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18 January 2007

Apprentices G

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 2
The British book trades 1710-1777: an index of masters and apprentices. Apprentices: G
Each entry gives:
  • Apprentice's name
  • Date of apprenticeship, often in form: year, month, day
  • Master's name
  • Master's place of residence (see list of county abbreviations)
  • Main trade to which apprenticed
  • Volume and folio of Inland Revenue record group 1
  • Reference in D.F.McKenzie's Stationer's Company apprentices 1701 to 1800, where relevant
  • Premium in pounds, shillings and pence
  • Parentage, where stated
  • Other notes, normally additional trades, in [square brackets]
Galbreath, Henry, 1750. To: McCallum, John, Glasgow, SCO, printer, IR/1/51/033 £11/02/02.6. Parent: John
Galloway, John, 1743. To: Smith, Robert, Glasgow, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/50/186 £11/02/02.6. Parent: Robert
Galot, John, 17710121. To: Hippolite, Francis, Saint Anne Soho, LON, engraver, IR/1/27/150 £94/10/00.
Gammon, John, 17650527. To: Blunden, Ralph, Canterbury, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/55/165 £10/00/00.
Gammon, Thomas, 1756. To: Terry, John, Dartford, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/20/187 £15/15/00.
Gamull, Thomas, 1724. To: Gibbons, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/107 (McK 3196) £49/00/00. Parent: Thomas cit & haberdasher
Gardiner, Joseph, 1768. To: Bate, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/152 (McK 0555) £50/00/00.
Gardiner, Thomas, 1759. To: Terry, John, Dartford, KEN, papermaker, IR/1/22/069 £12/00/00.
Gardner, Frederick, 17770304. To: Bate, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/29/085 (McK 0556) £50/00/00.
Gardner, James, 1755. To: Baker, Samuel, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, bookseller, IR/1/20/097 £105/00/00.
Gardner, Robert, 1742. To: Richardson, Archibald, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/50/155 £7/07/00. Parent: James
Gardner, William, 1762. To: Nuttall, William, Saint Luke Middlesex, LON, ivory book maker, IR/1/23/109 £5/05/00.
Garland, Halked, 1730. To: Richardson, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/163 (McK 6772) £10/10/00. Parent: William of Northampton, cutler
Garland, Hallud, 1730. To: Richardson, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/026 (McK 6772) £10/10/00. Parent: William of Brackely NOH
Garling, Mylam, 1758. To: Fuller, John jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/095 (McK 3077) £31/00/00. [cf McKenzie 3067]
Garratt, Jonathan, 17750401. To: Guttridge, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/28/140 £9/19/06.
Garrett, Thomas, 17730212. To: Dines, Francis, Bocking, ESS, cardmaker, IR/1/27/180 £3/13/06.
Garton, Joseph, 1732. To: Felce, Nathaniel, Saint James Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/13/072 £30/00/00.
Gaskill, John, 1763. To: Gamidge, Samuel, Worcester, WOR, bookseller, IR/1/55/041 £40/00/00.
Gaskin, George, 1766. To: Mazell, Peter, Saint Pancras, LON, engraver, IR/1/24/201 £52/10/00.
Gatehouse, William, 1724. To: Senex, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/056 (McK 7302) £30/00/00. Parent: Nicholas of Stepney
Gatward, Samuel, 17190707. To: Davis, Edward, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/041 (McK 2371) £15/00/00. Parent: John of Ashwell HET
Gaylor, James, 1743. To: Harper, John, Saint Giles in the Fields, LON, stationer, IR/1/17/028 £5/05/00. Parent: John
Gay, Paul, 17730909. To: Denham, John, Saint John Wapping, LON, bookbinder, IR/1/27/218 £30/00/00.
Gentleman, Moses, 1765. To: Strahan, William jun, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/154 (McK 8006) £5/10/00.
