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20 December 2006

Devon 1700-1704

Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 6

Books with Devon imprints: a handlist to 1800. 1700-1704

1700. ADVERTISEMENT that a post will run twice in every week from Exeter to Chester, through Tiverton, Wellington, Taunton, Bridgewater, Wells, Bristol, Wotton under edge, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Worcester, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury and Whitchurch. - Exeter : [s.n.] , [1700?]. - 1/2°. - *Davidson p.24 (Bookseller's catalogue).

1700. BLIGHT, Francis. A true and impartial account of the dark and hellish power of witchcraft lately exercised on the body of the Reverend Mr. Wood, minister of Bodmyn : in a letter from a gentleman there, to his friend in Exon, together with a true copy of a letter from Mr. Wood to his uncle in Exon, in confirmation thereof. - Exeter : Printed by Sam. Darker and Sam. Farley , 1700. - [4]p ; 2°. - Wing2 B3190; *Dredge p.11 (Maclean); Bibliotheca Cornubiensia p.26.

1700. DODWELL,Henry. A treatise concerning the lawfulness of instrumental musick in holy offices. By Henry Dodwell, M.A. To which is prefixed, a preface in vindication of Mr. Newte's sermon, concerning the lawfulness and use of organs in the Christian church, &c. From the exceptions of an anonymous letter, to a friend in the country, concerning the use of instrumental musick in the worship of God, &c. - London : Printed for W.Hawes, at the Rose in Ludgate-street, and Henry Clements, bookseller in Oxford, and W.Burton, bookseller at Tiverton in Devonshire , 1700. - 8°. - *WSL; Wing D1820; Dredge p.84 (T.N.Brushfield).

1700. HOLE, Matthew. A practical exposition of the first part of the church catechism; containing the preliminary questions, and the baptismal covenant. By a divine of the Church of England. - London : Printed for C.Yeo in Exon; and sold by J.Taylor at the Ship in St. Paul's Churchyard , [1700]. - Term catalogues, Michaelmas 1700, iii,210; Plymouth Public library L3374.

1700. MERCURIUS theologicus, or the monthly instructor: briefly explaining the doctrines and duties of the Christian religion that are necessary to be believed and practised in order to salvation. By a divine of the Church of England. Vol. I ... - [London] : Printed for J.Taylor at the Ship in St. Paul's Churchyard and sold by P.Bishop in Exon , 1700. - Term catalogues (nos.1-5 & 6 Michaelmas 1700 iii,210, no. 7 Hilary 1701 iii,226, nos. 8-10 Easter 1701 iii,240, collected vol. Trinity 1701 iii,256).

1700. ROSSINGTON, James. Infant-baptism or infant-sprinkling (as the Anabaptists ironically term it) asserted, and explained by the scriptures ... by J.R. rector of Lezant ... - London : Printed and sold by J.Taylor at the Ship in St. Paul's Church-yard, Philip Bishop at Exon and Benjamin Smithurst at Launceston in Cornwall , 1700. - 8°. - Wing R1993 ; *Dredge p.11 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia); Plymouth Public Library L1368; Term catalogues Hilary 1700 iii,169.

1701. BOWCHIER, Joshua. Veritas victrix : or, aerius prostratus. Being an answer to a book entituled, A discourse of schism, design'd for the satisfaction of consciencious and peaceable dissenters. Wherein the true nature of schism is laid open, and the three orders of the church, viz. bishops, presbyters, and deacons, so authentically proved by the authority of holy scripture alone, as cannot be deny'd. In a style most familiar and common to the people, for the undeceiving of whom it is chiefly intended. By Joshua Bowchier, M.A. rector of Bow, alias Nymet-tracy, in Devon, and sometime fellow of S. John's College in Cambridge. - Exon : Printed by S.Farley, for Philip Bishop, at the Golden-Bible against the Guild-Hall in the High-street , [1701]. - xvi,112p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.63 (Plymouth Free Lib.); Plymouth Public Library L2243.

