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19 December 2006

Devon 1730-1739

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6
Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1730-1739

1730. BLACKALL, Theophilus. The works of Christ proved to be supernatural and divine : in a sermon preach'd in the chappel in Okehampton, May the 6th, 1730. ... By Theophilus Blackall, .. - Exon : Printed for Edward Score, and Samuel Birt, London , [1730]. - [2],33,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t088059.

1730. BOSWELL, John. Privileges of the restauration in church and state: a sermon preach'd before the worshipful the Mayor and Corporation in Taunton, on Friday, May 29, 1730. By John Boswell, ... - Exon : Printed by E.Farley , 1730. - 22p ; 4°. - *ESTC t075156.

1730. BRICE, Andrew. Freedom: a poem, written in time of recess from the rapacious claws of bailiffs, and devouring fangs of goalers, by Andrew Brice, printer. To which is annexed the author's case ... - At Exon : Printed by and for the author, at his printing-office opposite to St. Stephen's church, in the High-street , 1730. - [8],vi,[4],128p ; 8°. - Dredge p.46 (T.N.Brushfield); ESTC t126080; *WSL; Davidson p. 127 (Secktor Lib.); DUL 6570.

1730. ENTY, John. A defense of a late pamphlet entitled, A preservative, &c. in answer to an abusive letter of Mr. J. Hallet, jun. By J.Enty. - Lond. : Printed for Aaron Tozer, jun., at the Bible, in the High-Street, Exon , 1730. - 60p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.22 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t115928; Brockett 36..

1730. ENTY, John. A preservative against several abuses and corruptions of reveal'd religion; containing remarks on a late book of Mr. Joseph Hallet, jun., entitled A collection of notes &c. By J.Enty. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, for Aaron Tozer, jun., bookseller, at the Bible, a little below St. Martin's Lane, in the High Street , 1730. - xx[i.e.xix],[1],200p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.22 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t115926; DUL 22415.

1730. RULES for the courts held in the hospital of Tiverton. - Tiverton : [s.n.] , 1730. - Davidson p.54 (No source - really an Exeter imprint?)

1731. An ADDRESS of thanks from the Mayor and Corporation, clergy, and principal inhabitants of the town of Tiverton, in the county of Devon, to the generous contributors to the sufferers by the late fire in Tiverton. - [s.l.] : [s.n.] , [1731]. - Reprinted by Dunsford, no copies traced.

1731. The CHURCHES rock; or, the principles of those two excellent persons the right Revd. Dr. Crofts (Bishop of Hereford, author of the Naked truth) and the Rev. Mr. Richard Baxter, concerning the foundation of Christianity, prov'd by twenty arguments to be the truth, and that the fathers and antient church, and our famous writers, antient and modern, abroad and at home, conformists and dissenters, were all of the same mind. In two parts. - Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice, and sold by Samuel Hooker, mercer in Crediton, and the booksellers in Exon , 1731. - 2°. - *Dredge p.69 (Bodleian).

1731. EMMETT, William. William Emmett, house-carpenter and joiner, at the sign of the Carpenters-Arms in the Market-Street, Plymouth, sells all sorts of ironmongers wares ... - [Plymouth?] : [s.n.] , [1731]. - 1/4°. - Verso blank. - Ms. date. - *WSL.

1731. IZACKE, Richard. Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter ... Originally collected by Richard Izacke Esq; heretofore chamberlain thereof; and now improv'd and continued to the year 1724 by Samuel Izacke Esq; the present chamberlain. The third edition. - London : Printed for the author: and sold by Edw. Score bookseller at Exon; and S.Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane, London , 1731. - [2],iii,[1],25,[26],50-69,[1],213,[67]p,plates : ill,map ; 8°. - Reissue of the 1723 sheets. - *WSL; ESTC t140197; DUL 38300.

1731. MUDGE, Zachariah. Liberty. A sermon preach'd in the cathedral church of St. Peter Exon. On Thursday, Sept. 16. 1731. Before the gentlemen educated in the free-school of Exeter, under the Reverend Mr. Reynolds. By Zach. Mudge, vicar of Abbotsham, Devon. Publish'd at the request of the stewards. - London : Printed for S.Birt at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane; and E.Score, over-against the Guild-Hall in Exeter , 1731. - [4],36p ; 8°. - Dredge p 69 (Plymouth Free Lib.); *WSL; ESTC t006615.

