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22 December 2006

Devon 1798-1800

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1798-1800

1798. ABSTRACT of the Contribution-Act, for prosecuting the war. - Exeter : T.Brice, printer , [1798]. - 1/4°. - verso blank. - *DRO: Misc. papers box 5.

1798. BARING, Charles. Peace in our power, upon terms not unreasonable. By Charles Baring, Esqr. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son, and sold by Cadell and Davies, Strand, London , 1798. - 39,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.54 (D&EI); ESTC t088195; Plymouth PL L2895.

1798. BARNSTAPLE. Theatre. [Play bill. Feb. 16, 1798]. - [Barnstaple] : Syle, printer, Barnstaple , [1798]. - *Dredge p.60 (J.R.Chanter).

1798. BRETLAND, Joseph. A sermon preached at Crediton, Devon, October 21st, 1798, on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe, widow of the late Wm Rowe, Esq., of Spencecombe, near Crediton. By the Rev. Joseph Bretland. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1798. - Davidson p.193 (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.95.

1798. BUTCHER, Edmund. Sermons: to which are subjoined, suitable hymns. By Edmund Butcher.- London : Printed by C.Whittingham, for J.Johnson, St. Paul's Church-yard; T.Knott, Lombard-street; and S.Woolmer, Exeter , 1798. - viii,472p ; 8°. - List of subscribers p457-472. - *Dredge p.112-3; ESTC t104607.

1798. COHAM, William Holland. A sermon, preached in the parish church of Black-Torrington, in the county of Devon, before the Black-Torrington corps of volunteers, therein assembled, on Thursday, the 29th of November, 1798, being the day appointed for a general thanksgiving. By the Revd. William Holland Coham, A.M. curate. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son in the High-street , [1798]. - 4°. - *Dredge p.34 (D&EI); DUL 12395.

1798. CONCERT under the direction of Mess. Davy and Paddon; at the Exeter Theatre, on Tuesday evening, October 16, 1798, for the sole benefit and relief of the widows and orphans of those brave men that fell, and for those who were wounded, in the late glorious victory obtained over the French fleet by Admiral Lord Nelson. - Exeter : printed by R.Trewman and Son , [1798]. - 8p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1798. The CONNEXION between industry and property; or a proposal to make a fixed and permanent allowance to labourers, for the maintenance of their children; addressed to the Society for bettering the Condition and increasing the Comforts of the Poor. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1798. - Reviewed in Gentleman's magazine, 1798 p. 779. - Burnet Morris.

1798. EXETER. Constables. To all householders of the East-within quarter of the city of Exeter. You are hereby required to make out a list of the names of all the males in your family. - Exeter : Printed by E.Grigg, adjoining the Western Bannk [sic] , 1798. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - Dated: August 21, 1798. - *WSL.

1798. EXETER. Theatre. Last night but two of Mr. Kemble's engagement. By desire of the High Sheriff of the county of Devon. On Friday, August the 3d, 1798, will be presented a celebrated comedy, called The merchant of venice ... - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman & Son, High-street , [1798]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *DRO 1499M/4/8.

1798. GREGOR, William. A sermon preached at the visitation, held by the Archdeacon of Cornwall, at Truro, on the 14th day of May, 1798, by the Revd. William Gregor, A.M. - Truro : Printed and sold by W.Harry; sold also by W. and J.Richardson, London; Messrs. Goadby and Co., Sherborne; and S.Woolmer, Exeter , [1798]. - 30p ; 4°. - *ESTC t004510.

1798. HAWKER, Robert. The youth's catechism on the order in which the several books of scripture are to be placed; designed to promote the better apprehension of the word of God in the minds of youth. Drawn up for the use of schools and for the information of private families. By Robert Hawker, D.D., vicar of Charles, Plymouth. - Plymouth : Printed and sold by P.Nettleton; sold also by Chapman and Matthews, London [and various other booksellers] , 1798. - iv,28p; 12°. - AUC 1245H9 (Bodleian G.Pamph 2762(9).

