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14 January 2006


Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History; 15
The British book trades: topographical listings. Somerset

This page is one of a series of county listings which are being developed to bring together biographical information relating to localities throughout the British Isles which is currently scattered in other sections of the Exeter Working papers. They are not intended as exhaustive listings. The main sources covered are bankruptcy notices 1731-1806, apprenticeships 1710-1777 and insurance policies 1775-1787. Other information is being added and entries amalgamated as information is available.


Archer, W., Bath 1768-69. Owned Bath chronicle 1768-69. Imprint: 1768: Underwood, T., Poems. Source: Plomer.

Ashley, John, music seller, Bath: Wade's Passage c1798-1812. Composer vocalist and music seller at his Music Warehouse. Source: Humphries and Smith.

Bally, M., bookseller, circulating library, Bath: Milson Street 1774-78. Widow of William Bally. Source: Plomer.

Bally, W., bookseller, Bath: Milson Street 1720-74. D. 29 Aug. 1774. Imprint: 1772: Falconer, William, Observations on Dr Cadogan's dissertation on the gout, 2nd ed.

Basnett, J., stationer and mapseller. Imprint: 1773: Strangers' assistant and guide to Bath. Source: Plomer.

Boddeley, Thomas, printer and bookseller, Bath 1740-56. Printer and publisher of Bath journal 1744-56. Apprentice Martin, Stephen, 1747, £16/00/00. IR/1/18, fo. 098. Source: Plomer.

Branston, (Allen) Robert, wood engraver, Bath 1796. Moved to London by 1799. Source: Maxted (1977).

Brown, John, bookseller and printseller, Bath, Somerset, 1799-1804. Bankrupt 4 Aug. 1804, superseded 29 Sep. 1804. Source: BM Satires 1799. Berch.

Bulgin, William, apprentice bookbinder, Bath, Somerset, 1773. Apprenticed to Mills, Thomas, £21/00/00 IR/1/27, fo. 199.

Bull, Lewis, bookseller, Bath 1773-1785P; Grove; 1774; Lower Walks 1774-90; Old Rooms 1784B-1785P. Publ. jigsaw 1788. Succ. James Leake. Also jeweller. Ran circulating library. Retired 1790.Source: St. James's chronicle 10 Jan 1775; Plomer; Hannas.

Campbell and Gainsborough, print publishers, Bath 1791. At Public Library 1791. Source: J.C.Smith 774.

Campbell, John, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1792-94; Burton Street 1794. Partner with Gainsborough. Imprints: 1794: The trial of William Winterbotham. Bankrupt 8 Nov. 1792, div. 20 Dec. 1794.

Carter, John, apprentice bookbinder, Bath, Somerset, 1772. Apprenticed to Mills, Thomas, £21/00/00 IR/1/27, fo. 101.

Chase, Edward, apprentice printer, Bath, Somerset, 1744. Apprenticed to Farley, Felix, £20/00/00 IR/1/17, fo. 089.

Cruttwell, Richard, printer, Bath 1772-1799; St. James's Street 1784B-1785P. D. 1 Jun. 1799, Cheltenham. Publ. catas. Printed Bath chronicle 1785P. Printed Bible of Bishop Wilson, 3 vol. quarto. Imprints: 1772: Falconer, William, Observations on Dr Cadogan's dissertation on the gout, 2nd ed.; 1774: Charleton, R. Three tracts on Bath water; 1775: Kress A7112; 1779: Matrimony: a tale; 1780: Kress B257; 1783: Letters and papers on agriculture; 1785: Whirligig; 1785: Carwithen, William, The seasons of life: a poem; 1786: Bowdler, Jane, Poems and essays; 1786: Polwhele, Richard, The idyllia, epigrams, and fragments of Theocritus; 1788: Marshall, John, A sermon ...; 1789: Tremenheere, W., A sermon; 1789: Kress B1596; 1790: Pryce, William, Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica; 1791: Collinson, John, The history and antiquities of the county of Somerset; 1792: Poems, chiefly by gentlemen of Devonshire and Cornwall; 1793: Kress S5430; 1795: Kress B2916, 2983; 1795: Pownall, Governor, Descriptions and explanations of some remains of Roman antiquities; 1796: Gardiner, John, Brief reflections on the eloquence of the pulpit; 1798: B3553, 3565, 3605; 1798: Abbey AS515; 1800: Kress B4250; 1800: Warner, Richard, A walk through some of the western counties of England; 1800: Western Apiarian Society, Transactions. Source: Nichols iii, 673; Plomer; Pendred.