1731. SALTER, James. A discourse on salvation. Shewing the necessity every one is under (in order to his enjoying eternal happiness) of working out his own salvation with fear and trembling, the means which are to be used to obtain it, and the dreadful consequences that attend the neglect of them. To which are added, two sermons. Serm. I. Shewing that there are different administrations, but the same spirit. Serm. II. Shewing how firmly and unalterably we ought to adhere to the true religion, as it is now taught in the Church of England, by law established. Together with prayers on several occasions. By the Reverend Mr James Salter, vicar of St. Mary's Church, Devon. - London : Printed for E.Score, at Exeter, and S.Birt at the Bible-and-Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane, London , 1731. - [2],vi,238,[2]p ; 12°. - *Dredge p.22; Sheaf 6, p.341.

1731. STURCH, John. Compendium of truth; or, certain weighty questions meekly resolved by John Sturch, minister of the gospel at Crediton. - [Exon] : [s.n.] , 1731. - 8°. - AUC (LO); Bodl 126 e.46.

1731. TOWGOOD, Matthew. A vindication of Mr. Nation's sermon, in a letter to Mr. P.C. To which is annex'd, a letter from Mr. Nation to the author, in vindication of himself, with respect to his orthodoxy, ... - London : Printed for S.Birt, and E.Score in Exeter , 1732. - 60p ; 8°. - *ESTC t057977.

1732. A LETTER to the author of the 'Vindication of Mr. Nation's sermon': ... to which is added a second letter to Mr. Nation, in answer to his vindication of his himself [sic]. By P.C. The second edition. To which is added, a postscript ... - Exon : Printed for Aaron Tozer jun.; and sold by Richard Hett, London , 1732. - [2],87,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t072806 (incomplete).

1732. The WEST-COUNTRY farmer, or a fair representation of the decay of trade, and badness of the times: in a letter of complaint from a tenant in the country to his landlord in London. - Taunton : Printed by William Norris for the author , [1732]. - 50p ; 8°. - Preface signed: Ofellus. - Half-title bears imprint: Sold by the printer hereof: sold also at the printing office in Gloucester; by Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Brown in Bristol Mr. Score in Exon, Mr. Shute in Tiverton, Mr Joshua Cook in Sherborne, booksellers; and by the men who carry the Gloucester Journal. - *Dredge p.86 (Bodleian).

1732. The WEST-COUNTRY farmer, (number 2,) consisting of three parts: I. The landlord's answer to his tenant's complaint, ... II. The farmer's reply, ... III. A postscript to the farmers themselves, ... - Taunton : Printed and sold by W.Norris, for the author: sold by Mr. Raikes in Gloucester, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Brown in Bristol, Mr. Tozer in Exon, Mr. Shute in Tiverton, and Mr. Gaydon, jun. in Barnstaple. Price six pence. Where may had, [sic] number 1 , [1732]. - 51,[1]p ; 8°. - Signed at the end: Ofellus. - Attributed to Francis Squire. - *Dredge p.86 (Bodleian).

1732. WILLS, Benjamin. A sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. Aaron Pitts jun. in Great Torrington, July the 12th 1732. ... By Benjamin Wills ... - London : Printed for R.Hett, and sold by Aaron Tozer jun. in Exon , 1732. - iv,48p ; 8°. - *ESTC t016241.

1733. BAKER, George. The respect due to a church of God, a sermon preached Oct. 11. 1733. at the consecration of St. George's Chapel in Tiverton, in the county of Devon, by the Right Reverend Father in God Stephen Lord Bishop of Exon. By George Baker, prebendary of St. Peter's in Exeter, and chaplain to His Lordship. - London : Printed for S.Birt at the Bible in Avemary-Lane, and E.Score over against the Guild-Hall in Exeter , 1733. - [4],32p ; 8°. - ESTC t044836; *WSL; Plymouth Athenaeum p.108.

1733. FOUKES, Peter. Sermon ... St. Peter, Exeter. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1733. - 4°. - *AUC 1480F3 (O).

1733. JOHNSON, Samuel. The resurrection of the same body, as asserted and illustrated by St. Paul. A sermon preach'd in the parish-church of Great Torrington, Devon. On Easter-Sunday in the afternoon, March 25, 1733. By Samuel Johnson, M.A. minister of that church. - Lodon [sic] : Printed for Lawton Gilliver at Homer's head in Fleetstreet, and sold by Nathaniel Thorn in Exeter , 1733. - 8°. The second edition (1741) has only London names in imprint (ESTC t002033). - *Dredge p.69 (Plymouth Free Lib.).

