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17 December 2005


The London book trades 1817

This file is offered as work in progress in converting the book trade entries in a selection of trade directories for the year 1817 into a table to permit searching and sorting by name, trade and address. This section is the start of the alphabetical coverage of Underhill’s directory for that year. It will later be correlated with the address section of Johnstone’s directory.

Ian Maxted
December 2005

Abbott, Thomas, stationer & rag merchant, 1, High Street, St Giles, 1817U
Abraham, Elizabeth, printer & Price Current Office, 1, Clements Lane, 1817U
Abraham, John, law stationer, Middle Temple Lane, 1817U
Ackermann, Rudolph, printseller, 101, Strand, 1817U
Adams & Butt, wholesale stationers, Great Windmill Street, 1817U
Adams & Co., stationers &c, 79, Strand, 1817U
Adams, James, printer, 17, Seymour Place, North Euston Square, 1817U
Adams & Son, stationers & rag merchants, 19, Great Windmill Street, 1817U
Adlard, James, printer, 39, Duke Street, 1817U
Adlard James, printer, 23, Bartholomew Close, 1817U
Adolpho, Francis, engraver, 134, Oxford Street, 1817U
Ady, Ann, bookseller & stationer, 71, Houndsditch, 1817U
Aires, John, pial dealer & rag warehouse, Barrets Court, Edward Street, 1817U
Akerman, Stephen, stationer & rag warehouse, 43, Chandos Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Aldersey, J., wholesale stationer, 11, Cloak Lane, Dowgate Hill, 1817U
Aldos, Hannah, stationer & toy shop, 9, Pavement, Moorfields, 1817U
Allason, William, bookseller & stationer, 31, New Bond Street, 1817U
Allaway, J., bookseller, 53, Rathbone Place, 1817U
Allen Edward, engraver, 3, Lower Phillimore Place, Kensington, 1817U
Allen, George, bookseller, Greenwich, 1817U
Allen, Michael, printer, 15, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Alley, W., stationer, 46, Chiswell Street, Finsbury Square, 1817U
Allison, W., stationer, 31, New Bond Street, 1817U
Anderson, John, bookseller, 40, West Smithfield, 1817U
Anderson, William, bookseller, 186, Piccadilly, 1817U
Andrews, George, carver, gilder & printseller, 7, Charing Cross, 1817U
Annan, William, bookbinder, bookseller, printer & stationer, High Street, Croydon, 1817U
Ansell, Charles, snuff & paper manufactory, Carshalton, 1817U
Ansell, William, silver & copperplate engraver, 9, Bull and Mouth Street, 1817U
Ansell, William, stationer &c, Richmond, 1817U
Answorth, Henry, law stationer, Cliffords Inn, Fleet Street, 1817U
Applebee, William, stationer, 11 &12, Tothill Street, Westminster, 1817U
Applegarth, A. & J., wholesale stationers, 32 , James Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Appleyard, Flather, newsman & bookseller, 1, Duke Street, Adelphi, 1817U
Arch & Co., London Price Current, 2, Finch Lane, Cornhill, 1817U
Arch, John & Arthur, booksellers & stationers, 61, Cornhill, 1817U
Archer, N., printer & stationer, 6, Long Lane, West Smithfield, 1817U
Armstrong & Matthews, stationers, 38, High Holborn, 1817U
Arnold, A., bookseller, 56, Mortimer Street, 1817U
Arnold, J., bookseller, 227, Piccadilly, 1817U
Arnott, J., bookbinder, 3, Bell Savage Yard, Ludgate Hill, 1817U
Arnoux, John, bookbinder, 21, Garden Row, Prospect Place, Southwark, 1817U
Arrowsmith, A., geographer & mapseller, 10, Soho Square, 1817U
Ash, John, engraver & copperplate printer, 96, Borough, 1817U
Ashbrook, George, bookseller &c, 34, Bow Lane, Cheapside, 1817U
Ashby, Robert, engraver, printer & manufacturer of banker’s note paper, 86, Lombard Street, 1817U
Ashley, Y., bookseller, 45, York Street, Portman Square, 1817U
Ashton, J., stationer, 36, Bishopsgate within, 1817U
Ashton, Joseph, stationer & music seller, 30, Bishopsgate within, 1817U
Asperne, James, bookseller, 32, Cornhill, 1817U
