in [square brackets]
Sacheverell, William, 1720. To: Hackett, Gustave, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/122 (McK 3485) £50/00/00. Parent: John
Sackfield, Thomas Dawson, 1735. To: Sackfield, John, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/14/097 £21/00/00. [son app Leynes Boldero, attorney]
Sadgrove, John, 1731. To: Beckford, John, Wolvercote, OXF, papermaker, IR/1/12/185 £5/00/00. Parent: Robert of Oxon, miller
Sadler, William, 1758. To: Chase, William, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/53/049 £2/00/00.
Safyear, Edward, 1714. To: Beresford, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/028 (McK 0743) £6/00/00. Parent: Edward late of Isle of Wight dec.
Saint, Thomas, 1753. To: Charnley, William, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, stationer, IR/1/51/295 £50/00/00.
Sale, Thomas, 1736. To: Harbin, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/141 (McK 3644) £50/00/00.
Salmon, John, 1743. To: Whitchurch, John, Tavistock, DEV, cardmaker, IR/1/16/215 £31/10/00. Parent: William of Milton Abbot DEV
Salter, Cephas, 17470707. To: Richards, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/218 (McK 6739) £10/00/00.
Salter, Robert, 17520901. To: Cabe, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/091 (McK 1461) £6/06/00. Parent: William
Saltmarsh, Peter, 17180609. To: Snow, Ralph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/077 (McK 7623) £30/00/00. Parent: William of Kingston SUR, gent
Sambroke, Thomas, 17520601. To: Payne, Thomas, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookseller, IR/1/19/023 £40/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Samman, John, 1766. To: Waugh, John, Reading, BER, stationer, IR/1/24/213 £20/00/00.
Sanckster, Joseph, 1722. To: Mortire, Francis, Colchester, ESS, cardmaker, IR/1/47/166 £5/00/00.
Sandbach, John, 17741230. To: Clarke, William, Saint Clement Danes, LON, stationer, IR/1/28/101 £42/00/00.
Sandby, Edward, 1744. To: Ward, Caesar, York, YOR, bookseller, IR/1/50/307 £80/00/00. Parent: Josiah
Sanders, Robert, 1752. To: Mosley, Charles, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/19/014 £30/00/00.
Sanders, Thomas, 17540806. To: Boydell, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/011 (McK 1038) £50/00/00.
Sands, Elizabeth, 1755. To: Gowlett, Richard, East Malling, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/20/103 £3/00/00.
Sandys, William, 1716. To: Pepper, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/038 (McK 6299) £10/00/00. Parent: Oliver, yeoman dec.
Sanger, William, 1761. To: Taylor, James, Salisbury, WIL, parchment maker, IR/1/23/023 £5/00/00.
Sansbury, William, 1757. To: Freer, George, Saint Dunstan in the West, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/21/092 £1/00/00.
Saunders, Timothy, 1716. To: Saunders, Theodore, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/194 (McK 7155) £40/00/00. Parent: Henry of Combe OXF, clerk
Savage, Thomas, 1769. To: Hart, Harris, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/029 (McK 3744) £31/10/00.
Sawer, John, 1769. To: Torond, Francis, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/171 £40/00/00.
Sawkins, William, 1749. To: Cocksedge, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/180 (McK 1849) £210/00/00. Parent: Joseph
Sawlere, Thomas, 17650313. To: Hornblower, James, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/55/105 £35/00/00.
Sawtell, Edmund, 17120707. To: Mortlock, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/136 (McK 5612) £50/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Southwark, gent
Sawyer, Charles, 1752. To: Whalley, Oswald, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/056 (McK 8677) £5/00/00. Parent: Charles
Sawyer, John, 17740517. To: Watts, Clement, Queen Street, Grosvenor Square, LON, engraver, IR/1/29/027 £26/05/00.
Sayer, George, 17760608. To: Hall, Joseph, Margate, KEN, stationer, IR/1/59/180 £52/10/00.
Sayes, Thomas, 1741. To: Ilive, Jacon, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/081 (McK 4348) £14/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Say, Charles Green, 1735. To: Bettenham, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/089 (McK 0792) £31/10/00. Parent: Edward of Warwick Lane
Say, Eusebius, 17441002. To: Ackers, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/100 (McK 0023) £31/10/00. Parent: Edward [name given as Pay]
Scadgell, Edward, 17170701. To: Hunter, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/166 (McK 4302) £16/00/00. Parent: Ebenezer cit & dyer
Scandrett, Edward, 1718. To: Combes, James, Oxford, OXF, printer, IR/1/06/078 £12/00/00. Parent: Oliver of Oxon, merchant
Scandrett, Edward, 1721. To: Baskett, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/187 (McK 0528) £15/00/00. Parent: Oliver of Oxford merchant
Scarlett, Charles, 17250321. To: Oboorn, Thomas, Kilmersdon, SOM, cardmaker, IR/1/11/101 £7/00/00. Parent: James of Doubtling SOM
Scholey, William, 17710710. To: Boynton, Charles, Leeds, YOR, cardmaker, IR/1/27/048 £10/00/00.