1798. HOWELL, William. The word of God the best guide to all persons at all times and in all places. - [Plymouth] : [Oxford 1689; reprinted Plymouth] , 1798. - 12°. - *Burnet Morris.

1798. HYETT, W. A description of the watering places on the south-east coast of Devon, from the river Exe to the Dart inclusive, comprehending Dawlish, Teignmouth, Shaldon, and Torquay. By W.Hyett. With a sketch of the local history; and a tour and concise account of noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, and objects in the vicinage of each, worthy of the attention of the antiquary, and admirer of picturesque and romantic scenery. Embellished with four etchings. - Exeter : Printed and sold by R.Trewman and Son, High-street, ... , [1798?]. - 105p ; 12°. - Colophon: Trewman's, printers, Exeter. - Dated 1803 by Davidson but 1798 by Dredge as paper is watermarked 1796. - *Dredge p.113; DUL 37870.

1798. ISAAC, Jacob. The consolations of pure christianity. A discourse, delivered at Cullompton, July 5, 1798, before the Society of Unitarian Christians, ... By J.Isaac. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son; sold also by Johnson, London; Brown, Bristol, &c. , 1798. 36p ; 12°. - *ESTC t056518.

1798. The MONTHLY army list corrected to the first of May 1798. - [London] : Published by Messrs. Hookham and Carpenter Bond Street; ... Woolwich ... Mr Richards and Mr Hayden, Plymouth; Messrs Hoyland and Congdon, Plymouth Dock; ... , [1798]. - 84p ; 12°. - AUC 1212G28 (Bodleian Dir. 23167 f.11).

1798. MORNING and evening prayers for the use of individuals, to which are added prayers on particular subjects. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1798. - 12°. - *Bodl. 14010 e 193.

1798. TASKER, William. Arviragus: or, the Roman invasion. An historical tragedy. The second edition with alterations, as performed at the Theatre Royal Exeter, by desire of the military and of the high sheriff, in March 1797, with great applause. By the Rev. Wm. Tasker, A.B. - Exeter : Printed for the author, by R.Trewman and Son , [1798]. - xi[i.e. x],[2],69,[1]p ; 12°. - Preface dated: March 1, 1798. - *Dredge p.78-9 (Bodleian); ESTC t133801.

1798. TASKER, William. A series of letters. By the Rev. William Tasker, A.B. - Second edition. - Exeter : Printed for the author, by R.Trewman and Son , [1798]. [2],iii,[1],235,vi,[1]p ; 12°. - *ESTC t133806.

1798. WOOLLCOMBE, William. Sermons on various subjects. By the Rev. William Woollcombe, M.A. late prebendary of Exeter, and rector of East-Worlington, and Lawrence-Clyst. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son; sold also by Messrs. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, London , 1798. - liv,292,[2]p ; 8°. - *WSL; Dredge p.34; ESTC t104648; D&EI p.30; DUL 79940.

1799. AVENT, Philip. Sermons. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1799. - 12°. - Burnet Morris (error for 1699 Avant, Philip?).

1799. BLACKWELL, Richard. Barnstaple. To be sold, one fee-simple, and inheritance, of all that new built dwelling house, with a garden, and convenient houses behind the same, situate in Boutport Street, in this town, now in the occupation of Mrs. Simpson, as tenant at will. For which purpose, a survey will be held at the Dolphin Inn, in Joy-Street, on Saturday next, the 7th day of December instant, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. For viewing the premises apply to the tenant, and for particulars to Mr. Richard Blackwell, mason, in Barnstaple aforesaid. - Barnstaple : J.Avery, printer and book binder, Barnstable , [1799]. - 1/4°. - Dated at end: December 2nd, 1799. - *Dredge p.60 (J.R.Chanter).

