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17 December 2006

Devon 1795-1797

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History: 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1795-1797

1795. BARNSTAPLE. Corporation. [Notice to regrators]. - Barnstaple : W.Syle, printer , 1795. - 1/2°. - Signed by the Mayor and dated April 6, 1795. - *Dredge p.60 (J.A.Chanter).

1795. BRETLAND, Joseph The christian's victory over sin and death. A sermon preached at George's Meeting House in Exeter, March the 1st, 1795 by the Rev. Joseph Bretland on the death of Miss F.Kennaway, and published at the desire of her family. - Exeter : Printed by S.Woolmer , [1795]. - 31,[1]p. - *Burnet Morris; Davidson p. 173, supp. p.47n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.22

1795. CARPENTER, William. A sermon preached at Launceston in the county of Cornwall, on Thursday the fourth of June 1795, by William Carpenter, D.D. curate of Launceston and vicar of Lewanick, before the major commandant [Colonel Sam. Archer] other officers and the two companies of volunteer infantry belonging to the said parish, when their colours, the present of Her Grace the Dutchess of Northumberland were delivered to them. - London : Printed for Robert Martin, Launceston; G.G. and J.Robinson, London; and J.Manning, Exeter , [1795]. - viii,18p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.53 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t027079; Plymouth Public Library L2939.

1795. CARRINGTON, James. A summary sketch of the character of the late Mr. John Cawley, senr., surgeon and apothecary, being the conclusion of a sermon at Topsham on 1 Mar 1795, from Hebrews, chap. 13, v.14. By the Rev. James Carrington, minister of the parish. - Exeter : [s.n.] , [1795]. - Davidson supp. p.28n (Secktor Lib.) ; Plymouth Athenaeum p.19.

1795. CORNISH, James. On the cutivation of potatoes. By James Cornish of the county of Devon. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1795. - 4°. - *Bodleian (Radcliffe Science Lib.).

1795. DAVY, William. A system of divinity, in a course of sermons, on the first institutions of religion: on the being and attributes of God: on some of the most important articles of the Christian-religion, in connection; and on the several virtues and vices of mankind: with occasional discourses. Being a compilation from the best sentiments of the polite writers, and eminent sound divines both ancient and modern, on the same subjects, properly connected, with improvements, particularly adapted for the use of chief families and students in divinity; and for churches, for the benefit of mankind in general. Volume I. By the Revd. Wm. Davy, A.B. - Lustleigh, Devon : Printed by himself - fourteen copies only , 1795[-1807]. - 26 vol. ; _° and 8°. Index in vol. 25-6. Numerous cancel slips and manuscript alterations in all surviving sets. - *WSL(2 complete and one incomplete sets); Dredge p.35 (D&EI); ESTC t101148; D&EI app. p.7; DUL 17340.

1795. DRYER, B. B.Dryer, umbrella & oil-case maker, opposite the Mint, Fore-Street, Exeter, begs leave to inform his friends ... - [Exeter] : Trewmans, printers , [1795]. - *BL Banks 123.6.

1795. DYING behaviour of Wm. White, hung at Bridgewater, Thursday, August 13, 1795, for the murder of his sweetheart. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice , [1795]. - 1/2°. - Verso blank. - *DRO 9972/Z42.

1795. EXETER. Corporation. City of Exeter. The Mayor, at the request of the Committee, desired the inhabitants to meet at the Guildhall on Saturday next, the 11th day of April ... - Exeter : Printed by E.Grigg, in the Fore-Street , [1795]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1795. EXETER. Fullers. An address from the fullers of Exeter to their fellow citizens. - [Exeter] : G.Floyde, printer, South Street , [1795]. - 1/2°. - Verso blank. - Dated: Exeter, April 13, 1795. - *D&EI.

1795. EXETER. Fullers. At a meeting of the committee of journeymen fullers, held this day at the Bull Tavern, to deliberate maturely on the proposals offered to the trade at large by the merchants ... - [Exeter] : G.Floyde, printer, South-Street , [1795]. - 3,[1]p ; 2°. - Dated at head: Exeter, April 20, 1795. - *D&EI

1795. EXETER. Merchants. At a general meeting of merchants, held at the Bear Tavern, Exeter, this fifteenth day of April, 1795. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1795]. - 2p ; 1/2°. - Reprint of the resolutions of the meeting with the fullers' replies. - *D&EI.