Schooler, Jacob, 1768. To: Stacey, Richard, LON, wholesale stationer, IR/1/25/196 £20/00/00.
Scoolt, John, 17740630. To: Moulton, Stephen, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/28/059 £30/00/00.
Scotland, John, 1750. To: Gray, William, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/009 £8/06/08. Parent: Peter
Scott, George, 1758. To: Say, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/179 (McK 7217) £21/00/00.
Scott, George, 17670807. To: Widow, Archibald, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/56/116 £9/00/00.
Scott, Robert, 1756. To: Richards, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/223 (McK 6717) £40/00/00.
Scott, William, 1773. To: Barber, Joseph, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, stationer, IR/1/58/165 £24/10/00.
Sealey, George, 1755. To: Collins, Benjamin, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller, printer and bookbinder, IR/1/20/133 £20/00/00.
Seale, Richard William, 17191006. To: Parker, Samuel, Clerkenwell, LON, engraver, IR/1/07/045 £10/00/00.
Seally, Robert, 1752. To: Cranston, William, Alton, HAM, bookbinder, IR/1/19/064 £20/00/00. Parent: Robert
Search, James, 1764. To: Bennett, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/014 (McK 0674) £40/00/00.
Seare, James, 17450702. To: Sumpter, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/157 (McK 8066) £15/00/00. Parent: Charles
Seddon, Thomas, 1745. To: Oswald, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/152 (McK 5974) £84/00/00. Parent: Peter
Seddon, Thomas, 1769. To: Cresswell, Samuel, Nottingham, NOT, printer and stationer, IR/1/57/085 £10/00/00.
Seett, Samuel, 17461007. To: Woodfall, Henry sen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/227 (McK 9052) £26/05/00. Parent: Robert
Selby, Caleb, 1723. To: Cope, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/188 (McK 2058) £31/10/00. Parent: Caleb of Saint Andrew Holborn
Selby, Samuel, 17250406. To: Darby, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/158 (McK 2299) £25/00/00. Parent: Edward of Wigston LEI
Serjant, Johnhn, 17121006. To: Calverly, Edmund, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/174 (McK 1469) £20/00/00. Parent: John of Southwark, cordwainer
Sernton, Robert, 1765. To: Page, Thomas, Ipswich, SUF, bookbinder, IR/1/55/094 £12/00/00.
Seward, William, 1765. To: Payne, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/135 (McK 6197) £105/00/00.
Sharpe, Dickenson, 1712. To: Whitledge, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/146 (McK 8729) £20/00/00. Parent: William of Shoreditch, grocer
Sharpe, Richard, 1720. To: Sharpe, Thomas, LON, cit. & bookbinder, IR/1/07/119 £6/00/00. [son app Richard Tustian]
Sharpe, Richard, 17200401. To: Tustian, Richard, LON, cit. & card maker, IR/1/07/119 £6/00/00. Parent: Thos cit. & bookbinder
Sharpless, Ann, 1745. To: Morle, Peter, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/17/168 £10/00/00. Parent: Robert
Sharp, James, 1773. To: Kirby, Henry, Canterbury, KEN, bookseller, IR/1/58/168 £20/00/00. [app James Simmons & Henry Kirby]
Sharp, James, 1773. To: Simmons, James & Co, Canterbury, KEN, bookseller, IR/1/58/168 £20/00/00.
Sharp, Jeremy, 1746. To: Gaskell, John, Halifax, YOR, cardmaker, IR/1/17/211 £8/00/00. Parent: Jeremy
Sharp, Jonathan, 17620406. To: Bentham, Joseph, Cambridge, CAM, printer, IR/1/54/176 (McK 0735) £10/00/00.
Sharratt, Richard, 1770. To: Caulfield, John, Clerkenwell, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/180 £20/00/00.