Aspin, Jehoshapat, printer, 48, Percival Street, Northampton Square, 1817U
Audinet, Philip, historical engraver, 56, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Auger & Jones, sealing wax & wafer manufacturers & stationers, 20, Magdalen Street, Tooley Street, 1817U
Auller, Joseph, stationer, 41, Brewer Street, Golden Square, 1817U
Austin & Mann, stationers, 10, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1817U
Austin, John, paper hanging manufacturer, 10, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1817U
Austin, Richard, copperplate and seal engraver, 30, Fore Street, Cripplegate, 1817U
Austin, R., engraver, 57, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, 1817U
Axtell & Purser, booksellers, 1, Finch Lane, Cornhill, 1817U
Ayres, Philip, pocket book maker, 18, Size Lane, 1817U
Backhouse, John, copperplate prinrer, 14, George’s Court, Clerkenwell, 1817U
Badcock, John, bookseller, 4, Queen’s Head Passage, Newgate Street, 1817U
Baddeley, J., rag merchant &c, 105, Golden Lane, 1817U
Badnam, A., umbrella maker & stationer, Church Street, Deptford, 1817U
Bage, Joseph, bookseller, Highgate, 1817U
Bagg, Thomas, engraver & chaser, 33, Frith Street, Soho, 1817U
Baggs, Henry, stationer & bookseller, 93, Fore Street, Limehouse, 1817U
Bagshaw & Sons, news vendors, 31 , Bridges Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Bagster, Samuel, bookseller, 81, Strand, 1817U
Bailey, John, bookseller, 116, Chancery Lane, 1817U
Bailey Paine & Co., stationers, 89, Royal Exchange, 1817U
Baily, J., landscape engraver, 8, Nelson Street, Hackney Road, 1817U
Baily, John, aquatinta engraver, 8, Nelson Street, Hackney Road, 1817U
Bain, bookseller & stationer, King’s Mews Gate, 1817U
Bain, William, newsvenders, Palmers Villa, Westminster, 1817U
Baker, Mary, stationer & haberdasher, 40, Marylebone High Street, 1817U
Baker, Richard junior, printer, 9, Bunhill Row, 1817U
Baker, William, newspaper office, 126, Goswell Street, 1817U
Baldwin, Charles, printer, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, 1817U
Baldwin & Co., booksellers, 122, Newgate Street, 1817U
Baldwin Cradock & Joy, booksellers, 47, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Baldwin, E., printseller, 6, Lyon’s Inn, 1817U
Baldwyn, Edward, printseller, 2, Catherine Street, Strand, 1817U
Ball, James & Co., music sellers, 408, Oxford Street, 1817U
Ball, Joseph, account book manufacturer, 13, Windmill Street, City Road, 1817U
Ballard, James, bookseller & stationer, 6, North Audley Street, 1817U
Ballard, T., bookbinder, 10, Westmoreland Buildings, Aldergate Street, 1817U
Ballard, William, rag warehouse, Folly, Dockhead, 1817U
Ballard, bookseller, 23, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, 1817U
Balls, James, music seller, 408, Oxford Street, 1817U
Banfield, Thomas, bookbinder, 3, Albion Buildings, 1817U
Bangley & Nott, wholesale stationers, 26, Bridge Row, 1817U
Banister, C.W., stationer, 109, Goswell Street, 1817U
Barber, John, die engraver, 4, Richmond Buildings, Soho, 1817U
Bardin & Sons, globe makers, 16, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street , 1817U
Barfield, John, printer & bookseller, 91 , Wardour Street, Soho, 1817U
Barker & Co., wholesale pen quill sealing wax & wafer manufacturers, 1, Cannon Street, 1817U
Barker, J., bookseller, 19, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Barker, printer & bookseller, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Barling, Mary, stationer, 99, Wood Street, Cheapside, 1817U
Barling, W.H., bookseller &c & navigation warehouse, Ord Street, Millwall, 1817U
Barlow, Alexander, bookseller &c, 26, Frith Street, Soho, 1817U
Barlow, J., stationer & paper hanger, 60, Cannon Street, 1817U
Barlow, J., engraver, 2, Saint George’s Place, Blackfriars Road, 1817U