Farley, Felix, printer, Bath 1733-44. Apprentice Chase, Edward, 1744, £20/00/00. IR/1/17, fo. 089. Imprint: 1741: Wood, John, The origin of building. Source: Plomer.

Farley, Samuel, printer, Bath 1741. Imprint: 1741: Wood, John, The origin of building. Source: Plomer.

Frederick, William bookseller, Bath: 18, The Grove c1742-76. D. Aug. 1776. Copyright petition 1754. Member of Corporation 1776. With James Leake one of leading booksellers of the city. Imprints: c.1750: Roberts, William, The divine institution, 4th ed.; 1756: Borlase, William, Observations on the ancient and present state of the Scilly Isles. Source: Plomer.

Gainsborough, bookseller, Bath 1791-92. D. Oct 1792. Partner with Campbell. Source: Musgrave.

Goadby, Robert, printer and bookseller, Bath 1740-45. Source: Plomer.

Gye, William, printer, Bath: West Gate Buildings 1784B-1785P. Source: Pendred.

Haines, Walter, apprentice engraver, Bath, Somerset, 1766. Apprenticed to Hibbert, William, £26/05/00 IR/1/24, fo. 194.

Hammond, Henry, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1697. Also in Devizes 1697. Apprentice Warriner, James, 1718 £50/00/00. IR/1/45, fo. 113. Imprint: 1697: Peirce, Robert, Bath memoirs.

Hazard, Samuel, printer, bookseller, stationer, Bath 1772-1806; Cheap Street 1784B-1785P. D. 20 Sep. 1806. Apprentice Norris, John, 1774 £31/10/00 IR/1/28, fo. 034. Publ. cata. Took subscriptions for R.Tapprell's Lectures on the Lord's prayer 1791. Imprints: 1785: Whirligig; 1785: Vivian, Thomas, The Book of Revelation; 1786: Martin, Matthew, Observations on marine vermes; c1791: Five minutes advice to prayerless persons; 1792: Vivian, T., Cosmology; 1793: Eastcott, Richard, Sketches of the origin, effects and progress of music; 1795: Kress B3001; 1798: Gay, John, Fabulae selectae; 1800: Dennis, Jonas, The character, and The necessity of religious education. Source: Nichols iii, 679; Pendred; Plomer.

Hibbart, A.W., bookseller, Bath 1776. Source: Plomer.

Hibbart, William, engraver, Bath, Somerset, 1738-1777. Son of James of Bath Somerset, merchant taylor. Apprenticed to Skinner, Jacob, 1738, £26/05/00 IR/1/15, fo. 205. Apprentice Haines, Walter, 1766 £26/05/00. IR/1/24, fo. 194. Produced copperplate engravings for Christopher Antstey's satirical poem about Bath Epistola poetica familiaris 1777. Source: Professor Dana F. Sutton.

Hinton, Thomas, printer, Bath 1729-30. Entries in Chamberlain's accounts 1729-30. Source: Plomer.

Keene and Hooper, printers, Bath 1784B-1785P. Printers of Bath journal 1785P. Source: Pendred.

Leake, Henry I, bookseller, Bath c.1720. Source: Plomer.

Leake, Henry II, bookseller, Bath 1764-66. B. 1741. Partner with brothers James and Samuel 1764. Source: Plomer.