Shaw, David, 1713. To: Swale, John, Leeds, YOR, bookseller and bookbinder, IR/1/43/060 £10/00/00. Parent: Jonathan of Cold Heenly
Shaw, Edward, 1730. To: Downing, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/un/ver (McK 2574) £20/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Saint Clement Danes
Shaw, James, 17250804. To: Feals, William, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookseller, IR/1/11/004 £42/00/00. Parent: Ann of Saint Martin in the Fields
Shaw, James, 17540619. To: Boyle, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/051 £11/02/02.6. [cf Bogle]
Shearer, John, 1731. To: Mitchell, Thomas, Dundee, SCO, stationer, IR/1/49/264 £3/00/00. Parent: James
Sheldon, Joseph, 17750206. To: Grafton, Richard, Birmingham, WAR, seal engraver, IR/1/28/219 £6/10/00.
Shelling, Charles, 17601007. To: Richardson, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/152 (McK 6799) £31/10/00.
Shelly, John, 1726. To: Cope, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/138 (McK 2071) £5/00/00. Parent: James dec.
Shelton, Humphrey, 17181103. To: Roberts, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/137 (McK 6913) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Bedford, innholder
Shenton, John, 1743. To: Andrews, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/027 (McK 115) £30/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Wapping
Shepheard, James, 1714. To: Lilly, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/125 (McK 4998) £10/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Walton BUC, clerk
Sheppard, Edward, 1757. To: Ward, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/083 (McK 8523) £150/00/00.
Sheppard, Gregory, 1725. To: Bourne, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/054 (McK 0969) £70/00/00. Parent: Gregory dec.
Sheppard, Joseph, 1766. To: Westwood, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/56/066 £30/00/00.
Sheppard, Richard, 1761. To: Baxter, Galpine, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/027 (McK none) £30/00/00.
Sheppard, Thomas, 1733. To: Toms, William Henry, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/13/208 £20/00/00.
Sheppard, Thomas, 1759. To: Stevens, Paul, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/049 (McK 7837) £30/00/00.
Sherer, Elizabeth, 1712. To: Sherer, John, Saint Giles Cripplegate, LON, cardmaker, IR/1/01/170 £2/00/00. [dau app Cath Pocock glover's wid]
Sherlock, Robert, 17520707. To: Faden, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/070 (McK 2803) £10/00/00.
Sherlock, Thomas, 1757. To: Garland, Halked, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/194 (McK 3165) £10/00/00.
Sherrard, George, 1760. To: Hett, Richard jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/088 (McK 3933) £30/00/00.
Sherwood, John, 1718. To: Barber, John, Liberty of the Rolls, LON, stationer, IR/1/06/074 £20/00/00. Parent: John dec.
Shewell, Thomas, 1732. To: Osborne, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/064 (McK 5942) £105/00/00.
Shipman, Thomas, 1756. To: Hamilton, Archibald, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/005 (McK 3551) £21/00/00.
Shockburgh, John, 1741. To: Cotton, John, Shrewsbury, SHR, printer, IR/1/50/030 £50/00/00. Parent: Mary
Shodd, Daniel, 17621020. To: Fairchild, William & Co., Sawston, CAM, papermaker, IR/1/54/218 £5/00/00.
Shoer, William, 1720. To: Hildyard, Francis, York, YOR, bookseller, IR/1/07/142 £50/00/00. Parent: John dec.
Short, John, 1719. To: Knaplock, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/220 (McK 4769) £60/00/00. Parent: John of LON, gent
Shoude, William, 1766. To: Pope, Cornelius, Bath, SOM, printer, IR/1/56/108 £20/00/00.
Shrosbee, George, 1742. To: Soblet, James, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/16/156 £15/15/00.
Shurckburgh, John, 17140705. To: Bowyer, Jonah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/037 (McK 0988) £43/00/00. Parent: Richard of Covent Gd, milliner
Shute, Richard, 1767. To: Foster, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/077 (McK 2976) £100/00/00.
Sibley, Robert, 17730719. To: Goodsman, David, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, stationer, IR/1/27/208 £31/10/00.
Sidie, George, 1765. To: Oglevie, David, Dundee, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/55/172 £2/10/00.
Silver, Samuel, 1732. To: Silver, Jacob, Sandwich, KEN, bookseller, IR/1/13/161 £2/00/00. Parent: Jacob of Sandwich KEN
Silvester, James, 17500714. To: Pemberton, Abraham, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/51/049 £30/00/00. Parent: James
Silvester, Thomas, 1715. To: Ashurst, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/011 (McK 0172) £322/10/00. Parent: Thomas late of London gent dec.
Simmonds, James, 1757. To: Greenhill, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/064 (McK 3421) £50/00/00.
Simmons, Humphry, 1757. To: Farlow, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/062 (McK 2823) £21/00/00.