1795. The EXETER pocket journal; or, West Contry gentleman and tradesman's memorandum-book, for the year of our Lord, 1796. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son: sold also by Haydon, Plymouth; Hoxland, Plymouth-Dock; Syle, Barnstaple; Jackson, Dartmouth; Huxtable, Southmolton; Liddell, Bodmin; and all other booksellers in town and country , [1795]. - vi,61,[1]p ; 8°. - Folding table. - Includes annotated memorandum book. - *WSL; DUL 25740.

1795. An EXMOOR scolding, between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman, & Thomasin Moreman, as they were spinning; also, an Exmoor courtship, both in the propriety and decency of the Exmoor dialect, Devon: to which is prefixed, a translation of the same, into plain English. - Exeter : printed and sold by J.McKenzie and Son, stationers, bookbinders, etc. etc. opposite the Half Moon, High-Street , 1795. - 24p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.78 (C.Elkin Matthews); Davidson p.4.

1795. HAWKER, Robert. Misericordia: or, compassion to the sorrows of the heart. Intended originally for the persons of the Misericordia in Plymouth; but now published for the use of the sick and sorrowful of every description; and forming a suitable companion for every sick room. By Robert Hawker, D.D., vicar of Charles, Plymouth, &c. ... - Plymouth : Printed for the Misericordia, by P.Nettleton , 1795. - [2],198,[2]p ; 12°. - *WSL; ESTC t104255; Dredge p.117; Davidson p.41n; DUL 33705.

1795. HELL in an uproar; or, Tom Paine below stairs. An infernal drama. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, in North-Street , [1795?]. - 1/4°. - Quarter sheet of text in two columns, verso blank. - *WSL.

1795. HOLMES, William. Addressed to members of Parliament, &c. A sketch on the Chancellor's budget is here humbly offered, December, 1795. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1795]. - 16p ; 8°. - Signed: W.Holmes. - *ESTC t020517.

1795. HOLMES, William. New pavements ... By William Holmes. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1795. - Davidson suppl. p.6n (Secktor Lib.); DUL 35930.

1795. The LIVING characters, and dying behaviours of George Rapson, William M'Gregor, and James Lee, who were executed on Friday, August 14, 1795, on the new drop, fronting the county high-goal, Exeter. - Exeter : Printed by J.M'Kenzie and Son, High-Street , [1795]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1795. LONGUEVILLE, Peter. The hermit ... adventures of Philip Quarll. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1795. - 12°. - *AUC 3022L1 (Cambridge Univ. Lib.)

1795. MANNING, James. A sermon, occasioned by the death of the Rev. Rice Harris, D.D. Preached at Hanover-street, Long-acre, London, October 25, 1795. By James Manning. - London : Sold by J.Johnson, Vernor and Hood; and S.Woolmer in Exeter , 1795. - 40p ; 8°. - Colophon: Woolmer typ. Exon. - *ESTC t068616.

1795. MONMOUTHSHIRE Regiment. Standing orders and regulations, for His Majesty's forty-third, or, Monmouthshire regt. of foot, issued by Lieutenant-Colonel Denniss, at Exeter, Dec. 1, 1795. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son, High-Street , [1795]. - [4],130p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1795. MORRISON, Thomas Hooper. The duty of arming for the defence of our country, in time of danger. Recommended in a sermon preached in the parish church of Hartland, on Sunday the 21st of December, 1794, before part of the North Devon Volunteers. By Thomas H.Harrison, M.A. fellow of New College, Oxford. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son, High Street, sold also by G. and T.Wilkie, London; Mrs. Manning, Bideford; and all other booksellers in town and country , [1795]. - 17,[1]p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC t060067.

