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18 January 2007

Apprentices P-Q

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 2
The British book trades 1710-1777: an index of masters and apprentices. Apprentices: P-Q
Each entry gives:
  • Apprentice's name
  • Date of apprenticeship, often in form: year, month, day
  • Master's name
  • Master's place of residence (see list of county abbreviations)
  • Main trade to which apprenticed
  • Volume and folio of Inland Revenue record group 1
  • Reference in D.F.McKenzie's Stationer's Company apprentices 1701 to 1800, where relevant
  • Premium in pounds, shillings and pence
  • Parentage, where stated
  • Other notes, normally additional trades, in [square brackets]
Pack, Benjamin, 1732. To: Smith, James, Bloomsbury, LON, engraver, IR/1/01/053 £15/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Saint Dunstan in the West
Pack, Thomas, 1723. To: Sadier, Frederick, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/09/139 £21/00/00. Parent: Thomas cit & cutler
Padbury, John, 1770. To: Forster, Thomas, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/26/158 £10/00/00.
Paddy, Peter, 17751206. To: Amedroz, Jacob, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/193 £42/00/00.
Page, Henry, 17720602. To: Walkden, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/123 (McK 8416) £200/00/00.
Page, Thomas, 1726. To: Marriott, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/138 (McK 5204) £105/00/00. Parent: Gilbert, cit & barber surgeon
Page, William, 17530605. To: Nicholson, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/119 (McK 5756) £9/00/00.
Page, William, 1768. To: How, Joseph, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/26/001 £2/00/00.
Paggett, Harry, 17621104. To: McLeod, James, Birmingham, WAR, stationer, IR/1/25/084 £16/00/00.
Paine, Joseph, 1767. To: Carnan, John, Reading, BER, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/067 (McK 1480) £30/00/00.
Paine, Leeds, 1756. To: Terry, John, Dartford, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/20/194 £20/00/00.
Paine, Mary, 17700924. To: Moss, Margaret, Saint Stephen Coleman Street, LON, paper folder, IR/1/26/192 £5/00/00.
Paine, Olive, 17190803. To: Gray, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/037 (McK 3400) £20/00/00. Parent: son of Olive, Brackley NOH bak
Paine, Thomas, 1721. To: Wickstead, Edward, Wrexham, DEN, bookseller, IR/1/47/135 £40/00/00. Parent: Anne of Whitchurch SHR
Paintall, Cork William, 17680907. To: Rose, John, Lincoln, LIN, bookbinder, IR/1/56/189 £20/00/00. [cf Ross, John]
Painter, Benjamin, 1718. To: Simpson, Joseph, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/06/173 £12/12/00. Parent: Edmund cit & painter stainer
Pain, Jaob, 1723. To: Cappe, David, Liberty of the Tower, LON, engraver, IR/1/09/069 £9/00/00. Parent: Gabriele of Stepney, distiller
Palfreman, Aaron, 1760. To: Grigg, William, Exeter, DEV, bookseller, IR/1/22/105 £5/00/00.
Palin, James, 17731009. To: Broster, Peter, Chester, CHE, bookseller, IR/1/59/004 £40/00/00.
Palmer, James, 1741. To: Mein, William, Dumfries, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/50/072 £3/08/08. Parent: Matthew
Palmer, John, 1721. To: Potbury, George, Exeter, DEV, bookbinder, IR/1/47/097 £10/00/00. Parent: Mary of Exeter [& to Bridget wife]
Palmer, William, 1761. To: Evans, Thomas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/22/221 £10/00/00.
Palsey, Thomas, 17700807. To: Hood, Catherine, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/182 (McK 4128) £20/00/00.
Pamp, William, 1758. To: Wardlaw, William, Norwich, NOF, bookseller, IR/1/53/049 £7/00/00.
Pantree, William, 1768. To: Greenhill, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/172 (McK 3418) £50/00/00.
Paps, George, 1730. To: Adams, William, Frome Selwood, SOM, card maker, IR/1/12/082 £8/00/00. Parent: Joseph of Frome Selwood baker
Pardon, Richard, 1735. To: Ackers, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/089 (McK 0022) £10/10/00. Parent: William cit & gent
Pargeter, John, 17740630. To: Careless, Isaac, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/28/065 £31/10/00.