Simmons, James, 1715. To: Heath, Richard, Kidderminster, WOR, papermaker, IR/1/44/081 £5/00/00. Parent: Humphry
Simmons, John, 1745. To: Beecroft, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/177 (McK 0647) £100/00/00. Parent: John of Norwich
Simmons, Richard, 17720808. To: Holmes, Edward, Rickmansworth, HER, papermaker, IR/1/27/134 £10/10/00.
Simmons, Samuel, 1760. To: Styles, John Stackhouse, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/166 (McK 8058) £50/00/00.
Simonds, Cyrus, 1725. To: Chapman, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/071 (McK 1615) £8/00/00. Parent: of Saint Andrew Holborn
Simons, James, 17571206. To: Bennett, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/143 (McK 0675) £30/00/00.
Simpson, Archibald, 1724. To: Miller, Alexander, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/48/066 £11/02/02.6. Parent: John dec.
Simpson, Charles, 17380606. To: Winn, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/066 (McK 8949) £10/10/00. Parent: George
Simpson, Isaac, 1770. To: Aris, Samuel, Birmingham, WAR, bookbinder, IR/1/57/184 £12/12/00.
Simpson, James, 17390604. To: Kitchin, George, Saint Barholomew the Less, LON, rolling press printer, IR/1/17/060 £5/05/00. Parent: John.
Simpson, Samuel, 17590703. To: Phipps, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/032 (McK 6351) £10/00/00. [see Philips, Joseph]
Simpson, Samuel, 17590703. To: Philips, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/032 (McK 6351) £10/00/00. [prob error for Phipps]
Simpson, Thomas, 17701106. To: Edwards, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/188 (McK 2655) £63/00/00.
Simpson, William, 1762. To: Rudder, Samuel, Cirencester, GLO, printer, IR/1/23/067 £47/05/00.
Sims, Joseph, 1731. To: Walch, James, LON, cit. & playing-card maker, IR/1/12/209 £10/00/00. Parent: Isaac, White Chapple.
Singleton, Jeremiah, 1768. To: Chase, William, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/56/200 £20/00/00.
Skelton, Thomas, 17710418. To: Baker, Thomas, Southampton, HAM, stationer, IR/1/27/018 £20/00/00.
Skerton, Paul, 17650708. To: Crompton, Elis, Great Lever, LAN, papermaker, IR/1/25/141 £15/00/00.
Skinner, John, 1715. To: Harvey, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/024 (McK 3776) £30/00/00. Parent: Thos, Cheavelin KEN, clerk dec.
Skinner, William, 17491107. To: Baker, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/221 (McK 0310) £10/10/00. Parent: William
Skipper, John, 17750918. To: Peacock, Lewis, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/28/168 £15/15/00.
Skye, John, 1731. To: Phipps, Vincent, Weston [Rhyn], SHR, papermaker, IR/1/49/249 £5/00/00. Parent: Robert of Oswestry
Skynner, John, 17691205. To: Barnard, Sacheverell, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/098 (McK 0442) £60/00/00.
Sleggatt, John, 17730511. To: Shaw, John, Ipswich, SUF, bookseller and bookbinder, IR/1/27/197 £105/00/00.
Smart, John, 1752. To: Towers, John, Saint James Westminster, LON, printer, IR/1/19/048 £5/00/00.
Smart, John, 17751128. To: Barnes, John, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/185 £30/00/00.
Smart, Thomas, 1761. To: Horton, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/54/114 £6/00/00.
Smellie, William, 1760. To: Duncan, John jun, Glasgow, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/54/025 £11/00/00.
Smirk, John, 1758. To: Richardson, John, Durham, DUR, bookbinder, IR/1/53/112 £15/00/00.
Smith, Anne, 1737. To: Emmott, John, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/15/093 £8/08/00. Parent: Frances dec.
Smith, Anthony, 17720303. To: Bensley, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/098 (McK 0716) £20/00/00.
Smith, Benjamin, 1761. To: Simgar, William, Dursley, GLO, cardmaker, IR/1/54/048 £20/00/00. [cf Sanigear, William]
Smith, Brewen Francis, 1744. To: Ridgway, William, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/17/057 £45/00/00. Parent: Charles
Smith, Daniel, 1765. To: Foster, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/132 (McK 2977) £63/00/00.
Smith, Edward, 1730. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/063 (McK 1773) £50/00/00. Parent: Christopher of Erdswick
Smith, Elzeus, 1719. To: Messer, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/216 (McK 5417) £20/00/00. Parent: John of Saint Austin LON, surgeon
Smith, Ewbank, 1770. To: Palmer, William, Saint Bride, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/150 £3/00/00.
Smith, George, 1737. To: Manby, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/096 (McK 5149) £150/00/00. Parent: Henry of NOF
Smith, Henry, 1766. To: Spicer, John, HET, papermaker, IR/1/25/007 £1/00/00.