1795. The ORPHAN; or, the interesting life of Little Fanny Fairchild: containing a variety of adventures entirely designed for the amusement and instruction of the Lilliputian world. - Exeter : Printed by J.M'Kenzie and Son, High-Street, for the booksellers in town and country , 1795. - [4],9-85p : ill ; 16°. - *Devon Library Service (Children's books collection); Burnet Morris.

1795. PARADISE lost, and paradise regained. - Exeter : Printed by M'Kenzie, High-Street, where shopkeepers and travellers may be supplied with a variety of godly books, songs, &c. --- and the most money given for all kinds of rags , [1795?]. - 1/4°. - Quarter sheet of verse in three columns, verso blank. - *WSL.

1795. [PROCLAMATION concerning Queen Ann's Walk, dated 7 Oct. 1714]. - Barnstaple : Printed by G.Murch , [1795?]. - 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - *Dredge p.59, dated 1780 (J.R.Chanter).

1795. SENTENCES of the prisoners who have hitherto taken their trials at the castle of Exon, this Lammas assize, before the Hon. John Heath, Esq. and the Hon. Sir Nash Grose, knight. - [Exeter] : [s.n.] , [1795]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *DRO 9972/Z33.

1795. SIGNIOR Punch's lamentation, on the removal of Lammas fair. - Exeter : Printed by T.Brice, North-Street, where may be had (price four pence) the Exmoor scolding and courtship, with a paraphrase in plain English , [1795?]. - 1/4°. - *D&EI.

1795. A SONG, tune- "God save the King." - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son, High-Street , [1795?]. - 1/4°. - Quarter sheet of verse, verso blank, first line: Hark! from the trump of fame. - *WSL.

1795. TO the inhabitants of Exeter. An address by many considerable householders. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1795. - 2°. - Relates to Commissioners for Improvements. - Davidson p.28 (Secktor Lib.).

1795. A TRUE and particular account of the character & dying behaviour of Thomas Campion, who was executed on Thursday August 6, 1795, for rioting, near Kingsteignton, in the county of Devon. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1795?]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - *DRO: Teignbridge DC.

1795. WEBB, Mrs. J. A letter to His Grace the Duke of Portland, on the late alarming parties in this country, by Mrs. Webb. - Plymouth : Printed at the Clarence press by B.Haydon, and sold by Trewman, Exeter; Goadby, Sherborne; Law, London; and all other booksellers , 1795. - 21,[1]p ; 4°. - *WSL; DUL 76160.

1795. WILLEY, W. Theology in miniature; or, a sketch on pure religion; being the substance of two sermons, preached at Dartmouth, August the 30th, 1795, by W.Willey, .... - Plymouth : Printed by P.Nettleton , [1795?]. - 40p ; 8°. - *ESTC t097436.

1796. ACLAND, John. An answer to a pamphlet, published by Edward king Esq. F.R.S. and F.A.S., in which he attempts to prove the public utility of the national deby. A confutation of that pernicious doctrine and a true statement of the real cause of the present high price of provisions. By the Rev. J.Acland. - Exeter : Printed and sold by G.Floyde. Sold also by J.Debrett, Piccadilly, and J.Johnson, St. Paul's Churchyard London, and other booksellers , [1796]. - 42p ; 8°. - An answer to King's Considerations on the utility of the national debt (London : T.Payne , 1793). - *Bodl Vet A 5 e.3449; Kress B3072.

1796. An ADDRESS from the ministers of the Western Calvinistical Association, to their respective churches and congregations in the folowing places, viz. Ashburton, Axminster, Beer, Bridport, Broadway, Exeter, Exmouth, Ford, Newton-Abbott, Ottery, Plymouth, South-Petherton, Stonehouse, Taunton, Totnes, Weytown and Woodmill. - Exeter : Printed by S.Woolmer, printer of the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette , [1796]. - 20p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1796. DAVY, William. Fruitful-seasons. Duties pecularly [sic] incumbent at these times: and how best secured in future. In two sermons, on account of the present plentiful harvest. To which is prefixed the prayer and thanksgiving upon the occasion. By the Revd. Wm. Davy, ... - [Lustleigh] : Printed by the editor , 1796. 42p ; 8°. - *ESTC t101146.