Parish, John, 1743. To: Bonner, William, Isle of Ely, CAM, bookbinder, IR/1/50/284 £30/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Parkert, John, 1764. To: Jones, William, Saint Benet Paul's Wharf, LON, paper-stainer, IR/1/24/105 £5/00/00.
Parker, Charles, 1749. To: Osborne, Thomas jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/199 (McK 5957) £100/00/00. Parent: Charles
Parker, Henry, 1741. To: Robinson, Jacob, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/16/042 (McK 6950) £31/10/00. Parent: Henry
Parker, James, 1770. To: Hughes, Morris & Co., Inner Temple, LON, stationer, IR/1/26/149 £50/00/00.
Parker, Samuel, 1714. To: Elmes, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/054 (McK 2701) £60/00/00. Parent: John of Chelmsford ESS, taylor
Parker, Thomas, 1738. To: Vokes, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/199 (McK 8383) £31/10/00. Parent: Samuel of Oxford, gent dec
Parker, William, 1712. To: Simpson, Ralph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/089 (McK 7458) £30/00/00. Parent: William of Darby, gent
Parker, William, 1754. To: Thompson, Alexander, Oxford, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/52/040 £15/15/00.
Parkes, William, 1710. To: Bryan, Stephen, Worcester, WOR, printer, IR/1/41/052 £10/00/00. Parent: William of Stoak Milborough SHR, yeoman
Parkhouse, William, 1764. To: White, John, Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/24/051 £15/00/00.
Parkinson, George, 17690808. To: Wright, Peter, Liverpool, LAN, bookbinder, IR/1/59/126 £12/12/00.
Parkin, John, 17321123. To: Mynde, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/118 (McK 5692) £20/00/00. Parent: John of Saint Botolph Aldgate
Park, John, 1722. To: Barton, Thomas, Little Woolton, LAN, engraver, IR/1/47/209 £20/00/00. Parent: Ellen of Liverpool
Park, Thomas, 17760219. To: Green, Valentine, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, metzotinto scraper, IR/1/28/212 £25/00/00.
Parrey, Thomas, 17170603. To: Watts, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/149 (McK 8590) £5/07/06. Parent: Andrew cit & glazier
Parr, Richard, 1722. To: Hullett, William, Saint Giles Middlesex, LON, engraver, IR/1/09/026 £21/00/00. Parent: John of Weymouth
Parsons, Samuel, 1716. To: Walthoe, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/110 (McK 8489) £10/00/00. Parent: Joseph of Stafford
Parsons, Samuel, 1744. To: Browne, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/080 (McK 1198) £15/15/00. Parent: Samuel of Newcastle under Lyme
Partridge, George, 1756. To: Mynde, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/013 (McK 5693) £55/12/06.
Partridge, Thomas, 1767. To: Blakemore, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/25/075 £10/00/00.
Parvley, Robert, 17730301. To: Hall, Joseph, Saint Clement Danes, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/27/176 £10/00/00.
Pasham, Thomas, 1724. To: Ward, Aaron, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/065 (McK 8509) £40/00/00. Parent: John dec
Passall, Robert Appleyard, 1767. To: Peck, Kenrick, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/062 (McK 6256) £100/00/00.
Passey, John, 1765. To: Champneys, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/155 (McK 1590) £30/00/00.
Patchett, George, 17431011. To: Hart, Sweet, LON, cit. & cardmaker, IR/1/17/025 £10/10/00. Parent: Nathaniel.
Paterson, Andrew, 1754. To: Orr, John, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/51/299 £7/00/00.
Patrick, Benjamin, 1761. To: Hornblower, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/54/115 £21/00/00.
Patrick, John, 1767. To: Middleton, Nicholas, Saint Clement Danes, LON, stationer, IR/1/25/086 £20/00/00.
Patterson, George, 1761. To: Felfere, Robert, Kelso, SCO, stationer, IR/1/54/026 £2/00/00.