Smith, Isaac, 17730923. To: Browne, Michael James, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/27/222 £10/10/00.
Smith, James, 1721. To: Vander Gucht, Michael, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/08/193 £26/05/00. Parent: James of Saint Clement Middlesex
Smith, James, 1754. To: Worrall, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/217 (McK 9148) £63/00/00.
Smith, John, 17190406. To: Peal, Morton, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/205 (McK 6229) £10/00/00. Parent: Matthew dec.
Smith, John, 1752. To: Hill, George, Cirencester, GLO, printer, IR/1/51/141 £21/00/00.
Smith, John, 17741111. To: Battiscombe, James, Saint Dunstan in the West, LON, stationer, IR/1/28/091 £0/05/00.
Smith, Joland, 1721. To: Stoke, Luke, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookseller, IR/1/10/035 £31/00/00. Parent: Joseph of Saint Clement Danes
Smith, Joland, 1721. To: Stoke, Luke, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookseller, IR/1/10/035 £31/00/00. Parent: Joseph of Saint Clement Danes, PS
Smith, Joland, 1721. To: Smith, Joseph, Saint Clement Danes, LON, printseller, IR/1/10/035 £31/00/00. [son app Luke Stoke, St Martin in the Fields, bookseller]
Smith, Joseph, 17241006. To: Clarke, Hannah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/086 (McK 1740) £10/00/00. Parent: John, St Benet Pauls Wharf, silk thrower
Smith, Joseph, 17440807. To: Woodfall, Henry sen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/088 (McK 9054) £26/05/00. Parent: Richard of Saint George MID
Smith, Marmaduke, 1742. To: Vaughan, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/155 (McK 8344) £150/00/00. Parent: Thomas, clerk
Smith, Matthew, 17691003. To: Whitchurch, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/088 (McK 8689) £30/00/00.
Smith, Matthew Clarkston, 1763. To: Fletcher, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/156 (McK 2932) £10/00/00.
Smith, Peter, 17140723. To: Gilbert, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/045 £40/00/00. Parent: John of Moulton NOH, clerk
Smith, Peter, 1747. To: Ormerod, George, Wallington, SUR, print-cutter, IR/1/18/082 £1/01/00. Parent: Mary
Smith, Richard, 1761. To: Coffin, John, Streatham, SUR, calico print cutter, IR/1/24/228 £10/10/00.
Smith, Robert, 1728. To: Robertson, John, Glasgow, SCO, stationer, IR/1/49/105 £10/00/00. Parent: John [to John Robertson sen]
Smith, Robert, 1754. To: Smith, John, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/046 £5/00/00.
Smith, Robert, 1759. To: Simpkinson, Roger, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/215 (McK 7424) £105/00/00.
Smith, Samuel, 17720602. To: Adlard, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/125 (McK 0084) £21/00/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1747. To: Ormerod, George, Wallington, SUR, print-cutter, IR/1/18/082 £1/01/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1755. To: Goodwin, John, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/52/110 £0/05/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1755. To: Lee, Joseph, King's Lynn, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/52/111 £30/00/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1762. To: Greenhill, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/093 (McK 3422) £100/00/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1763. To: Alexander, John, Salisbury, WIL, stationer, IR/1/23/210 £10/10/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1763. To: Rose, John, Saint George Southwark, LON, print-cutter, IR/1/23/211 £31/10/00.
Smith, Thomas, 1766. To: Grignion, Charles, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/25/008 £63/00/00.
Smith, William, 17301006. To: Sackfield, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/094 (McK 7132) £31/10/00. Parent: James of Saint Clement Danes
Smith, William, 1749. To: Strahan, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/218 (McK 7990) £20/00/00. Parent: David
Smith, William, 1758. To: Berrow, Harvey, Worcester, WOR, printer, IR/1/53/047 £20/00/00.
Smith, William, 1764. To: James, Sarah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/021 (McK 4431) £10/00/00.
Smith, William, 1764. To: Stevens, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/227 (McK 7850) £50/00/00.
Smith, William, 17680507. To: Tassell, William, Sawston, CAM, papermaker, IR/1/56/156 £2/00/00.
Smith, William, 17750207. To: Egleton, Stephen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/114 (McK 2662) £63/00/00.
Smout, George, 17770501. To: Crutwell, William, Sherborne, DOR, printer, IR/1/60/060 £1/00/00.
Smytheman, John, 17720901. To: Oliver, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/146 (McK 5924) £21/00/00.
Smyth, Roger, 1754. To: Whittinghame, John, Whitchurch, SHR, stationer, IR/1/52/009 £20/00/00.