1799. CARDEW, Cornelius. A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Mary, in Truro, before the governors of the Cornwall General Infirmary, on its being opened for the reception of patients, Monday, August 12. 1799. By Cornelius Cardew, D.D. master of the grammar school in Truro, and one of the chaplains in ordinary to His Highness the Prince of Wales ... - Truro : Printed and sold by J.Tregoning; sold also by J.Wallis, Pater Noster Row, London; Trewman and Son, Exeter; Matthews, Helston, and by all other booksellers. Price 1s. 6d. for the benefit of the infirmary , [1799]. - *Dredge p.54.

1799. CHARACTER and dying behaviour of Mary Ann Martin, executed at Exeter, Saturday, March 23, 1799, for poisoning Margaret Palmer. - Exeter : T.Brice, printer , [1799]. - 1/4°. - *D&EI.

1799. CONFESSION and dying behaviour of Betty Limpany aged 17 executed at Exeter Friday April 5th 1799 for setting fire to her master's house. - Exeter : T.Brice printer , [1799]. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - H.Stone collection.

1799. COURTENAY, Henry Reginald. A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Exeter, at the primary visitation of Henry Reginald, Lord Bishop of Exeter, 1799. Published at the request of the clergy. - Exeter : Printed by Trewan and Son, High Street, [1799]. - 4°. - *Dredge p.54 (M.Cann).

1799. DENNIS, Jonas. A sermon, preached, by particular desire, in the parish-church of Willand, Devon, on Thursday the 7th day of February, 1799, at the interment of John Westcott, yeoman, who died of a melancholy accident, in the prime of life. By the Rev. Jonas Dennis, LL.B. ... - Exeter : Printed for the author (and sold) by Trewman and Son, High-street; sold also by Rivington ... , 1799. - 8°. At foot of title: The profits of this publication (if any) will be applied to the relief of the widow and eight orphans of the deceased. - *Dredge p.79; Plymouth Athenaeum p.95.

1799. ESSAYS, philosophical and chemical. By a gentlemen of Exeter. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1799. - Davidson suppl. p.21n (Secktor Lib.).

1799. HAWKER, Robert. A letter to the Rev. R.Polwhele. By the Rev. Robert Hawker, D.D., vicar of Charles, Plymouth. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1799. - Davidson p.167 (A).

1799. HOLMES, William. Plan of proceeding. Octavo. First part. Holmes' tract on bodies corporate generally, those in Exeter specially, which includes the novel country-rates, Exeter, 1799. Second part. Holmes' epitome of political hisory ... Third part. Holmes on the police of Exeter specially, ancient and modern, as an accompaniment to Izaake's memorials of the city ... N.B. As the compilation is for an amusement of the compiler, three years may be required before the three parts be published. To be dated the last day of the year 1799. - [Exeter] : T.Brice, printer, High-street, Exeter , [1799]. - [2],4,[2],48p ; 8°. - Dredge p.113 (British Museum); ESTC t042425; *WSL; Plymouth Athenaeum p.45; DUL 35940.

1799. ISAAC, Jacob. The general apiarian, wherein a simple, humane, and advantageous method of obtaining the produce of bees, without destroying them, is pointed out in a series of letters to a friend. By J.Isaac, ... - Exeter : Printed and sold by Messrs. Trewman and Son; sold also by Johnson, London; and Brown, Bristol , 1799. - 108p,plates ; 12°. - *ESTC t120181.

1799. A LETTER, respectfully addressed to the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry Reginald, by divine permission, Lord Bishop of Exeter; containing a vindication of truth, an exposure of detraction, and an earnest appeal to His Lordship, as constituted guardian of the church, for the preservation of her peace, dignity, and prosperity. By one of her humble, but most affectionate friends. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son, High-Street; sold by Messrs.Cadell and Davies, London; Hazard, Bath; Cottle, Bristol; Haydon, Plymouth; and Elliot, Falmouth , [1799]. - 21,[1]p ; 8°. - Written in vindication of Dr. Hawker. - Signed: S.T.T. - *ESTC (dated 1790) t094533; Dredge p.34-5 (Bibl. Cornubiensia); Davidson suppl. p.33n.