Barnard & Farley, printers, 57, Snow Hill, 1817U
Barnes, Thomas, bookseller & bookbinder, 9, Piccadilly, 1817U
Barnes, W., printer, 3, Kent Street, Borough, 1817U
Barnett, Lewis, pencil maker, 6, Fountain Court, Minories, 1817U
Barnett, W., seal engraver, 48, Pall Mall, 1817U
Barnfield, James, stationer, 82, Broad Street, Ratcliffe Cross, 1817U
Baron & Randall, newsmen, 15, Great New Street, Gough Square, 1817U
Barratt, E., bookseller, 21, Portugal Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, 1817U
Barrett, Matthew, stationer & rag merchant, 26, Greenhill’s Rents, West Smithfield, 1817U
Barrett, Michael, bookseller & stationer, 1, White Hart Row, Battle Bridge, 1817U
Barrington, Charles James, bookseller, 344, Strand, 1817U
Barry, James, stationer & navigation warehouse, 106, Minories, 1817U
Barry, S., stationer, 2, Bridge Street, Westminster, 1817U
Barry, William, stationer & bookbinder, Portsmouth Street, Westminster, 1817U
Bartlett, John, stationer, 2, Swan Street, Minories, 1817U
Barton, John, stationer &c, High Street, Hampstead, 1817U
Bass, J., copperplate printer, 21, Saint Martin’s le Grand, 1817U
Bass, John, copperplate printer, 20, Angel Street, Saint Martin’s le Grand, 1817U
Batchelor, Thomas, printer & publisher, 115, Long Alley, Moorfields, 1817U
Bate, James, paper hanging manufacturer, 45, Cheapside, 1817U
Bateman, John, engraver, 128, Long Acre, 1817U
Batley, W., work box & pocket book maker, 1, Brownlow Street, Holborn, 1817U
Battle, J.W., engraver, 10, Wine Office Court, Gough Square, Fleet Street, 1817U
Bawn, George, musician & bookseller, Saint Martin’s Churchyard, Strand, 1817U
Bawtree, William, engraver, 4, Lilliput Lane, Noble Street, Falcon Square, 1817U
Baxter, S., bookseller, 82, Strand, 1817U
Baxter, William, newsman, 1, Maidenhead Court, Aldersgate, 1817U
Baylie, John, law stationer, 37, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 1817U
Baylis, H., bookseller, 19, Queen Street, Knightsbridge, 1817U
Bayly, S.M. & Co., stationers & rag merchants, 88, Whitecross Street, 1817U
Baynes, Richard, bookseller, 54, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Baynes, Richard, bookseller, 8, Charles Street, City Road, 1817U
Baynes, William, bookseller, 54, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Beales, Edward, bookseller & stationer, 39, Tottenham Court Road, 1817U
Beard, A, seal engraver, Mouldmakers’ Row, Saint Martin le Grand, 1817U
Beard, F., bookbinder’s tool cutter, 24 , Hyde Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Beard, engraver, 24, Hyde Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Beattie, Anne, pocket book maker, 68, Leadenhall Street, 1817U
Beaumont, Edward, bookseller, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Beckett & Porter, booksellers, 81, Pall Mall, 1817U
Beckley, Edward, bookbinder, 43, Lime Street, 1817U
Beckwith, J., engraver, 25, Wilderness Row, Goswell Street, 1817U
Beeson, William, ststioner & bookseller, near, White Hart, Mile End Road, 1817U
Bell, John, bookseller, Sweetings Alley, Cornhill, 1817U
Bell Joseph, bookseller, 148, Oxford Street, 1817U
Bell, R., printer’s ink maker, Brunswick Street, Blackfriars Road, 1817U
Bell & Wright, copperplate printers, 20, Duke Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Bellamy & Mansell, newspaper office, 5, Bear Yard, Lincoln’s Inn, 1817U
Benedict, Francis, bookseller, 4, May’s Buildings, Saint Martin’s Lane, 1817U
Bennett, Benjamin, printer & stationer, 7, Cross Street, Carnaby Market, 1817U
Bennett, S.G., stationer & rag merchant, 13, Newington Causeway, 1817U
Beningfield, W., bookseller & stationer, 33, Cursitor Streeet, Chancery Lane, 1817U
Bensley, T. & Son, printers, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, 1817U