1701. BURSCOUGH, Robert. A vindication of a discourse of schism; which was address'd to the dissenters, ... in answer to a letter lately publish'd against it. By Robert Burscough, M.A. vicar of Totness in Devon. - Exeter : Printed by S.Farley, for Thomas Bennet at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-yard, London, and Charles Yeo in Exon , 1701. - xv,[1],182p ; 8°. - ESTC t101910; *WSL; DUL 8427; Dredge p.12; Plymouth Public Library L3852.

1701. EXETER. Grand Jury. A copy of a letter from Exeter. The following address to Mr. Justice Blencoe, judge of assize for this place, was signed by all the grand jury ... - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , [1701]. 1 sheet ; 1/2°. - Dated: Exon. Aug 23. 1701. - *ESTC t034102.

1701. MERCURIUS theologicus, or the monthly instructor ... - London : Printed for J.Taylor at the Ship in St. Paul's Churchyard and sold by P.Bishop in Exon, 1701. - See under 1700.

1701. NEWTE, John. The lawfulness and use of organs in the Christian church. Asserted in a sermon preach'd at Tiverton in the county of Devon upon the 13th of September ... By John Newte, M.A. rector of Tiverton in Devon; ... The second edition. - London : Printed by Freeman Collins in the Old Baily, and are to be sold by William Rogers at the Sun over against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet ; and by Humphry Burton bookseller in Tiverton , 1701. - [4],31,[1]p ; 8°. - ESTC t037618; *WSL; This edition not in Dredge.

1701. PRINCE, John. Danmonii orientales illustres : or, the worthies of devon. A work, wherein the lives and fortunes of the most famous divines, statesmen, swordsmen, physicians, writers, and other eminent persons, natives of that most noble province, from before the Norman conquest, down to the present age, are memoriz'd, in an alphabetical order, out of the most approved authors, both in print and manuscript. In which an account is given not only of divers very deserving persons (many of which were never hitherto made public) but of several antient and noble families; their seats and habitations; the distance they bear, as to the great towns; their coats of arms fairly cut; with other things, no less profitable, than pleasant and delightful. By John Prince, vicar of Berry-Pomeroy, in the same county. ... - Exeter : Printed by Sam. Farley, for Awnsham and John Churchill, at the Black Swan in Paternoster-Row, London ; and Charles Yeo, and Philip Bishop in Exon , 1701. - [18],600p ; 2°. - ESTC; DUL 58820; *WSL; Dredge p.12 (Devon and Exeter Institution, appendix, p. 75); Davidson p.134 (British Museum).

1701. SMITH, Humfry. An account of the nature and guilt of schism, being a defence of Mr. Burscough's Discourse of schism, in answer to a late pamphlet on the same subject, pretended to be design'd for the satisfaction of conscientious and peaceable dissenters. To which is added a specimen of some passages in Mr. Flavil's Fountain of love opened ; recommended to the consideration of those who have the care of the new edition of his works. By Humfry Smith, M.A. vicar of Townstall and S. Saviour's in Dartmouth. - London : printed for Tho. Bennet at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-yard ; and Charles Yeo bookseller in Exon ,1701. - 8°. - *Dredge p.62 (E.Windeatt); not in ESTC.

1701. VERYARD, Ellis. An account of divers choice remarks, as well geographical as historical, political, mathematical, physical, and moral; taken in a journey through the Low Countries, France, Italy, and part of Spain; with the Isles of Sicily and Malta. As also, a voyage to the Levant: a description of Candia, Egypt, the Red Sea, the desarts of Arabia, Mount-Horeb, and Mount-Sinai; the coasts of Palestine, Syria, and Asia-Minor; the Hellespont, Propontis, and Constantinople; the Isles of the Carpathian, Egean, and Ionian Seas. Wherein, their present state, interest, customs, manners, and religions; their learning, and learned men; with the most celebrated pieces of sculpture, painting, &c. are more accurately set forth, than hath hitherto been done. With an account of divers sorts of shell-like bodies found at great distances from the seas; with remarks thereon, in way to discover their original; and what else occurr'd most remarkable in thirteen years travels. Illustrated with divers figures. By E.Veryard, M.D. - Exon : Printed by Sam. Farley, and sold by Charles Yeo and Philip Bishop, booksellers in the Fore-street , 1701. - [12],360,[20]p ; 2°. - London edition 1701 (ESTC t138037). - *Devon and Exeter Institution; Dredge p.12 (D&EI); D&EI p.73.