1799. MACGOWAN, John. The life of Joseph, the son of Israel. In ten books. ... - [Honiton] : Spurway, Honiton, printer, binder, stationer, &c. , 1799. - viii,[3],20-304p,plate ; 8°. - Imprint an engraved device in the form of a seal. - *WSL; Dredge p.80; ESTC t105570; Plymouth Public Library L3823.

1799. NORTHMORE, Thomas. A quadruplet of inventions, consisting of a description of a nocturnal or diurnal telegraph; or a proposal for a universal character, an easy and practical contrivance for preventing boats from sinking; and a scheme for facilitating the progress of science, exemplified in the osteological part of anatomy. The second edition. By Thomas Northmore, ... - Exeter : Printed by Trewman and Son, for Murray and Highley, London , [1799]. - 45,[1]p : ill ; 8°. - Verso of titlepage dated: Cleve, Jan 14, 1799. - *ESTC t111893.

1799. The RECEPTION, a play in three acts. By a chaplain in the navy. - Plymouth : Printed by P.Nettleton , 1799. - Signed: Chaplain in the Navy. vii,[1],57,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t095937.

1799. REECE, Samuel. A selection of evangelical hymns, a considerable number of which have never before been published, intended for the use of the congregation meeting at Barrack Street, Dock; and calculated for the use of all, who would wish to combine in their praises to God, the spirit of truth (unadulterated by the inventions of men) as well as the spirit of poetry. By the Rev. Samuel Reece. - Plymouth Dock : Printed and sold by J.Heydon, Market Street; sold also by Mr. Richards, Plymouth; and Mr. Chapel, Truro , [1799]. - [18],278p ; 12°. - Preface dated: Dock, July 25, 1799. - *Dredge p.91.

1799. SIMCOE, John Graves. On the American war. By Lt.-Gen. J.Simcoe. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1799. - *D&EI p.279 (Misc. tracts vol.109).

1799. TOULMIN, Joshua. Christian views of death, considered in a sermon, preached at Bishop's Hull, near Taunton, November 3d, 1799, on occasion of the death of the Rev. Peard Jillard, ... To which is added, the address at the interment. By Joshua Toulmin, D.D. - Taunton : Printed by Thomas Norris; and sold by T.Norris, and J.Parkhouse [Tiverton?]; and J.Johnson, London , 1799. - 50,[2]p ; 8°. - Dedication dated: Nov. 23rd, 1799. - *ESTC t009248.

1799. WOTTON, John. A letter to the Rev. R.Hawker ... containing strictures on his letter to the Rev. R.Polwhele ... to which is prefixed an address to the public - 2d edit. By John Wotton. - Plymouth Dock : Printed and sold by J.Heydon, Market St. ... , [1799]. - 12°. - Dated: 1 Oct. 1799. - *Dredge p.4 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia).

1800. An ADDRESS from the ministers of the Devonshire Calvinistical Association, to their respective congregations. - [Exeter] : S.Woolmer, printer of the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette , 1800. - 16p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1800. BAMPFYLDE forever! Tune - Heave the lead. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, in Trinity College , [1800?]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1800. BIRT, Isaiah. A defence of scripture baptism in answer to a pamphlet addressed to those who esteem the essence of religion of more importance than the forms and ceremonies. By Isaiah Birt, pastor of the Baptist church at Plymouth-Dock ... - Plymouth : P.Nettleton; J.Heydon, Dock , [1800]. - 8°. - *Dredge p.55 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia).

1800. CULY, David. The glory of the two crown'd heads, Adam and Christ, unveiled; or the mystery of the New Testament opened. Originally written by the Rev. David Culy. Now republished with notes, critical and explanatory. To which is annexed Martin Luther's letter on predestination. By the Rev. Samuel Reece, Plymouth-Dock. - Plymouth-Dock : Printed and sold by J.Heydon, Market-Street. Sold also by Lackington, Allen, and Co.; Baynes; Crosby and Letterman, London; Gray, Plymouth; and S.Woolmer, Exeter , 1800. - [2],vi,256p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.91 (Plymouth Free Library); ESTC t114606; Plymouth Public Library L353.