Bent, William, bookseller, 55, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Bentley, Edward, bookseller & publisher, 28, Paternoster Row, 1817U
Berry, Cornelius, stationer, 18, Sweetings Alley, 1817U
Best, bookbinder, 2, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street, 1817U
Bethell, James, stationer, Castle Alley, Cornhill, 1817U
Beugo, A., printseller, 38, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, 1817U
Bickerstaff, Robert, bookseller, 49, Essex Street, Strand, 1817U
Biddulph, T.H., paper hanger & stationer, 9, Blackman Street, Borough, 1817U
Bigg, James, bookseller, 52, Parliament Street, 1817U
Biggs & Turner, stationers & rag merchants, 17, Garlick Hill, 1817U
Billing, Edward, printer & engraver on wood, 187, Bermondsey Street, Southwark, 1817U
Birchall, Robert, music seller, 133, New Bond Street, , 1817U
Bird, C. & H., stationers, 5, Ave Maria Lane, , 1817U
Bird, John, bookbinder, 52, Hatton Garden, , 1817U
Bird, Matthew, printer, 25, Homer Street, , 1817U
Birkett & Scott, booksellers, 27, Norton Falgate, , 1817U
Birnie, Colin, bookseller, 14, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, 1817U
Bishop, John, copperplate printer & engraver, 20, Albion Buildings, , 1817U
Bishop, W., copperplate printer & engraver, 11, Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, 1817U
Black, James & Son, bookseller & stationers, 9, York Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Black, James & Son, bookseller & stationers, 2, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Black Parbury & Co., booksellers & stationers, 7, Leadenhall Street, , 1817U
Blackbird, Charles, portrait painter & engraver, 23, Little Bell Ally, Coleman Street, 1817U
Blackburn, John, newsman & stationer, 32, Knightsbridge, , 1817U
Blacklock, J., bookseller, 92 under, Royal Exchange, , 1817U
Blackwell & Colvin, printer’s ink makers, , King Street, Goswell Street, 1817U
Blackwell, Francis, paper hanging warehouse, 50, Upper Marylebone Street, , 1817U
Blake, Thomas, wholesale stationer, , Poppin’s Court, Fleet Street, 1817U
Blake, W.S., engraver & printer, 16, Change Alley, , 1817U
Blanchard, Thomas, bookseller, 14, City Road, , 1817U
Bland & Weller, wholesale musical instrument manufacturers & music warehouse, 23, Oxford Street, , 1817U
Blandford, S., engraver & printer, 17, King’s Head Court , Shoe Lane, 1817U
Bleaden, John, stationer, 47, Lothbury, , 1817U
Blood, Thomas, engraver, , , Plaistow, Essex, 1817U
Bloyd & Penley, booksellers, rag merchants &c, 44, Strand, , 1817U
Boag, William, music seller, 11, Great Turnstile, Holborn, 1817U
Boggis, D., pen & quill warehouse, 31, Crooked Lane, , 1817U
Bohn, John, English & German bookseller, 31, Frith Street, Soho, 1817U
Bohte, J.H., bookseller, 3, York Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Bolton, John, paper hanger, 6, City Road, Old Street, 1817U
Bond, Benjamin, rag merchant, 101, Blackman Street, , 1817U
Bond, William, engraver, 87, Newman Street, Oxford Street, 1817U
Bonsor, Joseph, wholesale stationer, , Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, 1817U
Booker, Joseph, bookseller, 61, New Bond Street, , 1817U
Boone, T., bookseller, 8, Russell Court, Drury Lane, 1817U
Boosey, Thomas, bookseller, 4, Old Broad Street, , 1817U
Booth, John, bookseller & stationer, , Duke Street, Portland Place, 1817U
Booth,T., printer, 31, Saint Andrew’s Hill, , 1817U
Bore, Thomas, printer, 1, Raven Row, Mile End Turnpike, 1817U
Bossange & Mason, booksellers, 14, Great Marlborough Street, , 1817U
Bott, John, engraver & printer, 1, Wells Street, Cripplegate, 1817U
Boulton, John, paper hanger, 6, City Road, , 1817U
Bounden, J., bookbinder, 19, Mortimer Street, , 1817U
Boustead, William, bookseller & stationer, 9, Charles Street, Westminster, 1817U