Pattison, Joseph, 1735. To: Bush, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/053 (McK 1399) £10/10/00. Parent: John cit & barber surgeon
Patton, Francis, 1736. To: Vander Gucht, Gerard, Saint George Bloomsbury, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/147 £31/10/00. Parent: Thomas of Saint Margaret Westmin, taylor
Paul, Edward, 1736. To: Cuel, John, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/14/217 £40/00/00. Parent: William of Leicester woolcomber
Paul, Pheaby, 17580227. To: Stephens, Joel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/133 £7/10/00.
Payne, John, 1736. To: Davidson, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/206 (McK 2334) £30/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Ivy Lane LON
Payne, William, 1761. To: Hughes, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/199 (McK 4241) £30/00/00.
Peach, Baptist, 1760. To: Gilbert, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/190 (McK 3259) £15/00/00.
Peacock, Lewis, 1764. To: Blackshaw, Samuel, Chancery Lane, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/064 £10/10/00.
Pearce, George James, 17550904. To: Tarbutt, Benjamin, Saint Clement Danes, LON, stationer, IR/1/20/129 £42/00/00.
Pearce, John, 1758. To: Francis, Fleetwood, West Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/21/159 £1/00/00.
Pearce, John, 1766. To: Champneys, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/009 (McK 1591) £21/00/00.
Pearce, Philip, 1764. To: Hutchins, Josiah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/227 (McK 4318) £18/18/00.
Pearson, Joshua, 17601105. To: Bates, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/024 (McK 0573) £15/00/00.
Pearson, Thomas, 1758. To: Crowder, Stanley, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/154 (McK 2213) £150/00/00.
Peat, Christopher, 1767. To: Drewry, Samuel, Derby, DER, printer, IR/1/56/157 £2/00/00.
Peck, Kenrick, 1744. To: Wrench, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/057 (McK 9154) £70/00/00. Parent: Jasper dec
Peddar, William, 1731. To: Mabbatt, Samuel, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/13/042 £15/00/00. Parent: William cit & dyer
Pellett, Felix, 1717. To: Gamble, Ellis, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/05/194 £30/00/00. Parent: Peter minister of Grode Dutch Flanders
Pemmell, James, 1720. To: Charriott, John jun, Saint Catherine Middlesex, LON, stationer, IR/1/10/084 £5/00/00. Parent: King dec
Pennington, William, 1761. To: Ashburner, Thomas, Kendall, WES, stationer, IR/1/54/075 £18/00/00.
Penn, John, 1723. To: Penn, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/079 (McK 7750) £31/10/00. [son app Ric Standfast, cit. & stationer]
Penn, John, 1723. To: Standfast, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/079 (McK 7750) £31/10/00. Parent: John, cit. & stationer
Penstone, John, 1770. To: Williams, John, Saint Barholomew the Great, LON, printer, IR/1/26/187 £3/00/00.
Pepall, William, 17750803. To: Paas, Cornelius, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/159 £21/00/00.
Perkins, Henry, 1766. To: Noyes, Thomas, Bulford, WIL, papermaker, IR/1/56/043 £10/00/00.
Perkins, Joseph, 1767. To: Coghlan, James Peter, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/119 (McK 1858) £20/00/00.
Perkins, Thomas, 1729. To: Bage, John, Ollerton, NOT, papermaker, IR/1/49/061 £4/10/00.
Perryett, John James, 1754. To: Rocque, John, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, topographer, IR/1/20/023 £100/00/00.
Perryman, William, 1765. To: Slack, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, printer, IR/1/56/018 £12/00/00.
Perry, George, 1758. To: Clarke, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/160 (McK 1772) £105/00/00.
Perry, Robert, 1768. To: Ravenet, Simon Francis, Kentish Town, MID, engraver, IR/1/25/181 £105/00/00.
Perry, William, 17300407. To: Gosling, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/007 (McK 3335) £100/00/00. Parent: William of Inner Temple gent
Petch, Edward, 1764. To: Mullins, John, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/105 £5/00/00.
Peters, Robert, 1770. To: Gowlett, Richard, East Malling, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/26/125 £2/00/00.
Pett, Richard, 17751003. To: Rivington, Charles jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/172 (McK 6866) £10/00/00.
Pewey, Mary, 1757. To: Holmes, Edward, Rickmansworth, HER, papermaker, IR/1/21/044 £5/00/00.