Leake, James I, bookseller, Bath 1724-64. D. 29 May 1764 (26 Dec Musgrave). With Frederick one of leading booksellers in Bath. Copyright petition 1754. Imprints: 1736: Bristol city charters; 1741: Wood, John, The origin of building;1742: Johnson, Samuel, An explanation of the scripture prophecies; 1745: Wood, John, A description of the Exchange of Bristol; 1747: Kennicott, Benjamin, Two dissertations; c.1750: Roberts, William, The divine institution, 4th ed.; 1753: Kennicott, Benjamin, A dissertation on the state of the printed Hebrew text of the Old Testament; 1756: Borlase, William, Observations on the ancient and present state of the Scilly IslesSource: Plomer; Musgrave.

Leake, James II, bookseller, Bath 1764-90. B. 29 May 1724, s. of James I. Succ. father in partnership with brothers Samuel and Henry 1764. Mayor 1783. Source: Plomer.

Leake, Samuel, bookseller, Bath 1764-66. B. 1739. Partner with brothers James and Henry 1764. Source: Plomer.

Lintern, James, music seller, Bath, Somerset, 1781. Bankrupt: GM Feb 1781 cert: 17 Mar 1781

Lobb, Samuel, bookseller, Bath 1730-31. Previously in Chelmsford. Source: Plomer.

Lovell, Thomas, apprentice stationer, Bath, Somerset, 1770. Apprenticed to Tennent, Andrew, £30/00/00 IR/1/26, fo. 208.

Lyon, B., printer, bookseller, Bath 1729. Source: Plomer.

Marshall, James, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1798. Bankrupt: 24 Apr 1798 cert: 08 Nov 1800 div: 28 Nov 1799 div: 26 Feb 1801

Martin, Stephen,, printer, Bath, SOM: Brick House, just without Westgate 1755-57. Son of Stephen. Apprenticed to Boddeley, Thomas 1747, £16/00/00 IR/1/18, fo. 098. Publ. Bath advertiser no. 1, 18 Oct. 1755. Source: Plomer.

Matthews, Benjamin, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1725-55; Merchant's Court c.1750. Held auction sales, kept circulating library and a dealer in second-hand books 1755. Imprints: c1750: Roberts, William, The divine institution 4th ed; 1753: Elworthy, John, The influences of the spirit. Sources: Plomer.

Meyler, William, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, Bath, Somerset, 1767-1800; Grove 1784B-1785P. Apprenticed to Tennent, Andrew, £60/00/00 as bookbinder 1767 IR/1/25, fo. 051. Imprints: 1786: Browne, John, Poetical translations; 1799: Warner, Richard, An illustration of the Roman antiquities discovered at Bath.1800: Kress B4213. Sources: Plomer; St. James's Chron. 3 Jan. 1775.

Mills, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, Bath, Somerset, 1770-1775; Kingsmead Street 1770; King's Mead Square 1773. . Apprentices: Carter, John, £21/00/00 1773. IR/1/27, fo. 101. Bulgin, William, £21/00/00 1772. IR/1/27, fo. 199. Theft at premises 1770. Sources: Plomer.

Norris, John, apprentice stationer, Bath, Somerset, 1774. Apprenticed to Hazard, Samuel, £31/10/00 IR/1/28, fo. 034.

Philips, Thomas, apprentice stationer, Bath, Somerset, 1775. Apprenticed to Tennent, Andrew, £30/00/00 IR/1/60, fo. 011.

Pine, R.E., print publisher, Bath, Somerset, 1778. Sources: J.C.Smith 180.

Pope, Cornelius, printer, Bath, Somerset, 1760-1768. Apprenticed to Boddeley. Apprentice Shoude, William, £20/00/00 1766. IR/1/56, fo. 108. Founded Bath Chronicle 1760. Printed editions of New Bath guide to 1768 when he left Bath. Sources: Plomer.

Pratt and Clinch, booksellers, Bath, Somerset, 1780. Imprint: 1780: Tasker, William, Select odes of Pindar.