Germa, Henrietta Maria, 1716. To: Parry, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/173 (McK 6153) £20/00/00. Parent: Suckling of Kirby NOF, gent
Gever, Thomas, 17201003. To: Leake, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/031 (McK 4929) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Gosport
Gibbons, Samuel, 1713. To: Gibbons, John, Coventry, WAR, parchment maker, IR/1/02/103 (McK 5032) £30/00/00. [son app to Owen Loyd cit. & stationer]
Gibbons, Samuel, 1713. To: Lloyd, Owen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/02/103 (McK 5032) £30/00/00. Parent: John of Coventry, parchment maker
Gibbon, Benjamin, 1725. To: Pinhorn, Abraham, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/204 (McK 6395) £10/10/00. Parent: John of Coventry
Gibbon, Thomas, 1714. To: Clements, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/03/026 (McK 1823) £60/00/00. Parent: Anth, late of Saint Clement Danes dec
Gibbs, Jonah, 17201208. To: Gibbs, John, Southwark, LON, parchment maker, IR/1/08/076 £10/00/00. [son app Jas Robins cit & pewterer]
Gibson, Joseph, 17711127. To: Higham, John, Christ Church, SUR, woodcutter, IR/1/27/067 £30/00/00.
Gibson, William, 1745. To: Gower, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/216 (McK 3368) £70/00/00. Parent: John
Gifford, Robert, 17441204. To: Flower, George, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/050 (McK 2942) £50/00/00. Parent: James
Gilbert, Edward, 1742. To: Norris, William, Taunton, SOM, printer, IR/1/50/188 £20/00/00. Parent: Edward
Gilbert, William, 1767. To: Easton, Edward, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller, IR/1/25/123 £105/00/00.
Giles, John, 1755. To: Slater, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/20/134 (McK 7494) £31/10/00.
Gillingham, John, 1749. To: Jones, Griffeth, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/227 (McK 4617) £21/00/00. Parent: Richard
Gilliver, Lawton, 1720. To: Bowyer, Jonah, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/08/106 (McK 0987) £80/00/00. Parent: John dec
Gillyatt, John, 1769. To: Champneys, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/26/054 (McK 1589) £31/10/00.
Gill, John, 1760. To: Thompson, Alexander, Oxford, OXF, bookbinder, IR/1/22/132 £12/12/00.
Gill, William, 1737. To: Pearson, William, Wyrendisbury, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/15/128 £10/00/00. Parent: Wm [Shorter: of Horton Mill, Wraysbury]
Gilmore, John, 1740. To: Wright, Thomas, Saint Mary le Strand, LON, bookseller, IR/1/16/023 £0/05/00. Parent: Jane of Saint Giles
Gilmour, John, 1719. To: Duncan, William, Glasgow, SCO, bookseller, IR/1/46/099 £11/02/02.66. Parent: William of Kilmarnock
Gimer, Mathew, 17260808. To: De Bernard, James, Old Artillery Ground, LON, engraver, IR/1/11/140 £10/00/00.
Gingel, John, 17500228. To: Browning, William & Co, Malmesbury, WIL, parchment maker, IR/1/51/026 £5/00/00. Parent: William
Gladman, John, 1768. To: Jefferies, Abraham, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/25/200 (McK 4494) £30/00/00.
Gladman, John, 1768. To: Whitfield, Nathaniel, Rotherhithe, St Mary, LON, stationer, IR/1/25/203 £30/00/00.
Glasford, James, 17240602. To: Bradshaw, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/020 (McK 1083) £100/00/00. Parent: James dec
Glegg, Thomas, 1766. To: Vere, John, Bishopsgate Street, LON, stationer, IR/1/24/203 £70/00/00. [ST & goldsmith]
Godfrey, William, 1749. To: Say, Charles Green, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/216 (McK 7186) £21/00/00. Parent: John
Godwin, Benjamin, 17200404. To: Keeble, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/129 (McK 4671) £40/00/00. Parent: John of Bedfont MID
Golden, John, 1758. To: Hamerton, John, Taverham, NOF, papermaker, IR/1/53/070 £3/08/00. [app to John Hamerton & Co]
Golder, Jabez, 1754. To: Sebastian, John, Craven Buildings, LON, engraver, IR/1/19/211 £21/00/00.
Golding, Thomas, 17741206. To: Pote, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/102 (McK 6441) £52/10/00.
Goldsmith, Emanuel, 1762. To: Noah, Moses, Goodmans Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/23/129 £5/05/00.
Goldsmith, William, 1762. To: Brookbank, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/23/098 (McK 1132) £105/00/00.
Gomond, Herbert, 17350912. To: Claus, John, Saint Paul Covent Garden, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/073 £52/10/00.
Goodall, Thomas, 1715. To: Bonner, William, Cambridge, CAM, bookseller, IR/1/44/078 £20/00/00. Parent: Thomas of Cambridge, butcher
Goodenough, Hen Trenchard, 1737. To: Hughes, John sen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/113 (McK 4226) £50/00/00.