Phelp, Caleb, 1755. To: Knight, John, Christ Church Southwark, LON, calico print cutter, IR/1/20/052 £8/00/00.
Phene, Samuel, 1733. To: Jole, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/198 (McK 4609) £15/00/00. Parent: John of Canterbury
Philips, John, 17470602. To: Tricketts, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/039 £13/13/00. Parent: Ralph
Philips, Joseph, 17690530. To: Band, Edward, Wookey Hole, SOM, papermaker, IR/1/57/040 £2/00/00.
Philips, Richard, 1772. To: Jopson, Mary, Coventry, WAR, printer and bookseller, IR/1/58/120 £5/05/00.
Philips, Thomas, 17750918. To: Tennent, Andrew, Bath, SOM, stationer, IR/1/60/011 £30/00/00.
Phillips, Benjamin, 17720602. To: Benson, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/125 (McK 0726) £40/00/00.
Phillips, James, 1736. To: Newport, Thomas, Frome Selwood, SOM, card maker, IR/1/14/141 £10/00/00. Parent: John of Froom Selwood SOM
Phillips, John, 17710416. To: Smith, Thomas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, seal engraver, IR/1/27/014 £31/10/00.
Phillips, John, 17711210. To: Smith, Thomas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, seal engraver, IR/1/27/072 £10/00/00.
Phillips, John, 17720416. To: Smith, Thomas, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, seal engraver, IR/1/27/109 £10/00/00.
Piarey, Edward, 1763. To: Jones, John, Coventry, WAR, printer, IR/1/54/188 £10/10/00.
Picard, Thomas, 17161112. To: Firth, Nathaniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/048 (McK 3049) £80/00/00. [McKenzie: Frith but see McK 1758]
Pickering, Anthony, 1770. To: Stedman, Christopher, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/127 (McK 7778) £40/00/00.
Pickering, John, 1744. To: Richardson, John, Durham, DUR, bookbinder, IR/1/50/295 £20/00/00.
Pickering, Roger, 1763. To: Todd, John, York, YOR, bookseller, IR/1/23/194 £50/00/00.
Pickersgill, John, 1748. To: Yates, Edward, LON, cit. & card maker, IR/1/18/105 £5/00/00. Parent: John.
Pickett, John, 1736. To: Hawkins, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/215 (McK 3806) £8/00/00. Parent: Richard of Spitalfields
Pierce, Ste Fuller, 17760305. To: Black, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/215 (McK 0885) £40/00/00.
Piety, Thomas, 17530206. To: Ashfield, Thos Norwood, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/006 (McK 0166) £7/00/00.
Piggott, Thomas, 1758. To: Garland, Halked, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/130 (McK 3164) £20/00/00.
Piggot, Thomas, 1724. To: Holmes, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/095 (McK 4112) £30/00/00. Parent: Charles cit & mercer
Piguenit, Danby, 1756. To: Chappelle, Arthur, Saint George Hanover Square, LON, stationer, IR/1/20/181 £15/00/00.
Pinchard, Charles, 1759. To: Green, William, Bury Saint Edmunds, SUF, bookseller, IR/1/22/048 £20/00/00.
Pincke, Robert, 1765. To: James, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/166 (McK 4425) £20/00/00.
Pinkcombe, Henry, 17750503. To: Bradley, Thomas, LON, Merchant taylor, [stationer deleted], IR/1/ / £105/00/00.
Pinlowe, Thomas, 1749. To: Jefferies, Abraham, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/201 (McK 4496) £10/10/00. Parent: William
Pipe, John, 17750113. To: Grinder, Henry, Saint Bride, LON, engraver, IR/1/28/111 £8/08/00.
Pitch, William, 17400501. To: Swale, Thomas, Leeds, YOR, bookseller, IR/1/16/051 £31/10/00. Parent: John
Plant, Joseph, 1763. To: Baillie, John, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/23/166 £20/00/00.
Plowman, Henry, 1719. To: Vincent, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/214 (McK 8370) £80/00/00. Parent: Richard late cit & vintner
Plumbe, Thomas, 17751205. To: Stuart, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/193 (McK 8053) £50/00/00.
