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11 January 2007


Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History
Abbreviations and references: a general guide
Book trades / Counties / Books, articles / Periodicals / Newspapers / Addresses / Miscellaneous

In a series of publications which has evolved over many years there is bound to be inconsistency in the use of abbreviations and references. This page seeks to give guidance on the abbreviations which may be found across a number of working papers. Some papers have lists of their own special abbreviations and references and these should be used in addition to this guide.

1. Book trade abbreviations

Book trade abbreviations are normally based on those used by the British Book Trade Index project. Where this is not the case, the abbreviations are normally self-explanatory e.g. "Books." for bookseller. The following are the trades most frequently encountered:

BB Bookbinder
BS Bookseller
C&S Citizen and stationer
CM Cardmaker
CP Copperplate maker
EN Engraver
IN Inkmaker
LB Librarian
LI Lithographer
MS Map seller
MU Music seller
NA Newsagent
PA Parchment maker
PB Pasteboard maker
PC Pencil maker
PD Playing card maker
PE Pen dealer
PK Pocket book maker
PM Press maker
PP Paper maker
PQ Pen and quill maker
PR Printer
PRC Copperplate printer
PS Print seller
PT Paper stainer
PU Publisher
PV Paper hanger
PW Paper hanging maker
RA Rag merchant
ST Stationer
STK Law stationer
STW Wholesale stationer
TF Typefounder

2. Counties and countries

County abbreviations are also based on those used by the British Book Trade Index project. In cases where there is only limited coverage outside England, the three-letter country abbreviations are normally used for Wales, Scotland and Ireland, rather than those for individual counties.

BED Bedfordshire
BER Berkshire
BUC Buckinghamshire
CAM Cambridgeshire
CHE Cheshire
COR Cornwall
CUM Cumberland
DER Derbyshire
DEV Devon
DOR Dorset
DUR Durham
ESS Essex
GLO Gloucestershire
HAM Hampshire
HEF Herefordshire
HET Hertfordshire
HUN Huntingdonshire
KEN Kent
LAN Lancashire
LEI Leicestershire
LIN Lincolnshire
LON London
MID Middlesex
NOF Norfolk
NOH Northamptonshire
NOL Northumberland
NOT Nottinghamshire
OXF Oxfordshire
RUT Rutland
SHR Shropshire
SOM Somerset
STA Staffordshire
SUF Suffolk
SUR Surrey
SUS Sussex
WAR Warwickshire
WES Westmorland
WIL Wiltshire
WOR Worcestershire
YOR Yorkshire
ANG Anglesey
BRE Brecon
CAE Caernarvonshire
CAG Cardiganshire
CAR Carmarthenshire
DEN Denbighshire
FLI Flint
GLA Glamorganshire
MER Merionethshire
MON Monmouthshire
PEM Pembrokeshire
RAD Radnorshire

CHA Channel Islands
GUE Guernsey
IOM Isle of Man
IOW Isle of Wight
JER Jersey
ABE Aberdeenshire
ANS Angus
ARG Argyll
AYR Ayrshire
BAN Banffshire
BEW Berwickshire
CAI Caithness
CLA Clackmannanshire
DUM Dumfriesshire
EAS East Lothian
FIF Fife
INV Invernesshire
KIN Kincardineshire
KIR Kirkcudbrightshire
LAK Lanarkshire
MIL Midlothian
MOR Moray
NAI Nairnshire
ORK Orkney
PER Perthshire
REN Renfrewshire
ROS Ross and Cromarty
ROX Roxburghshire
STI Stirlingshire
WEL West Lothian
WIG Wigtownshire
ANT Antrim
ARM Armagh
COK Cork
DOW Down
DUB Dublin
GAL Galway
KER Kerry
LET Leitrim
LIM Limerick
LOU Louth
LOY Londonderry
SLI Sligo
TIP Tipperary
TYR Tyrone
WAT Waterford

3. Books and articles, periodicals and newspapers (see also the list of sources in The London book trades 1775-1800)

Some more general sources may have been used for more local pages. Please check in the most appropraie section to verify references.