Boutcher, John, book class [clasp?] manufacturer, , Queen Square, Aldersgate Street, 1817U
Bowden & Kerby, booksellers & stationers, 190, Oxford Street, , 1817U
Bowen, George, paper hanging manufacturer, adjoining, King’s Road, Chelsea, 1817U
Bowen & Morant, paper hanging manufacturers, 88, New Bond Street, , 1817U
Bowker, Robert, engraver & printer, 3, White Lion Court, Birchin Lane, 1817U
Bowles & Carver, printers, 69, Saint Paul’s Churchyard, , 1817U
Bowles & Gardiner, wholesale stationers, 49, Newgate Street, , 1817U
Bowstead, William, bookseller & news dealer, 12, Charles Street, Westminster, 1817U
Bowyer, R., publisher, 8, Pall Mall, , 1817U
Boydell & Co., printsellers & merchants, 90, Cheapside, , 1817U
Boyle, Messrs, law stationers, 50, Carey Street, Lincoln’s Inn, 1817U
Boyle, Robert & Co., wholesale stationers, 198, Upper Thames Street, , 1817U
Boyle, William, paper hanging manufacturer, 121, Newgate Street, , 1817U
Boyse, John, printer, 44, Great Sutton Street, , 1817U
Brady, Thomas, paper hanger, 24, Clements Lane, , 1817U
Brady, Thomas, paper hanger, , , Kingsland, 1817U
Bragg, Arthur, seal engraver, 9, Queen Street, Golden Square, 1817U
Braham, William, engraver, 5, Westmorland Street, , 1817U
Brand, William, rag merchant, 7, Little St Andrew Street, Seven Dials, 1817U
Branston, Robert, engraver on wood, 10, East India Chambers, Leadenhall Street, 1817U
Breun, Peter, picture dealer & printseller, 4, Crown Street, , 1817U
Brewer, W., paper mould & felt maker, 70, Westmorland Place, City Road, 1817U
Bridges, S., letterpress & copperplate printer, 104, Saint John Street, West Smithfield, 1817U
Bridges, Mrs (widow), stationer, 104, Saint John Street, West Smithfield, 1817U
Brimmer, George, printer, 15, Water Lane, Fleet Street, 1817U
Briscoe, Joseph, printer, 15, Angel Street, Saint Martin’s le Grand, 1817U
Bristow, Nimrod, stationer &c, 234, High Street, Poplar, 1817U
British Press & Globe, newspaper office, 127, Strand, , 1817U
Britten, G., paper hanging manufactory, 231, Bermondsey Street, , 1817U
Britten, J., engraver &c, , , Stoke Newington, 1817U
Britten, William, bookseller, , Broad Court, Bow Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Brocklesbury, Thomas, stationer & rag merchant, 45, Queen Street, Cheapside, 1817U
Brook & Co., engravers to Royal Family, 302, Strand, , 1817U
Brooke, Samuel, printer, 35, Paternoster Row, , 1817U
Brookman & Langdon, black lead pencil makers, 28, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, 1817U
Brooks & Co., paper hangers, 28, Old Bond Street, , 1817U
Brooks, Francis, news agent, 1, Birchin Lane, Cornhill, 1817U
Brooks & Harper, law stationers, 24, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 1817U
Brooks, John, rag merchant, 32, Marylebone Lane, , 1817U
Brooks, John, stationer & bookbinder, 421, Oxford Street, , 1817U
Brooks, R., news vender, 20, Cross Street, Newington Butts, 1817U
Brotherton, John, playing card maker, 15, Little Britain, , 1817U
Brown, A., newsman, 29, Grafton Street, Soho, 1817U
Brown, A.S., stationer, 39, Poultry, , 1817U
Brown, B., engraver & printer, 10, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 1817U
Brown, C., bookseller, , Duke Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, 1817U
Brown, Edward, bookseller, 72, Fore Street, , 1817U
Brown, Edward, law stationer, 38, Carey Street, Lincoln’s Inn, 1817U
Brown, John, bookseller & printseller, 14, Dean Street, Westminster, 1817U
Brown, Richard, printer, 14, moor Street, Soho, 1817U
Brown, S., stationer & paper hanger, 7, Blackmoor Street, Clare Markey, 1817U
Brown & Scripps, newsagents, 7, Southmolton Street, , 1817U
Brown, William, bookseller, publisher & agent, near, Gibraltar Chapel, Bethnal Green, 1817U
Brown, William, bookseller, , Butt Lane, Deptford, 1817U