1800. DENNIS, Jonas. The character of the King, a sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter, Exeter, on Sunday, Nov. the 30th, 1800. By the Rev. Jonas Dennis, LL.B. of Exeter College, Oxford; prebendary of Carswell; and chaplain to the right-worshipful the mayor of Exeter. ... - Exeter : Printed for the author (and sold) by Trewman and Son, High-street; sold also by Rivington, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Chapple, London; Hanwell and Parker, Oxford; Deighton, Cambridge; Hazard, Bath; Bulgin, Bristol , [1800]. - 14p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.79 (Plymouth Free Library); ESTC t030434; Plymouth Athenaeum p.19; Plymouth Public Library L1055, 2607.

1800. DENNIS, Jonas. The necessity of religious education, proved by arguments deduced from scriptural doctrine of the corruption of human nature, with an inquiry into the true meaning of St. Peter's position, that "Charity shall cover the multitude of sin." A sermon preached on Sunday December 22, 1799, at the parish church of St. Paul, for the benefit of the charity schools established in the city of Exeter. With a variety of notes and illustrations. By Jonas Dennis, S.C.L. of Exeter College, Oxford, prebendary of Carswell, and chaplain to the right worshipful the mayor of Exeter. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son; sold also by Rivingtons, London; Hanwell, Oxford; Merrils, Cambridge; Hazard, Bath; Cottle, Bristol; Boyce, Tiverton; Carthew, Collompton, and all booksellers , [1800]. - 72,[2]p ; 4°. - Dedication dated: Feb. 10th, 1800. - *ESTC t080369; Dredge p.31.

1800. DUNSFORD, Martin. Miscellaneous observations, in the course of two tours, through several parts of the west of England, &c. By M.Dunsford, mercht. Author of Historical memoirs of Tiverton. - Tiverton : Printed and sold by E.Boyce, Fore-street , 1800. - 152p ; 8°. - *ESTC t110664; Dredge p.37 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); Tiverton Lib; Davidson p.5 (Secktor Library); Plymouth Public Library L351; Kress B4117; D&EI app. p.46; DUL 22580.

1800. EXETER. City Bank. Robbery. Between thre hours of 7 in the evening of last Saturday, and 9 in the morning of this day, there was stolen from the City Bank, in this city, 5631. 7s. 4d. in cash; ... - Exeter : Trewmans, printers , [1800]. - 1 sheet ; 1°. - Dated: Exeter, January 20, 1800. - *DRO 47/14/2.

1800. HAWKER, Robert. A second letter to the Rev. R.Polwhele. By the Rev. R.Hawker, D.D. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1800. - *Davidson p.167 (A).

1800. HAWKER, Robert. A third letter from the Rev. Robert Hawker D.D., vicar of Charles, Plymouth, to the Rev. R.Polwhele, vicar of Manaccan, Cornwall. - Plymouth : Printed and sold by P.Nettleton, at no. 57, Market St. , [1800]. - 12°. - Dated: 29 Sept. 1800. - *Dredge p.37 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); Davidson p.168 (Secktor Lib.).

1800. The HISTORY of Totnes, its neighbourhood, and Berry Pomeroy Castle, in Devonshire. Selected chiefly from the works of ancient and modern authors. - Totnes : Printed and published by John Hannaford, bookeller, stationer, &c. , [1800?]. - 60p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.119 (A.Wallis).

1800. HOLMES, William. Holmes' - tract on the novel county-rates, Exeter, 1799, hypothetically founded on the births of two acts of Parliament, (12 and 13 George ii) now nearly sixty years of age; collated with county-rates, Devon, &c., whence forfeitures of recognizances, felons' goods, &c., pass into His Majesty's exchequer, but in Exeter, to the burser of the chamberlain of Exeter; including a sketch of the present state of the city bodies-corporate, generally and specially discussed; by William Holmes Esq., a deaf freeman of Exeter, S.C.L. - Oxford. This tract sold by Mr. Samuel Coker, sadler's ironmonger, near the public pump, Smith-street, Exeter - who will keep the account of sale without reward - as the profit by sale (if any) will be for public benefit - if a loss, Mr. H. will readily pay it. - [Exeter] : Sold by all the booksellers in England. T.Brice, printer, High-street, Exeter , 1800. - [2],48p ; 8°. Dated at top: 14th April, 1800. - *WSL; Dredge p.113-4 (British Museum); Davidson p. 28 (Secktor Lib.); DUL 35920.