Goodfellow, Thomas, 1766. To: Collins, Benjamin, Salisbury, WIL, bookseller, printer and bookbinder, IR/1/56/042 £30/00/00.
Goodison, John, 1762. To: Bright, John, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/23/110 £10/00/00.
Goodman, John, 17490403. To: Michiell, Benjamin, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/175 (McK 7878) £31/10/00. [error for Stichall?] John
Goodson, John, 1730. To: Crotch, Mathew, Norwich, NOF, bookbinder, IR/1/49/236 £4/00/00. Parent: Francis
Goodwin, Augustus, 1745. To: Goodman, Samuel, Saint Clement Danes, LON, engraver, IR/1/17/160 £15/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Saint Clement Danes
Goodwin, Benjamin, 1760. To: Madgshen, Henry, Saint Mary Magdalen, LON, print-cutter, IR/1/22/145 £20/05/00. [Bermondsey?]
Goodwin, Joseph, 1723. To: Davenport, Charles, Congleton, CHE, bookbinder and stationer, IR/1/10/062 £30/00/00. Parent: Richard of Parkhead STA, yeoman
Gore, Thomas, 17720803. To: Baswick, Robert, Chipping Wycombe, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/27/146 £5/00/00.
Gosse, William, 1721. To: Diggard, Charles, Blackfriars, LON, engraver, IR/1/08/161 £20/00/00. Parent: Henry of Hampstead, oilman
Gough, James, 17711219. To: Loyd, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/27/075 £315/00/00.
Gough, Richard, 1715. To: Taylor, Jonathan, Whitchurch, SHR, bookseller, IR/1/44/068 £30/00/00. Parent: Elizabeth of Ellesmere
Gould, John, 1765. To: Jones, Samuel, Middle Littleton, WOR, papermaker, IR/1/55/179 £5/05/00.
Gower, William, 1712. To: Buchanan, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/01/137 (McK 1307) £43/00/00. Parent: William of Birmingham, cutler
Grace, Joseph, 1748. To: Fletcher, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/18/170 (McK 2925) £300/00/00. Parent: John
Grace, Thomas, 1731. To: Bradley, Joshua, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/190 (McK 1077) £52/10/00. Parent: Walter of Paul's Wharf
Graham, George, 1768. To: Skinner, Keven Buller, Saint Martin in the Fields, LON, engraver, IR/1/26/014 £21/00/00.
Graham, George, 17721006. To: Marsh, Robert, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/27/146 (McK 5229) £105/00/00.
Graham, Patrick, 1745. To: Rae, John, Perth, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/50/299 £12/00/00. Parent: Thomas
Graham, Robert, 1715. To: Wilson, Herbert, Edinburgh, SCO, bookbinder, IR/1/44/091 £8/06/08. Parent: James of Douglass
Graham, Thomas, 1764. To: Curtis, Thomas, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/131 (McK 2266) £105/00/00.
Granger, Robert, 1760. To: Bastin, William, Uxbridge, MID, bookseller, IR/1/22/158 £21/00/00.
Grape, James, 1725. To: Coles, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/11/063 (McK 1879) £50/00/00. Parent: James of Windsor
Gratwick, James, 1736. To: Gilliver, Lawton, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/14/143 (McK 3271) £100/00/00. Parent: Thomas of SUS, gent
Graveley, Milton, 1765. To: Phene, Samuel, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/24/171 (McK 6313) £49/15/00.
Graves, Mathew, 17710810. To: Holmes, Robert, York, YOR, engraver, IR/1/58/184 £5/05/00.
Greenaway, Nicholas, 17241222. To: King, Charles, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/113 (McK 4711) £40/00/00. Parent: John dec
Greenhill, Thomas, 1745. To: Walkden, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/176 (McK 8422) £100/00/00. Parent: William
Greenup, Robert, 1719. To: Haddon, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/07/028 (McK 3492) £12/00/00. Parent: William of Astrupwell NOH
Green, Benjamin, 1747. To: New, Thomas, West Wycombe, BUC, parchment maker, IR/1/18/076 £3/10/00. Parent: Benjamin
Green, Edward, 1765. To: Whiteworth, John, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/55/107 £30/00/00.
Green, Harry, 1760. To: Roberts, Henry, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, engraver, IR/1/22/158 £31/10/00.