Browne, J.D., engraver, 29, New Street, Covent Garden, 1817U
Browne, Thomas, pen & quill warehouse, 20, Crooked lane, , 1817U
Bruce, J., bookseller &c, 5, City Road, , 1817U
Bruce, Joseph, stationer, 9, Sweetings Alley, Royal Exchange, 1817U
Bryan, John & Son, printers, 11, Grocers’ Hall Court, Poultry, 1817U
Bryer, Henry, printer, , Bridewell Hospital, , 1817U
Buckinger, J., music seller & musical instrument maker, 443, Strand, , 1817U
Budd & Caulkin, booksellers, 100, Pall Mall, , 1817U
Bull, William, paper stainer, , Tabernacle Square, , 1817U
Bullock, John, engraver, 43, Little Britain, , 1817U
Bullock, John, rag & phial merchant, 11, Westmoreland Street, , 1817U
Bullock, John, rag & phial merchant, 27, Ridinghouse Lane, , 1817U
Bulmer, William, Shakespeare Printing Office, , Russell Court, Saint James’s, 1817U
Bumpus, John, bookseller & stationer, 6, Lower Holborn, , 1817U
Bumpus, James, bookseller & stationer, , , Camberwell Green, 1817U
Bumpus, Thomas, bookseller, 5, Goswell Street, , 1817U
Bunce, John, bookbinder, 13, Denmark Court, Strand, 1817U
Burch, Joseph, stationer &c, 5, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, 1817U
Burchett, S., engraver & printer, 11, Bull Alley, Lombard Street, 1817U
Burford, Thomas, stationer & paper hanger, 68, Ratcliffe Highway, , 1817U
Burgess, Charles, rag merchant, 44, Red Lion Street, Spitalfields, 1817U
Burkett, John, law stationer, 25, Castle Street, Holborn, 1817U
Burkitt & Hudson, stationers & paper hangers, 85, Cheapside, , 1817U
Burn, Thomas, bookbinder, 37, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, 1817U
Burrup, John, stationer, 6 back of, Royal Exchange, , 1817U
Burslem, James, stationer, 3, Great Surrey Street, Blackfriars Road, 1817U
Burtenshaw, Henry, stationer & newsman, 132, Saint Martin’s Lane, , 1817U
Burton & Briggs, stationers, 156, Leadenhall Street, , 1817U
Burton, Mrs, printer, 82, Fetter lane, Holborn, 1817U
Burton, Richard, stationer, , Symonds Inn, Chancery Lane, 1817U
Burtt, Thomas, pocket book lock & clasp manufacturer, 45, Northampton Street, Clerkenwell, 1817U
Bush, John, law stationer, 27, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 1817U
Buss, G., bookbinder, 2, Dorrington Street, Clerkenwell, 1817U
Buss, W.C., engraver & enameller, 60, Jewin Street, Cripplegate, 1817U
Bussell James, music seller, 214, Tottenham Court Road, , 1817U
Butler, miss, general post office & stationer, , , Hounslow, 1817U
Butler, Robert, engraver & printer, 35, Crooked Lane, , 1817U
Butler, Robert, stationer & brush maker, 9, Bruton Street, , 1817U
Butterworth, Joseph & Son, law booksellers, 43, Fleet Street, , 1817U
Button Whitaker & Co., music repository, 75, Saint Paul’s Churchyard, , 1817U
Button, W. & Son, booksellers & publishers, 24, Paternoster Row, , 1817U
Buxton, Thomas, bookseller & stationer, , Blackman Street, Borough, 1817U
Buzzard, J., carver, gilder & paper hanger, 109, High Holborn, , 1817U
Byfield & Son, booksellers & stationers, 21, Charing Cross, , 1817U
Byrne, John, engraver, 54, Upper John Street, Tottenham Court Road, 1817U
Cadell & Davies, booksellers, 141, Strand, , 1817U
Calar, John & James, newsmen, 8, Chain Gate, Borough High Street, 1817U
Calf, William, bookseller & stationer, 109, Edgware Road, , 1817U
Callow, John, medical bookseller, 10, Crown Court, Soho, 1817U
Camp, D., bookbinder, 33, Duke Street, Smithfield, 1817U
Camp, J., bookbinder, 4, West Smithfield, , 1817U
Campbell, A. & Co., stationers, 9, Upper Castle Street, Leicester Square, 1817U
Camps, William, ink & blacking manufacturer, 129, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, 1817U
Canton, J.J. , quill manufacturer, 9, Gun Square, Shoreditch, 1817U
Cantwell, Ralph, printer, 29, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, 1817U