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1823 Pigot: all book trades
1830 Pigot: all book trades
1838 Robson: all book trades
1850 White: all book trades
1852 Slater: all book trades
1862 Kelly
1866 Kelly
1873 Kelly
1878 White printers (Exeter bookseller, library)
1883 Kelly
1889 Kelly printers
1890 White
1893 Kelly printers
1897 Kelly
1902 Kelly printers
1906 Kelly
1910 Kelly printers
1914 Kelly printers
1919 Kelly printers
1923 Kelly printers
1926 Kelly: printers
1930 Kelly
1935 Kelly: printers partial only 1939 Kelly printers partial only

1822 Trewman: all book trades checked
1825 Trewman: all book trades checked
1827-28 Trewman: all book trades checked
1830-34 Trewman: all book trades checked
1835 Besley: all book trades checked
1836-51 Trewman: all book trades checked
1853-55 Trewman: all book trades checked
1874 Mortimer, bookseller, printer checked
1883-85 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1887 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1889-94 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1896-97 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1901 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1906 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1911 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1915 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1919 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1919 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1923 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1927 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1931 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1935 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1939 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1943 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1947 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1951 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1955 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1959 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1963 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1967 Besley: bookseller, library, printer checked
1965 Kelly, bookseller only, checked
1973 Kelly, printer, publisher, bookseller checked
1977 Yellow Pages, bookseller, printer, publisher checked
1985 Thomson, bookseller, printer checked
1991 Thomson, bookseller only, checked
1997 Yellow Pages, bookseller, publisher, periodical, printer checked

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Andrews 1789-93. Date code: A.
Bailey 1781-90. Date code: B.
Boyle 1792-1840+. Date code: B.
Complete guide 1740-65. Date code: C.
Holden 1799-1816. Date code: H.
Johnstone 1817. Date code: J.
Kent 1734-1828. Date code: K.
Lowndes 1772-99. Date code: L.
Mortimer Date code: M.
New complete guide 1768-83. Date code: N.
Pendred (q.v.) 1785 Date code: P.
Post Office 1800-1840+. Date code: P.
Pigot 1822-40. Date code: Pi.
Robson 1819-43. Date code: R.
Universal British 1790-98. Date code: U.
Underhill 1814-22. Date code: U.

1736 Kent: Checked page by page
1738 Intelligencer: Checked page by page
1740 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1741 Universal pocket companion: Checked page by page
1742 Kent: Checked page by page
1744 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1745 Kent: Checked page by page
1745 Universal pocket companion (reprint of 1741): Checked page by page
1749 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1752 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1753 Kent: Checked page by page
1754 Kent: Checked page by page
1755 Kent: Checked page by page
1755 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1758 complete guide: Checked page by page
1759 Kent: Checked page by page
1760 Universal pocket companion: Checked page by page
1760 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1761 Kent: Checked page by page
1763 Kent: Checked page by page
1763 Mortimer: Checked page by page
1763 Complete compting house companion: Checked page by page
1763 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1765 Kent: Checked page by page
1765 Complete guide: Checked page by page
1767 Kent: Checked page by page
1768 Kent: Checked page by page
1768 New complete guide: Checked page by page
1769 Payne: Checked page by page
1769 Kent: Checked page by page
1770 Kent: Checked page by page
1770 New complete guide: Checked page by page
1771 Kent
1772 Kent: Checked page by page
1772 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1772 New complete guide: Checked page by page
1773 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1774 Kent: Checked page by page
1774 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1775 Kent: Checked page by page
1775 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1775 New complete guide: Checked page by page
1776 Kent: checked page by page
1777 New complete guide: Checked page by page
1778 Kent: checked page by page
1779 Kent: checked page by page
1780 Kent: checked page by page
1781 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1782 Kent: checked page by page
1783 Bailey: checked page by page
1784 Bailey: checked page by page
1785 Pendred (q.v.): Checked page by page
1786 Kent: checked page by page
1788 Kent: checked page by page
1789 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1790 Universal Britsh Directory: Checked page by page
1791 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1792 Kent: checked page by page
1793 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1794 Boyle: Checked page by page
1795 Kent: checked page by page
1797 Lowndes: Checked page by page
1798 Kent: checked page by page
1799 Holden: Checked page by page
1800 Post Office: Checked page by page
1802 Holden: Checked page by page but not yet fully incorporated
1805 Holden: Checked page by page but not yet fully incorporated
1817 Johnstone: Checked page by page but not yet fully incorporated
1817 Underhill: Checked page by page but not yet fully incorporated