1796. DE LA POLE, J.W. To the gentry and yeomanry within the hundred of Colyton. - Axminster : Printed by R.Bull, at the circulating library , [1796]. - 1°. - Verso blank. - Dated at top: Shute House, November 1796. - Relates to government requirements for returns of livestock. - *DRO 1262M/L1

1796. ESSAYS, by a society of gentlemen, at Exeter. Vol. 1. Part 1. - Exeter : Printed by Trewman and Son , [1796]. - viii,573,[1]p, plates : ill ; 8°. - *WSL.

1796. ESSAYS, by a society of gentlemen at Exeter. ... - Exeter : Printed by and for R.Trewman and Son; London: sold by Cadell and Davies, Strand; Robinsons, Paternoster-Row; and Robson, New Bond-Street , [1796]. - viii,573,[3]p ; 8°. - Final errata leaf. - *WSL; Dredge p.34 (G.Doe); Davidson suppl. p.1n; Sheaf 6 p.339; Plymouth Public Library L1360; ESTC t131980; D&EI p.176.

1796. An EXMOOR scolding, between two sisters, Wilmot Moreman, & Thomasin Moreman, as they were spinning. Also, an Exmoor courtship, both in the propriety and decency of the Exmoor dialect, Devon: to which is prefixed, a translation of the same, into plain English. - Torrington : Printed and sold by W.Squance, stationer, & bookbinder, &c. &c. , 1796. - 32p ; 8°. - Text in parallel columns. - *Dredge p.85 (T.N.Brushfield).

1796. GARDINER, John. Brief reflections on the eloquence of the pulpit, (occasioned by a pamphlet entitled: Remarks on a sermon preached ... 1795, by the Rev. J.Gardiner.:) in which ... the sentiments of Dr. Gregory, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Blair, by the Rev. John Gardiner. - Taunton : Printed by J.Poole; sold by him, and E. and S.Hassums; sold also by Cruttwell, Bath; Goadby and Cruttwell, Sherborne; Trewman, Exeter; Parkhouse, Tiverton; and Rivingtons, London , [1796?]. - *ESTC t120560.

1796. HAWKER, Robert. The Christian's pocket companion; or an help to prayer, gathered wholly from the scriptures, ... by Robert Hawker, ... - [Plymouth] : Haydon, printer, Plymouth , [1796?]. - [2],vi,52p ; 12°. - Preface dated: Oct. 7, 1796. - *ESTC t106669.

1796. HAWKER, Robert. Misericordia: or, compassion to the sorrows of the heart. Intended originally for the persons of the Misericordia in Plymouth; but now published for the use of the sick and sorrowful of every description; and forming a suitable companion for every sick room. By Robert Hawker, D.D., vicar of Charles, Plymouth, &c. ... The second edition. - Plymouth : Printed for the Misericordia, by P.Nettleton , 1796. [4],200p ; 12°. - *ESTC t103883.

1796. HAWKER, Robert. Misericordia: or, compassion to the sorrows of the heart. ... Third edition. - Plymouth : [s.n.] , 1796. - Davidson suppl. p.9.

1796. LLOYD, R.E. An epitome ... astronomy ... history ... comets ... - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1796. - 8°. - *AUC 2133L1 (Cambridge Univ. Lib.).

1796. A NEW treatise on tillage land with observations remarks and experiments to disclose & abolish the present prevailing error in agriculture. Likewise is added a method or new invention drawn from nature to preserve orchards and other fruit trees from the fatal effects of blights. Exeter : Printed by S. Woolmer for the Author, and sold by the booksellers in town & country, 1796. 114 p. ; 8°. *Nihon University, Japan; Reading University Library; Southampton; Rothamsted. Advertised in Exeter Flying Post of 9 June 1796 as to be published shortly, "printed on fine paper, new type, and elegantly bound in Morocco", priced at one guinea. Much of the edition seems to have been bound by George Portbury of Exeter. Information from David Knott, Reading University 2006; Burnet Morris.