Pratt Robert, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1793. Died June 1793. Sources: Musgrave.

Pratt Samuel Jackson, printer, bookseller, Bath, Melsom Street 1784B-1785P. Sources: Pendred.

Richards, Robert, stationer, printseller, Bath, Somerset, 1784B-1786; Bond Street 1784B-1785P. Sun policy 522490, £1200, 1786. Sources: Pendred.

Shoude, William, apprentice printer, Bath, Somerset, 1766. Apprenticed to Pope, Cornelius, £20/00/00 IR/1/56, fo. 108.

Shrimpton, T., bookseller, Bath 1784B-1785P. Sources: Pendred.

Skinner, Jacob, engraver, Bath, Somerset, 1737-1738. Apprentices: Tucker, Nicholas, £26/05/00 1737. IR/1/15, fo. 133. Hibbart, William, £26/05/00 1738. IR/1/15, fo. 205.

Struge, Young, parchment maker, Bath 1784B-1785P. Also oli dresses [CHECK] and glue maker. Sources: Pendred.

Taylor, William, bookseller, Bath 1760-1785P; Church Street, Kingston Buildings 1774. Imprint: 1774: Charleton, R., Three tracts on Bath water. Sources: Plomer; Pendred; St. James's Chron. 3 Jan. 1775.

Tennent, Andrew, stationer, bookbinder, Bath, Somerset, 1767-1775; Milsom Street 1772-1773. Died 4 Sept. 1788. Apprentices: Meyler, William, £60/00/00 1767. IR/1/25, fo. 051. Lovell, Thomas, £30/00/00 1770. IR/1/26, fo. 208. Philips, Thomas, £30/00/00 1775. IR/1/60, fo. 011. Imprint: 1772: Falconer, William, Observations on Dr. Cadogan's dissertation on the gout, 2nd ed. Sources: Plomer; Musgrave.

Tucker, Nicholas, apprentice engraver, Bath, Somerset, 1737. Son of William of Walcott Somerset, joiner. Apprenticed to Skinner, Jacob, £26/05/00 IR/1/15, fo. 133.

Warriner or Warrener, James, bookseller, Bath, Somerset, 1718. Son of William. Apprenticed to Hammond, Henry, £50/00/00 1718, IR/1/45, fo. 113. Sold Monthly chronicle 1728. Sources: Plomer.

Wilkinson, George, journeyman printer, Bath, Somerset, 1794. At quarter sessions sentenced to four months imprisonment and fined 20 shillings for uttering "Success to the French, and down with the allies". Source: Timperley 782.

Wood, James, newsagent, Bath, Abbey Yard, 1784B-1785P. Hosier and vendor of Morning post. Sources: Pendred.


Cass, John, printer, bookseller, Bridgwater, Somerset, 1784B-1785P. Source: Pendred.

Codrington, bookseller, Bridgwater, Somerset, 1745. Source: Plomer.

Crandon, Jnth, printer, bookseller, stationer, Bridgwater, Somerset, 1779/81-1782/3. Royal Exchange policy 79866, £550, 1779/81. Royal Exchange policy 86722/1, £550, 1782/3.

Crandon, John, printer, bookseller, stationer, Bridgwater, Somerset, 1785/6-1786/7. Royal Exchange policy 96376/1, £550, 1785/6. Royal Exchange policy 100605, £450, 1786/7.


Collins, P.A., cardmaker, Chard, Somerset, 1784B. Not in Pendred.


Bishop, Samuel, parchment maker, Compton Dando, Somerset, 1767. Bankrupt: GM Jan 1767


Adams, William, cardmaker Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1730. Apprentice Paps, George, £8/00/00. IR/1/12, fo. 082.

Allen Thomas, cardmaker Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1776. Apprentice Chaffey, Abraham, £20/00/00. IR/1/29, fo. 054.