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Poll books. The names of those polled for are distinguished:
-- (City poll, 1781). "The poll of the livery of the City of London for a member of Parliament vice George Hayley, September 1781". 6 vol. Guildhall Library MS 1583. C = Richard Clarke. L = Sir Watkin Lewes, Lord Mayor.
-- (City poll, 1784). A list of the persons who have polled for Richard Atkinson, Esq. London, 1784. Guildhall Library broadside 3.17. A = Richard Atkinson.
-- List of the whole body of the liverymen of London ... brought up to the year 1792. London: J.Wilkes, 1792. Does not gives names of candidates polled for.
-- A list of the livery of London, alphabetically arranged. London: Galabin, 1796.
-- (Westminster poll, 1774) A correct copy of the poll, for electing two representatives in Parliament for the City and Liberty of Westminster. London: Cox and Bigg, 1774. Cl. = Lord Thomas Pelham Clinton. Co. = Humphry Cotes, Esq. Ma. = Lord Viscount Mahon. Mo. = Lord Viscount Mountmorres. Pe. = Earl Percy. Guildhall Library copy defective, lacks signatures F, G, R, S.
-- (Westminster poll, 1784). Guildhall Library MS 6484. F = Fox. H = Lord Hood. W = Sir Cecil Wray.
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Seguin, Jean (1939), "Libraires, bouquinistes, éditeurs, marchands d’estampes établis à Paris et originaires du département de la Manche" , Revue de l’Avranchin, no. 170, 1939, p.814-820.

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Union et Fraternité à l’Orient de Caen. Histoire de la franc-maçonnerie du Calvados, 2008-2011 [dates de consultation]

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Wauters, Eric (1995), "Le Journal de Normandie (1785-1789) : l’étranger et l’Outre-Mer : les horizons géographiques d’un journal de province a la veille de la Revolution" Annales de Normandie, 45e année, 3, sept. 1995, p. 301-325.

Archives départementales du Calvados.