1734. CHILCOT, William. A practical treatise concerning evil thoughts: wherein their nature, origin and effects are distinctly considered and explained: with many useful rules for restraining and suppressing such thoughts; suited to the various conditions of life, and the several tempers of mankind, more especially of melancholy persons. By William Chilcot, M.A. ... - London : Printed for Samuel Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary Lane; and Edward Score over-against the Guild-Hall in Exeter , 1734. - [4],140p ; 8°. - Sheaves 4, p.561 (BM copy - lacks all after p.138).

1734. IZACKE, Samuel. Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter. - See under 1724.

1734. LUCK, Robert. the orphan's legacy, a sermon preached in the parish church of Barnstaple, on Sunday, May 5, 1734, occasioned by the death of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Thompson, late vicar there, by R.Luck, A.M., vicar of W.Downe, and master of the grammar school at Barnstaple. - [Exeter] : Printed at Exon, and sold by A.Gaydon, bookseller in Barnstaple , [1734]. - ESTC gives imprint: Printed at Exon by E.Farley and sold by J.Gaydon, in Barnstaple. - 19,[1]p ; 4°. - *ESTC t125091; *Dredge p.4 (Chanter); Sheaves 2, p.353-4; Davidson supp. p. 46n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.77.

1734. SIMONS, William. The nature and guilt of bearing false witness. A sermon preached in the cathedral church of St. Peter in Exeter, at the assizes held for the county of Devon, August 7, 1734. ... By William Simons, vicar of Otterton in the county of Devon. - London : Printed for Samuel Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane, and Edward Score, over against the Guild-Hall in Exeter , 1734. - 32p ; 4°. - ESTC t104152; *WSL.

1735. BRICE, Andrew. The serio-jocular medley, in verse and prose; some very good, some pretty tolerable, and other parts as mean and pitiful as common readers can desire: consisting of choice pieces of wit and humour, moral discourses, political essays, and a vast variety of useful and entertaining speculations: collected partly from the most celebrated , or not common, authors, occasionally-publishe'd pamphlets, and the loyal weekly papers; intermix'd with many original performances, transmitted by correspondents, &c. &c. By Iscanus Philanax. Vol. I. - At Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice in the years , 1734 and 1735. - 332,[4]p ; 2°. - Sevin Seydi Rare Books, 1999.

1735. CLEAVELAND, Ezra. A genealogical history of the noble and illustrious family of Courtenay. In three parts. The first giveth an account, of the counts of Edessa, of that family. The second, of that branch that is in France. The third, of that branch that is in England. ... By E.Cleaveland, B.D. sometime fellow of Exeter-College in Oxford, and rector of Honiton in Devon. - Exon : Printed by Edw. Farley, at Shakespear's Head near East-Gate , 1735. - viii,307,[1],32p ; 2°. - Dredge p.23 (Devon and Exeter Institution); ESTC t146457; *WSL; Davidson p.149 (British Museum; Secktor Lib); D&EI p.140; DUL 12030.

1735. OTTOLENGHE, Joseph. An answer to two papers lately publish'd by Gabriel Treves, a Jew of the city of Exeter. The one intituled A vindication of the proceedings of Gabriel Treves against Joseph Solomon Ottolenghe, now a prisoner in Southgate, Exon; the other is intituled An advertisement. Wherein is contain'd the said Joseph Ottolenghe's vindication of himself, against the aspersions cast on him in the said papers. Together with an account of his conversion from the Jewish to the Christian religion. And also of the hardships which he hath suffer'd from the said Gabriel Treves, his uncle, &c., since his conversion. By Joseph Ottolenghe. - London : Printed for Edward Score, over against the Guild-Hall, in Exeter: and sold by Samuel Birt in Ave Maria Lane, London , [1735]. - vi,32p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.69-70 (A.Wallis); ESTC t001516; Davidson p.183 (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.43.

1735. SOUTHCOMB, Lewis. Subjection to the higher powers a necessary duty in every Christian. A sermon. By Lewis Southcomb of Rose-Ash. ... - London : Printed for N.Thorn in St. Peter's Church-Yard in Exeter, and S.Birt at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary-Lane , 1735. - 31,[1]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.22; DRO 4131M/F18; ESTC t048763; Plymouth Public Library L1054.

1735. STEPHENS, Lewis. The excellencies of the kindness of Onesiphorus to St. Paul, when he was a prisoner in Rome: exemplified in a discourse preach'd before the inhabitants of the parish of St. Petrock in Exeter, on Svnday the 6th of July 1735: occasioned by their delivering Joseph Ottolenghe, a poor convert Jew, out of South-Gate prison; into which he was cast by a Jew, after his conversion to Christianity. Published at the request of the parishioners of St. Petrock's for the benefit of the said poor convert Jew. By Lewis Stephens, A.M. ... - Exon : Printed by E.Farley for E.Score, bookseller; and S.Birt, at the Bible and Ball in Ave Mary Lane, London , [1735]. - [2],42p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.22 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); ESTC t101348; Davidson p.184 (Secktor Lib., BLR, JRS); Plymouth Athenaeum p.43; DUL 68330.