Plumpton, John, 17720604. To: Cockram, James, Walbrook, LON, engraver for calico printing, IR/1/27/117 £31/10/00.
Pocock, Charles, 1749. To: Godwin, George, Reading, BER, bookbinder, IR/1/18/204 £15/00/00. Parent: of Reading
Pocock, William, 1766. To: Dormer, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/008 (McK 2534) £10/00/00.
Pole, James, 17180804. To: Browne, Daniel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/109 (McK 1180) £31/10/00. Parent: Joseph dec
Pollock, John, 17121125. To: Lowrie, John, Falkirk, SCO, stationer, IR/1/43/100 £2/15/06.6. Parent: Charles tennant in Throsk
Ponsford, Henry, 17741004. To: Sanders, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/083 £2/00/00.
Poole, Charles, 1767. To: Poole, John, Chester, CHE, stationer, IR/1/56/088 £50/00/00.
Poole, John, 1757. To: Ledsham, Thomas, Chester, CHE, stationer, IR/1/53/040 £42/00/00.
Poole, William, 1748. To: France, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/143 (McK 2998) £5/00/00. Parent: John
Pope, James, 17240217. To: Parker, Nicholas, Marston Biggott, SOM, card maker, IR/1/48/084 £5/00/00. Parent: Jas, Froom Selwood [cf Palmer]
Poppleton, Thomas, 1768. To: Hirst, John, Stainland, YOR, papermaker, IR/1/57/021 £3/00/00.
Porter, John, 1753. To: Pierssene, Joseph Wilcox, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/19/170 £5/05/00.
Portman, William, 1748. To: Batson, Lucy, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, stationer, IR/1/18/109 £15/00/00. Parent: Peter
Potinger, Israel, 17520303. To: Ward, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/188 (McK 8522) £80/00/00.
Potter, John, 1751. To: Roe, Jeremiah, All Saints, Derby, DER, bookseller, IR/1/51/135 £10/00/00.
Potts, Thomas, 1768. To: Akenhead, David, Newcastle upon Tyne, NOL, bookseller, bookbinder and stationer IR/1/56/177 £17/10/00.
Pound, Francie, 1767. To: Wightman, Thomas, Wandsworth, SUR, print-cutter, IR/1/25/061 £20/00/00.
Powell, Ebenezer, 1714. To: Tracy, Ebenezer, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/006 (McK 8276) £30/00/00. Parent: Joseph cit & leatherseller
Powell, Henry, 1710. To: Robinson, Edward, Ludlow, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/41/058 £50/00/00. Parent: Rowland of Sutton SHR, gent
Powell, Joshua, 1712. To: Humphreys, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/047 (McK 4286) £13/00/00. Parent: David dec
Powell, Lancelot, 1769. To: Nichols, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/102 (McK 5748) £10/00/00.
Powell, Thomas, 17250907. To: Stiles Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/013 (McK 7883) £7/00/00. Parent: William of Southwark
Powell, Thomas, 1736. To: Biron, Nicholas, Saint Anne Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/174 £12/12/00. Parent: Elizabeth wid
Powell, Thomas, 1759. To: James, Sarah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/219 (McK 4430) £20/00/00.
Powell, Thomas, 1768. To: Banister, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/186 (McK 0405) £14/14/00.
Power, William, 1712. To: Knaplock, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/018 (McK 4768) £50/00/00. Parent: John of Pay Office, gent
Pownall, William, 1717. To: Smart, Richard, Saint Clement Danes, LON, engraver, IR/1/05/121 £10/15/00. Parent: Thomas of Wrexham
Pratt, William, 1720. To: Cluer, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/100 (McK 1834) £10/00/00. Parent: William of Reading, yeo
Prat, William, 17740607. To: Davison, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/052 £100/00/00.
Preston, Caleb, 17530310. To: Collins, Benjamin, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller, printer and bookbinder, IR/1/51/263 £80/00/00.