Séries anciennes.
AD Calvados : 1B 1985, 1991 : Baillage de Caen : sentences de police etc., 1756, 1757, 1765.
AD Calvados : 1B 2016-2080 : Offices, maîtrises, jurandes, 1719-1788.
AD Calvados : 1B 2054, 2065 : Offices, maîtrises, jurandes, 1756, 1765.
AD Calvados : 13 B 67 : Consulat de Caen, bilans. Faillite de Charles Le François, 1777.
AD Calvados : 13 B 68 : Consulat de Caen, bilans. Faillite de Manoury, 1777.
AD Calvados : C.247 : Cartes à jouer.
AD Calvados : C.248 : Manufacture de papiers de la Motte, près de Verbène.
AD Calvados : C.257 : Imprimeurs et libraires, Cherbourg.
AD Calvados : C.1175 : Coutances, bibliothèque.
AD Calvados : C.1264 : Valognes, imprimerie, arrêt du Conseil d'Etat, 1743.
AD Calvados : C.1361-1363 : Foire de Caen.
AD Calvados : C.1391 : Foire de Guibray.
AD Calvados : C.2885 : Imprimeurs, libraires, arrêts du Conseil d’Etat 1609 -1789.
AD Calvados : C.2886 : Enquêtes de l'Intendant, 1730, 1731, 1737, 1758, 1764, 1768, 1776.
AD Calvados : C.2887 : Enquête, 1739, 1764, 1768.
AD Calvados : C.2888 : Lettre de l’Intendant au Chancelier du 15 février, 1774 sur les titres et capacités de Joubert.
AD Calvados : C.2889 : Attestations et pétitions, 1739, 1740, supplique du vicaire général, enquête du Subdélégué de l’Intendant, 1772.
AD Calvados : C.2890-2893 : Filigranes.
AD Calvados : C.2894-2907 : Papetiers, cartiers.
AD Calvados : C.2899-2900 : Papetiers, moulins à papier.
AD Calvados : C.2904 : Cartiers.
AD Calvados : C.2990-2991 : Foire de Caen.
AD Calvados : C.4536 : Capitation des bourgeois, Avranches, 1740, 1751, 1756, 1780.
AD Calvados : C4538 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1768.
AD Calvados : C4539 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1775.
AD Calvados : C4540 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1777.
AD Calvados : C4541 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1779.
AD Calvados : C4542 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1781.
AD Calvados : C4543 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1782.
AD Calvados : C4544 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1783.
AD Calvados : C4545 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1784.
AD Calvados : C4546 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1785.
AD Calvados : C.4547 : Capitation des bourgeois, Bayeux, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4548 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1768.
AD Calvados : C.4549 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1775.
AD Calvados : C.4550 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1779.
AD Calvados : C.4551 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1781.
AD Calvados : C.4552 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1782.
AD Calvados : C.4553 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1783.
AD Calvados : C.4554 : Capitation des bourgeois, Caen, 1790.
AD Calvados : C.4555 : Capitation, Coutances, 1740, 1741, 1780, 1781, 1788.
AD Calvados : C.4556 : Capitation, Granville, 1773, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4557 : Capitation, Saint-Lô, 1740, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4558 : Capitation, Torigny, 1740.
AD Calvados : C.4558 : Capitation, Torigny, 1781.
AD Calvados : C.4560 : Capitation, Valognes, 1740, 1751, 1773, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4561 : Capitation, Cherbourg, 1773, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4562 : Capitation, Vire, 1768, 1787.
AD Calvados : C.4563 : Capitation, Condé-sur-Noireau.
AD Calvados : C.4564 : Capitation des arts et métiers, Caen, 1757.
AD Calvados : C.4593 : Capitation des arts et métiers, imprimeurs, Caen, 1757.
AD Calvados : C.4599 : Capitation des arts et métiers, papetiers, Caen, 1757.
AD Calvados : C.4706 : Capitation, Caen, 1736.
AD Calvados : C.4726-4742 : Dixième, Bayeux.
AD Calvados : C.4942-4960 : Dixième, Caen.
AD Calvados : C.4943 : Dixième, Caen, 1736.
AD Calvados : C.4957 : Dixième d'industrie, Caen, 1741/2.
AD Calvados : C.4960 : Dixième d'industrie, Caen, 1747/8/9.
AD Calvados : C.5203 : Dixième, Condé-sur-Noireau, 1750.
AD Calvados : C.5283 : Dixième, Vire, 1743.
AD Calvados : C.5308-5313 : Vingtième, Bayeux.
AD Calvados : C.5310 : Vingtième, Bayeux, 1780.
AD Calvados : C.5311 : Vingtième, Bayeux, 1782.
AD Calvados : C.5514-5527 : Vingtième, Caen.
AD Calvados : C.5514 : Vingtième, Caen, 1749-52 .
AD Calvados : C.5515 : Vingtième, Caen, 1760-65 .
AD Calvados : C.5516 : Vingtième, Caen, 1764-49 .
AD Calvados : C.5528 : Vingtième d'industrie, Caen, 1750-1756.
AD Calvados : C.5529 : Vingtième d'industrie, Caen, 1757-1759.
AD Calvados : C.5531 : Vingtième d’industrie, Caen, 1763-1765.
AD Calvados : C.5532 : Vingtième, Caen, 1768.
AD Calvados : C.5535 : Vingtième d'industrie, Caen, 1771.
AD Calvados : C.5537 : Vingtième d'industrie, Caen, 1775-1776.
AD Calvados : C.5538 : Vingtième d'industrie, Caen, 1781-1790.
AD Calvados : C.5894 : Vingtième, Vire, 1750/1, 1759.
AD Calvados : C.5895 : Vingtième, Vire, 1790.
AD Calvados : C.5923 : Dixièmes d’industrie, décharges et modérations.
AD Calvados : C.6419 : Imprimeurs, libraires, papetiers - en défaut 2009.
AD Calvados : C.6541 : Cartes à jouer, 1751-1781.
AD Calvados : C.6729 : Censure, imprimerie, librairie.
AD Calvados : C.6845 : Bureau de l’Intendance : frais d’impression.
AD Calvados : C.6903 : Imprimeurs.
AD Calvados : C.6982bis : Cartes à jouer, Falaise.
AD Calvados : C.6999 : Capitation, Lisieux.
AD Calvados : C.7000 : Dixièmes, Lisieux.
AD Calvados : C.7082-7087 : Vingtièmes, Falaise.
AD Calvados : C.7205 : Vingtièmes d’industrie, Falaise.
AD Calvados : C.8121-8129bis : Capitation des bourgeois, Avranches, Coutances, Granville, Saint-Lô, Valognes, Cherbourg, Vire, Condé-sur- Noireau, 1789.
AD Calvados : C.8176 : Vingtième, Caen, 1789.
AD Calvados : C.9466 : Papier et carton, cartiers de Caen, 1741-1755.
AD Calvados : C.9551 : Imprimerie, bibliothèques, 1742-1781.
AD Calvados : D.501 : Université de Caen.
AD Calvados : D.1372 : Académie de Caen: privilege d’impression, 1754-1760.
AD Calvados : 2E685 : J.J.Manoury.
AD Calvados : 6E 114 : Communauté d’arts et métiers: imprimeurs, libraires.
AD Calvados : 8E : Tabellionage.