Snagg, Richard, 1767. To: Oliver, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/139 (McK 5913) £40/00/00.
Snape, Edward, 17650501. To: Pain, Charles, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/55/104 £13/00/00. [or Pan, Pane]
Snelgar, John, 1766. To: Snelgar, Samuel, Downton, WIL, papermaker, IR/1/56/205 £15/00/00.
Snelgrove, Richard, 1766. To: Chirm, Silvanus, Aldersgate, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/210 £10/10/00.
Snelsgrove, James, 1762. To: Band, Edward, Wookey Hole, SOM, papermaker, IR/1/15/171 £2/00/00.
Snow, John, 17710624. To: Careless, Isaac, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/27/036 £35/00/00.
Sogret, Henry, 1711. To: Neale, Francis, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/01/071 £9/00/00. Parent: Josiah, gent
Sollers, William, 17571220. To: Easton, Edward, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller, IR/1/21/121 £70/00/00.
Southby, Richard, 1765. To: Watkins, Christian, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/157 £100/00/00.
Southwick, Henry, 1760. To: Hett, Richard jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/128 (McK 3934) £20/00/00.
Spackman, Isaac, 17431004. To: Baldwin, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/022 (McK 0392) £5/00/00. Parent: Henry
Spackman, Richard, 1714. To: Keimer, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/008 (McK 4678) £10/00/00. Parent: Richard of St Mary Islington, carpenter
Sparks, Appleby, 1764. To: Mercier, Dy, Saint James Westminster, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/052 £30/00/00.
Sparks, Furby, 1756. To: Palmer, Stephen, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, letter case maker, IR/1/20/196 £10/00/00.
Spavan, Robert, 1730063. To: Miller, Andrew, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookseller, IR/1/12/063 £40/00/00. Parent: John, Saint Clement Danes, clerk
Special, John, 1761. To: Seale, Richard William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/039 (McK 7288) £5/00/00.
Speed, Hugh, 17260503. To: Wrench, David, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/095 (McK 9156) £50/00/00. Parent: Hugh dec.
Speller, Richard, 17261018. To: Duport, John Baptist, LON, engraver, IR/1/11/163 £2/00/00. Parent: Jas, cit & painter stainer
Spencer, George, 1763. To: White, Joseph, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, bookseller, IR/1/24/009 £10/00/00.
Spencer, James, 1763. To: Miller, John, Saint James Westminster, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/24/003 £5/00/00.
Spicer, Nehemiah, 17571219. To: Marritoan, John, Foster Lane, LON, engraver, IR/1/02/129 £20/00/00.
Sponge, James, 1716. To: Whitledge, Lorain, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/084 (McK 8720) £21/10/00. Parent: James of Chersey, yeoman
Spooner, Daniel, 1764. To: Lyman, John, Colchester, ESS, cardboard maker, IR/1/55/033 £14/14/06.
Sprange, Jasper, 1761. To: Baker, Edmund, Speldhurst, KEN, bookseller, IR/1/22/199 £20/00/00.
Spriggs, John, 17240303. To: Snow, Ralph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/197 (McK 7624) £20/00/00. Parent: Joshua dec.
Spruce, Samuel, 17640830. To: Crowne, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/24/067 £30/00/00.
Squire, Robert, 1718. To: Simpson, Benjamin, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/061 (McK 7433) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Cambridge, fruiterer
Stabler, Samuel, 1737. To: Ward, Caesar, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/042 (McK 8512) £70/00/00. Parent: Emanuel
Stacey, William, 1769. To: Williams, Henry, Sanderton, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/26/095 £7/00/00.
Stackhouse, John, 17350603. To: Wyatt, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/027 (McK 9199) £40/00/00. Parent: Jonathan of Saint Martin the Fields
Stafford, George, 1771. To: Cresswell, Samuel, Nottingham, NOT, printer, stationer and bookbinder, IR/1/58/032 £31/10/00.
Stafford, James, 17330403. To: Birt, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/163 (McK 0868) £60/00/00. Parent: William of Newington MID
Stafford, William, 17720401. To: Swinney, Miles, Birmingham, WAR, printer, IR/1/27/115 £10/00/00.
Stamford, Thomas, 17631223. To: Jones, Thomas, Saint Paul's Wharf, LON, paper painter, IR/1/24/011 £15/00/00.
Stamford, William, 17631223. To: Jones, William, Saint Paul's Wharf, LON, paper-stainer, IR/1/24/018 £15/00/00.
Standford, Philip, 1766. To: Price, Stafford, Salisbury, WIL, stationer, IR/1/56/035 £45/00/00.