1735. TALES & fables with regard to public affairs both at home & abroad. - London : Printed by E.Say. Sold by J.Roberts at the Oxford Arms in Warwick lane and J.Gaydon at Barnstaple , 1735. - 16p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.59 (J.R.Chanter).

1735. TREVES, Gabriel. An advertisement ... By G.Treves. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1735. - Davidson p.183 (A.).

1735. TREVES, Gabriel. A vindication of the proceedings of Gabriel Treves against Joseph Solomon Ottolenghe, now a prisoner in South-Gate, Exon. By G.Treves. - Exeter : [s.n.] , 1735. - Davidson p. 183 (A.).

1736. BRICE'S weekly collection of intelligence. - [Exeter] : [A.Brice] , [1736?]. - Details from only surviving issue, 8 Dec. 1738. - *WSL; Wiles 49.

1736. DODDRIDGE, Philip. Ten sermons on the power and grace of Christ and the evidence of his glorous [sic] gospel, preached at Northampton. By P.Doddridge, ... - London : Printed for R.Hett; and sold by Mr. Tozer of Exeter, Mr. Cadell of Bristol, Mr. Rowe of Derby, Mr. Stokes of Dudley, and Mr. Warren of Bimingham , 1736. - [12],295,[5]p ; 12°. - *ESTC t074349.

1736. TREVES, Gabriel. The Ethiopian's skin not changed, nor the leopard's spots washed out. Proved in a reply to a pamphlet pretended to be penn'd by Joseph Ottolenghe; intitled, An answer to two papers, lately publish'd by Gabriel Treves &c. Containing a confutation of the slanderous charges maliciously devis'd against the sd. G.Treves by J.Ottolenghe. By the abused Gabriel Treves. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1736. - Davidson supp. p.57n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.43.

1737. The CONFESSIONS or declarations of John Price, John Collings, and Benjamin Baker, executed at Heavitree gallows Aug 26. 1737. - [Exeter] : [Andrew Brice] , 1737. - 2p ; 1/2°. - Advertisement: As people are impatient at waiting long for such papers as this present, and others are usually publish'd by other hands under the false pretence of being dying speeches, I am persuaded to publish this half sheet as 'tis: which shall be follow'd with the speeches, &c. at the execution with all speed possible. - *DEI.

1737. DODDRIDGE, Philip. Christ formed in the soul the only foundation of hope for eternity: in a sermon preach'd at Northampton. By P.Doddridge, D.D. The second edition. - Exon : Printed by A.B. for Aaron Tozer jun. , 1737. - 20p ; 8°. - *ESTC T133988.

1737. ENTY, John. The unreasonableness of Popish and all persecutions on account of religion. A sermon preach'd at Exon, November the 5th, 1737. By John Enty. - London : Printed for Richard Hett, bookseller, in the Poultry; and sold by Aaron Tozer, jun. in Exon , 1737. - [2],37,[1]p ; 8°. - Dredge p.23 (Dymond); *WSL.

1737. A POEM sacred to the memory of her late Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain. By a gentleman of Exeter. - London : Printed by S.Birt; and E.Score [in Exeter , 1737. - 12p ; 2°. - *ESTC t060948; AUC L (2 eds, same year).

1737. A POEM sacred to the memory of her late Majesty Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain. By a gentleman of Exeter. The second edition - London : Printed by S.Birt; and E.Score [in Exeter , 1737. - 12p ; 2°. - *ESTC t042560; AUC L (2 eds, same year).

1738. The SEVERAL confessions, &c of Zacharias Sutton and John Taylor, executed on Heavitree gallows, Aug. 11. 1738. - At Exon : Printed by Andrew Brice , [1738]. - 1 sheet. - *DRO (Exeter City Council, ancient letters L498).

1738. TOWGOOD, Micaiah. The dissenting gentleman's third and last letter ... - London , 1738. - Error in imprint, see 1748.

1739. MUDGE, Zachariah. Sermons on different subjects. By Z.Mudge, prebendary of Exeter, and vicar of St. Andrew's in Plymouth. - London : Printed by S.Birt, at the Bible and Ball, in Ave-Mary-Lane; E.Score, over-against the Guild-Hall, Exeter; and B.Smithurst, at Plymouth , 1739. - [8],400p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.81 (Plymouth Free Lib.); DUL 48890; ESTC t091592.