1701. WHITE, John. The country-man's conductor in reading and writing true English, containing such rules as the author, by nearly forty years practice in teaching, hath found necessary and useful to that end. ... By John White, sometime master of Mr. Chilcot's English free-school in Tiverton, and now master of a boarding-school in Tiverton aforesaid. - Exeter : Printed by Sam. Farley for the author ; and sold by Mr. Humphry Burton in Tiverton, Mr. Philip Bishop in Exon, Mr. Taylor in London, Mr. Rich. Grevett in Bristol , 1701. - [16],144p,plate ; 8°. - ESTC t145275; *Dredge p.12 (Hazlitt); Davidson supp. p.47n.

1702. ATKINS, Samuel. A funeral sermon for Mrs. Anne Arnold, late wife of Mr. William Arnold, preach'd the 13th day of July, 1695. By the Reverend Mr. Samuel Atkins, late minister of the gospel in Exon. Prov. 31. 30. ... - Exon : Printed by Samuel Farley, in the year , 1702. - [8],30,[2]p ; 8°. - *Dredge p.95; Davidson supp. p.7n,26n (Secktor Library).

1702. BOWCHIER, Joshua. A defence of a brief discourse of schism, designed for the satisfaction of peacable and conscientious dissenters. - Exon : Printed by Sam. Farley, for Philip Bishop, at the Golden-Bible over-against the Guildhall , 1702. - 4°. - *Burnet Morris (variant of Veritas victrix?)

1702. GILLING, Isaac. A discourse occasioned by the much lamented death of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Atkins, late minister of the gospel in Exon, who dyed July 4th 1702. By Isaac Glling V.D.M. - Exon : [s.n.] , 1702. - 25p ; 8°. - *Davidson p.136.

1702. LONG, Thomas. Apostolic communion in the Church of England. By Thomas Long, B.D. - Exon : Printed by Sam. Farley , 1702. - *Clamp (Exeter Cathedral Library).

1702. TRELAWNY, Jonathan. A sermon preach'd before the Queen, and both houses of Parliament : at the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls Nov. 12. 1702. Being the day of thanksgiving; for the signal successes vouchsafed to Her Majesties forces by sea and land : under the command of the Earl of Marlborough in the Low Countries; and James Duke of Ormond general, and Sir George Rook admiral at Vigo. As also to those of her allies, engaged in the present war against France and Spain. And likewise, for the recovery of His Royal Highness the Prince of Denmark. By the Right Reverend Father in God Jonathan Lord Bishop of Exeter. ... - London : Printed for Tho. Bennet at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-Yard ; and sold by C.Yeo, in Exon , 1702. - [2],43,[1]p ; 4°. - *Dredge p.63 (Plymouth Free Lib.); Plymouth Public Library L1057,2140; Term catalogues Michaelmas 1702 iii,316. - Another issue: London : Printed for Tho. Bennet [only] ESTC t143136.

1702. TROSSE, George. A defence of a brief discourse of schism, designed for the satisfaction of peaceable & conscientious dissenters : being an answer to Aerius prostratus, by Joshua Bowchier, M.A. ... - Exon : printed by Sam. Farley, for Philip Bishop, at the Golden-Bible over-against the Guild-Hall , 1702. - [6],51,[2]p ; 4°. - *Dredge pp.13,95; DUL 72920.

1703. DAGGE, Jonathan. A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Jonathan Rashleigh, Menabillye Esq., in the parish church of Fowye, in the county of Cornwall, September the 11th, 1702. By Jonathan Dagge, M.A. ... - Exon : Printed by S.Farley, for Phil. Bishop, at the Golden Bible, over against the Guild-Hall , 1703. - 31,[1]p ; 4°. - ESTC t045950; *Dredge p.13 (Bibliotheca Cornubiensia).