1796. PIERCE, S.E. Letters on divine subjects. By the Rev. S.E.Pierce, a minister of the gospel. - Exeter : Printed by S.Woolmer , 1796. - [6],56p ; 8°. - *WSL.

1796. The PLYMOUTH-DOCK guide, or, an authentic account of the rise and progress of that town, with the dock yard; ... - Plymouth-Dock : Printed by and for E.Hoxland, bookseller & stationer, next door to the Fountain Tavern, Fore-Street: and sold by G.G.J. & J.Robinson, Paternoster-Row, London and all other booksellers , 1796. - 64p ; 8°. - *WSL; Davidson p.41; Plymouth Athenaeum p. 37; DUL 57570.

1796. STRONG, Elizabeth Kirkham. Poems, by Elizabeth Kirkham Strong, of Exeter. - Exeter : Printed by J.McKenzie and Son, booksellers and stationers High-Street; and sold at Mr. G.Dyer's library, Forestreet; also, by Mr. W.Richardson, London. - x,63,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.78 (S.Drayton & Sons); Plymouth Public Library L2830.

1796. TASKER, William. Aviragus, a tragedy (never performed). By the Rev. Wm. Tasker, A.B. - Exeter : Printed for the author, by R.Trewman and Son , [1796]. xi,[1],68p ; 12°. Preface dated: Aug. 24. 1796. - *ESTC t133786.

1796. THREE letters on the subject of tithes and tithe-associators; the two first addressed to Thomas Bradridge, ... the third to the writer who hath assumed the signature of "A country curate". Together with an introductory preface, and some addenda ... by a payer of tithes, and detector of misrepresentation. - Exeter : Printed and sold by Trewman and Son; also by Messrs. Cadell and Davies, London , 1796. - 88p ; 8°. - *ESTC t105692; Plymouth Public Library L1088.

1796. TREMLETT, Thomas. Strictures on a proposed plan, for adopting a loan, with a view of instituting reversionary annuities, or government dividends payable at a further period. By Thomas Tremlett. - London : Printed (for the author) by J.Johnson; Exeter, printed by T.Brice , 1796. - 47,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t001316.

1796. WESTLAKE, Thomas. A selection of hymns from various authors, adapted to public worship. By Thomas Westlake. ... - London : Sold by Mr. Button, Paternoster-Row; and by the editor, in Exeter , 1796. - 292p ; 12°. - On last leaf: Woolmer typ., Exeter. - *Dredge p.112; ESTC t123694.

1797. ARTICLES belonging to a friendly society, of widows, wives, and young women. - Tiverton : printed by E.Boyce , 1797. - 1°. - Verso blank. - *WSL.

1797. BIRT, Isaiah. Strictures on Mr. Mend's pamphlet, entitled The baptism of infants, authorized by scripture. By Isaiah Birt. ... - Plymouth : printed and sold by P.Nettleton: sold also by J.Roach, in Duke-Street, Dock; S.Woolmer, in Exeter; J.Brown, Bristol; and by T.Chapman, no. 151, Fleet-Street, London , 1797. - 8°. - *Dredge p.55 (A.Iredale).

1797. BOND, auctioneer. The particulars of a freehold estate, situate at Down St. Mary, & North Tawton, in the county of Devon, ... comprising the extensive manors of Down St. Mary & Stone, ... which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Bond, on Wednesday the 28th day of June, 1797, ... at the Globe Tavern, in the city of Exeter ... - Honiton :.Printed by J.Spurway, book-binder, & letter-press & copper-plate printer , [1797]. - [2],7,[1]p ; 2°. - *WSL.

1797. A COLLECTION of hymns, for public worship. - Totnes : Printed and sold by Cleave & Fisher; sold also by Barnett, Tavistock; and Richards, Plymouth , 1797. [2],32p ; 12°. - *ESTC t031354.

1797. DAVY, William. A religious-fast. Rules for observing it: with the general unavailableness of fasts considered. Together with the great duty of public-spirit, or love of our country. And the general influence of religion upon states and governments. In five sermons, on account of the late and repeated fasts for the present war, and now threatened invasion of our country. By the Revd. Wm. Davy ... - [Lustleigh] : Printed by the editor , 1797. - 120p ; _° and 8°. - Pp. 1-77 reissued without page numbers, as vol. 25 pp.[193-266] and pp.79-120 as vol. 21 pp.[85-125] of his System of divinity. - *ESTC t145800, 101145.