Chaffey, Abraham, apprentice cardmaker, Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1776. Apprenticed to Allen Thomas, £20/00/00 IR/1/29, fo. 054.

Crocker, A., printer, Frome Somerset, 1795. Sources: Berry and Poole.

Dyer, John, cardmaker Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1753. Apprentice Whitechurch, Nathaniel, £10/10/00. IR/1/19, fo. 109.

Keeping, bookseller, Frome Somerset, 1747. Sources: Plomer.

Newport, Thomas, cardmaker Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1736. Apprentice Phillips, James, £10/00/00. IR/1/14, fo. 141.

Paps, George, apprentice cardmaker, Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1730. Son of Joseph of Frome Selwood Somerset, baker. Apprenticed to Adams, William, £8/00/00 IR/1/12, fo. 082.

Phillips, James, apprentice cardmaker, Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1736. Son of John of Froom Selwood SOM. Apprenticed to Newport, Thomas, £10/00/00 IR/1/14, fo. 141.

Rogers, Thomas, cardmaker Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1718. Apprentice Vincent, Henry, £8/00/00. IR/1/46, fo. 048.

Vincent, Henry, apprentice cardmaker, Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1718. Son of William of Wansborough. Apprenticed to Rogers, Thomas, £8/00/00 IR/1/46, fo. 048.

Whitechurch, Nathaniel, apprentice cardmaker, Frome Selwood, Somerset, 1753. Apprenticed to Dyer, John, £10/10/00 IR/1/19, fo. 109.


Crocker, A., printer, Ilminster, Somerset, 1781-1785P. Not listed by Bailey 1784. Imprint: 1781: Smith, Elizabeth, Life reviewed. Sources: Pendred.


Oboorn, Thomas, cardmaker Kilmersdon, Somerset, 1725. Apprentice Scarlett, Charles, £7/00/00. IR/1/11, fo. 101.

Scarlett, Charles, apprentice cardmaker, Kilmersdon, Somerset, 1725. Son of James of Doubtling SOM. Apprenticed to Oboorn, Thomas, £7/00/00 IR/1/11, fo. 101.


Andrews, John, apprentice parchment maker, Lattiford, Somerset, 1774. Apprenticed to Sherrell, Samuel, £45/00/00. [Lolliford] IR/1/28, fo. 031.

Butt, Henry, apprentice parchment maker, Lattiford, Somerset, 1773. Apprenticed to Sherrell, Samuel, £15/00/00. [Lateford] IR/1/59, fo. 014.

Sherrell, Samuel, parchment maker, Lattiford, Somerset, 1773-1774. Apprentice Butt, Henry 1773, £15/00/00. [Lateford]IR/1/59, fo. 014. Apprentice Andrews, John 1774 , £45/00/00. [Lolliford]IR/1/28, fo. 031.


Coles, James, papermaker, Lower Wookey, Somerset, 1779. Sun policy 420917, £1000, 1779.


Andrews, Edward, apprentice cardmaker, Marston Biggott, Somerset, 1717. Son of Edward of Marston Biggott. Apprenticed to Palmer, Nicholas, £6/10/00. [cf Parker] IR/1/45, fo. 053.

Palmer, Nicholas, cardmaker Marston Biggott, Somerset, 1717. Apprentice Andrews, Edward, £6/10/00. [cf Parker]IR/1/45, fo. 053.

Parker, Nicholas, cardmaker Marston Biggott, Somerset, 1724. Apprentice Pope, James, £5/00/00. [cf Palmer]IR/1/48, fo. 084.

Pope, James, apprentice cardmaker, Marston Biggott, Somerset, 1724. Son of James of Froom Selwood SOM. Apprenticed to Parker, Nicholas, £5/00/00. [cf Palmer] IR/1/48, fo. 084.


NORTON FITZWARREN. Anonymous imprint: c.1778: Great and wonderful news to all christendom.