Pretty, John, 1749. To: Butler, William, Thatcham, BER, papermaker, IR/1/18/191 £3/15/00. Parent: Robert
Price, Evan, 17351104. To: Ward, Aaron, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/092 (McK 8510) £80/00/00. Parent: John of Brecknock dec
Price, George, 1712. To: Parker, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/042 (McK 6069) £10/00/00. Parent: Daniel late of Aspenden, clerk
Price, John, 1716. To: Sedgley, Richard, Oxford, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/05/186 £13/10/00. Parent: John of Woodstock OXF, gent
Price, John, 1754. To: Hodges, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/216 (McK 4024) £50/00/00.
Price, John, 1758. To: Woodfall, Henry jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/191 (McK 9073) £31/10/00.
Price, Richard, 1765. To: Money, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/143 (McK 5515) £5/00/00.
Price, Samuel, 17151222. To: Roberts, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/113 (McK 6910) £12/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Lanmartin MON
Price, Thomas, 1723. To: Howard, James, Kidderminster, WOR, bookbinder, IR/1/48/052 £30/00/00. Parent: John dec
Price, Thomas, 17680202. To: Pasham, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/135 (McK 6186) £30/00/00.
Prichard, James, 1747. To: Davidson, Joseph, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/046 (McK 2335) £42/00/00. Parent: Robert
Prichard, Thomas, 17340507. To: Parker, Anne, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/035 (McK 6063) £10/00/00. Parent: Richard cit & weaver
Pridgen, Elizabeth, 17530206. To: Cope, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/094 (McK 2065) £15/00/00. Parent: Joseph
Pridie, Richard, 1761. To: Pinhorn, Abraham, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/011 (McK 6400) £105/00/00.
Priest, Joseph, 17751208. To: Eginton, John, Handsworth, STA, engraver, IR/1/28/191 £25/00/00.
Prince, Daniel, 1726. To: Bettenham, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/109 (McK 0790) £20/00/00. Parent: Edward of Oxford, haberdasher
Prior, John, 1754. To: Blackshaw, Samuel, Saint Dunstan, LON, stationer, IR/1/19/189 £20/00/00.
Prior, William, 17123. To: Sackfield, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/125 (McK 7130) £21/00/00. Parent: William of Winchester
Pritchard, Benjamin, 1754. To: Peltro, James, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, chaser and engraver, IR/1/19/211 £20/00/00.
Prockter, James, 17531106. To: Seale, Richard William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/19/163 (McK 7286) £21/00/00.
Prothero, Francis, 17730726. To: Pain, Charles, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/59/057 £20/00/00. [or Pan, Pane]
Provan, Allan, 1760. To: Colvill, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/54/054 £7/00/00.
Provan, James, 1755. To: Robb, James, Glasgow, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/52/156 £8/06/08.
Pryce, Stafford, 1750. To: Durston, Thomas, Shrewsbury, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/51/045 £50/00/00.
Pugh, Thomas, 1748. To: Pownall, Thomas, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/18/131 £100/00/00.
Puleston, John, 1757. To: Rivington, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/21/046 (McK 6883) £157/10/00.
Puller, George, 17760718. To: Darling, William, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/29/027 £30/00/00.
Pulton, John, 1768. To: Pain, Charles, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/26/009 £20/00/00. [or Pan, Pane]
Punchard, Thomas, 1717. To: Morley, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/012 (McK 5591) £5/00/00. Parent: John of Hereford dec
Punton, Thomas, 1744. To: Hamilton, Gavin & CO., Edinburgh, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/50/251 £20/00/00. Parent: Archibald
Purdy, Thomas, 1768. To: Hockley, John, Romsey, HAM, papermaker, IR/1/25/150 £50/00/00.
Puryer, Joseph, 1756. To: Harper, Thomas, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, rolling press printer, IR/1/21/022 £5/00/00.
Pyet, David Blackmore, 17750119. To: Gavin, Hector, Edinburgh, SCO, engraver, IR/1/59/106 £25/00/00.
Pye, John, 1760. To: Major, Thomas, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/22/146 £105/00/00.
Pym, William, 1759. To: Hope, homas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/061 (McK 4147) £42/00/00.
Pym, William, 1762. To: Ryland, William Wynne, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/032 (McK 7105) £80/00/00.
Quinn, Jmaes, 17720407. To: Wood, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/108 (McK 9016) £20/00/00.

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