Green, James, 1742. To: Basire, Isaac, Saint James Clerkenwell, LON, engraver, IR/1/16/201 £20/00/00. Parent: William
Green, James, 17760408. To: Bellamy, Thomas, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/29/001 £20/00/00.
Green, John, 1732. To: Oswald, John, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/13/067 (McK 5971) £40/00/00. Parent: John of Chelmsford ESS
Green, John Bond, 1724. To: Botham, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/09/208 (McK 0950) £10/00/00. Parent: John of Saint Margaret Westminster, gent
Green, Mathew, 17170603. To: Sparkes, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/05/147 (McK 7659) £10/00/00. Parent: Robert of Saint Clement Danes dec
Green, Thomas, 1737. To: Gibbons, Benjamin, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/15/061 (McK 3188) £30/00/00. Parent: Francis, Westminster, salesman
Green, Thomas, 1755. To: Anthony, David, Cursitor Street, LON, stationer, IR/1/20/125 £25/00/00.
Green, William, 1725. To: Bettesworth, Arthur, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/10/184 (McK 0796) £100/00/00. Parent: William dec
Green, William, 17451203. To: Barrett, Philip, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/179 (McK 0467) £50/00/00. Parent: Edward of Waltham HET
Green, William, 1746. To: Hollingworth, Thomas, Kings Lynn, NOF, stationer, IR/1/17/129 £5/05/00. Parent: William
Greetwin, William, 1753. To: Johnson, Edward, Bramford, SUF, papermaker, IR/1/51/232 £1/10/00.
Griffin, John, 1749. To: Griffin, Edward, Saint Barholomew the Less, LON, engraver, IR/1/18/205 £5/00/00.
Griffiths, Bernard, 1736. To: Simpson, Samuel, Saint Mary le Strand, LON, engraver, IR/1/14/214 £25/00/00. Parent: Elizabeth
Griffith, Roderick, 1718. To: Lloyd, Owen, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/063 (McK 5033) £31/10/00. Parent: Charles of Saint Martin MID
Grigg, Emanuel, 17750404. To: Strahan, William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/28/125 (McK 7975) £50/00/00.
Grimard, Peter, 1743. To: Smith, Thomas, Saint Bride, LON, seal engraver, IR/1/16/216 £10/10/00.
Grinald, Richard, 17460701. To: Seale, Richard William, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/209 (McK 7285) £10/00/00. Parent: Edward
Grummett, William, 17670124. To: Clouder, William, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, letter case maker, IR/1/25/145 £20/00/00.
Guest, John, 1756. To: Hornblower, Joseph, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/20/205 £20/00/00.
Guignon, John, 1722. To: Fourestier, Francis, Saint Margaret Westminster, LON, engraver, IR/1/09/091 £15/00/00. Parent: Paul of Saint Margaret Westminster
Gunnell, James, 1730. To: Bailey, James, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/12/075 (McK 0250) £10/00/00. Parent: James, St Stephen Coleman Street, dyer
Gunnell, William, 1747. To: Ormerod, George, Wallington, SUR, print-cutter, IR/1/18/047 £21/00/00. Parent: James
Gunton, Richard, 17750717. To: Booth, Martin, Norwich, NOF, bookbinder, IR/1/28/159 £26/05/00.
Gurney, Joseph, 17580606. To: Ashfield, Thos Norwood, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/22/139 (McK 0162) £5/00/00.
Guttridge, John, 1760. To: Wheeler, Charles, Birmingham, WAR, engraver, IR/1/22/100 £15/15/00.
Guy, Henry, 1753. To: Pearson, William, Horton, BUC, papermaker, IR/1/19/125 £4/03/00. [Horton Mill, Wraysbury]
Guy, John Hudson, 17150905. To: Harris, Richard, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/04/068 (McK 3687) £350/00/00. Parent: late of Jamaica
Guy, William, 1718. To: Goodwin, Timothy, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/06/193 (McK 3324) £10/00/00. Parent: Samuel of Lower Swell GLO gent, dec
Gwilliam, Lydia, 1711. To: Gwilliam, William, Saint Andrew Holborn, LON, cardmaker, IR/1/01/022 £18/00/00. [dau app Joseph Enship, coatmaker]
Gwrr, John, 17430906. To: Lintot, Henry, LON, cit. & stationer, IR/1/17/022 (McK 5014) £20/00/00. Parent: John of Shoreham SUS

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