Pile, A. and J., Imprint: c.1780: The cruel stepmother ; 1783: A true confession of the five convicts, now under sentence of death, in Ivelchester Gaol, in the county of Somerset ... 1st September 1783 (Bonhams sale 1 June 2005, lot 155). Pile, bookseller involved with Robinsons of Paternoster Row in case regarding sale of Paine's Rights of man 26 Nov. 1793. Source: Timperley 781.

Webber, printer, Norton Fitzwarren 1785P. Not listed in Bailey 1784B. Source: Pendred.


Bayly, Jeremiah, papermaker, Rode, Somerset, 1715. Apprentice Morgan, John, £6/00/00. IR/1/44, fo. 089.

Morgan, John, apprentice papermaker, Rode, Somerset, 1715. Son of John of Warminster WIL, dec. Apprenticed to Bayly, Jeremiah, £6/00/00 IR/1/44, fo. 089.


Bulwicke, William, papermaker, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 1779. Bankrupt: 1779

Cary, James, printer, bookseller, stationer, music seller, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 1779-1785P. Also hardwareman 1784B-1785P. Sun policy 420274, £600, 1779. Sun policy 440004, £600, 1781.


Anderton, Miss, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1765-79. Imprints: 1778: Wright, Thomas, A sermon; 1779: The importance of truth. Sources: Plomer.

Anderton, M., bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1765. Imprints: 1765: Harrison, Richard, The wisdom and righteousness of the divine providence; 1770: Toulmin, J. Sermons.

Buncombe, J., bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1770-1778. Imprints: 1770: Toulmin, J. Sermons; 1778: Wright, Thomas, A sermon.

Chauklin, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, c.1750. Imprint: c1750: Roberts, William, The divine institution of the gospel ministry, 4th ed.

Chauklin, Henry bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1698-1708. Imprints: 1698: Hole, Matthew, A correct copy of some letters written to J.M.; 1699: Winnell, Thomas, The best portion; 1708: Gilling, Isaac, The qualifications and duties of ministers.

Dinning, John, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1725-26. Agent for James Lipscombe's catalogue 1725. Publisher of Brices Journal in Taunton. Imprint: 1726: Hill, L., An appeal to justice [advert.]. Sources: Plomer; Dredge 98.

Gilbert, Edward, apprentice printer, Taunton, Somerset, 1742. Son of Edward. Apprenticed to Norris, William, £20/00/00 IR/1/50, fo. 188.

Hassums, E. and S., booksellers, Taunton, Somerset, 1795. Imprint: 1796: Gardiner, John, Brief reflections on the eloquence of the pulpit.

Joggett, William, bookseller, Taunton 1782-1786; Fore Street, 1786. Working with J.Poole 1778. Sun policy 462848, £400, 1782. Sun policy 513113, £100, 1785/6. Sun policy 521150, £1000, 1786. Imprint: 1778: Wright, Thomas, A sermon.

Norris, Henry, printer, Taunton, Somerset, 1784B-1785P. Source: Pendred.

Norris, Thomas, printer, Taunton, Somerset, 1791-1799; White Lion Court 1799. Took subscriptions for Lectures on the Lord's prayer by R.Taprell (proposals in Westcountry Studies Library).Imprints: 1791: Toulmin, Joshua, Paul's defence before Felix; 1791: Toulmin, Joshua, The history of the town of Taunton; 1792: Taprell, Richard, Lectures on the Lord's prayer; 1792: Toulmin, Joshua, The character of Christ as a witness to the truth; 1793: Kress B2552; 1793: Toulmin, Joshua, The character and reward of the faithful servant; c.1793: Kress S5425; 1796: Savage, Samuel Morton, Sermons on several evangelical and practical subjects; 1799: Toulmin, Joshua, Christian views of death.

Norris, William, printer, Taunton, Somerset, 1718-1755. Apprentice Gilbert, Edward, £20/00/00 1742, IR/1/50, fo. 188. Printed apprentceship indenture in use 1731-32. Imprints: 1718: Squire, Francis, The lawfulness of taking oaths; 1732: The West-Country farmer. Sources: Plomer; Dickinson.