Séries modernes.
AD Calvados : 6M 198 : Liste nominative an VI, 1797.
AD Calvados : 3Q 2172 : Tables de succession payées, 1790-1900.
AD Calvados : T.2294a : Enquête 1810, 1811, 1812, 1822 .
AD Calvados : T.2298 : Imprimerie, inspection.
AD Calvados : T.2889 : Imprimeurs, instructions.

Séries privées.
AD Calvados : F.5421 : Chalopin, livre de comptes, 1733-1767.
AD Calvados : 75F 27 : Papetiers.
AD Calvados : 75F 28 : Papetiers.
AD Calvados : 75F 109 : Papetiers.
AD Calvados : Arch. Comm. Registre paroissial de St. Sauveur no. 5.

Archives départementales de La Manche.
AD Manche : 5 Mi 595 Gefosses, registres paroissiaux.
AD Manche : 5 Mi 1822 Muneville-le-Bingard, registres paroissiaux.

Archives départementales de l’Orne.
AD Orne : B : Baillage d’Alençon: assises mercuriales.
AD Orne : B33-35 LiiB.
AD Orne : B 1E1850.
AD Orne : 70B96 : Cahier de doléances, Alençon.
AD Orne : C.31.
AD Orne : C.32 : Papetiers.
AD Orne : C.36-37.
AD Orne : C.39 : Papetiers.
AD Orne : C.46-47.
AD Orne : C.52-56.
AD Orne : C.139.
AD Orne : C.542/2-7.
AD Orne : C.559.
AD Orne : C.562.
AD Orne : C.566.
AD Orne : C.572.
AD Orne : C.581.
AD Orne : C.582.
AD Orne : C.605.
AD Orne : C.744 : Papeteries, fabrication de cartes.
AD Orne : C.867 : Capitation, Avranches, 1767, 1773.
AD Orne : C.868 : Capitation, Sees, 1766, 1768.
AD Orne : C.869-954 : Capitations, Alençon etc.
AD Orne : C.974-980 : Dixièmes.
AD Orne : C.1102.
AD Orne : C.1123.
AD Orne : C.1138.
AD Orne : E Tabellionage d’Alençon.
AD Orne : L.2209/1 et L.2209/1bis.
AD Orne : M.121 : Arts, metiers et professions. Rapports, 1789, an IX.
AD Orne : M.878 : Imprimés divers.
AD Orne : M.2446.
AD Orne : T.168 : Imprimeurs, Orne, listes 1810-1816.
AD Orne : T.179/2.

Archives municipales d’Alençon.

Archives municipales de Bayeux.

Ancien Régime.
AM Bayeux : AA1* : Corporations.
AM Bayeux : CC25* : Capitation, 1774.
AM Bayeux : GG : Catholicité: registres paroissiaux.
AM Bayeux : II : Taille, rôles, 1710-1711, 1717 etc.

Période révolutionnaire.
AM Bayeux : G* : Contribution foncière.
AM Bayeux : K* : Listes électorales.

Archives municipales de Caen.