Stanton, William, 1713. To: Walker, Lewis, West Deeping, LIN, papermaker, IR/1/02/142 £7/00/00.
Stanway, John, 1747. To: Winn, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/061 (McK 8950) £12/00/00. Parent: Peter
Staples, John, 17410407. To: Parkes, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/050 (McK 6119) £31/10/00. Parent: Robert of Clerkenwell [Thomas Parker II]
Staples, Moses, 1759. To: Baldwin, Richard jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/229 (McK 0389) £80/00/00.
Staples, Samuel, 1753. To: Wyatt, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/096 (McK 9200) £60/00/00. Parent: Joseph
Starr, John, 17351007. To: Sackfield, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/080 (McK 7133) £10/00/00. Parent: James of Whitecross Street
Stay, William, 17121003. To: Barnwell, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/172 (McK none) £5/00/00. Parent: John of St Geo Southwk cooper
Steadman, Christopher, 17380704. To: Austin, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/199 (McK 0203) £5/00/00. Parent: Henry of Newington, Middlesex
Stebbing, John, 17761105. To: Booth, Martin, Norwich, NOF, bookbinder, IR/1/29/053 £30/00/00.
Steel, James, 1718. To: Cairnes, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/048 (McK 1467) £20/00/00. Parent: James of Saint Martin in the Fields, tay
Steel, James, 1770. To: Ashburner, James, Kendall, WES, bookseller, IR/1/57/128 £31/10/00.
Steen, Moshee, 1721. To: Philips, John, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/47/136 £7/00/00. Parent: Joseph of Shrewsbury, innholder
Steeper, John, 1758. To: Miller, Sebastian, Maiden Lane, LON, engraver, IR/1/21/156 £21/00/00.
Steers, Daniel, 1770. To: Woodyer, John, Cambridge, CAM, bookbinder, IR/1/26/170 £7/00/00.
Steidel, George, 1736. To: Jolliffe, John, Saint James Westminster, LON, bookseller, IR/1/15/007 £21/00/00. Parent: Godfried of St James Westminster, cordw
Stephens, Joseph, 17270302. To: Child, Humphry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/218 (McK 1691) £15/15/00. Parent: Joseph of Horsleydown SUR victualler
Stephens, Joshua, 1753. To: Hornblower, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/19/149 £20/00/00.
Sterndale, John, 17541203. To: Dormer, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/085 (McK 2536) £20/00/00.
Sterry, Anne, 1760. To: Smith, Marmaduke, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/094 (McK 7566) £50/00/00.
Stevens, Edward, 17470120. To: Collins, Benjamin, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller and printer, IR/1/51/149 £25/00/00. Parent: Edward
Stevens, John, 17730907. To: Cooke, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/218 (McK 2018) £10/00/00.
Stevens, Maurice, 17350811. To: Tustian, John, LON, playing-card maker, IR/1/14/063 £10/00/00. Parent: Maurice of Saint Margaret Westmin, gent
Steward, James, 1738. To: Lloyd, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/224 (McK 5045) £10/00/00. Parent: James of Pye Corner, gent
Stewart, Alexander, 1713. To: Luke, Hendrie, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/43/101 £3/06/08. Parent: James of Glasgow, BB
Stewart, Alexander, 1713. To: Stewart, James, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/43/101 £3/06/08. [app Henry Luke of Glasgow, bookbinder]
Stewart, Robert, 1747. To: Beauford, Lewis, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/18/070 £10/10/00. Parent: Alexander
Stiles, Edward, 1713. To: Hook, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/175 (McK 4133) £20/00/00. Parent: Edward C&S
Stiles, Edward, 1713. To: Stiles Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/175 (McK 4133) £20/00/00. [son app to John Hook, cit. & stationer]
Stinton, James, 17200201. To: Child, Humphry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/086 (McK 1688) £10/00/00. Parent: James of Hampstead, gardener
Stirling, John, 1762. To: Baker, Samuel, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, bookseller, IR/1/23/119 £105/00/00.
Stirling, John, 1765. To: Anthony, David, Cursitor Street, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/158 £30/00/00.
Stocker, Starling, 1711. To: Richardson, John, Cambridge, CAM, stationer, IR/1/41/127 £10/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Godmanchester
Stoneing, John, 1711. To: Stoneing, George, Kingsbridge, DEV, parchment maker, IR/1/42/017 £10/00/00. [dec, son Jn app Rob White, cordwainer]
Stoneman, William, 1769. To: Bailey, William, Leadenhall Street, LON, printer, IR/1/26/083 £20/00/00.
Stonestreet, Henry, 1723. To: Pemberton, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/100 (McK 6271) £57/15/00. Parent: William dec.