1703. A DISCOURSE of the satisfaction of Christ, from Rom. VIII. i,ii,iii,iv. Wherein the sentiments of Dr. Bury concerning that subject, are stated and consider'd. - Exon : Printed by S.F. [i.e. Samuel Farley] for the author, and sold by T.Butter, and at the Printing-House , 1703. - 24p ; 8°. - *ESTC t062486.

1703. GILLING, Isaac. A sermon preach'd at Newton-Abbot, Aug. 25, 1702, at the funeral of Samuel, son of the late Rev. Mr. Samuel Atkins, minister of the gospel in Exon. By Isaac Gilling.- Exon : [s.n.] , 1703. - 38p ; 8°. - *Davidson p.136.

1703.HENWOOD, James. The true state of justification, as it stands between God and man. In four parts. By James Henwood, rector of Warkley in Devon, and chaplain to the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Arran. ... - London : Printed for Henry Bonwick at the Red Lyon, and William Kipplewaite at the Swan in St. Pauls Church-Yard and Charles Yeo and Phill. Bishop, booksellers in Exeter , [1703?]. - [8],188p ; 8°. - Dredge p.94-5; Sheaves 5 p.574; *WSL; Term catalogues Hilary 1703 iii,322.

1703. HINGESTON, Henry. [Phos topan. Greek types]. An address to England, &c. Containing, sundry warnings and admonitions to the inhabitants thereof, of all degrees and perswasions, but more especially to those of the Church of England, and more particularly to those of the town of Kings-Bridge, (the place of my nativity and abode) and parts adjacent. By Henry Hingeston. - Exeter : printed by Sam. Farley ,1703. - 8°. - *Photocopied title-page, source unrecorded (Devon Record Office?)

1703. HINGESTON, Henry. [Mahir godel. Hebrew type] or, a dreadful alarm upon the clouds of heaven, mix'd with love. In three parts. ... By Henry Hingeston. - Exeter : printed by Sam. Farley , 1703. - [72],[2],604,[2]p ; 8°. - *WSL; Dredge p.13 (Smith); Davidson p.35; Plymouth Public Library L2124.

1703. HINGESTON, Henry. [Mahir godel. Hebrew type] or, a dreadful alarm upon the clouds of heaven, mix'd with love. In three parts ... By Henry Hingeston. - Exeter : Printed, for the author, in M.DCC.III. And now sold by W.Ellis, at the Queen's-Head, over-against White-Hart-Court, in Gracious Street, London , [1703?]. - [78],606p ; 8°. - ESTC; *WSL.

1703. MUSGRAVE, William. De arthritide symptomatica dissertatio. Auctore Giulhelmo Musgrave M.D. inclyti Medicorum Londinensium Collegii, & Regiæ Societatis Socio. ... - Exoniæ : Typis Farleianis. Sumptibus Yeo & Bishop, sosiorum [sic]. Londini quoque prostant venales, 1703. - [22],251,[29]p ; 8°. - ESTC; DUL 49040; *WSL; Dredge p.63 (Bodleian).

1703. SMITH, Humfry. Some remarks on a late treatise of Mr Nathaniel Taylor, entituled, Dr Sherlock's cases and and letter of church-communion consider'd etc. Wherein the conduct of some late writers in defence of the Church of England is guarded against Mr. Taylor's reflections ... In a letter to Mr George Trosse of Exeter. To which is added a postscript relative to Mr. S.S.'s Second letter to Mr Robert Burscough about his Discourse of schism. By Humfry Smith, M.A., vicar of Tounstall and S.Saviours in Dartmouth. - London : Printed for Thomas Bennet at the Half Moon in St. Pauls Churchyard and Charles Yeo bookseller in Exon , 1703. - 62p ; 8°. - *Bodl. pamph 251(13); AUC 2893S3; Term catalogues Hilary 1703 iii,333-4.