Poole, J., printer, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1778-1796. Imprints: 1778: Wright, Thomas, A sermon; 1781: Toulmin, Joshua, The present and future state of the human frame considered; 1796: Gardiner, John, Brief reflections on the eloquence of the pulpit. Source: Pendred.

Rosseter, Edward, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1660. In Richard Warre's The things of peace, 1660, is a catalogue of books to be sold by Edward Rosseter. Source: Dredge 39.

Toulmin, Mr., bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1786. Imprint: 1786: Browne, John, Poetical translations.

Toulmin, Mrs., bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1789. Imprint: 1789: Taprell, Richard, Serious advice to young persons.

Toulmin, J., bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1791. Imprint: 1791: Toulmin, Joshua, Paul's defence before Felix.

Treagle, George, bookseller, Taunton, Somerset, 1640-1652. Imprints: 1640: Jeanes, Henry, The worke of heaven upon earth; Newton, George, Man's wrath and God's praise; 1652: Fullwood, Francis, The churches and ministery of England.


Allen, John, apprentice papermaker, Wells, Somerset, 1755. Apprenticed to Coles, James, £2/00/00 IR/1/52, fo. 115.

Brown, bookseller, Wells, Somerset, 1718. Imprint: 1718: Squire, Francis, The lawfulness of taking oaths.

Cass, printer, Wells, Somerset, 1785P. Not listed by Bailey 1784B. Source: Pendred.

Cass, John, bookseller, Wells, Somerset, 1753. Source: Plomer.

Coles, James, papermaker, Wells, Somerset, 1755. Apprentice Allen, John, £2/00/00. IR/1/52, fo. 115.

Dore, William, late of Dulcut Paper Mill in the parish of St. Cuthbert, near Wells in the county of Somerset, papermaker, in the King’s Bench Prison, Surrey, insolvent debtor (2nd notice) LG 30 Oct 1756. Source: Berch.

Evill, John, printer, bookseller, stationer, Wells, Somerset, 1777-1786. Sun policy 386279, £700, 1777. Sun policy 519483, £1000, 1786. Imprint: 1786: Browne, John, Poetical translations. Source: Pendred.

Hawkes, bookseller, Wells, Somerset, 1742. Source: Plomer.


Slade, bookseller, Wincanton, Somerset, 1745. Source: Plomer.


Band, Edward, papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1762-1769. Apprentice 1762 Snelsgrove, James, £2/00/00. IR/1/15, fo. 171. Apprentice 1769 Philips, Joseph, £2/00/00. IR/1/57, fo. 040.

Band, John, papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1784B-1785P. Source: Pendred.

Cambage, Richard, papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1773. Apprentice Hodges, Edward, £2/02/00. IR/1/59, fo. 014.

Coles, James, papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1760. Apprentice Riddle, John, £10/10/00. [app to James Cole & his wife]IR/1/54, fo. 012.

Hodges, Edward, apprentice papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1773. Apprenticed to Cambage, Richard, £2/02/00 IR/1/59, fo. 014.

Philips, Joseph, apprentice papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1769. Apprenticed to Band, Edward, £2/00/00 IR/1/57, fo. 040.

Riddle, John, apprentice papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1760. Apprenticed to Coles, James, £10/10/00. [app to James Cole & his wife] IR/1/54, fo. 012.

Snelsgrove, James, apprentice papermaker, Wookey Hole, Somerset, 1762. Apprenticed to Band, Edward, £2/00/00 IR/1/15, fo. 171.


Goadby, R. bookseller, Yeovil, Somerset, 1748-1749. Previously in Bath, later in Sherborne. Source: Plomer.

King, John, bookseller, stationer, printseller, Yeovil, Somerset, 1782-1786. Sun policy 458206, £300, 1782. Sun policy 491441, £400, 1784. Imprint: 1786: Browne, John, Poetical translations.

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