1800. HUNTER, Alexander. A compilation ... culture ... potatoes. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1800. - 4°. - *AUC 3568H10 (Cambridge Univ. Lib.).

1800. KEENAN, Francis. A select collection of views in the county of Devon. - Exeter : F.Keenan , 1800. - 4 plates. - Somers Cocks S25.

1800. LIGHT and truth, or, the will of God revealed to man, from the loss of Eden to the world's end. Together with observations on the prophecies, respecting the reign and fall of Antichrist, and the approach and spread of Messiah's kingdom. - Ashburton : Printed by J.Ellis, for the author; and sold by all the principal booksellers in the three kingdoms , 1800. - 144p ;. 8°. - With an additional errata leaf. - *ESTC t123416.

1800. MULLINS, P. and R. Notice to ladies and gentlemen and the public in general. The prime stock in trade of a linen-draper from London, is now selling off, at the in this town ... - Exeter : Thomas Besley , [1800?]. - *WSL?

1800. NORMAN, Rev. The evil and danger of backsliding in religion; in two discourses, intended as a seasonable alarm to the church of Christ, in its present cold and declining state. By the late Rev. Mr. Norman, of Plymouth. - Bristol :Printed by W.Pine, in Wine-Street; and sold by the author's widow in Abingdon; and by her friends in Plymouth, Wellington, Bristol and London , [1800?]. - 70p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t105148.

1800. OLD HUNDRED SOCIETY. Articles belonging to a friendly society, called the Old Hundred Society ... - Tiverton : Salter, printer, Gold-Street , [1800?]. - 1°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1800. PLYMOUTH. Justices. Whereas from instances which have lately come before the magistrates of this division, there is reason to fear, that some persons when they hake apprentices, too often consider themselves bound merely to feed and cloath them ... - Plymouth : Printed by B.Heydon, for the Clarence-Press, no. 75, Market-Place ... , [1800?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *DRO 337B/Add2/5570.

1800. PSALMS ... hymns ... Sunday school ... Charles, Plymouth. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , [1800?]. - 12°. - AUC 2204B22 (Cambridge University Library).

1800. SAILORS' letters. Letters from a midshipman in the Royal Navy, to his friend and brother officer, in various parts of the world, from the year 1768 to the year 1777. - [Plymouth] : Nettleton, printer, Plymouth , [1800?]. - [2],70p ; 8°. - Without a titlepage; drop-head title. Imprint from colophon. Letters signed: R.B.- *ESTC t070866.

1800. STOKE-DAMERALL manor-mills. On the seventh day of May next, ... a survey will be held ... in the town of Plymouth-Dock ... for letting, for a term of seven years .. the wind & malt mills ... situate in the centre of the town of Plymouth-Dock. - Plymouth : Nettleton, printer , 1800. - 1 sheet ; 1/4°. - *WSL.

1800. WESTERN APIARIAN SOCIETY. Rules of the Western Apiarian Society, instituted for promoting the knowledge of the best method of managing bees. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son , [1800]. - 18p ; 8°. - Includes list of members. - *Dredge p.114 (British Museum); ESTC (1799) t056523.

1800. WESTERN APIARIAN SOCIETY. Transactions of the Western Apiarian Society, 1800. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Messrs. Trewman and Son; sold also by Johnson, London; Crutwell, Bath; and Brown, Bristol , 1800. - 8°. - Nos. 1 - 9 (1800-1809) printed by Trewman. - *Dredge p.114 (British Museum); D&EI; DUL 76740.