1704. BURSCOUGH, Robert. A discourse. I. Of the unity of the church. II. Of the separation of the dissenters from the Church of England. III. Of their setting up churches against the conforming churches; and of the ordination of their teachers. Being an answer to a book, entitled, Dissenters no schismaticks, &c. By Robert Burscough, M.A., vicar of Totness, and arch-deacon of Barnstaple. - Exeter : Printed by Sam. Farley, for Tho,. Bennet at the Half-Moon, in St. Paul's Churchyard, London, and Charles Yeo, bookseller in Exon , 1704. - [20],195,[1]p ; 8°. - ESTC t101928; *Dredge p.14 (D&EI); Term catalogues Easter 1704 iii,398; Plymouth Public Library L2900; DUL 8425.

1704. GILLING, Isaac. A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Mrs. Susanna Reynell who departed this life Novemb. 21, 1703. By Isaac Gilling, minister of the gospel in Newton Abbot, Devon. - [Exeter] : [?] , [1704]. - 51,[1]p ; 8°. - *ESTC t107403 (lacks titlepage) ; Davidson p.191 (Upcott's bibliographical collections, British Museum).

1704. LEE, Thomas. A sermon preach'd in the new church in Plymouth, October the 29th, 1704. By Thomas Lee, B.A., rector of St. Leonard's, near Exon. - Exon : printed by Sam Farley, and sold by Charles Yeo, bookseller, in the High Street, and Benjamine Smythhurst, in Plymouth , [1704]. - 4°. - *Dredge p.115 (Plymouth Free Lib.).

1704. LEY, Thomas. The dreadful wrath of God against personal and national sins manifested in the astonishing storm and tempest, and the truest and most effectual way to appease it by the amendment and reformation of our lives. A sermon preached in the church of Crediton on the fast day Jan. 19 1703/4. By Thomas Ley M.A., vicar of Crediton. - [Exeter?] : [s.n.] , 1704. - Davidson supp. p. 4n (Secktor Lib.); Plymouth Athenaeum p.41.

1704. LONG, Thomas. A rebuke to Mr. Edmund Calamy, author of the abridgment of Mr. Baxters life : by Tho. Long, B.D. - Exon : printed by Sam. Farley , 1704. - 68p ; 8°. - Pasted to back of title: slip of "Corrigenda" with imprint: Printed for Charles Yeo, bookseller in Exon. - *Dredge p.64 (Bodleian); Sheaves 4 p.599; DUL 44870.

1704. PITTS, Joseph. A true and faithful account of the religion and manners of the Mahommetans. In which is a particular relation of their pilgrimage to Mecca, the place of Mohammet's birth; and a description of Medina, and of his tomb there. As likewise of Algier, and the country adjacent; and of Alexandria, Grand-Cairo, &c. With an account of the author's being taken captive, the Turks cruelty to him, and of his escape. In which are many things never publish'd by any historian before. By Joseph Pitts of Exon. - Exon : printed by S.Farley, for Philip Bishop, and Edward Score, in the High-Street , 1704. - [16],183[i.e.184]p ; 8°. - *WSL; ESTC; Dredge p.13 (Devon and Exeter Institution, Appendix p. 77): DUL 56210.

1704. SAM. FARLEY'S Exeter post-man: or weekly intelligence, from Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, &c. With general occurrences both foreign and domestick. - [Exeter] : Printed at my house near the New Inn , [1704?]. - Published [1704?]-23 Sept. 1715. Information from no. 556 (10Aug. 1711) the only surviving issue. - Wiles 42.

1704. WALKER, John. Honoured Mr. Archdeacon. - [Exeter?] : [S.Farley?] , [1704]. - [2]p ; 1/2°. - Circular letter signed and dated: John Walker, St. Mary's in Exeter, November 20 1704. Requesting Archdeacon to disperse queries with letter to clergy. - *Bodl. ms. Rawlinson J 4to 2 fo. 10a; AUC 269W8.