1797. DONOGHUE, J. Juvenile essays in poetry. By J.Donoghue. "I lisped in numbers for the numbers came." [Woodcut]. - [Barnstaple] : Syle, printer, Barnstaple. Sold by L.B.Seeley, no. 56, Paternoster Row, and J.Owen, Piccadily, London , 1797. - iii,[1],48p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.60 (J.R.Chanter); ESTC t060903.

1797. HAWKER, Robert. Paraclesis; or, consolations for a dying hour, from a review of the evidences of the renewed life. In a series of letters from a father to his children. By Robert Hawker, D.D. ... - London : Printed for T.Chapman; sold also by Richards, Plymouth , [1797?]. - [8],148p ; 12°. - Preface dated Nov. 22, 1797. - *ESTC t103836; Plymouth Public Library L2835.

1797. HITCHINS, T.M. A sermon preached in the parish church of Stoke Damerel, on Saturday, the 22nd April, 1797, on laying the foundation stone of St. John's Chapel, at Plymouth Dock. By T.M.Hitchins, B.A., vicar of Cotterstock, Northamptonshire. - Plymouth Dock : Hoxland , 1797. - 8°. - *Dredge p.4 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia).

1797. HUTTON, James Harrison. The Lord turning and looking upon Peter. A sermon by James Harrison Hutton. - Exeter : Printed by R.Trewman and Son , 1797. - 27,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t080370: Plymouth Public Library L3982.

1797. JOHNS, Mr. and Mrs. Poems, by the late Mr. and Mrs. Johns, of Plymouth. - Plymouth : Clarence press , [1797?]. - iv,92p ; 4°. - *ESTC t121288; Davidson p.129 (British Museum).

1797. MANNING, James. A speech delivered at the interment of Mr. Samuel Kingdon, who was buried November 6, 1797. By James Manning. - [Exeter] : S.Woolmer, printer, Exeter , [1797]. - 8p ; 8°. - Imprint on p.8. - *WSL; Davidson p.173n (Yarde Lib.), suppl. p.36.

1797. MENDS, Herbert. The baptism of infants authorized in scripture, and the practice of the church of Christ in every age. In reply to Mr. Birts pamphlet entitled, A defence of scripture baptism. By Herbert Mends. ... - Plymouth : Printed and sold by P.Nettleton; sold also by J.Heydon, in Dock; S.Woolmer, in Exeter; J.Brown, Bristol; and by T.Chapman, no. 151, Fleet-street, London , [1797]. - [8],88p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.117 (British Museum); ESTC t096092.

1797. OPUSCULUM, continens odam regi gentique Britannicae, elegiam de praesenti statu rerum in Galliâ, epistolam ad Francos exules, satiras duas adversus pseudo-sophos hujus-ce aetatis, duo epitaphia, et nonnulla epigrammata. Authore S***. - Exoniae : Apud Woolmer, typographum , 1797. - 24p ; 8°. - *D&EI; Dredge p.53 (D&EI); Plymouth Public Library L3552.

1797. A PLAN for supplying the town of Barnstaple with river water. - Barnstaple : Syle , 1797. - *Chanter.

1797. PULLEN, Philip. Minerva. Or, the road to wisdom, virtue & happiness. Being a collection of lessons for the instruction of young persons. By Philip Pullen, master of the Exeter Academy. - Exeter : Printed and published by M'Kenzie and son, booksellers, &c High-Street; and sold by [20 booksellers] , 1797. - 142,[2]p ; 8°. - *D&EI.

1797. STANHOPE, George. Private prayers for every day in the week, and for the several parts of the day: translated from the Greek devotions of Bishop Andrews; with additions. By George Stanhope, D.D. late dean of Canterbury. - Torrington : Printed by W.Squance , 1797. - [28],123,[1]p ; 8°. - *WSL.