Ancien Régime.
AM Caen : AA47 : Délibérations des corporations.
AM Caen : BB133, 133bis : Registre des bourgeois, 1666-.
AM Caen : CC.14-31 : Utensiles, rôle, 1705.
AM Caen : CC.32-33 : Capitation, 1695-1789.
AM Caen : HH.2-28 : Corporations : imprimeurs.

Période révolutionnaire.
AM Caen : F* 3-10 : Anciennes corporations.
AM Caen : G* 1-6 : Contribution patriotique.
AM Caen : I* 358-377 : Police de la presse, 1790-1792.

Archives municipales de Coutances.
AM Coutances : Reg. D1/30/1.

Caen : Bibliothèque municipale.
BM Caen Ms : Info. No. 111.

Rouen : Bibliothèque municipale.
BM Rouen Ms. : g. 190 bis : Correspondance de la veuve Machuel, libraire.


DCNQ: Devon and Cornwall notes and queries TDA: Transactions of the Devonshire Association E&E: Express and echo (Exeter newspaper) EFP: Exeter flying post (Exeter newspaper 1763-1918, precise title varies) EPG: Exeter and Plymouth gazette NDJ: North Devon journal (Barnstaple newspaper) WMN: Western morning news (Plymouth newspaper, 1860 to date)
WT: Western times.

Many of the following titles have been checked by Victor Berch of Brandeis University. Years covered in whole or in part for which information has ben noted are given below.

CM: Court magazine. Berch: 1762, 1763, 1765.
Diary. Berch: 1789.
Examiner. Berch: 1810, 1819.
GLDA: . Berch: 1756.
GNDA: . Berch: 1773-1777.
GM: Gentleman's Magazine 1731-1907. Mainly used for bankruptcies (1731-1786) and obituaries. Berch: 1761, 1771, 1780-1784, 1788-1792, 1795- 1802, 1804-1808, 1810, 1814, 1816, 1818-1820, 1822-1825, 1828, 1838.
Ladies Magazine. Berch: 1750-1751.
LDA: London daily advertiser. Berch: 1750-1754, 1756, 1760-1762, 1767, 1769, 1773-1789.
LEP: . Berch 1778.
LG: London gazette. Berch: 1720, 1744-1752, 1755-1756, 1761-1767, 1772, 1774-1800, 1802, 1806, 1813, 1814, 1817-1821, 1827, 1832, 1838, 1839, 1842.
LM: London magazine. Berch: 1750, 1752-1753, 1760-1763, 1766-1767.
LT: [London] Times. Berch: 1788-1793, 1795-1804, 1806, 1808-1811, 1817-1818, 1820, 1823, 1827, 1828.
MC: Morning chronicle. 1788, 1814.
MM: Monthly magazine. Berch: 1796-1798, 1800-1811, 1813-1816, 1818 -1820.
MR: Monthly review. Berch: 1774.
Northern Star. Berch: 1838.
Public ledger. Berch: 1761.
St. James's Chronicle. 1761-1866. January 1775 only checked to supplement the directories for the period.
SM: Scottish magazine. Berch: 1752, 1758, 1770.
UDR: Universal daily register. Berch: 1785-1787.

Letters after years are normally used to refer to dates derived from directories and can be found in upper or lower case.

A = Andrews (1789-93)
B = Bailey (1781-90), Boyle (1792-1840+)
C = Complete guide (1740-65)
d = Directory (unspecified)
H = Holden (1799-1816), Hodson (1855)
J = Johnstone (1817)
K = Kent (1734-1828)
L = Lowndes (1772-99)
M = Mortimer (1763)
N = New complete guide (1768-83)
P = Payne (1769), Pendred (1785), Post Office (1800-40+)
Pi or p = Pigot (1822-40)
R = Robson (1819-43)
U = Universal British directory (1790-98), Underhill (1817)

7. Abbreviations in addresses

These can include:
?: indicates a query, for example of the street number
ho: house
la: lane
no: number
oa: over against
nr: near
op: opposite
sg: at the sign of
str: street
un: under

8. Miscellaneous

BL: British Library
BM: British Museum
DRO: Devon Record Office
PRO: Public Record Office (National Archives)
WSL: Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter

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