Stonestreet, William, 1722. To: Leach, Dryden, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/028 (McK 4902) £20/00/00. Parent: Henry dec.
Stone, Edward, 17750410. To: Bell, John, Savoy, LON, bookseller, IR/1/28/134 £100/00/00.
Stone, Thomas, 17401208. To: Wild, Richard, Hereford, HER, bookseller, IR/1/17/065 £20/00/00. Parent: Benjamin of Hereford
Stone, Thomas, 1763. To: Watson, Thomas, Wolverhampton, STA, engraver and toymaker, IR/1/24/077 £7/07/00.
Storer, Thomas, 1747. To: Stedman, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/061 (McK 7779) £6/06/00. Parent: Thomas
Storer, Thomas Shute, 1735. To: Wyatt, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/129 (McK 9201) £42/00/00. Parent: John of Holborn
Storey, Thomas, 1717. To: Harding, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/019 (McK 3656) £45/00/00. Parent: Clement of Saint Ann Westminster, gent
Storey, William, 1763. To: Coles, Edward, Newcastle [on Tyne?], NOL, stationer, IR/1/55/034 £8/00/00.
Strait, Conan Dawby, 1724. To: Davis, Benjamin, Overbury, WOR, papermaker, IR/1/48/163 £7/10/00. Parent: Dawby
Stratford, Richard, 1725. To: Corbett, Dellapool, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/067 (McK 2083) £100/00/00. Parent: John of Milland GLO
Stratton, Robert, 1719. To: Francis, John, Longwick, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/07/120 £5/00/00.
Stretton, George, 1745. To: Ackers, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/176 (McK 0024) £52/10/00. Parent: William
Strickland, John, 17710805. To: Dickenson, John, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/047 £0/05/00.
Stringer, Elizabeth, 1759. To: Spencer, William, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/22/010 £10/10/00.
Stringer, Thomas, 17711105. To: Bigg, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/065 (McK 0835) £30/00/00.
Strong, John, 1766. To: Adams, Henry, Lincoln's Inn, LON, stationer, IR/1/25/020 £20/00/00.
Stroud, John, 17720704. To: Willis, John, Newbery, BER, bookseller, IR/1/58/077 £80/00/00.
Strowd, John, 17711029. To: Ovenden, Richard, Saint Clement Danes, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/060 £25/00/00.
Strugnal, John, 1767. To: Wilkison, James, West Harnham, WIL, papermaker, IR/1/57/173 £1/00/00.
Strutton, John, 17330605. To: Sayes, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/198 (McK 7249) £7/00/00. Parent: William of Saint Martin in the Fields
Strutt, Joseph, 1764. To: Ryland, William Wynne, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/227 (McK 7106) £100/00/00.
Stuard, Charles, 1754. To: Williams, William, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/52/009 £50/00/00.
Stuart, James, 1760. To: Schusler, Gotlob, Bristol, GLO, stationer, IR/1/54/008 £10/10/00.
Stuart, Thomas Ruddiman, 1770. To: Hutton, John & Co, Edinburgh, SCO, printer, IR/1/57/122 £17/03/04.
Stubbs, Robert, 1761. To: Austin, William, Saint George Hanover Square, LON, engraver, IR/1/22/189 £52/10/00.
Sudbury, Daniel, 17760812. To: Beatniffe, Richard, Norwich, NOF, bookbinder, IR/1/29/042 £15/00/00.
Summers, John, 1763. To: Whitfield, Nathaniel, Rotherhithe, LON, stationer, IR/1/23/209 £26/05/00.
Sutherland, Hugh, 1765. To: Oliver, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/143 (McK 5925) £12/12/00.
Sutton, Mary, 1765. To: Smith, Marmaduke, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/156 (McK 7567) £50/00/00.
Swaine, Ferrend, 1732. To: Loveday, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/181 (McK 5088) £63/00/00. Parent: Ferrend of Holborn, gent
Swaine, Thomas, 17640207. To: West, Peter, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/227 (McK 8657) £20/00/00.
Swan, Robert, 17450305. To: Critchley, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/135 (McK 2166) £18/00/00. Parent: Robert dec.
Swift, William, 17730201. To: Jackson, Humanitas, Saint Marylebone, LON, bookseller, IR/1/27/175 £52/10/00.
Sykes, Samuel, 17310203. To: Knapton, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/125 (McK 4780) £105/00/00. Parent: Peter of Hornchurch ESS
Symes, Wroth, 1745. To: Holder, Charles, Saint Gregory, LON, engraver, IR/1/17/128 £10/00/00. Parent: Andrew of Saint Giles in the Fields

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